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The desire to have more free space in the living room encourages the use of effective design solutions. One of them is an attic bed with a sofa below. This multifunctional piece of furniture is a great idea for decorating an interior children’s room or bedroom for adults..

Benefits of an Attic Bed with Sofa

Unfolded Design

The bunk bed with a sofa below is convenient in that:

  • Saves space. Due to the combination of several pieces of furniture, the loft bed is well suited for a small apartment.
  • Saves money. When you buy one piece of furniture you get several things at once.
  • May have a variety of design decisions. The choice of materials and colors is wide. You can easily find an option that fits perfectly into your interior.

How to choose the right

Integrated design

When choosing an attic bed with a sofa below, consider its purpose. If you want to organize a sleeping area for a child, inspect the upper sides. This element, the optimum height of which is 30-35 cm, is needed for reliable retention of the mattress, protection against falling during sleep. A convenient staircase with a slight slope and handrails makes it easy for the child to climb and descend. In addition, the loft bed should not be too high to sleep comfortably on it..

When choosing an attic bed with a folding sofa below, pay attention to the strength and reliability of furniture mechanisms. The sofa can be laid out like a book. A built-in wardrobe, bedside tables, drawers increase the functionality of the loft bed. All additional elements should work easily, without squeaking and unnecessary noise. It’s great if, if you wish, it is possible to remove the sofa below, put a table instead, organize a work area.

Cheap designs are made of artificial materials, equipped with an iron staircase. More expensive models are made of wood or MDF panels. Of particular importance is the fittings. High-quality elements made of dense materials resistant to corrosion increase the life of the piece of furniture. It is better to order the manufacture of an attic bed individually from a trusted company. So you will have the opportunity to independently choose materials and accessories.

Browse Popular Models

The loft bed with a comfortable sofa below may have a different design. It all depends on who will use this piece of furniture. Children’s bunk beds with a sofa, in addition to smaller sizes, differ from analogues for adults in the brightness of design. Magic heroes, planes, fairy houses, fairies, princesses create an atmosphere of celebration and fun. Such design decisions are pleasant to the child. You just need to consider that time is running out, and soon the cartoonish look of the bed is unlikely to suit the teenager. Then you have to change this piece of furniture.

Children’s loft bed

Child model

Popular loft bed models with a sofa below include:

  • Set “Leader” from the company MebelGlobal. This piece of furniture is made from specially processed hypoallergenic materials..
  • Bambini Divanno 2 Simple bunk bed, produced by Happy Home furniture factory, is equipped with high sides, a soft sofa, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe.
  • The two-tier model “Fanky-12” of the Fanky Kids trademark has two drawers. The bed is made of modern Austrian materials using high-quality European furniture.

Loft bed for adults

Bunk beds for adults are not as widespread as children’s beds. Of the available models, the following samples are popular:

  • The loft bed “Stupo” from the furniture company Ikea is a solid wood frame. The kit includes a metal staircase. Sofa sold separately.
  • A two-story bed with a sofa from ZAO Borovichi-Mebel. The model is going to either side.
  • The loft bed “Elegance” from the furniture workshop “” has a stylish design, made from selected pine, suitable for parents.

For teens

Adult option

The attic bed for a teenager combines the safety of children’s furniture and moderate design. Famous models include:

  • The loft bed “Watercolor” from the company “Izhmebel” has a berth, which is enough even for an adult. However, the model has a beautiful appearance, suitable for girls.
  • Two-story bed “Practician”, made in the furniture workshop “Bottom Up. Ru”, has an original design, has a built-in staircase.
  • The loft bed Bambini Divanno 2 Standard of the Russian brand Happy Home has a built-in wardrobe and chest of drawers.

Where to buy and how much

A double loft bed is sold in furniture stores. You can purchase ready-made samples on the Internet at a trusted site. Another option is to order the desired model in the production company, choosing the material, exterior decoration and accessories according to the catalog. The cost of such furniture depends on the raw materials used in the production, and the complexity of the design. The price of this piece of furniture is from 9000 rubles.

Photo: what looks like an attic bed with a sofa below

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