Case for an ironing board – how to choose according to size, substrate and cover material, price and reviews

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A replaceable cover for the ironing board combines functionality, practicality and a pleasant appearance of the ironing surface. Coverage can be varied – from Teflon to non-stick, with elastic or ties, with or without lining. Choosing the right option is not difficult, you need to know some of the features of the covers. As a result, the routine ironing process will be a favorite pastime, and the appearance of a home assistant will be pleasing to the eye.

Types of covers for ironing boards

In the modern market of household goods covers are presented in a wide assortment. The choice depends on several factors: price, functionality, color and size. Manufacturers of wraps for boards are trying to introduce new technologies when releasing their product. You can buy a cover for an ironing board without leaving your home – in online stores, and you can order delivery either by mail or by a transport company to any corner of the country. Next, we will consider the types of covers for the main parameters based on their popularity.

Universal case

Universal covers include covers that fit most sizes of ironing boards. Popular in this group are the following:

  • Nick’s model “Las Vegas”, size 129×51 cm.
  • The cost of 170-250 rubles.
  • Description: A universal cover made of 100% cotton will extend the life of the board and refresh its appearance. With the help of a tightening cord, the product is fixed on any surface.
  • Pros: the product is represented by a variety of colors, it is easy to erase and is inexpensive.
  • Cons: the lack of a substrate will not allow ironing with comfort, the iron is more susceptible to damage.

The following representative belongs to this product group:

  • Volzhanochka 129×40 cm.
  • Price 300-360 rubles.
  • The cloak for the board is made of calico. The product is practical in operation and is easy to attach using ties on most boards.
  • Eco-friendly material, good vapor permeability.
  • Reduced longevity due to lack of lining.

Universal cover with print


Covers for a cotton ironing board are not cheap, but they are unpretentious in operation, the service life of a maximum of 2 years:

  • Model brabantia 317705 124×38.
  • The average price is 1200 rubles.
  • The advantage is the lack of synthetic fabric. Suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • High price.

A worthy competition to the Polish brand was made by a manufacturer from Italy:

  • Colombo Venezia 140×55.
  • The price is about 700 r.
  • Long service life is provided by special impregnation of fabric.
  • Due to the density of the fabric, it is difficult to put on for the first time.


Teflon coated

A teflon-coated ironing board provides ease of ironing:

  • Eva 120×40 cm.
  • Price 350 rubles.
  • The slip effect is provided by the presence of Teflon in the fabric. Convenient system of fixation on the board.
  • Lack of colors.

This type of covers is made with a special coating (Teflon), which eliminates the sticking of things during ironing:

  • Model Red cat 130×46 cm.
  • 700-800 r.
  • It has a Fibretex base, which consists of three layers – foam rubber, metal thread and Teflon.
  • These covers in size have only three modifications.Teflon-coated Takna

With foam

Foam covers are the most common among ironing accessories:

  • Paterra 146×55 cm.
  • The cost is within 800 rubles, but the stock can be bought cheaper.
  • The foam backing ensures that there are no dents on the clothes from the board, creates the effect of soft ironing.
  • The pulling cord is not very easy to use

.The following group model:

  • Multi-house 140×50 cm.
  • 250-300 r.
  • Withstands all temperature conditions.
  • The ironing process must only be carried out using a special mesh.

With foam backing


Covers of this type are made using silicone. They impregnate the fabric, which prevents the burning of the surface of the iron:

  • Model gimi 120×43 cm.
  • Cost 550 r.
  • Withstands the highest temperatures. Non-woven lining ensures delicacy.
  • The product is easy to find in Moscow or St. Petersburg. For residents of the periphery – only online shopping.

The following model applies to wraps with non-stick effect:

  • Metaltex 125×46 cm.
  • From 600 to 750 r.
  • The fabric of the product is impregnated with a special composition that makes the product heat-resistant, prevents clothes from sticking to the board.
  • The lack of lining contributes to the appearance of creases and deformation on things.

models of non-stick material


This cloak on an ironing board includes a metal thread. It comes in contact with the iron, heats up and the fabric is ironed, as it were, from two sides:

  • Leifheit Reflecta Speed ​​Universal 140×45 cm.
  • Price in the range of 1000 r.
  • Premium Speed ​​coated fabric reduces ironing time. The vapor permeability of the product is high..
  • The lack of original colors.

The Dutch company competes with a Ukrainian manufacturer:

  • Eurogold Premium Metallik 120×42 cm.
  • 450-500 r.
  • Excellent steam circulation. No wrinkles on clothes.
  • Foreign odor in the first few uses.

Tacna with metal thread Leifheit Reflecta Speed ​​Universal

Rubber Cases

Fixing the product on the working surface can be carried out not only with the help of a lace, but also with a rubber band:

  • Eva 119×37 cm.
  • Price 200 r.
  • It is not expensive, the elastic band helps to quickly fix the product on the work surface.
  • Only suitable for a board of a certain size.

With this type of fixation, many Chinese-made cases that do not have a brand are presented:

  • Model not defined.
  • Price range within 150-350 p. Cost depends on lining..
  • The product becomes unusable after six months of use.

Universal on an elastic band

How to choose a cover for an ironing board

The accessory for the ironing surface is not just a cloak with an unusual pattern, but also carries many functional qualities. The right choice of cover will facilitate the process of ironing, extend the life of the iron. Selection recommendations for each type of board coating vary slightly:

  1. For universal cases, there is only one criterion – the presence of a lining of at least 2 mm. Otherwise, traces of the board itself will remain on the clothing, especially if it is mesh.
  2. A cotton product must contain at least 50% natural fabric. This is indicated by labeling. It is better to choose a drawing that is not too bright – this will prevent prints on things at high temperatures.
  3. Teflon-coated wraps should have three layers glued together – the Fibretex base. It helps to increase the life of the product and things..
  4. When choosing a foam cover, you should pay attention to its thickness – at least 3 mm. Optimal is a 5 mm foam pad and an additional felt pad.
  5. The non-stick surface of the fabric for the board is the best offer in terms of price and quality. It is only necessary to pay attention to the composition of the goods – the presence of special impregnation in it.
  6. If the choice fell on covers with metallized thread, here you just have to look for a cheaper option. To do this, look for stores in which sales are carried out at a discount or at a discount.
  7. Covers on an elastic band are more convenient when changing than brothers with a cord. But you should refuse such a purchase if the ironer has a fixed stand for the iron. Such products have a clear size, and are not adjustable for any board..
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