6 Ways to Get Rid of Ants on Trees in a Garden Plot

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The benefits of these insects are great, but some species of ants do more harm: they spread aphids between plants, eat leaves of garden crops. This necessitates the containment of their numbers. Each summer resident should be prepared for the invasion of insects and know how to get rid of ants in the garden.

Barrier methods

To protect the fruit tree harvest, pest control measures must be taken in a timely manner. An effective method is to install barriers at ground level. There are several ways to do this:

  1. Using a car tire. Cut it in half, dig a moat under the tree and place a part of the tire there, having dug it well and fixed it with the ground. Pour water inside: the ants cannot swim, so the tree will be well protected.
  2. By chalk. To get rid of ants on the plot and protect fruit trees, crushed chalk is scattered on the ground at the roots, and rubbed with trunks with this powder. White particles stick to the paws of insects, impairing adhesion, so pests simply fall from the tree and cannot reach the branches with young shoots.
  3. Using foil. To prevent pests from climbing trees, they form a kind of “skirt” made of foil around the trunk. It is difficult for insects to crawl on a slippery surface, so they fall to the ground.

Hunting belts

This method of eliminating pests involves tying tree trunks with special belts. Their width for each method varies, the average is 20 cm. Options for creating hunting belts:

  • the clothesline is plentifully treated with petroleum jelly and wrapped around the trunk at a level of 20 cm above the ground (petroleum jelly interferes with the movement of insects and is completely harmless to plants);
  • trunks in the garden are covered with foil and coated with solid oil, resin or birch tar;
  • double-sided tape or duct tape will help to protect garden crops; aphids, ants and other pests stick to its base;
  • To combat ants, cotton wool soaked in carbolic solution is also used: the trunk is tied with it for 3 days, after which the dressing is changed (three such procedures are enough during the summer).

Ant hunting belts

Trunk Processing

Professional preparations from insect pests provide a quick effect, but folk remedies are more environmentally friendly and harmless to fruit crops. Processing trunks can be carried out in such folk ways:

  • a dense layer of 15 cm on the bark is applied a thick mixture of salt, soot, linseed oil (all components are taken in the same amount);
  • trunks are coated with a low concentration of bleach, since its excessive amount is harmful to plants;
  • repels garlic from ants, so the bark can be rubbed with cloves to provide a lasting smell.

For spraying

Processing of trees from pests is carried out several times during the spring-summer season. For this purpose, various spraying methods are used, including the following:

  1. A solution of soap and kerosene. In 10 l of water add 2 tbsp. l carbolic acid, 100 ml of kerosene and 0.4 kg of black soap (based on charcoal). Anthills are watered with this composition and fruit crops are sprayed..
  2. Soda solution. This remedy is equally effective against both ants and aphids. In a liter of water, you must dilute 30 g of flaxseed oil and 5 g of soda. Plants are sprayed several times for a short period of time, after – if necessary.
  3. Coca-Cola for spraying. The sweet drink is diluted with water 5: 1, after the mixture is used to treat fruit trees. One high-quality spray is enough to get rid of ants.

Ant soda solution

Professional Tools

If folk methods did not help, get rid of ants using special chemicals. For the treatment of fruit crops, such preparations are used:

  1. A great warrior. The trunks are treated with gel with short strokes with an interval of 2–6 cm. The preparation retains its properties for 20–30 days. The tool attracts ants with a sweet aroma (not felt by humans), insects eat part of the poison immediately, and carry the other into a nest on the body. There, the gel is eaten by those individuals that do not leave the anthill. As a result, a colony of pests dies in 2-3 days. The Great Warrior is produced in a convenient 30 ml syringe and costs about 40–45 rubles.
  2. Clean house. The gel has a similar effect and is released in the same syringe as the Great Warrior, but has a slightly larger volume – 35 ml. The toxic substance is stored in one place for two months. It is better not to lubricate the plant itself with the product, but to use pieces of cardboard treated with poison that are attached to the tree. The cost of the drug is 50 rubles.
  3. Ant-eater. The drug is sold in containers of 10 and 50 ml, in addition, there are disposable 1 ml ampoules on sale. The cost of the Anteater is relatively low, for example, a bottle of 50 ml has a price of 155-170 rubles, moreover, for 5 square meters. m. plot you need only 1 ml of the drug (it is diluted in 10 liters of water). To get rid of insects, you first need to slightly dig up the anthill, then the larvae will be on top (they are white and look like rice grains). After the poison, the ants’ house is evenly poured. The drug continues to work for another 3 hours after use, therefore, it affects all individuals, including those that will return to the anthill during this time. The chemical does not accumulate in the soil and does not harm pets or birds. Nevertheless, the Anteater is dangerous for fish, so it should not be used near water bodies. It is allowed to use the agent for spraying potatoes, strawberries, and other shrubs that are in the growth stage, but the drug cannot be used to treat the roots or seeds of plants.


Use of plants

You can get rid of ants in a simple way – by scattering certain herbs on the site, whose smell cannot be tolerated by insects. Bundles can also be hung from trees or used to make saturated broths and spray the garden. These types of plants do not like insects:

  • mint;
  • sagebrush;
  • calendula;
  • chamomile;
  • tansy;
  • elder.

To avoid the pest returning to the garden, it is important to carry out spraying procedures systematically. In addition, in order to get rid of ants for a long time, it is necessary to periodically change the scattered and suspended herbs for fresh.

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