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Adhesive tape is used in a huge number of areas: construction, repair, creativity, industry, and everyday life. Adhesive tape with two sticky sides is very popular. With its help, you can solve a lot of important tasks, with a minimum of effort. There are different types of adhesive tape, each of which has its own characteristic properties and advantages. Learn all the features of working with this material..

What is double-sided tape

This is a special tape, both sides of which are sticky. Designed for secure attachment of any two items. Whatever the backing of the tape, it always uses an adhesive composition based on rubber or acrylic. On one side there is a protective film of waxed paper that breaks off with a slight movement, revealing a sticky surface. There are many applications for such material. It is reliable and economical..


In most cases, double tape is used in repair and installation works. With its help, not too heavy objects are attached to suspended ceilings, tiles, linoleum. The list of areas of application:

  • fixing linoleum to the floor;
  • installation of finishing panels made of light materials;
  • design work;
  • seamless fastening of packaging;
  • bonding metal furniture;
  • installation of road signs;
  • fastening of stiffening ribs of metal doors;
  • fixing handles on transparent sliding doors;
  • connection of small shelves;
  • gluing mortgages;
  • installation of false ceilings;
  • fastening holders, hooks;
  • assembly of window structures;
  • gluing moldings;
  • sewing industry;
  • installation of boxes for wiring;
  • printing industry;
  • manufacturing of volumetric letters, advertising lighting designs;
  • needlework;
  • printing business;
  • creation;
  • car body repair;
  • chores.

Double Foam

Main advantages

Double-sided adhesive tape has many advantages, therefore it is actively used in many areas. Benefits include:

  • the convenience of use;
  • reliability;
  • strength;
  • economical consumption;
  • low cost;
  • resistance to ultraviolet rays, moisture, temperature, solvents;
  • durability;
  • tightness.


There are different types of tape. Choosing the right one should take into account the tasks set. Types of double-sided tape on sale:

  1. On a foam basis. It has a thickness of 0.5 mm or more. It is actively used in the field of construction and repair. Perfect for fastening objects with a complex shape, uneven surfaces, products with holes. Roughnesses and other defects reduce the area of ​​the bonded surface. Therefore, for their fastening, a double-sided Velcro is required with a reliable main one, for example, foamy.
  2. Polypropylene On a film base, resistant to moisture and mechanical damage. Transparent, thin and elastic, easy to use, high-quality, provides a rigid grip with hard surfaces. Good for glass and polymers..
  3. Paper and silk. With easily torn base. With a weak adhesive, suitable for gluing paper, photographs.
  4. Special. For complex work, for example, at high temperatures. Suitable for mounting large items. Such a variety will be expensive..
  5. Baseless. Material with adhesive layer. Completely transparent. It is transferred from sticks together surfaces under the influence of high temperature. Resistant to sunlight, solvents, chemicals. Used for lamination, fixing foams and plastic.
  6. On a fabric basis. This double-sided adhesive tape is very strong and reliable. The basis is cotton or synthetic. It is recommended to use it for working with floor materials, finishes. The material is soft, flexible. Suitable for fixing uneven rough surfaces.
  7. For vertical fasteners. Used for gluing mirrors, curtain moldings.
  8. For horizontal fasteners. It is used for laying linoleum and other flooring materials..

How to glue double-sided tape

First you need to choose a tape of the appropriate type based on what you need to fix. Features of the workflow with tape:

  1. If the materials to be bonded are of different quality, then you need to carefully remove the film from one sticky surface and stick it to the item that is more porous. Then the second protective layer is removed. A second item is put on top, which must be glued, pressed tightly and held for a while.
  2. Scotch tape can be attached to simple products in any order..
  3. The adhesion area of ​​materials should be maximum.
  4. Cut the pieces in advance.
  5. Before gluing the surface must be cleaned of dust, degrease.
  6. Do not touch the sticky layer with your hands..
  7. Press the attached surfaces together for longer and harder.
  8. If objects are of different sizes, then first you need to apply adhesive tape to the one that is larger.
  9. The favorable temperature for gluing is from 20 to 40 degrees.

Narrow red

How to peel double-sided tape

This task is sometimes very difficult and confuses many. To remove a double-sided adhesive tape so that there is no trace left from it is very problematic. The removal method depends on the material of the surface to be cleaned. For the procedure, the following compositions and tools can be used:

  • petrol;
  • rubber nozzle for a drill;
  • alcohol;
  • vegetable oil;
  • acetone;
  • hair dryer;
  • kerosene;
  • White Spirit;
  • solvent.

First, double-sided adhesive tape must be gently pry off and tear off part, and after that apply additional funds. Removal Tips:

  1. To remove tape from paper (for example, wallpaper), direct a stream of hot air at it with a hairdryer. After a few minutes, pry it with something sharp and carefully remove. If necessary, you can warm up several times, taking off a small piece.
  2. You can try to remove the adhesive tape with masking tape. You need to take a large segment. Press it firmly against the tape, leaving one edge free. Slowly pull the tape toward you. The sticky strip will stretch after her.
  3. The adhesive tape is removed with alcohol. The remaining particles are gently erased with a sponge.
  4. For plastic surfaces, apply oil. Pour a little on the sticky area, wait a bit. Rub with a soft sponge.
  5. Oil is not suitable for removing scotch tape from tissue, paper and cardboard. There will be traces that cannot be removed.
  6. If the surface is not painted, use acetone or nail polish remover for cleaning. These products will dissolve the sticky layer and the double-sided tape can be easily removed. Acetone evaporates quickly and leaves no residue, therefore it is suitable even for some types of paper.
  7. Painted surfaces are best cleaned with a rubber nozzle on a drill..
  8. It is advisable to remove the adhesive double-sided tape from varnished products with vegetable oil. The exposure time can be up to 12 hours.
  9. If the surface cannot be wet, try removing the double-sided tape with a simple eraser.

