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Modern ovens are multifunctional devices for preparing healthy food. They have built-in programs to facilitate the cooking process. Some options are necessary, while others can be dispensed with. Choose your option, because the final price depends on the functionality.

How to choose

First of all, it is important to decide which oven is needed – gas or electric. The first option is akin to a classic oven. Devices work from natural or liquefied gas. Heating is due to the burner located at the bottom of the chamber. Gas ovens are considered reliable and easy to operate, but they have a limited set of functions..

An electric oven, even the cheapest one, can bake at the same time at several levels, but costs more than gas ovens.

When connecting an electric oven, it may be necessary to lay new wiring and equip a separate outlet with a gun.

Ovens are:

  • Addicted. These appliances work in conjunction with a hob. The control unit is located on the front surface of the oven. Dependent – refer to budget options. The hob is always above the oven.
  • Independent. You can position such an oven separately from the hob. The control panel is located directly on the device.

People are testing an oven in a store.

When buying, it is important to consider the dimensions. The standard width is 60 cm, but on sale you can find models from 45 cm to 90 cm. The height also varies from 36 to 90 cm. Manufacturers offer shallow models from 33 cm. They are ideal for small kitchens. Given these parameters, determine the required volume – from 20 to 120 liters.

Cleaning method

When ordering or buying an oven, you need to pay attention to the method of cleaning the walls:

  • Manual. Fat contamination will have to be removed independently using detergents..
  • Catalytic. A special composition is applied to the inner surface of the oven, which, when heated, repels dirt from the surface. After this, the remaining fat can be removed with a damp cloth..
  • Pyrolytic. The oven heats up to high temperatures (over 300 ° C). Pollution burn out, turn into ashes. When cleaning, it is recommended to use a hood.
  • Steam. At the bottom of the oven is a deep baking sheet with water. When heated, steam softens fat deposits, which can then be wiped with a rag. The cleaning method is suitable only for fresh dirt..

Additional functions

Woman with a girl in the kitchen

Modern ovens are equipped with additional functions:

  • Electric ignition. One-button gas oven turns on.
  • Gas control. When the flame attenuates, the gas supply stops.
  • Security function. Automatic shutdown in case of sudden power surges or short circuit.
  • Child protection. The door is locked, the switches are recessed.
  • Convection. Hot air is distributed throughout the oven using the built-in fans. The prepared dish is baked from all sides, which is especially important for baking.
  • Integrated grill. Suitable for lovers of dishes with a golden crust.
  • Function of a double boiler or microwave (microwave).

Best inexpensive ovens

The cost of the device is affected by a number of characteristics:

  • Manufacturer. Instruments of famous brands are more expensive. Less well-developed manufacturers offer ovens with similar parameters cheaper.
  • Functional. Budget models have a minimum set of programs or heating modes.
  • Equipment. Inexpensive options are completed with a lattice and one baking sheet. Additional devices (skewers, telescopic rails) will have to be purchased independently.

Gefest DHE 601-01

Model DHE 601-01 from Gefest

The products of the Belarusian plant are especially popular among Russian buyers due to their low price and rich functionality. Buyers can choose one of three color options: white, black or chocolate. The volume of the oven is small – 52 liters, but this is enough to bake a large piece of meat or a whole turkey.

The design of the oven can be described as universal. It fits perfectly into the classic interior, and will also be appropriate in the kitchen in high-tech style. There are three rotary switches on the panel. Using the first one, you can choose one of the five proposed heating options. The second one sets the desired cooking time. The third is responsible for temperature. You can order it in online stores at a cost of 9.5 thousand rubles.


  • electric rotisserie;
  • gas grill;
  • removable wire guides.


  • lack of protection from children;
  • the glass of the door heats up during cooking, but it cannot be burned;
  • no convection mode.

Candy FCS 100 X

Candy FCS 100 X Oven

An independent electric hi-tech oven. The brand has Italian roots, but Turkish production models are presented on the Russian market. The instrument panel is made in silver color. There are two rotary switches on it. The first one sets the desired temperature. The second you can choose one of four heating modes.

Stylish door with solid glazing fits perfectly into the modern interior. The 71-liter chamber volume allows you to cook any dish. The inner surface of the chamber is covered with special finely porous enamel. Thanks to this, greasy stains and adhered pieces of food are easily removed..


  • light weight, easy to install;
  • stable quality of heating;
  • embossed guides with which you can easily and safely get a hot dish out of the oven;
  • sleek design that fits most interiors.


  • the lower part is very hot;
  • unpleasant odor released on first start.

Darina 1U BDE111 707 W

Model 1U BDE111 707 W by Darina

A worthy representative of domestic production is the independent electric oven Darina. The built-in model is presented in white. The control panel has three rotary switches. The first is used to set the temperature. The second is designed to determine the cooking time. The third is used to select one of 9 heating modes.

