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In recent years, the country has increased the number of cleaning companies whose services are becoming increasingly popular. Despite the fact that such organizations exist in some countries for several decades, they appeared on the territory of Russia relatively recently. For a short period of time, they entrenched themselves in everyday life, but at the same time for many people it is still not entirely clear what cleaning is, and how the specialized companies differ from the maintenance of cleaners, window washers and other cleaners.

What is cleaning

By professional cleaning is meant not just surface cleaning, but a full-fledged activity aimed at maintaining the care of carpets, furniture, office equipment, etc. If you want the meeting room of your office to produce only positive impressions on clients, then you cannot do without the help of professionals from the field of cleaning. Moreover, this is a matter of image, because now it is not customary in business circles to hire cleaners – more and more entrepreneurs are turning to companies that provide trained personnel for cleaning.

The word “cleaning” itself came from the English “cleaning”, which translates as cleaning, cleaning. It is understood as a special approach to cleaning, consisting in the use of highly effective cleaning and washing equipment, for example, scrubbers and sweepers, machines for polishing and polishing the floor, and special vacuum cleaners for dry and wet cleaning. In the cleaning area, special household chemicals are used that are often not found in retail.

The difference between professional cleaners and hired personnel

First of all, employees are trained and familiarized with all safety regulations. They know how to use special equipment, detergents, they know how to achieve high-quality results faster. A plus when choosing a specialized company is that it provides a guarantee for the services offered and is fully responsible for the actions of its employees. You do not need to exercise control over the process, as is the case with the hiring of individuals (housekeepers, cleaners) or employees whom you hired.

By hiring cleaning staff, you relieve yourself of the obligation to pay regular employees wages, sick leave, vacation pay, moreover, for each worker it is necessary to make contributions to the tax services, pension fund. In addition, you do not need to spend time training staff, because a team of professionals will already come to you – this will help save and reduce your costs.

You can use the services of such companies periodically, i.e. when this becomes necessary – if there is not so much work, then it makes no sense to keep your own staff in your staff. Another plus in favor of choosing cleaning companies is that many offer a wide range of services, including cleaning carpets, furniture, washing windows, floors, etc. In addition, you do not have to spend money on the purchase of special equipment (vacuum cleaners), detergents, rags, sponges and mops.

Cleaning Professionals

What does a cleaning company do

As you already understood, a cleaning company is an organization offering the services of workers who will bring perfect cleanliness and order. At the same time, cleaning involves cleaning the premises by trained, qualified employees. This suggests that each employee of a specialized company has undergone the necessary training: theoretical and practical. Cleaning works include:

  • cleaning of industrial, commercial and residential premises (offices, enterprises, apartment buildings and other real estate);
  • cleaning equipment (boilers, stoves, stoves, fireplaces, etc.);
  • cleaning vehicles (buses, trains, planes, etc.).

Office cleaning


Cleaning companies offer cooperation on the basis of temporary or permanent service. You can order a daily service or draw up a permanent contract that states a certain frequency of cleaning – in this case, cleaning companies offer customers an individual approach. You can order as a full service, i.e. from washing windows to cleaning carpets, to some narrowly specialized activities, for example, cleaning air conditioners, cleaning up a room after repairs with garbage disposal, cleaning a bathroom, etc..

You can also contact a cleaning company for cleaning an apartment or a country house if necessary. This is especially true if you have not lived in your private house for a long time – employees of a specialized organization are able to solve the tasks of cleaning up in just one day. After the work done, you can enjoy the comfort and fresh pleasant aroma of cleanliness.

Cleaning service

Cleaning is not only the cleaning of rooms or territories adjacent to the facility, but also the thorough care of surfaces and coatings. Illiterate use of cleaning products will adversely affect the cleaned surface. In this area, it is very important to correctly select the chemistry in accordance with the type of surface, coating, nature of contamination. To maintain cleanliness in an apartment or a cottage, you will need one-time cleaning or periodic cleaning from 2-3 times a year to several times a month. Residential cleaning work includes:

  • washing windows, floors, balconies;
  • removal of dust from different surfaces;
  • cleaning of bathrooms, bathrooms;
  • cleaning furniture, floor coverings, carpets;
  • cleaning fixtures, mirrors;
  • taking out the trash;
  • other contractual services, such as plant care.

