Do I need to pick off the lower leaves of cabbage

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Wanting to provide good care to vegetable crops, many gardeners closer to autumn remove cabbage foliage from below. It is widely believed among gardeners that these parts of the plant interfere with the formation of a head of cabbage, taking in nutrients. Is it really so? This issue needs to be examined in detail..

How to care for cabbage in the open ground

An excellent harvest is possible under certain rules. Seeds obtained through labor require preparation. To do this, hold the material for 20 minutes immersed in water heated to 50 degrees, then cool it for a couple of minutes in cold and dry. With seeds purchased at the store, this is not necessary. Before sowing, the material is soaked in cold water for a day. Hardening increases the ability to germinate, resistance to frost. Loose soil with an admixture of peat, moderate watering, compliance with temperature and light conditions are favorable for seedlings..

Outdoor cabbage cultivation

In open ground, you need to put strong seedlings of dark green color, having 4-5 leaves. Place for growing is marked depending on the size of the fork. The larger the heads of cabbage, the further the holes and rows should be made. The average distance between plantings is 50-60 cm. The arrangement of rows is 70-80 cm. The land before planting needs to be watered and fertilized. Compost and wood ash mixed with earth are suitable as top dressing. After fertilizing, the soil needs to be watered again. It is important that the aboveground part of the plants is not covered with soil.

Successful planting of seedlings is already half the battle. However, this is not limited to caring for the vegetable crop. Care of cabbage in the open field involves a weekly 2-3 irrigation. Then you need abundant irrigation every 7 days by sprinkling. Once every two weeks, loosening the soil is required. Attention should be paid to pest and disease protection. To do this, there are folk remedies, effective chemicals. Several times it is necessary to feed the plants. Harvesting should take place on time. It is important to allow the forks to mature, but not to crack..

When can I pick off the lower leaves of cabbage

Forks are poured due to foliage where photosynthesis takes place. Absorbed sunlight turns into nutrients. Do I need to pick off the lower leaves of the cabbage? This should not be done if this part of the plant fulfills its function – it provides the head with useful substances. In August, closer to autumn, photosynthesis slows down, all the reserves of the road for ripening. So when to pick off the lower leaves of cabbage? Only need to be completely dried or rotten parts. Clipping green leaves, according to agronomists, reduces productivity.

In addition, experience shows that when breaking off, cellular juice acts as a bait for insects. Micro-worms are formed, through which pests, pathogens can enter the vegetable. Foliage helps to create a microclimate, protects the plant from overheating, excessive humidity. It should not be removed even when fighting with caterpillars, slugs. There are other ways for this that do not affect yield..

How to care for white cabbage

Do I need to pick off the lower leaves of cauliflower

It is believed that the removal of parts of the plant contributes to the formation of a fork. Do I need to pick off the lower leaves of the cabbage? This is best not to do. Foliage is needed for the growth of a head of cabbage. These parts of the garden crop contain nutrients. Sometimes leaves are removed to cover the head with the sun when it begins to set. Otherwise, a head of cauliflower or broccoli will gnaw. For protection, burdock or rhubarb is better..

Is it possible to pick off the lower leaves of Peking cabbage

Elongated forks resemble a delicate salad. Heads of this culture ripen quickly, but they do not achieve great hardness. Do I need to pick off the lower leaves of Beijing cabbage? Parts of the plant can be removed if they are rotten, sick or completely dried. As a rule, such a question does not arise. Vegetable culture grows fast. Many varieties allow you to take several crops during the season. It is important to clean in time to prevent flowering..

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