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The destruction of bugs is a complex task, the solution of which must be approached fully armed. In the modern market of household insecticides, there are several dozen drugs that have proven themselves in the fight against these pests. One of the most popular among them is the remedy for the executioner bugs..

The composition of the drug

Executioner is a clear, oily liquid with a yellowish tint. Available in 5 ml bottles in the country. It has an average level of toxicity. The main component is a 27.5 percent solution of the organophosphorus compound Fenthion – it is one of the most effective insecticides. The main part of the composition is formed by stabilizers, antioxidants and perfumes.

How does the executioner on bedbugs

Fenthion enters the body of bugs along with air. This insecticide affects the nervous system of the pest, paralyzes and leads to death. Poison is able to completely destroy parasites within 5-6 hours. Due to the fragrance of occurrence, the smell of kerosene – it acts on pests, like a bait. Due to this, the bugs crawl out of their crevices and receive a dose of poison. The effectiveness of using such a tool increases due to the fact that it penetrates the body of insects not only through the respiratory system, the oral apparatus, but also through the chitin cover.

With strict observance of the instructions, the executioner’s drug completely destroys adult insects, but it is not able to affect eggs. They are reliably protected and therefore at this stage of development there is no direct contact with air. Only after the larvae hatch, the insecticidal agent will begin to act on them. The complete destruction of all inhabitants of the colony of parasites can be expected 2 weeks after using the drug, when larvae appear from all eggs.Bedbug executioner

Preparing a room for disinfestation

Use the executioner from bedbugs in compliance with the necessary safety measures. To poison had the proper effect, close all the windows and doors in the room. In addition, consider the following step-by-step steps:

  1. If the treatment is partial, then the pets need to be isolated, and if complex – take out outdoors.
  2. Remove dishes and food from exposed surfaces and cover in vapor tight packaging or simply refrigerate.
  3. Remove personal hygiene items from the bathroom.
  4. Put toys and personal items in the closets..
  5. Household appliances (TV, computer, refrigerator, etc.), furniture, oil paintings, cover with plastic wrap.
  6. Clean and thoroughly cover all food that may be sprayed..
  7. When performing treatment from bugs, all folding furniture will need to be left unfolded.
  8. Look at the books for black dots in the binding area – if you find them, then discard the book, because they are traces of the life of insects.
  9. Look for the presence of black dots in the wallpaper – if they are detected, it is recommended to remove the canvas to achieve maximum effect.

How to prepare a solution and treat the infected room

One bottle is designed for dilution in 0.5 liters of water. Since the executioner is available in liquid form, the temperature of the water for breeding does not matter much. It is better to breed means at once in that ware from which you are going to make spraying. Alternatively, you can buy a small spray gun. In addition, the manufacturer with the executioner himself, the manufacturer himself, also produces containers with small sprinklers and pumps connected to them. For a one-time treatment of the room, you can use a regular bottle from the wiper. Detailed instructions:

  1. 1 bottle of concentrate is enough to process about 5 m2 of surface, so 10-15 bottles will be needed for a 2-room apartment of 50 m2. If there is a lot of furniture at home, then the consumption of poison for bugs increases to 20-25 bottles. For repeated disinfection, the executioner’s dose will be the same as for the primary procedure.
  2. Begin processing the premises by the Executioner from those places where bugs are most likely to hide. These include spaces behind cabinets, bedside tables, sofas, baseboards, beds.
  3. Slide the furniture away from normal places to thoroughly clean the floor underneath. Bed, blankets, pillows, mattresses, carpets (especially those that hang on the walls) are also subject to processing..
  4. If possible, spray the interior of the cabinets and clothing. Wash the last one after treatment. It may contain bedbug eggs and if you do not spray it with the executioner, then it can become a source of reinfestation in the future.
  5. To be sure of the effectiveness of the disinsection with the executioner, it is advisable to treat balconies (even if they are not glazed), sockets (after disconnecting the electricity in the apartment) and window sills. Thoroughly spray the vestibule and air vents..
  6. Bedbugs will already begin to emerge from their shelters during processing. You can not give them, because over time, they will still die under the influence of the Executioner – mechanical struggle will only take time.
  7. Processing should last 2-3 hours.

Processing Executioner

What to do after processing (list)

So that the poison from the bedbugs the Executioner does not have a negative impact on residents and pets, a number of actions should be performed after treatment:

  • After the treatment, close the room and leave it for 6-8 hours. After this time, ventilate the room for at least half an hour, but in the absence of people.
  • After airing, wipe the surfaces that you often come in contact with: the working surfaces of tables, cabinets, door handles, window sills, shelves, etc. To do this, use a soda solution of soda ash (per 1 liter of water 30-50 g of the product) with soap – put on rubber gloves.
  • Bed linen should be washed at high temperature and ironed carefully..
  • General cleaning of the apartment is carried out no earlier than 14 days, only after the expiration of the funds or the complete death of all insects.

Protective equipment and safety measures

It is believed that the drug from the executioner bugs does not cause poisoning in people and pets, but it is not completely harmless. Use of this insecticide requires safety precautions. Please note that the daily dose of Fenthion (the main component of the executioner) for a person is equal to 0.007 mg per 1 kg of body weight. The lethal dose is about 250 mg per 1 kg of body weight. Useful recommendations:

  • The handler should wear gloves and a respirator before starting treatment. An alternative to a respirator can be a cotton-gauze dressing.
  • Clothing should cover the body as much as possible. For this reason, wear a long sleeve shirt and trousers that need to be tucked into socks..
  • Be sure to cover your hair with any suitable hat..
  • Allow about 2 hours (or better) for ventilation of the living space, but keep in mind the season of the year. For example, in summer in calm weather this time will need to be increased.
  • If the house cannot be freed from the presence of people and pets, then try to protect them as much as possible. Boxes with a cat and small kittens can be taken out to another room, which you do not plan to spray with a solution. A gauze bandage can be put on a lying patient and covered with a blanket.

Protective equipment

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