Girl washes a window

A permanent employee, hired, will need to pay a salary, regardless of how often and how much he works. Cleaning services, by contrast, are calculated in accordance with the amount of work performed, the time spent, the complexity of the task. The coordination and quality control of the cleaning performed can be removed from one’s shoulders, as in a specialized company, a separate employee is engaged in this. The list of services for the maintenance of commercial, office or industrial premises includes:

  • wiping, cleaning doors and partitions;
  • dust removal, polishing surfaces;
  • cleaning of glass surfaces, mirrors;
  • care for office equipment, furniture, lamps;
  • cleaning of bathrooms (with plumbing);
  • taking out the trash.

Comprehensive service

Many organizations order a comprehensive service from cleaning services, during which personnel, systematically or permanently assigned to a particular object, perform a set of works to achieve perfect cleanliness in accordance with customer requirements. All work is carried out according to the contract, if necessary, the services of industrial climbers are involved. With comprehensive maintenance, the following types of work are performed:

  • removal of local pollution from walls, door blocks;
  • wet cleaning of ventilation elements, radiators, baseboards;
  • dry cleaning of carpets, wet cleaning of hard floors;
  • washing steps, flights of stairs, stairwells, removing contaminants from the railing;
  • cleaning and polishing glasses, mirrors;
  • dust removal from lamps, lighting fixtures, furniture, office equipment, interior elements;
  • polishing, cleaning plumbing equipment;
  • dry cleaning of a sofa;
  • wiping blinds, washing hoods;
  • washing and cleaning floors, doors, tiled walls, partitions and other surfaces using disinfectants;
  • removal of garbage from bins, baskets with their subsequent cleaning, installation of paper towels, toilet paper, filling dispensers with liquid soap.

Woman washes the floor

One-time services

The organization of working activities provides for daily cleaning and cleaning of premises. In some cases, cleaning services may be required on an ad hoc basis. Employees of specialized firms solve complex problems quickly and with the use of modern technology, especially when it comes to large areas or the need for urgent cleaning of office premises. One-time services will be required in the following cases:

  • office relocation;
  • completion of repair;
  • the need for garbage removal, snow;
  • preparation for the event, cleaning after its completion;
  • significant pollution of flooring;
  • urgent or scheduled dry cleaning of carpets, furniture;
  • seasonal or urgent need for glazing;
  • the need to remove fungus, mold or graffiti on the facade of the object.

Cleaning upholstered furniture

Specialized Activities

In addition to standard services related to cleaning and washing rooms and various surfaces, some cleaning companies offer specialized activities. Their appearance is due to the fact that organizations have a need for more advanced services than just cleaning surfaces, windows, carpets, etc. New activities that have been offered by cleaning firms include:

  • lawn and landscape care;
  • removal of snow in the territory adjacent to the building, the roof and its disposal;
  • crystallization of marble coating, steps to strengthen the surface with giving it shine and resistance to moisture;
  • grinding, polishing in order to improve the appearance of the pattern and color of the floor covering;
  • applying protective emulsions to parquet, laminate, linoleum, marble;
  • deratization to kill rodents;
  • dust removal from boxes, fixtures, metal structures;
  • cleaning aluminum grating;
  • cleaning escalators, travelators;
  • air ozonation.

Escalator Cleaning

Professional cleaning – pros and cons

Cleaning by specialized firms is becoming popular not only among legal entities, but also individuals. This is due to the fact that often there is a need to put in order an apartment after major repairs or a country house, a cottage in which no one has lived for a long time. Professionals with high-tech equipment and effective cleaning agents will remove any dirt, mow the lawn, tidy the house area and put everything in place. The benefits of professional cleaning:

  • Time saving. Cleaning companies are ready to offer cleaning services at different intervals and speeds. You do not need to control the cleaning process, as a result of which you will have free time that you can devote to business development or leisure with your family.
  • Compliance with cleaning technology. Some clean their home / office on their own or hire workers for this, but not all of them know how to do it right. If technology is not followed, troubles appear, for example, damage to carpets, furniture surfaces. Experts will not allow this, therefore, referring to them, you exclude the likelihood of certain problems.
  • Creating hygienic cleanliness. Specially trained personnel will cope with the task by removing all the dust in the house and ridding the surface of contaminants that have a negative impact on health.
  • A wide range of works. Today, in a specialized organization, you can order a solution to a variety of problems, including caring for the territory adjacent to the object and even seemingly unusual tasks.

