Convection oven – what is it, the principle of operation, an overview of models with a description of functions, photos and cost

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The goal of developing many cookware and appliances is to speed up the preparation of high-quality, tasty food. A convection oven is a household appliance used for the heat treatment of products. The principle of its operation is the uniform circulation of hot dry air or steam. The power of the fans located inside the chamber can be adjusted along with the temperature and the degree of humidification. The name of the furnace was given in honor of the physical phenomenon of convection – heat exchange provided by particle flows with different temperatures.

Application area

The most widespread professional equipment for heating, based on the effect of convection, has received in cooking. There are also industrial models whose length, width and height make it possible to accommodate objects of different sizes and dimensions. The bulk of convection ovens is created with the aim of preparing hot dishes in the kitchen, baking. An additional function of the electric grill is provided by powerful heaters (tubular electric heaters) located on the upper and lower inner panels of the heating chamber.

Due to the adjustable steam humidification, the oven also acquires the function of a large double boiler. The wide scope of the convection oven in combination with the impressive capacity of the inner chamber has served this type of equipment a good service: combi steamers from popular manufacturers can be found in the kitchen of any large restaurant or dining room.

Principle of operation

The principle of operation of the air grill is based on the effect of convection: this is the process of heat exchange between directed gas flows (in this case, air). It is achieved by a powerful fan on the rear wall of the heating chamber and 3-4 heating elements above and below. Most of these devices have a humidity control function, which helps to cook steamed dishes, simulating the process of stewing, boiling, water bath. If the corresponding switch is set to “zero”, the standard grill mode will turn on, and very dry hot air will remain in the oven, perfect for baking.

Convection Oven

Convection ovens

Different companies produce different models of combi steamers. Compact devices powered by 220V are designed for home use. Their equipment is scarce, there are few additional functions. Professional machines are distinguished by a more durable body, an expanded list of modes and are additionally equipped with interchangeable trays, cleaning kits. They work from industrial sockets with a voltage of 380V, have diode illumination, the function of electromechanical blocking. The following manufacturers are famous for their oven models:

  • Unox
  • Gemlux;
  • Smeg;
  • Apach
  • Tecnoeka;
  • Abat;
  • Venix;
  • Vortmax.

Convection oven Abat


Find out what a self-cooking convection oven is with Unox products. The combi steamer software has a flexible system for setting the cooking method. The heat treatment cycle can be composed of 6 stages with a different configuration of temperature, humidity:

  • model name: Unox XEBC-16EU-EPR-S;
  • price: 621000 r .;
  • characteristics: 16 levels with intervals of 80 mm, LxWxH 1043x882x1866 mm, rated voltage 380V, power 35kW, temperature limit 260 degrees;
  • pluses: large capacity, self-cleaning function, 256 slots for saving cooking programs;
  • cons: not found.

Industrial Model Unox XEBC-16EU-EPR-S

The minimalistic professional convection oven compares favorably with an increased security system. The reinforced locking mechanism will not open until the steam is released through a special gateway. This precaution protects against accidents in the kitchen:

  • model name: UNOX XV 593;
  • price: 120,000 p.;
  • characteristics: 7 levels with an interval of 80 mm, dimensions 860x882x930 mm, 380V, 10.3 kW, maximum temperature 260 degrees;
  • pluses: flexible setting of cooking modes, safe magnetic locking mechanism;
  • cons: strongly shifted center of gravity.

Combi oven Unox XV 593


Convection kitchen grill opens up new possibilities in the field of cooking. Choose from 11 modes or use the flexible settings to create your own unique dish. A built-in probe is available for sale, giving even more control over the heat treatment of products:

  • model name: Gemlux GL-OR-1500;
  • price: 7500 r.;
  • characteristics: household convection mini-stove, 1.6 kW, 220V, 40-230 degrees, 11 modes;
  • pluses: small sizes, non-stick coating on the walls;
  • cons: it cools down for a long time.

Convection oven Gemlux GL-OR-1500

A small combi steamer meets the highest protection requirements. Reinforced heat-resistant glass does not heat up externally during cooking. Adjusting the power of rotary fans gives more control over the convection effect, which is the most important part of the grill mode:

  • model name: Gemlux GL-OR-1536
  • price: 9000 r.;
  • characteristics: mini-grill with rotary fans, power 1.5 kW, 220 / 380V, 6 heating elements, diode lighting, double glass;
  • pluses: good protection against external heating;
  • cons: not found.

