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Previously, the only device for grinding products was a regular knife and meat grinder, which was used to get minced meat from raw or cooked meat or poultry, twisting vegetables for making sauces, adjika. The development of modern food processing technologies has led to the creation of a whole line of new kitchen appliances that are designed to facilitate and speed up cooking at home. A new device has been created for chopping products – a chopper, which will provide an opportunity to quickly grind meat, vegetables, and other products.

Chopper for chopping products

One of the important devices in a modern kitchen is a chopper or chopper, which is produced as a separate device with a mechanical or electric drive or as part of food processors. The term “chopper” comes from the English word “chopper”, which literally translates into Russian, like a knife for slicing products. Vegetables, berries, nuts, meat can be crushed to any size required by prescription. Particularly effective chopper for quick onion slicing – put the peeled onion in the chopper, turn on and quickly get finely chopped vegetable without tears.

Principle of operation

A classic chopper is a container made of plastic, glass or metal into which products prepared for mixing or grinding are filled. This container is closed by a lid, in which a mechanism with a manual or electric impeller drive with metal knives in the form of a propeller is installed. The drive makes the knives that rotate the products “rotate” to rotate, and the degree of grinding depends on the speed of their rotation and the operating time. It’s easier than using a meat grinder or having to chop nuts or ice manually.

There are several types of choppers, which differ in the type of chopper drive:

  • manual;
  • electric – happens with one or several speeds of rotation, with a pulse mode.

Chopper for the kitchen

Leading companies around the world seek to offer customers different models of choppers, which differ:

  • type of drive – manual or electric;
  • pulsed and with a constant speed of rotation of the knives;
  • power;
  • capacity and size of the bowl;
  • material for making bowls and chopping nozzles;
  • varying degrees of disassembly of the appliance for cleaning, hand washing or using a dishwasher.

You can buy a chopper for the kitchen cheaply in furniture or household supermarkets in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other cities of Russia. Their large assortment is represented by online stores. There is an opportunity to choose models that are not very expensive, according to the photo, with discounts, reduced cost, on sales or promotions. Any product in the online store can be ordered and paid by any available means, both bank and electronic money. Delivery of purchases by mail is made to any city in the country cheaply.


One of the world leaders in the production of kitchen and household appliances, Bosch produces several interesting models of choppers. The presented version of such a device has two types of knives and a pulse mode of cutting:

  • name: Bosch MMR 08A1;
  • price: 1,590 rubles;
  • characteristics: power – 400 W, bowl capacity – 0.8 liters, nozzles – universal knife, emulsion nozzle, bowl and case made of plastic, power cord – 1.20 m, dimensions (WxDxH) – 19x19x24 cm, weight – 1.1 kg;
  • pluses: there is a pulse mode;
  • cons: small bowl.

Control of electrical devices is possible mechanical and automatic. With the mechanical method, a touch or simple switch of operating modes is used; with the automatic method, a holistic program is set for performing a certain final operation of processing products. Presented chopper chopper has a mechanical control:

  • name: Bosch MMR 08A1;
  • price: 2 399 r .;
  • characteristics: power – 400 W, bowl capacity – 0.8 l, nozzles – universal knife, emulsion nozzle, stainless steel immersion part, power cord 1.2 m, height – 240 mm, width – 190 mm, depth – 190 mm 1 year warranty;
  • pluses: there is a pulse mode;
  • cons: not marked.

Chopper Bosch MMR 08A1


The Dutch TM Philips is known to the Russian consumer for high-quality equipment of good design. The presented version of the food grinder has two nozzles – for large and small shredders:

  • name: Philips HR2505 / 90;
  • price: 4 489 r .;
  • characteristics: power – 500 W, bowl capacity – 1.11 l, a plastic jug can be washed in a dishwasher, color – black, power cord – 1.1 m, switching on by pressing the case, dimensions (HxWxD) –335x175x175 mm, weight – 1.6 kg;
  • pluses: automatic speed selection depending on the load on the blades;
  • cons: high cost.

The addition of nozzles of different functionality can turn a chopper into a mini food processor. The presented device has an additional nozzle – a whisk for whipping:

  • name: Philips HR 1607;
  • price: 1690 p.;
  • characteristics: power – 550 W, control – mechanical, whisk for whipping, case material – plastic, impeller material – metal;
  • pluses: there is a measuring glass;
  • cons: not marked.

Chopper Philips HR 1607


One of the main advantages of using kitchen appliances is the saving of time for the hostess. The proposed chopper TM Salter (China) is intended for chopping vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts:

  • name: Salter Mini Chopper;
  • price: 809 r.;
  • characteristics: the case is made of plastic, cutting elements are made of hardened stainless metal, dimensions – 110x82x105 mm, weight – 1.26 kg;
  • pluses: it is cheap;
  • cons: not marked.

Using a chopper will allow you to chop onions, garlic or chili without leaving odors on your hands. The presented chopper version is easy to use, finely chopped fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts, greens:

  • Name: Salter BW03812GR Mechanical chopper;
  • price: 789 r.;
  • characteristics: color white / green, plastic, weight 1,263 kg, blade for shredder, plastic container, service life – 3 years, 1 year warranty;
  • pluses: low price;
  • cons: manual drive.