There are companies offering the above services, and some disadvantages. Familiarize yourself with them before signing an agreement with one of them:

  • High price. The services of a third-party company can be beneficial mainly to companies with large areas, which are really cheaper to use than to hire a whole staff of employees. As for small offices, apartments and private houses, the constant application for help of a cleaning company will result in serious expenses compared to solving the problem on your own or hiring a cleaning lady.
  • It is important to understand that the entire list of services is prescribed in the document. If nothing is said there that you need to wipe the dust from the furniture, then none of the experts will do this.
  • Due to the high competition, it is very difficult to choose a reliable company that you can trust completely and still not be afraid that something might be stolen from the office or apartment.

How to choose a cleaning company

If you, as the owner of the company or the director of the company, decide to contact a specialized agency that offers cleaning with the conclusion of a contract, then pay attention to a few points. First of all, you have to study the history of the company, get acquainted with its experience, find out the qualifications of the staff and the availability of necessary equipment for cleaning, a set of consumables. Equally important is the level and reputation of the organization concerned, the terms of cooperation, the availability of discounts for regular customers.

User reviews

The market of cleaning services in the country, despite its youth, is vast. Most of the companies operate in the two largest cities in Russia: Moscow and St. Petersburg. Earnings in this area are not bad, because the number of customers is constantly growing. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, look for a company that can guarantee the result. Read the reviews of the population, read at least 10-15 opinions. You can find them on the official website of the company or on city forums. True, you should not trust them 100%, because not all reviews are written objectively by real customers.

Company Reliability

The number of companies that are trying to find their niche in the field of cleaning services is growing. This complicates the choice of the best option, on which the success of the task will depend. Pay attention to the reliability of the organization: how long it has been working in this area, how well it is known in your city, whether it provides guarantees for the quality of work. There is also the concept of a factor of solidity: a well-proven company cares about its reputation, image, it has a work site and its own office (well-groomed).

Staff qualifications

Engaging a third-party contractor implies that his employees have the appropriate qualifications. In a successful organization, all employees are required to undergo training. The more extensive their professional knowledge, the better result they are able to show. Additionally, workers are given branded clothing, equipment and tools for the care of different types of surfaces, whether it is a carpet or parquet.

Range of Services

A large organization offers a wide range of services: from one-time and maintenance to general cleaning, from caring for the local area to cleaning roofs from snow with its subsequent removal, from dry cleaning of furniture to washing facades, etc. The specifics of some of them may imply the use of industrial climbers. It is better to entrust the entire list of necessary actions to one service than several different ones. It is advisable that the company has a manager who could decide on the necessary services.

Service cost

Pay attention to the amount that you have been requested for performing certain actions. From the available list of offers, select the middle ground. Undervalued should alert (if we are not talking about stocks), too high – wound up for the brand’s popularity, often not justified. Find out how pricing is and what bonuses regular customers receive. Behind the low cost of cleaning can be hidden:

  • much less work than other organizations;
  • the use of cheap household appliances, not professional ones that are not able to provide the necessary level of cleaning;
  • the use of low-efficiency equipment, for example, rags and mops instead of steam cleaners;
  • unskilled employees who do not have experience in the field of cleaning, have bad habits and use this activity as a temporary part-time job.

How does a cleaning company work?

Familiarize yourself with the stages of a specialized company in order to better understand the specifics of this area of ​​activity. The procedure for placing an order and the direct execution of work is as follows:

  • At the initial stage, the customer contacts the selected company personally or by calling. The manager must give comprehensive answers to customer questions, tell more about the proposed range of services, their cost, equipment used, staff qualifications.
  • At the next stage, a list of necessary works and their volume is determined. The manager goes to the site to assess the extent of the planned cleaning and determine the specifics of pollution. At this stage, between the client and the contractor, a list of works, the planned cost, time and overall cost are agreed.
  • When drawing up the contract, the procedure for calculating the cost of complex services or a particular type of work is determined. The document spells out all the conditions, including the cost of payment.
  • Then the contractor proceeds directly to the execution of the order. The area where the cleaning will be carried out is exempted from important things for the client. If this is industrial cleaning, then equipment that is not subject to transportation is covered with a protective film.