The volume of the oven is 50 liters. This is enough to prepare delicious, varied dishes for a large family. With the help of the oven you can not only bake a sweet cake, but also defrost meat or cook vegetables on the grill. For convenience, the model is equipped with a mechanical timer and camera backlight. Complete with oven comes grill, drip tray and pan.


  • the presence of convection;
  • easy to clean;
  • concise design.


  • thin aluminum pan;
  • in convection mode the fan is noisy;
  • lack of a spit for a grill;
  • strong heating of the side walls during cooking.

Recessed gas

Modern gas models are easy to maintain. They fail less often than electric ovens. Most devices have the function of electric ignition and gas control, so the likelihood of gas leakage is minimal. When buying, keep in mind that cheap ovens rarely have a convection mode, so the food in them is baked unevenly.

Indesit IGW 324 IX

IGW 324 IX from Indesit

The functional gas oven is made in silver with a black glass door. Two rotary switches are used to set the temperature and select the heating mode. The 71-liter volume of the chamber is an ideal choice for those who love and know how to cook. For ease of use, an audio timer is built into the device.

The oven has implemented a number of innovations. The Click & Click function helps to easily clean the glass door. Full Grill Surface technology ensures complete heating of the food, even frying thanks to a specially selected length of the spiral. A special static program evenly, delicately distributes heat. Cost – from 21.5 thousand rubles.


  • large volume;
  • attractive design;
  • backlight that can be turned off by a button on the control panel.


  • lack of convection.

Maunfeld MGOGG 673RBGTM

MGOGG 673RBGTM by Maunfeld

Independent gas oven in a retro style, painted in black. Rustic rotary switches, a hinged door handle and a fringing, styled in gold, give a special sophistication to the device. The 60-liter volume of the oven chamber can easily cope with the preparation of any dishes. The oven is equipped with electric ignition and gas control..

The functionality of the oven is limited to 4 heating modes, but this is enough to prepare most dishes. Additionally, the oven is equipped with a gas grill. The inner surface is covered with special gray enamel. It has special properties to split the fat deposited on the walls, which helps to easily clean the surface of the chamber. The Maunfeld brand is registered in the UK, but this model is made in Turkey. Cost – from 27.5 thousand rubles.


  • convenient and easy to manage;
  • the outer and two inner glasses are German, heat resistant with a heat-saving effect;
  • powerful interior lighting.


  • no skewer.

Fornelli FEA 60 Merletto Anthracite

Fornelli's FEA 60 Merletto Anthracite

The built-in electric oven belongs to the premium format. The main feature of the device is its color. This is not the usual black, but anthracite, which gives a special elegance. Retro design is complemented by decorative elements made in bronze. Rotary switches. Between them is a timer in the form of a classic dial.

The model has 7 automatic cooking programs. This is enough for simple dishes or delicacies. Useful volume is 56 liters. Complete with oven comes grill and standard pan. The cooling fan protecting the camera and the outer surface of the cabinet turns on automatically at a temperature of 70 degrees.


  • 3D convection (models have a special ring heater);
  • electric grill;
  • tangential cooling, thanks to which the control panel, door, cabinet, furniture located around the oven do not heat up.


  • a small distance between the levels when cooking simultaneously on two baking sheets.

Rotary Control Ovens

Mechanical control is considered more reliable than other options. The minimum number of regulators is 2. One is responsible for the program, with the help of the second the temperature is set. Switches in dependent models can be located both on the surface of the cabinet itself and on the hob.

Candy FCP 615 X

FCP 615 X by Candy

Independent electric oven in a contemporary style. On the silver central panel are rotary switches and a touch display. Hidden locking system makes them inaccessible to babies.

The chamber volume is 68 liters, so cooking large dishes is not difficult. Particularly noteworthy is the steam function. It helps to better reveal the taste of products, while maintaining their beneficial properties. Steam is used to clean the surface from contamination. It softens burnt pieces and grease stains, after which the enamel needs only to be wiped with a damp cloth.


  • child protection;
  • energy efficiency class A +;
  • informative display;
  • a powerful grill that helps to bake vegetables, meat and fish;
  • built-in convector.


  • hinged door heating.

Bosch HBG633BB1

HBG633BB1 from Bosch

The built-in electric oven with one rotary switch and touch display is the best option for those who like to cook several dishes at the same time. In the work, special 4D-heating technology is used. A large 71-liter chamber gives the owner of the oven the opportunity to cook immediately on 4 levels.

The oven is equipped with a grill and convection mode. Among the main cooking programs are delicate defrosting, prolonged stewing, preheating of dishes. The inner surface is made of special enamel. Due to this, the chamber walls are not subject to scratches and chips..


  • child protection function;
  • fast heating and uniform blowing;
  • the door with a closer closes smoothly without popping and shaking;
  • laminated door glass does not heat up;
  • energy class – A+.


