A steam generator for cleaning an apartment – how to choose according to characteristics, functions, manufacturers and cost

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Cleanliness in the house is the key to the health of the whole family and an aesthetic requirement. To achieve it, the housewives spend a lot of energy and resort to using all kinds of chemicals on a chemical basis. To solve this problem as quickly as possible today there are many useful household appliances. One of them is a home manual steam generator for cleaning the apartment – Karcher, Geyser and goods of other brands. Choose your.

What is a steam generator for cleaning an apartment

A professional or household steam generator is a device designed to clean various surfaces and materials. Its main difference from other household devices used to perform high-quality cleaning is the use of hot steam, which is considered the most effective way of cleaning. Steaming can not only expose furniture or carpets, but also inaccessible areas of the car. The device also has the function of a vacuum cleaner, which makes the cleaning process even easier and more efficient..

Operating principle

Before you buy a powerful steam cleaner or a simple modification for cleaning rooms, familiarize yourself with how it works. The operation of the device is as follows: the water in the boiler passes into a vapor state under the influence of high temperatures obtained due to the operation of the electric heating element. Then the steam comes out under high pressure through a hose and a special nozzle. Surface treatment with hot steam helps to get rid of not only pollution, but also pathogens and unpleasant odors.

Operating principle


A huge advantage of steam generators is the achievement of the necessary sterility without the use of household chemicals, which cannot be achieved with conventional wet cleaning. Manufacturers offer a choice of many multifunctional devices equipped with the function of instant steam production. Special nozzles allow you to process floors from tiles, remove dirt from surfaces in the kitchen, etc. According to the method of producing steam, a steam cleaner for cleaning an apartment happens:

  • Without a boiler (tank). Cold water in such an apparatus is supplied to a heated heat element, after which dry steam is produced. The device for cleaning the apartment is prepared for work instantly.
  • With one boiler. Steam then enters the nozzle. For the household appliance to be ready for use, you need to wait about 10 minutes after turning it on.
  • With two boilers. Cold water in a steam generator of this type is pumped with a pump from one tank to another (heated).

Single boiler model

The best steam generators for cleaning an apartment

Devices differ from each other in tank volume, power, size and feature set. Using them to remove a stain from carpeting or dust from the surface of the furniture is not difficult. You can buy a steam cleaner for a house in Moscow, St. Petersburg or another city in the country in a specialized online store with mail delivery. On sale you can find a large assortment of steam generators, the best of which include:

  • Polaris PSC 1101C;
  • Smile ESC 1026;
  • Grand Master GM VSC38;
  • Kitfort KT-903;
  • Karcher SC 4 Premium + Iron Kit;
  • MIE Bello;
  • Smile ESC 1026 et al.

Steam Mop

Manual steam cleaner

If you are interested in cleaning with a steam generator, then pay attention to the compact manual steamer. Compared to a professional model, he is not able to give out a powerful stream of steam that could cope with any dirt, but is quite suitable for cleaning an ordinary apartment. The hand-held device weighs no more than 3 kg, is easily transported and is relatively cheap:

  • name: Karcher SC1;
  • price: 3144 r.;
  • description: power – 1200 W, pressure – up to 3 bar, heating time – 3 min., tank volume – 0.2;
  • pluses: compactness, cost;
  • cons: limited features, capacity.

Karcher SC1

The next option is cheaper, but less powerful. The kit includes a point nozzle and a brush nozzle:

  • Model: Sinbo SSC-6411;
  • cost: 1160 r.;
  • characteristics: power – 1050 W, pressure – up to 3.2 bar, heats up about 3 minutes, tank volume – 0.25 l;
  • pluses: compact sizes, low cost;
  • Cons: capacity, minimum feature set.

Compact Sinbo SSC-6411

For comparison, check out another modification from the category of manual steam cleaners. The Endever is capable of heating steam up to 98 ° C:

  • model name: Endever Odyssey Q-602;
  • price: 2069 p.;
  • characteristics: power – 1200 W, heats up in 15 sec., pressure – 1 bar, tank volume – 1 l;
  • pluses: fast heating, capacity;
  • cons: slight vapor pressure.

Endever Odyssey Q-602

For furniture

There are modifications that can effectively remove dirt on any surface. With the appropriate nozzle, they can be used for steam cleaning furniture. The Clatronic steam generator is perfect for this purpose. It not only cleans, but also disinfects, degreases the surface at 100 ° C:

  • model name: Clatronic DR 3280;
  • cost: 5290 r.;
  • characteristics: power – 1.5 kW, tank capacity – 1500 ml, pressure – 4 bar;
  • pluses: multifunctionality;
  • cons: not marked.