Mini grill with rotary fans Gemlux GL-OR-1536


Combi oven from Smeg is well suited for use in the kitchen of a small restaurant or cafe. A small price with excellent quality fully justifies the purchase of such equipment for small businesses in the field of catering. Low energy consumption further reduces the cost of maintaining the kitchen:

  • model name: Smeg ALFA43GHU;
  • price: 55,000 p.;
  • characteristics: 4 levels of installation of baking sheets, dimensions 602x537x584 mm, 3 kW, 380V;
  • pluses: sensitive rotary switches with fixation of the set value;
  • cons: no built-in probe, the timer is designed for only 60 minutes.

4-tray oven Smeg ALFA43GHU

A large industrial convection oven opens up great opportunities for cooks using it. Many operating modes, flexible adjustment of heat treatment processes and the function of stepwise cyclic cooking turn this model into a full-fledged employee of the kitchen:

  • model name: Smeg ALFA241VE
  • price: 183000 r.;
  • characteristics: 6 levels of installation of pallets, dimensions 872x810x805 mm, 400V, 8.3 kW;
  • pluses: increased temperature limit of 280 degrees, a three-layer protective glass, a mechanical locking mechanism;
  • Cons: heavy weight (113 kg), non-standard requirements for voltage.

Industrial oven Smeg ALFA241VE


A small convection oven for the restaurant’s kitchen can play an auxiliary role when the rest of the ovens are busy. The presence of a step-by-step cooking mode opens up even greater possibilities when using this oven. Set it to heat treatment with a change in humidity and temperature, and then the oven itself will cook the products:

  • model name: APACH AD46M;
  • price: 66000 r .;
  • characteristics: switchable voltage modes 220/380 V, dimensions 800x700x580 mm, manual control of steam supply;
  • pluses: light weight, the presence of a probe, the oven adjusts to the mains;
  • cons: a small number of levels for baking sheets.


A tall and narrow convection cabinet designed for large volumes of products is the most necessary thing in the kitchen of a dining room, restaurant or large cafe. The range of the operating temperature of the device compares favorably with other models with an increased upper limit. Use the minimum settings if you need a large double boiler, and the maximum – to enable the pizza oven mode:

  • model name: APACH A9 / 10DHS;
  • price: 180,000 p.;
  • characteristics: ten-level guides for pallets, external dimensions 920x760x1075 mm, 400V, 13.5 kW, adjustable convection power;
  • pluses: flexible adjustment of the operating mode;
  • cons: shifted center of gravity.

Apach A9 / 10DHS for professional kitchens


Tecnoeka kitchen appliances are designed specifically for use in large catering facilities designed for large production volumes. The combi steamer software has a flexible system for setting the cooking method. The heat treatment cycle can be composed of 8 stages:

  • model name: TECNOEKA EKF 1064 TC touch control;
  • price: 280,000 p.;
  • Characteristics: 10 levels of installation of pallets, external dimensions 935x930x1150 mm, 380V, 16.5 kW, improved thermal insulation for safe use;
  • pluses: flexible setting of cooking modes;
  • Cons: heavy weight, unregulated locking mechanism.

Tecnoeka EKF 1064 TC touch control

A large combi steamer with an increased range of operating temperature will become an indispensable assistant in the restaurant kitchen, large dining room. Program the model for self-cooking in several stages, and do other things yourself:

  • model name: Tecnoeka KF1010 EV UD-GA;
  • price: 340,000 r;
  • characteristics: 12 guide lines for pallets, external dimensions 965x850x1250 mm, 380V, 23.5 kW, temperature range 50-270 degrees;
  • pluses: setting up four-step cooking in the recipe, three powerful fans;
  • cons: great price.

Tecnoeka KF1010 EV UD-GA for restaurants and cafes

How to choose a convection oven

Before buying, be sure to find out how the air grill works so as not to buy an unnecessary item for several tens of thousands of rubles. Remember that such equipment is more suitable for a professional kitchen than for home use. In order not to make a mistake in the selection, pay attention to the following characteristics of the purchased equipment:

  1. Temperature limits. A standard combi steamer must have a minimum spread of 200 degrees, be able to cook any dish. Consider models with borders of 45-260 degrees.
  2. Locking mechanism. A professional air grill is often equipped with an electromechanical or magnetic lock that blocks the door from opening under certain conditions. Remember that the flow of steam or air with a temperature of 200 degrees causes severe burns to the skin, mucous membrane of the throat, lungs.
  3. Equipment. Industrial equipment is often supplied with a number of trays in excess of the number of coasters inside the heating chamber, so that the distribution of the prepared dishes between the food warmer and the oven does not cause difficulties.
  4. Voltage. Even a standard mini-oven with convection can be designed for industrial sockets with a voltage of 380 V. At home, such equipment will not turn on at best..
  5. Programming. Some models can be fully programmed for self-cooking in several stages, which differ in humidity, time and temperature settings. Like a smart home crock-pot, such a technique can turn itself on by timer or at certain times to make you a hot breakfast or warm up lunch, dinner.
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