Built-in appliances for the kitchen: how to choose the best

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Without a doubt, we can say that the dream of every modern housewife is high-quality appliances built into the kitchen. It can be a dishwasher, washing machine, oven and even a coffee maker. Before you go to the home appliance store, you should figure out which built-in appliances for the kitchen are better.

Built-in kitchen appliances

Retailers claim that sales of high-tech appliances that are built into furniture are showing rapid growth today. A decade ago, such a pleasure was extremely expensive, but the development of consumer lending and the rapidly expanding range of models from manufacturers of devices contributed to their appearance in the kitchens of a fourth of all Russians. Built-in appliances for the kitchen are several types.

Types of built-in kitchen appliances

Built-in washing machine

Many people are mistaken if they believe that the washing machine should be located only in the bathroom. This is an obvious stereotype, but not unreasonable. Not every kitchen has a place for such a much needed home appliance. In connection with these facts, built-in washing machines are represented by a small assortment, but devices can be easily bought in online stores or large network markets.

The functionality of the washers sewn into the furniture is exactly the same as that of the free-standing ones (except for models with vertical loading, for obvious reasons). The devices can also boast of increased capacity – from eight to twelve kilograms (for comparison, the full-size ones have a maximum of 8 kg). In Russian stores, built-in washers are represented by such companies: BEKO, Bosh, Whirpool, Elextrolux, Zanussi, etc. For example, one of the available models – BEKO WMI 71241, will cost the new owner about 28 thousand rubles..

Built-in washing machine BEKO WMI 71241

Built-in dishwasher

This segment of the household appliances market, on the contrary, prevails as devices sewn into the kitchen set (75-85% of the volume). There are two types of built-in dishwashers:

  1. With closed control – the panel of the plate is displayed on the edge of the furniture door (accessibility only in the open position).
  2. With open control – the panel is located at the top of the door.

Dishwashers can be compact (height – 50 cm, width – 55-60 cm), narrow (height – up to 1 m, width – 40 cm) or standard-sized (height – 90 cm, width – 60-65 cm). Depending on the size, the devices contain a different number of sets of utensils – comp. – 6-7, narrow. – 8-10, and full size. – up to 15 sets. In stores you can find such manufacturing companies: BEKO, Hansa, Indesit, Hotpoint-Ariston, etc. The price of all brands is different, for example, Indesit DIS 1147 is found in stores within the range of 16,000-18,000 rubles..

Built-in dishwasher Indesit DIS 1147


The most common type of equipment in the kitchen, which occupies a leading position in sales in the market, is built-in ovens. They are represented by a wide range of different sizes, with a lot of different functionalities (grill, automatic programs, settings for each individual dish, temperature, time, etc.). In connection with this fact, the price of ovens can start from 12 thousand rubles and reach half a million. For 35-45 thousand rubles you can find an oven with all the necessary functionality of trusted companies (Zanussi, Indesit).

Built-in oven Zanussi


Separate topics for analysis deserve built-in hobs, which can be either gas (standard or gas on glass), and electric (induction glass-ceramic or classic cast-iron heaters), and less commonly combined. The width of such devices is often of an international standard – 60 cm, but there are exceptions (elongated versions of 75 or 90 cm). Prices for cooktops for the kitchen range from 67 thousand rubles to 150, depending on the type of heat energy supply, manufacturing company and manufacturing materials.

Built-in gas hob

Coffee machine

Coffee lovers will definitely like this appliance, but this technique is not cheap. Siemens, Smeg, Miele are leading manufacturers of embedded coffee machines. Some models of the listed brands can make coffee either from natural beans or from capsules, and the functionality is also different: adjustment of strength, temperature, quantity, the ability to choose different types of hot drink, the presence of an independent diagnostics of the device (indication of empty water / milk tank, container with waste pressed material, etc.).

Built-in Bosch coffee machine

Sets of built-in appliances for the kitchen

Sometimes appliances mounted in kitchen furniture are sold in whole sets. The most popular option is an oven and hob. The main feature is the dependence of the constituent apparatuses on each other. For example, the controls of the oven and burners can be on the same panel – this is very convenient. The biggest plus of sets of built-in appliances for the kitchen is the price is much lower than if everything was bought separately. Minus – if any of the combined devices breaks (for example, a temperature indicator), with a high probability it will be necessary to change everything together.

Oven and hob

Brand ratings for kitchen appliances by brand

Due to the abundant number of companies and models, the best built-in appliances for the kitchen is determined quite difficult. Separate components of a particular manufacturing company are preferred by many people. A lot depends not only on the quality of the parts, but also on the ease of use, the visual component and a number of other criteria.

Consumers highly appreciate the technology of the German company Miele, but it is also the most expensive. Smeg devices are in second place in the rating, but they do not differ in low cost either. In a favorable price-quality ratio, buyers distinguish such companies as Hansa, Zanussi, Indesit. Simpler and cheaper models are found at Bosh and BEKO. By the way, the market is filled not only with bulky equipment, you can buy many different devices:

  • wine racks;
  • microwaves;
  • hoods;
  • sinks;
  • freezers;
  • double boiler and much more.

How to choose built-in appliances for the kitchen

Several parameters, thanks to which it will be possible to choose the right appliances for the kitchen:

  1. Quality (assembly, materials) – an important parameter on which the life of the device will depend.
  2. Ergonomics – the criterion on which usability depends, space saving.
  3. Design – depends on customer preferences.
  4. Stability in work – a factor determining the durability of the device.
  5. Price – you can prepare in advance and before going to the store read on the Internet several articles and analysis of the use of built-in appliances.

Price for built-in appliances for the kitchen

The cost of a particular equipment depends directly on the manufacturer – its popularity and build quality. It is necessary to consider the price range not according to individual models of this or that device, but in general (considering the leading companies leading in the market of electrical appliances for the kitchen). It is worth noting that the cost is constantly changing due to the constant updating of the assortment or the economic situation..

Household appliances for the kitchen (built-in).

Price thresholds (min./max.), Rubles.


13,000 – 100,000

Washing machines

25,000 – 150,000


28,000 – 450,000


8,000 – 100,000


10,000 – 400,000

Coffee machines

35,000 – 100,000


15,000 – 90,000

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