Suitable for furniture Clatronic DR 3280

The next steam cleaner from Karcher has the option to connect a steam iron. The device is the most powerful in its class and destroys bacteria without cleaning agents:

  • model name: SC 5 Premium Karcher;
  • price: 28799 r.;
  • characteristics: pressure – 4.2 bar, power – 2.2 kW, heating time – 3 min., system with 2 tanks, weight without accessories – 6 kg;
  • pluses: a kit for cleaning the floor, many accessories;
  • cons: high cost.

Nozzle options

The SC 3 Premium kit from the same manufacturer includes an anti-scale cartridge. Due to the possibility of adding water to the boiler of the device, the continuous operation time increases:

  • model name: SC 3 Premium Karcher;
  • cost: 11290 r.;
  • characteristics: pressure – 3.5 bar, 1900 W, heating time – 30 sec., weight without accessories – 3.14 kg;
  • pluses: many accessories, heating rate;
  • cons: not cheap.

SC 3 Premium

For carpets

Multifunctional modifications of steam generators have several basic functions, one of which is the removal of dirt from carpets. A jet of hot steam is able to rid the floor covering of stubborn stains and dust. A great purchase will be a professional modification:

  • model name: 3 in 1 W Monster 10034;
  • price: 8055 r.;
  • characteristics: power – 1450 W, water tank volume – 1.2 l, pressure – up to 4.5 bar, heats water – 4-6 minutes, works – up to 60 minutes, weight – 5.6 kg, cord length – 4 m;
  • pluses: productivity;
  • cons: not revealed.

Steam cleaner 3 in 1 W Monster 10034

A steam cleaner from Karcher SC4 Premium is able to cope with cleaning any hard surfaces and more. Comfort and usability provides a nozzle with a flexible connection:

  • model name: SC 4 Premium Karcher;
  • price: 15990 r .;
  • characteristics: power – 2 kW, pressure – up to 3.5 bar, heats up for 4 minutes, a system with 2 tanks, boiler volume – 0.5 l, tank – 0.8 l;
  • pluses: the presence of a kit for cleaning the floor, extension tubes;
  • cons: cost.

Universal SC 4 Premium Karcher

Monster MB-10302 copes with cleaning complex surfaces in the form of carpets, sofa upholstery and other textiles. It can even be used for ironing instead of iron:

  • Name: Monster MB-10302;
  • cost: 4060 r.;
  • characteristics: 1250 W, weight – 8.235 kg, power cord length – 2 m, capacity – 750 ml;
  • pluses: inexpensive, complete with an ironing board;
  • cons: heavy.

The device for cleaning and ironing of Monster MB-10302

For washing windows

There is also a special steam generator for washing windows, which is able to cope with different types of pollution on windows, mirrors. Such steam generators have a special nozzle. Considerable popularity for cleaning windows acquired:

  • model name: Karcher SC 1.020;
  • price: 4060 p.;
  • characteristics: power – 1.5 kW, pressure – 3.2 bar, water tank – 1 l, heating time – 8 min., hose length – 2 m, cord – 4 m, weight – 3 kg;
  • pluses: there are nozzles and a compartment for storing them, cost;
  • cons: heats up for a long time.

SC 1.020

For washing glass, you can even use a compact handheld steam cleaner. This option is a device with a point nozzle, for the floor and a brush head:

  • Model: Polaris PSC 1101C;
  • price: 2599 r.;
  • characteristics: power – 1100 W, tank volume – 0.27 l, steam pressure – 3.5 bar, heating – about 3 minutes, network cable length – 3 m;
  • pluses: compactness, cost;
  • cons: low capacity.

Polaris PSC 1101C

Paying attention to one more portable manual steam generator, which can be used for washing windows thanks to a special device. Parameters of the device for cleaning the apartment:

  • model name: Grand Master GM VSC38;
  • cost: 2100 r.;
  • Characteristics: works with a power of 1050 W, steam pressure – 2.5-4.2 bar, tank volume – 0.25 L, weight – 1.85 kg;
  • pluses: usability, cost;
  • cons: small volume.

Grand Master GM VSC38

Steam Mop

An inexpensive, convenient, and popular option is the Kitfort Steam Mop. The kit includes a brush and a rag for the floor, an auxiliary nozzle and other accessories:

  • Name: Kitfort KT-1001;
  • price: 3990 r.;
  • description: power – 1300 W, pressure – up to 1 bar, volume – 0.35 l, heats up – 30 sec .;
  • pluses: cost, usability;
  • cons: water tank capacity.

Kitfort KT-1001

Philips home cleaning mop has a slightly larger capacity. The temperature of the heated steam reaches 100 ° C:

  • model name: Philips FC7020 / 01;
  • price: 7190 r.;
  • description: power – 1500 W, tank capacity – 0.45 l, heats water in 30 seconds, weight – 3 kg, hose length – 1.2 m, cord – 6 m;
  • pluses: convenient in application;
  • cons: costs more than analogues, low capacity.

