Top 11 Best Applications – An application for personal finance.

Nowadays, there are many applications that are able to remember all our purchases and even visualize them in convenient graphs and charts. Let’s talk about the best personal finance programs.

1. Cubux 2 – Home Bookkeeping

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In the age of technology, when every person has a smartphone, it is much easier to control the family budget in a special application than to record in a notebook or Excel tablet.

One of these Cubux2 applications is an online service for tracking expenses, incomes, debts, and budgeting..


Cubux2 is a simple solution and easy maintenance of the family budget, which even a child can understand. The application is suitable for Iphone and Android, and it can also be used from any computer through a browser and

With Cubux2 you can:

  • Perform operations in three clicks.
  • Pay QR Code Costs.
  • Conduct joint accounting of finances for the whole family.
  • Plan expenses.
  • Pay debts.
  • See details for the desired period.
  • Synchronize the application with Sberbank, Yandex.Money, PrivatBank.
  • Unload data file in Excel.
  • Quickly resolve issues with technical support.

At the moment, there is only one paid function in the application – this is the Debts module. Cubux2 and the entire service is developing rapidly, developers add updates almost every two weeks.

2. AndroMoney

personal finance application


This free application for smartphone owners has already been downloaded by more than five million people, and at the same time, the evaluation of the program only slightly falls short of the ideal five in the store. The main advantage of AndroMoney is its simplicity and almost intuitive operation..

The application works without failures and has all the important functions. In particular, you can:

  • Have multiple accounts (for each family member, for example).
  • Work with any currency (the rate is calculated automatically).
  • Build graphical information outputs and make histograms.
  • Connect your credit cards and deposits.
  • View reports by any date.
  • Add individual transactions with amounts, recipients and frequency.

The benefits of the program include:

  • Availability of a web version for working on a computer.
  • Possibilities of saving the database both on the memory card and in the cloud storage.
  • Convenient creation of automatic payments to account for monthly expenses.
  • Password protection and backup function.

Of the minuses, perhaps, it is worth mentioning the not too stylish design of the application and the presence of advertising. However, both problems are solved by installing a paid pro-version..

3. Mobills Budget Planner

personal finance application


This is a fairly advanced financial manager. Among the shortcomings is the lack of translation into Russian and the need to create a mandatory account with an email link. In general, the Mobills Budget Planner interface is clear and fashionable..

  • You can save data to different services, cloud and memory card to enter from any device.
  • The main screen displays all the necessary information – the status of accounts, charts and reports on operations, recent notifications and data synchronization options.
  • It is possible to attach files and tags separately, create accounts with specific categories.
  • The developers also took care of the widgets and the computer version of the program.

Some users call the minus of the application insufficient detail. So, in each of the sections you cannot select a subcategory in order, for example, to precisely divide your expenses for utilities. In addition, the free trial ends 2 weeks after downloading Mobills Budget Planner.

4. Money Lover

personal finance application


Functional and quick application for personal finance and analysis of their operations, fixing income and expenses, as well as budget planning. Clearance Money Lover – one of the best in the category of analog programs. The main window has tabs with operations for different periods, and you can switch between them due to swipe. You can also search for the necessary reports or notifications. Some advantages – search for ATMs on the card and export to XLS or CSV formats.

In Money Lover, the user configures the following parameters:

  • Program design.
  • Tongue.
  • Rate.
  • Categories and subcategories for expenses and income.

The only drawback of the application is the restrictions in the free version. They imply the presence of no more than 5 devices connected to one account. There is also no unlimited number of accounts and budgets.

5. Zen mani

personal finance application


This personal finance application offers convenient cost accounting for iOS and Android users. In addition to automatic spending management, Zen-mani offers the import of cash transactions from the following applications:

  • Sberbank
  • VTB 24
  • Alfa Bank
  • Tinkoff
  • Yandex money
  • WebMoney
  • Kiwi

Integration with banking services and applications of electronic payment systems is one of the main advantages of Zen-mani.

Among the functions of the application are also listed:

  • Family Budget Planning and Management.
  • Analysis of expenses and revenues with details before operations.
  • Forecast of future expenses.
  • Debt Accounting.

A very important plus of the application is the recognition of SMS from banks and the automatic creation of transactions on them. The disadvantages of the program include the imperfect appearance of the web version, as well as the limitations of the mobile application in isolation from the site. In addition, both options load quite poorly with users with slow Internet speeds and memory limitations on gadgets. Also, if you added a random transaction, it can no longer be deleted.

6. CoinKeeper

personal finance application


CoinKeeper is an application for those who like to plan or are responsible for the money of the whole family. Here you can set a budget for the month or make it joint. A beautiful interface with coins allows you to easily and quickly add transactions, and on the main page you can immediately see your current financial condition. As usual, there is the possibility of cloud synchronization. A separate plus is the setting of limits for funds for certain categories of expenses. In other words, this is a personal finance application that will notify you of an imminent cost overrun..

