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The favorite of the whole family, the kitten, pleases the eye while running around the apartment and playing with its toys. Time goes on, the animal grows, small changes occur in his body and the period of sexual activity is about to begin, during which the pet will begin to mark the territory.

When is it better to castrate a cat and is it worth it

Many people think that castration and sterilization procedures are best done in the early stages of the development of the pet’s reproductive system, but this is a fallacy. The question arises at what age to castrate a cat in order to avoid possible embarrassment? A still unformed animal organism can malfunction the urinary system. To avoid such complications, you need to adhere to the ideal period voiced by the researchers – a year, plus or minus a couple of months.

Examination of the cat before castration

Owners of thoroughbred pets who do not plan to breed them can decide on the operation. The reason for this may be:

  • excessive aggression of the animal in the spring (often this is an Abyssinian breed);
  • fear of losing a pet (whether it’s a British or a Scottish pet);
  • the appearance of a sharp smell of urine in the living room;
  • concern for the future health of an adult pet (most of them are susceptible to diseases of the genitourinary system, especially the Scottish pet and Briton).

To agree to such a procedure or not? This is a personal choice of each person, but if you want to extend the life of your pet, it is better to know in advance about when you can castrate a cat, how to prepare for surgery, what could be the consequences, the price of the upcoming treatment. Those who promise to do this inexpensively cannot guarantee the safety of a pet’s life. The optimal price for a one-year-old pet is 2000 rubles in the suburbs of Moscow.

Castrated cat

When to castrate a young cat

A domestic kitten gives joy to its owners until it starts marking the territory and striving to become a yard individual in order to satisfy its instincts. This behavior is caused by the action of hormones produced in the body of a mature animal. In order not to harm the pet, you must not let him to the cat before castration. In this case, the question arises at what age cats are neutered?

A kitten, having been born, has small sizes (especially a Bengal breed) and only grows larger with time. Therefore, castration can be done no earlier than seven to eight months. When this fact is rejected, the likelihood of a risk associated with inflammation of the urethra and the development of adhesions overlapping the urinary canal increases. At what age can a cat be neutered? Better from the year the body is fully formed.

How old can a cat be neutered

Any veterinarian will say that it is not worth delaying the operation for a long time. Hormones are produced initially only in the testes, and in an adult, also in the pituitary gland. If you remove the gland responsible for maturation in the later stages of development, then you will not be able to completely get rid of the territory mark and night cries, because part of the hormones will continue to be produced by the pituitary gland. Do not forget that the operation takes place under anesthesia, and an adult cat tolerates it worse than a fold kitten, in which the testis has just begun to function.

Castrated cat after surgery

The price of castration cats

If you figured out the age at which cats are neutered, you will have to understand why the price of an operation varies in clinics? The cost of the procedure depends on many factors:

  • the need for examination of the animal;
  • needs to bathe an individual;
  • delivery assistance;
  • breed (Scottish, British, etc.);
  • cat age (9 months or 2 years);
  • drug prices for anesthesia, etc..

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