Boric acid against ants in the garden: proportions for use

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This substance is a crystalline powder, odorless or colorless. Boric acid is a soluble product, it is widely used by gardeners both as a mineral fertilizer and a stimulator of seed growth, and as an effective poison for arthropod pests, including ants.

Properties of boric acid and principle of action

White powder is one of the most effective, safe for humans remedies against garden ants. Its antibacterial, disinfecting properties help the rapid destruction of entire insect populations. Boric acid has a pronounced versatile effect. Once in their body through the intestinal contact, the substance begins to corrode the digestive organs of the pests. In addition, the powder causes severe dehydration in ants..

Dry bait acts as a contact and intestinal insecticide. In this case, funds with a liquid consistency serve exclusively as intestinal poison. To prepare dry baits, the powder is mixed with sugar. The poison spreads along the peripheral nervous system, leading to its dysfunction, resulting in paralysis. Insect death occurs a couple of hours after contact with a toxic substance..

In addition to the described effects, the product has an effect on the reproductive system of insects: it has a sterilizing effect and significantly reduces the population, leading to the natural extinction of pests. There are many uses for the acid, but an important universal requirement is to keep the poison concentration above normal (2%). At the same time, the insect manages to bring poison to the anthill, without dying very quickly, due to which more individuals die.

Fighting ants in a summer cottage or garden involves the use of dry baits, which scatter with a thin layer both in the zones of pest accumulation and on the paths along which they move. Boric acid, in addition, is used to prepare solutions and liquid gruels, which are placed in saucers and serve as baits for pests.

For maximum effectiveness in the fight against annoying insects, it is important where the poison will be located in the garden. As a rule, in the garden, the poison is placed in close proximity to the anthills or next to the ant paths. In addition, the drug can treat the trunks of fruit trees loved by insects..

How to dilute boric acid from ants

You can use powder to prepare a solution from pests such as ants or aphids. Complexity can cause only poor solubility of crystals in water, while the tool must be absolutely homogeneous. Nevertheless, if you know certain tricks, you can simply and quickly prepare ant poison. A recipe with water and sugar looks like this:

  • pour a glass of hot water into a small container in which 5 g of boric acid is dissolved;
  • pour 2 tbsp here. l sugar, mix thoroughly;
  • the volume of liquid is adjusted to 500 ml due to an additional glass of water;
  • watered anthill with a sweet solution at night or late in the evening, when the insects are “at home”;
  • to enhance the effect, in addition to ant paths in the garden, leave flat dishes with syrup (you can use seaming lids, saucers, etc.).

How to dilute boric acid

Dry bait

To prepare them, the powder is mixed with sugar, after which the dry bait is scattered along the ant paths and places of increased accumulation of pests (next to fruit crops, anthill). The dry poison acts somewhat slower than the solution, but is very effective. After a week, insects will almost not remain in the garden, and within a month they will disappear altogether.


Acid and minced meat balls

To attract insects to the poison, it must be made tasty and fragrant, for this purpose minced meat is added to the main component. The following recipe helps to remove ants from the garden:

  • 4 tbsp. l minced meat is mixed with acid (10 g), a pinch of salt;
  • the mass is thoroughly mixed, divided into small lumps;
  • the latter are distributed near the home of pests.

Meat is a delicacy for ants, so they quickly eat poisoned balls. After a few days, the number of pests will drop sharply and continue to decline until they completely disappear from the garden.

Meat balls

Multicomponent bait with potatoes and eggs

This is another very effective way to poison pests. The insect bait from boric acid and potatoes will help to get rid of insects annoying in the garden in a matter of days. Egg poison is prepared as follows:

  • a couple of large potatoes are boiled;
  • puree mixed with 2 boiled yolks, 1 tbsp. l sugar, 20 g of the drug;
  • small balls are made from the resulting mass, which are laid next to the ant trails and near the anthill.

Multi-component bait

Beer trap

Ants will never give up alcoholic drinks, so beer can serve as a wonderful bait. To get rid of pests in your garden, you must:

  • 1 tbsp. l yeast pour 4 tbsp. l warm water;
  • add 1 tbsp. l jam and the same amount of white powder;
  • stir the mixture and pour into several small saucers, which after installing next to the anthills, other places of accumulation of insects.

Boric Acid and Beer Trap

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