  • no telescopic rails, they need to be bought separately.

Hansa boes68402

Oven BOES68402 from Hansa

The independent electric oven is completely black with a 65-liter volume, 8 heating modes will help prepare a variety of and nutritious dishes for a large family. The device is equipped with an electric grill with a capacity of 2 thousand watts. Three-layer hinged door does not heat up, is safe when in contact.


  • probe included;
  • rich functionality;
  • simplicity in management.


  • does not work when the clock is off.

With touch control

A kind of electronic control in which all parameters are set using the touch screen. The main advantages are the ability to write (save) a user program to the device’s memory, an unusual appearance, and accuracy when setting the temperature and time. The main drawback is that with power surges or strong presses, the button may fail (not respond to commands or turn on spontaneously).

Weissgauff OE 445 X

Oven OE 445 X from Weissgauff

The 44-liter compact oven is the perfect combination of a classic oven and microwave. Stylish modern design will not leave anyone indifferent. Independent electric oven in black with stainless steel inserts.

The model has 8 classic cooking programs plus 13 for the microwave. Touch switches are convenient to use, and the LED display displays all the necessary information about the cooking process. The package includes round and rectangular grills, a baking sheet and a swivel stand for microwave.


  • many programs;
  • shallow depth;
  • childproof lock.


  • manual camera cleaning.

Gorenje BO 658-ORA-B

BO 658-ORA-B by Gorenje

An electric built-in oven with a volume of 77 liters and A + power consumption class will help to prepare the most complex dishes. The model is made in black with a wide silver hinged door handle. The control panel is made of glass. The oven has two power levels. Convection provides uniform heating of the internal space. A vaulted ceiling creates the effect of a wood-burning stove, making dishes especially tasty..

15 automatic programs will satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated cook. With their help, you can cook any dish. Among the main modes that are rarely found in other models are eco-cooking and automatic baking. The door is made of three glasses and an additional thermal layer. The inner chamber of pyrolytic enamel is resistant to dirt and damage. Steam function helps soften burnt food debris.


  • meat temperature probe included;
  • telescopic guides;
  • the kit includes a metal grill, deep and flat baking sheets;
  • large volume;
  • cooks on several levels at the same time.


  • cost (from 38.5 thousand rubles).

Samsung NQ50H5537KB

Samsung NQ50H5537KB

Black electric independent oven with microwave function. The 50-liter volume of the inner chamber is suitable for heating large portions of food or cooking several dishes at once. Extensive functionality, and these are 15 cooking programs and 5 for defrosting, will be appreciated by each owner. An additional bonus is the possibility of steaming. For this, a special baking sheet is provided in the kit. Cost – from 42 thousand rubles.


  • concise design;
  • the touch panel is informative, does not glare in clear weather;
  • steam cleaning;
  • volume.


  • the surface is easily dirty.

With recessed switches

The function knobs are made in such a way that they can be hidden, and they will be on a par with the panel. This gives the device an aesthetic appearance. In addition, recessed switches are very convenient: they get less dirty, help to avoid accidental changes in settings, and are additional protection from children.

Electrolux EZB 52410 AK

EZB 52410 AK from Electrolux

Electric independent mid-range oven. The model is presented in black with gray switches and a hinged door handle. The oven has electronic control. The panel has 2 switches and an information display. The 60-liter volume of the inner chamber with 6 heating modes allows you to cook delicious dishes at the same time on three levels. The device is equipped with a grid and a baking sheet.


  • attractive design;
  • non-marking surface.


  • short cord to connect; no plug;
  • thin iron enclosures.

Kuppersberg HO 657 T

HO 657 T by Kuppersberg

The 56-liter independent electric oven looks presentable and fits easily into any modern interior. The model is made of stainless steel with glass black inserts. The device has 5 operating modes, including grill and convection. Special flavored dishes with a crispy golden crust.

The easy-to-clean enamel that covers the inside of the oven is easy to clean. The hinged door consists of two tempered glass. Includes telescopic rails, wire rack and 2 baking sheets.


  • child protection function;
  • easy cleaning of the inside.


  • a little door heating.

Hotpoint-Ariston 5FA 841 JH IX

5FA 841 JH IX by Hotpoint-Ariston

The built-in electric oven has a stylish design. The model is made in silver, the door is made of black glass. The control panel has two rotary switches to select the heating mode and temperature. An information display is placed between them..

The model is equipped with an electric grill. It is used for cooking vegetables while preserving all the beneficial properties or meat with a golden crust. The oven has 9 heating modes and 2 automatic programs. They will help even an inexperienced user to feel like a professional chef. Telescopic rails, wire rack and baking tray included.


  • value for money;
  • non-marking surface;
  • self-cleaning hydrolysis function;
  • simple operation.


  • glass door warms.
  • temperature and mode controllers have backlash.
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