Often different objects are glued to the walls and doors with tape. It is easiest to remove double-sided tape from such surfaces in this way:

  1. Turn on the hair dryer near the item to be deleted..
  2. Holding it at a distance of several centimeters, direct a stream of hot air onto the double-sided tape. Work on edges, corners especially carefully..
  3. Warm up the tape for several minutes in a row.
  4. Turn off the hairdryer.
  5. Pry off the edge of the self-adhesive with a fingernail or knife and remove it by gently pulling yourself.
  6. Wipe off any sticky material with a damp sponge dipped in soapy water.

Keep in mind a few more helpful tips on removing scotch tape. These guidelines will help you understand how to deal with unusual situations:

  1. 90% alcohol is very effective, but for painted surfaces it is better to use 70 percent.
  2. Do not rub tinted windows with acetone or nail polish remover..
  3. Clean smooth surfaces with cotton swabs dipped in alcohol, and uneven and rough surfaces with a cloth or towel..
  4. Use acetone, window cleaner or vinegar to remove the sticky layer from household appliances, ceramics, glass, and tile. Still suitable alcohol.

Kerosene in a bottle

With plastic

Surfaces made of such material are best removed with medical alcohol. It does not act as aggressively as acetone or caustic solvents, so it will not damage the plastic itself or the paint. Pour a little alcohol on double-sided adhesive tape and leave it to soak for a while. Smoothly tear off the material. If surplus adhesive remains on the surface, wipe them with a soft cloth dampened with copious alcohol. With caution, you can use gasoline and white spirit..

From glass

In this situation, hot air techniques cannot be used. Glass may crack from this. It is forbidden to use abrasive materials that are guaranteed to leave scratches. To remove double-sided tape from a glass or mirror, you will need the following accessories:

  • medical alcohol;
  • window cleaner (you can make it yourself by mixing 275 ml of water, 60 ml of vinegar and a little liquid soap);
  • edible or mineral oil;
  • polish for glasses;
  • butter knife or wooden spatula;
  • sponge.

It is important to act carefully and slowly so as not to damage the surface. Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Pry the corner of the tape with a butter knife or wooden spatula. Try to tear off the largest possible piece..
  2. Spray window cleaner on the surface to be treated..
  3. Wipe the area with a circular sponge.
  4. Soak the remaining double-sided tape with oil. Rub with a sponge until everything is removed.
  5. Moisten a piece of soft cloth with alcohol. Wipe the surface.
  6. Spray clean glass with polish..

With furniture

Many items are secured with double-sided tape during transportation. Especially often glued doors, drawers and other elements of cabinet furniture. Scotch tape can get on the soft part. In this situation, use the removal methods used for the fabric. Recommendations for cleaning other furniture surfaces:

  1. Clean painted and polished items with oil..
  2. Clean unprocessed wood without varnish and paint is best cleaned with gasoline or white spirit. Oil will not work because it will saturate the material and leave greasy marks.
  3. If you do not know exactly what the surface is made of, it is better to use medical alcohol. It is the safest and is suitable for almost everything..

The choice

Of the many types, it is important to take the adhesive tape that will best meet your requirements. Then, the work performed with its use will be durable and reliable. To determine the choice of tape for purchase, use these recommendations:

  1. Double-sided tape with acrylic adhesive immediately gives excellent adhesion. It is recommended for fixing mirrors, hooks, hangers, information plates in public places..
  2. For flat, flat surfaces, a double-sided tape with a film base is suitable.
  3. When choosing an adhesive tape, specify what maximum weight and load it can withstand.
  4. For angular, rough, uneven surfaces, a rubberized tape is more suitable.

Duct tape

What can be done from double-sided tape

Creative people can use the tape as a handy tool for their crafts, toys. From the tape you can make:

  • a picture;
  • sculpture;
  • decorations for the interior;
  • artificial flowers;
  • desktop organizer;
  • gift wrap;
  • candlestick;
  • covers for notebooks or textbooks;
  • envelopes;
  • note board;
  • Bookmarks
  • boxes for storing little things.


You can purchase double-sided adhesive tape in the store for construction and repair, order in the online store with delivery by mail from St. Petersburg, Moscow. Firms often arrange promotions and sales, sell goods at discounts, so you can buy Velcro cheaply. The price depends on the type of base, length, width, producer policy. If you decide to buy double-sided tape, then you can find the approximate cost in the following table:

Type of tape

Approximate price in rubles

On a polypropylene basis, double-sided, length 50 m, width – 5 cm


Double-sided fabric, 50 mm by 25 m


Acrylic foam, 5 m by 6 mm


Fabric, 38 mm by 25 m


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