Chopper Salter Mini Chopper


The large size of the bowl will provide an opportunity to quickly prepare a large volume of products. The presented chopper of the Chinese company Vitek is used for chopping meat, onions, aromatic herbs, garlic, vegetables and fruits:

  • name: Vitek VT-7134 1.2l. 500W black / silver;
  • price: 2 670 r.;
  • characteristics: power – 500 W, bowl capacity – 1.2 l, glass bowl, 4 inserts / discs, rubberized legs, stainless steel knife, plastic case, color – black / silver, warranty – 12 months;
  • pluses: a big bowl;
  • cons: expensive.

Small models of choppers may not take up much space in the suitcase when traveling on vacation, can be used to quickly cook your favorite dishes. The proposed compact shredder of the Chinese company Vitek is suitable for this purpose:

  • name: Vitek VT-1640, White chopper;
  • price: 1 690 r.;
  • characteristics: power – 260 W, bowl – 0.5 l, nozzle compartment, rubberized legs, universal knife, package size (LxWxH) – 13x13x26 cm, warranty – 1 year, package weight – 1.025 kg;
  • Pluses: the device, simple in service;
  • cons: small bowl.

Chopper Vitek VT-1640


The chopper is able to quickly turn any product into a smoothie. The proposed option from TM Scarlett will chop the greens or garlic, chop the onion, prepare a breading of hard crackers, chop nuts or hard cheese into small crumbs:

  • name: Scarlett SC-442;
  • price: 2 029 p.;
  • characteristics: power consumption – 300 W, control – mechanical, bowl – 0.65 l, universal knife, color – white, non-slip legs, cord length – 1 m, dimensions (WxHxD) – 15×25.8×15 cm, weight – 1.025 kg;
  • pluses: storage compartment for nozzles;
  • cons: one nozzle.

With the help of a grinder, you can prepare independent dishes: pastes or thick cocktails, mousses from berries and fruits. The proposed brand option from the UK Scarlett will help in the preparation of gentle mashed artichoke soups with cream, peas or beans:

  • name: Scarlett SC-KP45S02;
  • price: 1 565 r.;
  • characteristics: electric chopper, power – 250 W, dimensions – 26x20x25 cm, 1 speed, bowl volume – 310 ml, stainless steel knife blades, pulse operation button, rubber feet to increase stability, color – white with salad;
  • pluses: pulse mode;
  • cons: small bowl.

Chopper Scarlett SC-KP45S02


Chopper not only grinds food, but is also used to create dietary cream soups, exotic dishes like cheese soup with seafood. A multifunctional chopper from the Chinese company Saturn will cope with the tasks of grinding, mixing, chopping meat and chopping ice:

  • name: Saturn ST-FP0060;
  • price: 1 637 r.;
  • characteristics: rated voltage – 220-230 V, power – 400 W, bowl capacity – 1.2 l, 2 speeds, case material – plastic, universal knife, power cord – 1.4 m, rubberized legs, color – green, white , dimensions – 61x220x161 mm, weight – 1160 g, warranty – 2 years;
  • pluses: a big bowl;
  • cons: not marked.

The use of the grinder expands the range of your usual recipes. With the device manufactured by Saturn, it is easy to make a delicious Spanish cake by adding small almond crumbs to the flour and to the filling of yolks:

  • Name: Saturn ST-FP0061;
  • price: 1 090 r.;
  • characteristics: power – 250 W, glass bowl – 0.6 l, universal knife, plastic case, rubberized legs, 1 year warranty;
  • pluses: simplicity of operation;
  • cons: small volume.

Chopper Saturn ST-FP0061


The chopper will provide an opportunity to prepare interesting fillings for pancakes from grinded fish and cheese. The ergonomic device of the German brand Mayer Boch (Sterlingg) is made of durable plastic, and its blades are made of high-quality stainless steel:

  • name: Mini chopper electric Zimber;
  • price: 1 007 r .;
  • specifications: electric mini chopper, materials – AS and PP, voltage – 220-240 V 50 Hz, power – 150 W, volume – 350 ml;
  • pluses: fast process of grinding, slicing;
  • cons: small volume.

The electric grinder will very quickly prepare mushroom soup, any dietetic food for children and the elderly. Presented chopper ТМ Zimber is a reliable kitchen appliance of traditional German quality:

  • name: Zimber ZM 10991;
  • price: 1 386 r.;
  • characteristics: weight – 0.93 kg, dimensions (LxWxHx) 26x20x25 cm, product volume – 0.013 cubic meters, power – 150 W;
  • pluses: reliable German product;
  • cons: low power.

Chopper Zimber ZM 10991

How to choose a chopper

The main advantages of using a chopper in the kitchen are:

  • saving of forces and time;
  • preservation of nutritional value of the resulting product;
  • compactness;
  • multifunctionality;
  • ease of use and maintenance of this appliance.

Each housewife chooses kitchen utensils to their taste and preferences of brands or manufacturing countries. General recommendations for this choice should be considered:

  • engine power – affects the quality of grinding and the durability of the device;
  • bowl making material – glassware does not retain odors, but may break;
  • useful volume of downloaded products – a larger volume increases productivity, speeds up the cooking process without the need to break it into several stages;
  • power cord length – will give you the opportunity to put it in a convenient place for work.
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