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It is not so easy to look after a dacha plot of impressive size, especially if there are not enough working hands. Watering takes up a lot of time in the hot season – this procedure has to be performed every day. Do-it-yourself automatic watering system will remove some of the worries from your shoulders.

How to arrange do-it-yourself autowatering

The main condition for irrigation is the presence of a water supply system. If there is none, it is necessary to install a large tank at a distance of at least 1.5 m above the ground. Another alternative to water supply is a small pond. Three schemes of automatic watering of a summer cottage are applied:

  1. Drip. Water flows to the rhizome of plants, so that the stems and leaves remain dry. The system is suitable for moisturizing vegetables, provides an economical flow of water. It is made of plastic / polypropylene pipes that are installed between the beds at a short distance from the ground. Special droppers are mounted along the entire length, through which water flows directly into the ground.
  2. Rain. A feature of the system is the uniform spraying of water over a specific area. Sprinkler installation is relevant for lawns, flower beds, gardens. It is necessary to ensure that moisture goes into the ground, because when it is saturated with water, puddles form. After drying, the earth cracks, which prevents free air exchange.
  3. Subsoil. A complex system that is not easy to do with your own hands. It is used to automate the irrigation of ornamental and fruit trees, shrubs, and some herbaceous plants. Such automatic garden watering is similar to a drip system, but small holes are made on the pipes through which water oozes. The pipes themselves are dug into the ground close to the stands..

Auto Watering System

Automatic watering of the plot according to the scheme

It was described above which irrigation systems should be used in different cases. The easiest to implement do-it-yourself autowatering in the country – drip. It is better to start work on arranging the system at the end of winter, when the preparation of the land begins. To lay pipes in close proximity to plants, you must know where your beds will be located. On a piece of paper, draw a plan of the site, mark the places that need automation. Make a scale plan to know the distance between plants.

Carefully think over and trace the future droppers and water pipes. If the section is sloping, give the pipes a horizontal direction, draw the hoses at an angle. Mark the places where the irrigation pipes will connect and branch: this will make it possible to calculate all the fittings and their varieties. Indicate where the pumping station will be located (preferably in the central part of the garden).

DIY watering system

When the do-it-yourself auto-irrigation plan in the country is ready, you need to transfer it to the site. To accomplish the task, you will need such materials and tools:

  • large capacity (minimum 200 l)? needed if there is no running water;
  • stop valves (taps, at least 2 pcs.), filters;
  • pipes – hard (for main pipelines) and soft (for drip irrigation);
  • tees;
  • drip nozzles or drip sleeve;
  • sprinklers;
  • controller;
  • pump;
  • hoses, valves, precipitation sensors;
  • tools: shovel (shovel and bayonet), tape measure, square, adjustable wrench, screwdriver, pliers, screwdriver, adjustable wrench.

These devices are needed for complex engineering work. The main stages look like this (depending on the type of irrigation system, they change):

  1. Digging trenches under the trunk. Depth – 40-60 cm.
  2. Laying pipes, connecting them with fittings.
  3. Installation of sprinklers (for rain irrigation system);
  4. Bringing peripheral lines to the main.
  5. Fastening the main line to the nozzle of the deposit of the storage tank.
  6. Pipe digging.

Automatic watering system

DIY drip irrigation system

Your attention is presented with a simple scheme of plastic bottles. Drip autowatering in the country can be arranged as follows:

  1. Take a lot of plastic bottles with a capacity of 1.5-2 liters. Larger plants will require larger containers.
  2. Use a nail to make several holes in the walls at a distance of 3 cm from the bottom.
  3. Dig the bottles down between the green spaces at a depth of 10-15 cm.
  4. Add water through the neck as needed..

How to make drip irrigation with your own hands at a higher level? At a minimum, you will need minimal engineering knowledge and skills to work with tools. If you can calculate the working pressure, dig trenches, lay pipes at the right angle, connect them, set a timer, filters, etc., that is, it makes sense to take on the job. Otherwise, it is better to invite the masters.

Rain irrigation system in the country

Installation of such a sprinkler is not particularly difficult to implement. Work Stages:

  1. Replace the irrigation hose with a branched network of pipelines that will cover the entire garden, garden plot or greenhouse.
  2. Install sprayers at the end of each dead end pipe. Different models can be found in the economic departments.
  3. Replace the standard faucet that you need to turn on the water with an automatic valve. Equip the device with an on timer.

Intrasoil irrigation system for gardening

Do-it-yourself autowatering in the country is the most difficult to implement. If you describe the construction scheme is very primitive, you get the following plan for building the system:

  1. Dig trenches 20-30 cm deep. The distance between them is 40-90 cm.
  2. Put porous polyethylene pipes into the trenches through which water will ooze..
  3. Place tapes under the pipes. They do not allow water to go deep.
  4. For the irrigation system to work automatically, install a solenoid valve / drain valve / precipitation sensors.

Different types of auto-irrigation systems may seem very complicated to you. However, if you watch the videos below, you will understand that everything is realizable. The advice of experienced gardeners will help automate the process and facilitate the care of plants. You will see how the elements of the system look, how to place and connect them, so that a high-quality watering is obtained.

Drop watering in the country

Automatic garden watering

Automatic watering system in the country

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