Cold welding for linoleum: types of glue for joints

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The substance is used for bonding the seams of individual sheets of artificial flooring. Models differ in composition, method of preparation for work, the strength of the resulting joint and the duration of drying. Some types of cold welding require additional respiratory protection..

Cold Welding Composition

Glue for linoleum consists of the following components:

  • Solvent. Cold welding of linoleum joints due to this substance is easier, the result looks better. The component softens and makes the joints of the flooring flexible, almost fluid. This makes the seam invisible and monolithic due to the tight fit of the pieces of linoleum. In home-based formulations, the solvent is often the basis of cold welding..
  • Adhesive. In this role, simply PVC glue often acts. Polymer connector provides reliable adhesion of softened coating layers, dries quickly.

Composition of cold welding for linoleum

How to choose cold welding for linoleum

There are some conditions for choosing the optimal adhesive composition with which you can efficiently weld the floor covering:

  1. Age coverage. Cold welding of linoleum, which has been lying on the floor for a long time, is carried out with more viscous compounds. They contain a small amount of solvent, but are characterized by increased reliability. You can solder newly purchased sheets with liquid adhesives. With them, the connection is the most accurate and inconspicuous, but reliability suffers.
  2. The quality and shape of the sliced ​​linoleum. Complex angular or uneven joints easily diverge and require the use of glue with a high percentage of PVC. The thick composition fills all the corners of the seam well, prevents sheet shear.
  3. The experience of the person gluing. If this is your first DIY repair, choose a high-PVC adhesive. A viscous substance will fill the seam, compensating for errors when cutting linoleum, preparing it for gluing.
  4. Application features. Conducting and frost-resistant compounds are found. These cold weld options are suitable for specific applications..

How to use cold welding

Building glue that can reliably connect the flooring is a toxic substance that is hazardous to health. Also, if used improperly, cold welding can corrode linoleum sheets, which makes the joint inaccurate. You need to work with glue according to the instructions and following the following tips:

  1. Gluing sheets of flooring is necessary in a special building respirator and glasses that protect the eyes. Leave the windows and doors in the room open. Provide good air circulation..
  2. Carefully select the composition of the adhesive. Some types of joints and individual brands of linoleum require the use of welds with different percentages of glue and solvent.
  3. Do not leave the tube open for a long time, otherwise the glue will dry out. Putting the cap on the nose is not enough – it is better to insert a needle into it according to the size of the hole or awl.

Using cold welding for linoleum

  1. After gluing the seams, you should not try to speed up the drying process using hot welding or a simple hair dryer. So the adhesive composition will decrease in volume, the joining will turn out unreliable.
  2. During gluing, press the joints to the floor with an impromptu press. So you can avoid the appearance of air bubbles, which over time destroy the seam.
  3. After applying the adhesive, wipe the top of the floor with a felt cloth to remove excess PVC and solvent. For the same purpose, masking tape is glued over the joints. Even with such protection, it is better to wipe linoleum with felt.

The best glue for welding linoleum

High-quality adhesive can tightly connect a seam of any complexity. Good cold welding for linoleum should have a short drying time, a high joint density without the need for additional tools. High-quality glue can be bought from the following manufacturers:

  • Axton;
  • Linocol;
  • Sintex;
  • Tarkett;
  • Homokoll;
  • Forbo.

Type A

Werner muller

Glue for Werner Muller linoleum

Cold welding is suitable for welding the joints of a new PVC flooring. The consumption of the active substance is 44 grams per 20 meters of joint. The composition can be used for gluing sheets overlap. Net weight of the liquid inside the tube is 44 g. Price is 475 rubles..

The main advantages:

  1. Grabs fast.
  2. Can connect uneven joints.


  1. Not able to glue the old coating.

Tytan 100 ml

Glue for Tytan linoleum

Universal adhesive for cold welding of PVC products. The average consumption of the substance is 100 ml per 45-50 m of seam. Working time after getting into the air – 10-15 minutes. Drying time is 30 minutes. Full polymerization occurs in a day at 20 ° C. Price – 240 r.

The main advantages:

  1. Universality. The substance is suitable for use with any PVC products..
  2. Low price with good quality.


  1. Short working hours.

Type C

Werner Muller Type C

Glue for Werner Muller C linoleum

The main purpose of cold welding is loose cut joints. The composition can glue any PVC coating.

The maximum allowable gap between the joined sheets is 3-4 mm.

The cost of one tube is 534 p. Volume – 30 ml. Time to solidification after application – 10-15 minutes.

The main advantages:

  1. You can buy directly from the manufacturer.
  2. Quick freezing.
  3. Softens the sheet well.


  1. Are absent.

Tarkett Werner Muller Type C

Tarkett Werner Muller C linoleum adhesive

A colorless substance can join loosely-cut joints of a PVC coating. It has a thick consistency, due to which it fills the seam well, eliminating the appearance of air bubbles. Consumption – 42 g per 15 meters. Differs in the increased frost resistance. Grasps in 30-35 minutes. Full polymerization – a day after application. Price – 610 r.

The main advantages:

  1. You can buy directly from the manufacturer.
  2. Able to quickly glue uneven seam.
  3. Leaves no residue on contact with the top of the coating.


  1. High toxicity of fumes.

Type T

Tarkett Werner Muller Type T

Tarkett Werner Muller T linoleum adhesive

Specialized building glue is suitable for working with loose-cut linoleum seams. Due to the long period of initial setting (30 minutes), it is possible to adjust the position of the coating after installation. The weight of the substance inside the tube is 42 grams. You can buy the product at a price of 610 r.

The main advantages:

  1. Strength of the created seam.
  2. Ability to work at temperatures up to 16 ° C.


  1. High consumption – 42 grams per 7 meters.

Tarkett Type T Cold Welder

Glue for Tarkett T linoleum

The tool can glue linoleum seams based on felt, polyester and PVC. The weight of the active substance is 45 grams. Consumption – 45 g per 7 meters. It is possible to work at low temperatures (up to 12 ° C) in the open air. The kit comes with a special T-shaped leveling nozzle.

The main advantages:

  1. Versatility.
  2. High-quality bonding of many types of materials.


  1. High consumption.
  2. Too thick consistency.
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