Features of the conclusion of the contract

The income of a cleaning company depends on the cost of the work that is prescribed in the contract, so be sure to carefully read it. Cleaning should be carried out in a specific sequence. The contract prescribes the harvesting process, the frequency of completion and what areas should be processed. Details for entering into an agreement with the customer are also entered. Indicate the cost of the work, due date and solution of the problem.

Washing and cleaning

Professional window cleaning is becoming more and more popular every day: dirt, dust and greasy stains on glass leave a bad impression on the room. It is one thing to simply remove all dust from the surfaces, but it is quite another to make them shine, to remove all stains and smudges from it. Turning to a specialized organization, you will have the opportunity to order washing and cleaning:

  • windows;
  • slopes;
  • window sills;
  • frames;
  • low tide;
  • facades;
  • stained glass;
  • interframe space;
  • shop windows.

Window washing before finishing the room

Type of cleaning

Cleaning companies use different types of cleaning to solve their goals and ideas. It all depends on the depth, nature, extent of pollution. The following types of cleaning are distinguished:

  • Dry. It is widely used for cleaning carpets, often called powder, because the cleaner is visually similar to powder. In fact, the detergent composition is a large number of microscopic sponges of cellulose fibers, which are impregnated with a specialized composition. They are able to dissolve any stains..
  • Removal of the top layer of pollution. For this purpose, wet carpet cleaning is used, the extraction (extraction) method using professional cleaning products. Washing and drying is carried out by means of an extractor apparatus.
  • Deep cleaning of persistent pollution. To remove old stains and stubborn dirt from the carpet, dry cleaning is used to get rid of odors and give freshness to the product.

Type of sink

For facade cleaning, high-pressure apparatuses with adjustable power are widely used, without the use of chemistry or with its preliminary application and mechanical impact. For deep chemical cleaning (steel surfaces, aluminum, marble, decorative concrete) acidic detergents are used. When cleaning dust, dirt, washing windows, household chemicals and improvised means are often used, for example, mops, windshield wipers, fur coats with an abrasive.

Facade washing

The cost of cleaning services

The price of cleaning depends on the area, the nature of the work performed, and is calculated individually. Before choosing a company that should ensure cleanliness and order in your office, apartment, house, store for a certain period of time, first read the rates. It is advisable to order all the work in one company – so you can get a small discount and a good permanent result.

High-quality cleaning of offices and commercial premises

Cleaning services to maintain order in the office or commercial premises will provide you the maximum benefit. The services of a third-party company are the best alternative to the maintenance of an entire staff of employees. The exterior of the office space or sales area will delight customers. You only pay for the work performed in accordance with the established tariffs. Prices for a whole range of works or individual types in Moscow:


Cost in rubles

Daily office cleaning

1,500 per area up to 70 m2

General cleaning of the office

4300 per area up to 30 m2

Single-leaf sink plastic / wood


Window washing

from 80 / m2

Dry Cleaning Carpet

From 50 / m2

Private Property Cleaning

Services of cleaning companies are gaining popularity among owners of apartments, private houses, country cottages. This helps them save a lot of time – it is better to devote it to spending time with family, friends. Services are also relevant after the repair, when a lot of construction waste remains on the site. Cleaning cost for apartments, country houses:


Cost in rubles

1 bedroom apartment


2 bedroom apartment


Maintenance cleaning of the cottage

from 18 / m2

Cleaning the cottage after repair unfurnished

from 76 / m2

Cleaning the cottage after repair with furniture

from 85 / m2

Cleaning the surrounding area

Many cleaning companies began to offer work aimed at putting in order adjacent areas. This set of measures depends on the specifics of the object, its area, season. In the summer, it may be necessary to collect large garbage, foliage, remove them, water the sidewalks, care for lawns, and in the winter, collect snow and then remove them, maintain the cleanliness of gates, barriers, and distribute reagents on the surface of the site. The cost of the complex or certain types of cleaning:


Price in rubles

Cleaning in the adjacent areas during the summer

from 15 / m2

Cleaning in adjacent areas in winter

from 25 / m2

Snow collection

from 10 / m2

Snow removal

from 100 / m2

Icicle Removal

from 40 / m2

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