The disadvantages of CoinKeeper are the lack of multicurrency accounts and similar operations, as well as the inability to import the database into a separate file or other application. Also, many are embarrassed by the technical imperfections of the web version, which is updated less frequently than the mobile version..

7. Money Manager

personal finance application


This personal finance application was developed by Realbyte and focuses on user-specific cost control in conjunction with transaction reports. Synchronization is possible only through the cloud, you can also save data in a table format and transfer it to a memory card.

Money Manager has the following features:

  • The design is trendy and the controls are comfortable. The main window has the main tabs for different time periods. The operations reflect the account, type, amount, category and other manually entered information.
  • Facilitates cost monitoring by creating pie charts. Graphics are clear and colorful.
  • Transactions can be carried out in different currencies, while you can add any type of asset, whether it is a deposit or a loan.
  • Individual operations can be made automatic or add to favorites.

Money Manager, unfortunately, does not have a web program, but the application can be downloaded separately to your computer. However, for this you will need a paid version, which will also remove restrictions on the number of accounts and remove advertising.

8. Spendee

personal finance application


Spendee is a multifunctional application for personal finance and an accountant that displays expenses in the form of reports and visual charts. The program takes up a couple of tens of megabytes of memory, so it is quickly installed and offers the choice of the preferred currency at the time of the first launch.

Application Benefits:

  • There is a Russian-language interface.
  • Costs are displayed in convenient infographics and charts..
  • Revenues and expenses are marked in different colors in accordance with the configured categories of operations.
  • You can take notes with operations and attach bills and checks in the form of photos.
  • You can set up notifications about planned spending.

Displaying information on expenses in a pie chart shows which categories of services and goods are most costly for the user.

Unfortunately, Spendee does not have functions for importing checks and receipts from SMS messages. Another minus is that it is an exclusively postpaid service – there is no way to download a check and pay by credit card directly from the application.

One of the most important features is the automatic export of expenses by card or bank account. Add them to the application, authorize, and see the actual data on the charge off without manual dialing. This, by the way, is convenient for controlling expenses on a child’s card..

9. Acasa

personal finance application


Acasa is a mobile application of the same name service for controlling the costs of shared goods or housing. A startup from the UK was launched from the very beginning as a convenient platform for those who rent a common living space with someone or live in a hostel. In fact, the application allows you to understand who has not yet paid their own share for light, water, rent or a new air conditioner.

A distinctive feature is the payment of bills directly from the application interface. In addition, you can transfer money to other roommates, if it is customary in the house that someone alone pays for the expenses.

Acasa takes one of the most uncomfortable moments of living together on a formal level. Each user communicates one-on-one with the service, and no one thinks that he pays for light or water alone.

The main disadvantage of Acasa is its narrow specialization. This application does not apply to “universal soldiers” who calculate all your expenses, synchronize data from different banks and prepare calculations for expenses for a specific period. However, in its niche, so far, Acasa is the best.

10. Bills Monitor

personal finance application


The main task of the Bill’s Monitor application is to remind you to pay for a product or service. In addition, the program stores data on already paid bills in history.

Advantages of Bills Monitor:

  • Convenient interface with a calendar of planned payments on accounts.
  • The ability to transfer money and pay bills from the application in whole or in part (the amount, date, account number is indicated).
  • User Currency Selection.
  • Upload reports to email in PDF, HTML or CSV format.


  • The application is not available in Russian.
  • Limited functionality and the need to manually enter the planned payments.

Thus, this application is useful for people who often miss deadlines for paying bills, but do not need wider functionality like creating reports and charts, synchronizing receipts and attaching different types of cards.

11. PandaMoney

personal finance application


Panda Money is an application for personal finance, which is intended, first of all, not to control monetary transactions, but to accumulate funds. Moreover, the process of saving money has been transferred to the game format. Initially, the user selects the amount that he needs to accumulate for a specific purpose, and then begins to feed and play with the panda so that it grows. Accumulation is carried out through bank cards, QIWI-wallet or mobile phone bill.

Moreover, after the user has collected the minimum amount on the savings account, he can open a deposit for this money with a rate of 7.8% per annum.

By default, the application is aimed at a young audience. It attracts to the culture of cumulative money handling in a playful way. There is clear planning and monitoring of progress in accumulation. When you consolidate the habit in the future, you can abandon PandaMoney and completely take the money under your own control. This will give flexibility in money management and allow you to choose the best conditions for deposits..

One of the drawbacks of PandaMoney, which users note, is the possible hidden fees that may be charged when replenishing an account or transferring money to a deposit.

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