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What is a catalytic heating pad

This device is a chemical heating pad, the purpose of which is to individually warm a person using flameless oxidation of highly purified gasoline vapors. Over the four years of World War I, the inventors of England, Japan, and the United States created several variations of pocket-type liquid warmers. To start the device, the tank was filled with alcohol, which was absorbed into the cotton wool, after which the device was heated by the flame of a match – as a result of this a catalytic reaction.

Today, a catalytic heating pad for hands and heating other parts of the body has found wide application among lovers of hiking, fishing, hunting, winter sports. She gained great demand in the conditions associated with work on the street. In the Soviet Union, manufacturers produced the GK-1 gas heater, which, when fully refilled, was able to generate heat for 8-14 hours with a temperature rating of up to 60 degrees.

The principle of operation of the catalytic heating pad

The catalytic heating device is relatively simple, because the device consists of a body made of metal, without additional parts from the outside. In terms of size, most models are comparable approximately to the palm of an adult man. A tank is located inside the housing, and a catalyst is attached to the neck. In the latter is cotton wool, which is impregnated with gasoline. The neck is closed by a tight lid, but there are holes in it through which air enters the catalyst.

The principle of operation of the device is based on heat generation, which is accompanied by flameless oxidation of gasoline vapors in the presence of a catalyst. Gasoline vapors pass through a special catalytic cartridge. They undergo oxygen oxidation on the surface of an already heated catalyst, i.e. these fumes burn without flame. Oxidation products exit the device through the vents of the lid. At the same time, air containing oxygen begins to flow through them to the surface of the catalyst..

The catalyst (catalytic grid) is a platinum part, which has the appearance of a wick – this is the most important component of a heating pad. Inside it is a steel mesh cartridge. To start the grid in a catalytic cartridge, it is necessary to warm it up for 10-15 seconds, using a flame that does not give soot, for example, a lighter. The fuel used for the heating pad is the gasoline that has passed through the highest degree of purification. The use of other types of fuel leads to rapid damage to the net – a phenomenon called “catalyst poisoning”.

Catalytic heating pad

Method for using a catalytic heating pad

The efficiency of a clogged appliance can be improved by calcining the mesh cartridge together with the catalyst in a muffle furnace or in a gas (non-smoking) flame. Remember that the use of individual catalytic devices in enclosed spaces is hazardous to health, as gasoline oxidation products are very toxic. Use a catalytic heating pad in accordance with the instructions:

  1. Place the appliance on a flat surface. If the weather is cold, then warm up the device before starting – for example, you can for 10 minutes. put it under clothes.
  2. Enter into the tank using a special watering can / funnel (included in the kit) the required volume of gasoline for lighters or any other option that has passed the highest cleaning. Please note that you cannot refuel a device for heating with automobile gasoline.
  3. Be sure to lock the watering can using a special clip. This approach will help prevent leakage..
  4. Remove the watering can and put on the catalyst in its place.
  5. Make sure that there is no spilled fuel on the device body, after which you can heat it with a match or a lighter.
  6. The catalyst will heat up to the desired temperature in approximately 5-10 seconds..

For long-term use of this handheld device, it is very important to follow certain care rules. The main thing – before each refueling, it is necessary to shake out the remaining fuel from the tank. Over time, when the surface of the device becomes dirty, warm it up for 1-2 minutes. above the flame of a gas stove – this will bring the device to its previous state. Thanks to this, the heater will again warm up to maximum temperature.

During operation, the surface of the catalytic device can heat up to 60 degrees. This temperature is somewhat high for contact with the human body, therefore, in addition to the device, the kit also includes a special bag – you need to hold the device in it. This kind of cover is also necessary to protect the device from cooling, because due to cold air, its operation may stop due to insufficient evaporation of fuel. Typical uses:

  • warm your hands by placing a heating pad in the mitten or holding it in your pocket;
  • dry shoes by placing the device inside the boot;
  • keep warm at night by placing the appliance in the sleeping bag.

Catalyst Manufacturers

The final cost of the heating device depends on the country of manufacture and the company. On the market there are models of domestic production, Korean, Chinese, etc. High-quality models cost from 1.5-2 thousand rubles and above. Their difference from cheap analogues is not only in the quality of manufacture, but also in fuel consumption – they are more economical and at the same time emit less smell of gasoline during operation. Well-known manufacturers of heating pads, which are widely used by fishermen, hunters and travel enthusiasts, include:

  • ZIPPO;
  • KOVEA;
  • Ranger.


Heaters from ZIPPO are able to generate heat for 12 hours. They are used to warm the hands and body of a person. Heat is released without burning due to the oxidation of gasoline vapors. The mesh (catalyst) is made of fiberglass. An excellent acquisition could be the Handwarmer High Polish Chrome. The device will be useful for fishing, walking, hiking and just in the cold season, for example, car owners who sometimes have to perform car repairs in the cold:

  • name: Zippo Handwarmer 40365 High Polish Chrome;
  • price: 2295 r.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 66x13x99 mm, weight – 73.7 g, manufacturer – USA, there is a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, original gift wrap;
  • pluses: durability, gives soft steady heat within 12 hours;
  • cons: expensive.

ZIPPO heaters are a real salvation for sellers who have to stand idle in the winter behind the counter. Another great option from this company:

  • name: Zippo 40363 Pink;
  • price: 2090 p.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 51x15x74 mm, weight – 51, steel with a pink matte finish, holds heat for about 6 hours, warranty – 2 years;
  • pluses: compact sizes, reliability;
  • cons: high cost, keeps heat less than analogues;

Catalytic heating pad Zippo 40363 Pink


The Korean manufacturer of catalytic heating devices is KOVEA. This company has been taking one of the leading places in the market of such heating pads for several decades. The quality of its products is not in doubt. A distinctive feature of KOVEA warmers is its ergonomic design. In addition, a convenient handbag for a heating pad is often included in the standard set. The VKH-PW05M Pocket Warmer M is ideal for heating hands, feet, and to dry boots and mittens:

  • name: VKH-PW05M;
  • price: 1740 r.;
  • characteristics: weight – 100 g, full filling – 24 g, fuel consumption – 1 g / h, storage time – up to 24 hours, there is a convenient soft cover, filling funnel.
  • pluses: long keeps heat, reasonable cost;
  • cons: no.

Another catalytic device from KOVEA is the VKH-PW04S Pocket Warmer. The device is able to warm up to 70 degrees:

  • name: VKH-PW04S Pocket Warmer;
  • price: 1830 r.;
  • characteristics: weight – 60 g, operating time – 10 hours, refueling capacity – 12 ml, there is a convenient funnel-dispenser for refueling;
  • pluses: durable, comfortable;
  • Cons: not warm for long.

Catalytic heating pad Kovea VKH-PW05M


This type of catalytic device is a Russian-made product, ideal for people who work in difficult climatic conditions, are fond of winter sports, tourists, etc. For food, you need to buy highly refined gasoline. The average temperature of the working device is 42-50 degrees – adjustment is carried out due to air supply:

  • Name: Pathfinder PF-GHP-P01;
  • price: 842 p.;
  • characteristics: weight – 79 g, overall dimensions – 70x100x14 mm, tank volume – 30 ml, material – steel, operating time – up to 16 hours, liquid fuel consumption – 2 ml / h;
  • Pros: affordable cost, long life;
  • cons: no.

Catalytic heater Pathfinder PF-GHP-P01

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