Mop Philips FC7020 / 01

The following steam mop is the most inexpensive of those described. In terms of power, it is in no way inferior to two other devices:

  • model name: Marta MT-1180;
  • price: 2390 r.;
  • description: power – 1500 W, tank capacity – 0.55 l, heating time – 1 min., work – 20 min., cord length – 5 m;
  • pluses: convenient, cheap;
  • cons: tank volume.

Manual device mop Marta MT-1180

For cleaning

A good purchase for cleaning floors, various surfaces in the kitchen and in other rooms is the device from Mayer & Boch. The modification has a telescopic stand with a height of 148 cm, a nozzle for cleaning, a pair of clamps for trousers and a folding hanger for clothes. The steam generator is relatively inexpensive:

  • model name: with stand Mayer & Boch 2047256;
  • price: 4973 r.;
  • description: device power – 1250 W, tank volume – 0.75 l, power cord length – 2 m, accessories – 12, availability for work – 90 sec., working time – 23 min .;
  • pluses: a complete set, reasonable cost;
  • cons: boiler capacity.

Product with a telescopic rack Mayer & Boch 2047256

The next option is also great for cleaning floors and other surfaces. The package includes a brush head, a point nozzle for the floor:

  • model name: Nilfisk-ALTO Steamtec 312;
  • price: 10413 r.;
  • characteristics: power – 1600 W, water tank – 1.2 l, heats up for 6 minutes, cord length – 2 m, weight – 3.2 kg;
  • pluses: convenient, good functionality;
  • cons: costs more than analogues.

Steam generator household Nilfisk-ALTO Steamtec 312

If none of the options described above suits you, then check out the options for another floor steam cleaner. The plastic case of the device has a modern design, and the steam temperature reaches 103 ° C:

  • name: Endever Odyssey Q-801 / Q-802 / Q-803;
  • cost: 5390 p.;
  • characteristics: power – 1500 W, pressure – 8 bar, heats up 10 min., boiler volume – 2 l, weight – 6 kg;
  • pluses: reasonable cost, rich set;
  • cons: heats up for a long time.

Q-801 / Q-802 / Q-803


Some modern steam generators for cleaning can be used even for disinfecting purposes. To save money, make purchases in large stores conducting promotions, sales. Once you get one of them, you can get a good discount.

Multifunctional steam cleaner for furniture, capable of disinfecting the passenger compartment, carpets, sofas, armchairs, etc .:

  • Model: MIE Bello;
  • price: 25200 r.;
  • description: power – 1700 W, tank – 1.7 l, boiler pressure – 5.5 bar, weight – 7 kg;
  • pluses: cleans, iron, convenient steam regulator;
  • cons: expensive.

For cleaning and ironing MIE Bello

The Emilio RA steam generator is suitable not only for cleaning a house or apartment, but also for mini-hotels, fitness centers, etc. Due to its compact size, it is not difficult to move:

  • name: Emilio RA;
  • cost: 75600 r.;
  • description: power – 2000 W, boiler volume – 2.2 l, removable water tank – 4 l, pressure – 4.8 bar, weight without accessories – 14 kg,
  • pluses: excellent performance, power;
  • cons: high cost.

Residential appliance Emilio RA

Customers who are interested in a hand-held device for disinfecting different surfaces should take a closer look at the Endever Odyssey. A powerful steam cleaner jet and high temperature destroys pathogenic microflora without chemistry:

  • model name: Endever Odyssey Q-432;
  • price: 1790 p.;
  • characteristics: power – 900 W, capacity volume – 400 ml, pressure – 3.5 bar;
  • pluses: compactness, cost;
  • cons: tank capacity.


How to choose a steam generator for cleaning the apartment

To answer the question of how to choose a steam generator for home use, you should take into account the dimensions of the device, functionality, power, steam pressure, tank volume and some other criteria. Read more about the right choice:

  • Dimensions Manual, compact and large-sized steam generators are distinguished. The first ones take up little space and light weight, the second are more like a medium sized vacuum cleaner, the third are heavy models with a lot of accessories.
  • Length of hose and power cord. The first should be at least 2 m, the second – the more the better.
  • Steam pressure. The higher it is, the better the device eliminates pollution. The optimal indicator is 3 bars..
  • Power. The effectiveness of the appliance depends on this parameter. The minimum value is 1000 watts. For prolonged and frequent use, a steam generator with a capacity of 2700-3000 watts is suitable. True, it will heat up faster..
  • The volume of the water tank. For standard cleaning, 1 liter is suitable; for a large area of ​​the house, it is better to choose a 2-liter tank.
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