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The area of ​​the toilet room is often limited and does not allow the installation of overall equipment. You can save space if you opt for the Genoa bowl, which is mounted on the floor. Thanks to modern design, it is suitable for any interior, and a special design will ensure durability and hygiene.

What is the bowl of Genoa

The floor or Turkish toilet got its name from the Italian city of Genoa, in which the bowl was first installed in public places. It gained widespread use due to its compactness, strength and resistance to vandalism..

Another important advantage of such plumbing is hygiene. To use the toilet, you must squat down. Exposed parts of the body do not touch the surface, therefore they are protected from germs.

The best models

On the market are devices of domestic, Spanish and Turkish manufacturers. You can install the equipment yourself or seek help from professionals.

5. Kale Optimum 71129374K0, with vertical outlet

Kale Optimum 71129374K0, vertical outlet

A high-quality option for a summer residence, commercial premises, made in Turkey. The body of the bowl is made of environmentally friendly white clay – a durable heat-resistant material that does not crack under the influence of hard water, chemicals. It’s easy to clean the toilet surface thanks to its oval shape and perfectly smooth surface..


2900 rub.


  • glazed surface of sanitary porcelain;
  • preservation of color throughout the entire life cycle;
  • protection against accumulation of dirt and plaque;
  • warranty – 10 years.


  • additionally you need to buy a tank.

4. Roca Oriental 345090001, with vertical release

Roca Oriental 345090001, vertical outlet

Reliable, easy to install design from the Spanish manufacturer. The bowl is made of environmentally friendly porcelain, white icing is applied on top. Due to its smooth surface it does not absorb water, bacteria, unpleasant odors. Even after 10 years, the product looks like new because it does not darken, does not crack. It’s easy to clean the bowl, you can use any chemicals, hard water.


6,600 rub.


  • robust construction;
  • the form prevents the accumulation of dirt;
  • ribs on the side platforms;
  • warranty – 10 years.


  • tank sold separately.

3. Oskol Ceramics 213000, with vertical outlet

Oskol Ceramics 213000, with vertical outlet

Inexpensive domestic-made toilet for a restroom in a country house. The bowl has a dense, smooth glazed surface, practically does not absorb water, does not pass microbes, which protects the structure from premature destruction. The configuration includes a tank, the mechanism of which works very quietly. At the same time, the device is equipped with a powerful drain: water is collected in less than a minute.


2800 rub.


  • the form is convenient to clean;
  • there are ribs against the slipping of the legs;
  • anti-splash system;
  • fasteners included.


  • no.

2. Rosa ceramics, horizontal outlet

Rosa ceramic, horizontal outlet

Plumbing is made in Russia using raw materials and equipment from Germany, the UK. Porcelain has a low coefficient of water absorption and porosity, which ensures shine, reliability and durability. The bowl is conveniently shaped, easy to wash, and a perfectly smooth surface prevents the accumulation of dirt and plaque.


3800 rub.


  • resistant to hard water;
  • not destroyed when interacting with acidic agents;
  • it is easily cleared of pollution;
  • Complies with Russian and international standards (ISO 9001);
  • 5 year warranty.


  • no.

1. Moeff MF-9112S / MF-413, vertical outlet

Moeff MF-9112S / MF-413

Wall-mounted steel bowl of domestic production is suitable for installation in a country house, apartment, office. The design is able to bias towards the drain center, due to which moisture does not get on the shoes: this is especially important when installed in public places.

The material is 100% recycled, with proper care, careful operation will last more than a dozen years. After installing the toilet, you can be calm for its safety: steel will withstand any shock, other physical influences. The high cost is explained by a large number of auxiliary elements: a water divider, a drain tank, a connecting pipe, and other components are included with the bowl.


20 200 rub.


  • matte coating;
  • stainless steel thickness – 1-2 mm;
  • drain tank and connecting pipe made of steel;
  • ribs on the side platforms for the legs;
  • dirt and plaque are easily washed;
  • the material is resistant to chemicals;
  • not corroded;
  • 5 year warranty.


  • high price.

How to choose a floor toilet

Which toilet is better

When choosing plumbing, you need to pay attention to the material:

  • Cast iron. It has a relatively large weight, the surface is enameled. Advantages – resistance to mechanical stress, corrosion, service life – up to 50 years. The disadvantage is the high cost.
  • Stainless steel. Lightweight, accessible toilets, not susceptible to corrosion, mechanical stress, quickly installed.
  • Ceramics. A suitable option for the home, in case of careful use, the toilet will last 10-15 years. The material is aesthetic, does not rust, is easy to clean, resistant to chemical processing. Of the minuses – a relatively large weight, fragility. From strong impacts on the ceramics chips and cracks appear.
  • Natural or artificial stone. Natural material is more expensive, it is distinguished by its large weight, durability and beauty. Artificial stone is almost as durable, but lighter, less beautiful, cheaper.

What else matters:

  • Shape and size. These parameters are selected depending on the area of ​​the toilet room and preferences. The larger the capacity, the less dirt will accumulate around the toilet.
  • Side foot platforms. Make the bowl more comfortable. It is desirable that they be wide, with a ribbed surface against slipping. Not always available, so you need to know about availability separately.
  • Height. Deep bowls provoke strong splashes, which negatively affects the aesthetics and hygiene of the surrounding space.
  • Flushing mechanism. It can be vertical or horizontal. The first option is ideal for a house or apartment, the second is often installed in public places with high traffic and high pollution.
  • Siphon. It can be vertical, oblique or horizontal. You need to choose the last option with a small floor thickness. Vertical is suitable when installing the bowl on an elevation, and oblique with an angle of 45 degrees is relevant for installation near the wall.
  • Equipment. When buying, pay attention to additional equipment that is attached to the bowl – siphon, pipes, divider. Sometimes, for ease of installation and extension of the life of plumbing, add-ons are best purchased separately.
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