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Rainy weather is the trouble of shoes and shoes. The situation is especially bad in the presence of a fungus stupa, which multiplies in humid conditions. High-quality antifungal drying, for example, produced by Timson with positive user reviews, will help to dry shoes and protect your feet from fungus..

What is shoe drying antifungal ultraviolet

Before deciding to make such a purchase, you need to carefully familiarize yourself with all the pros and cons of this thing. A shoe dryer with ultraviolet light is a unique device whose purpose is to protect the shoe from moisture and prevent the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. Drying can be used for preventive purposes, for example, for processing shoes after playing sports or long hiking.

UV Dryer Features:

  • Drying shoes. Due to moisture, wet shoes quickly lose their shape and become unusable. Genuine leather is especially prone to this, the cost of products from which is not small. Dry each shoe at the same time..
  • Elimination of an unpleasant smell. The dryer has a deodorizing effect, after using it, the shoes no longer smell unpleasant.
  • Kills bacteria and fungus. Drying is often included as a necessary measure in the treatment and prevention of mycoses..

Operating principle

Consider how the Timson antifungal shoe dryer works. Externally, the device consists of two working heating elements, each body of which resembles a computer mouse in shape. Eclectic cords are attached to them, which are combined into one with a plug. To dry the shoes, one part of the device is placed inside one boot, the other on the other. The device is plugged into the mains for the required time (from 6 to 12 hours), after which it is turned off and removed from the shoe. You can smell ozone during operation.

Shoe dryer in sneakers

During operation, the appliance emits heat, which removes moisture from shoes and shoes on the inside caused by bad weather or sweat. The temperature of the heating element is 60-70 degrees Celsius. The electrical appliance has an ultraviolet source operating in a gentle mode. Under the influence of an ultraviolet emitter, microbes, bacteria, spores of harmful fungi die. Unpleasant odor disappears, shoes become suitable for comfortable and safe wear.

Another advantage of drying Timson is the treatment of mycoses, the prevention of relapse of fungal diseases. At the same time, the device for antifungal treatment of shoes is completely safe for humans. This was confirmed by studies of mycological and bacteriological laboratories of research institutes in Russia. Experiments have shown that 4-6 hours of operation of this device is enough to completely or partially destroy the fungus with a UV lamp:

  • Candida albicans;
  • Trichophyton rubrum;
  • Trichophyton mentaqrophytes.

Fungal bacteria Candida albicans

Within 6-8 hours of operation of the device, about 80% of these bacteria die:

  • Sallmonella enteritidis;
  • Klebsiella pheumoniae;
  • Eschericha coli;
  • Staphylococcus aureus.

Sallmonella enteritidis under the microscope

Types of shoe dryers antifungal ultraviolet

Modern manufacturers produce a wide variety of options for this device. Universal antibacterial dryers that are suitable for the whole family are especially popular. Release options for children, athletes, etc. All of them have both advantages and disadvantages. But, most importantly, everyone can choose their own dryer for any requirements.

Shoe dryer Timson

Among manufacturers, Timson is the most popular company, which has been manufacturing its products since 1995. Here you can find the following models:

  • Timson Sport;
  • Timson Auto Avto;
  • Children’s shoe dryer with ultraviolet radiation;
  • Timson 3 in 1 Family;
  • Timson 2416;
  • Timson 2420.

Timson shoe dryer model

Timson sport

  • Model Name: Timson Sport.
  • Price: about 1500 rubles.
  • Product specifications: this model is designed for people who play sports outdoors. It has a beautiful stylish shape, suitable for the configuration of sports shoes. Dimensions: 40x70x140 mm, from 37 foot sizes.
  • Pluses: quickly and effectively dry not only sports, but also daily wet shoes. It removes odors well, disinfects with an ultraviolet sterilizer.
  • Cons: uneven drying is possible; high price.

Timson Sport Electric UV Shoe Dryer

Timson Auto Avto

  • Model Name: Timson Auto Avto.
  • Price: about 1500 rubles.
  • Characteristics: ideal for drivers. Dimensions: 166 x 70 x 48 mm, foot size from 37.
  • Pros: It is convenient in regular use for high boots and boots. Connection from the cigarette lighter. Optimal deodorization of shoes with ultraviolet lamps.
  • Cons: high price.

Electric Shoe Dryer Timson Auto Avto

Children’s UV Shoe Dryer

  • Model Name: Baby UV Shoe Dryer.
  • Price: about 1000 rubles.
  • Features: ideal for children. Dimensions: 55 x 105 x 15 mm, foot size from 22.
  • Pros: it dries well, the body of the device is made in different colors to choose from. Made from environmentally friendly material.
  • Cons: not found.

UV dryer for children's shoes in the package

Timson 3 in 1 Family

  • Model Name: Timson 3 in 1 Family.
  • Price: about 3000 rubles.
  • Characteristics: this electric dryer is a set of three devices of different sizes. Ideal for family. Dimensions: small: 30 x 62 x 115 mm; average: 43 x 72 x 142 mm; large: 52 x 75 x 172 mm.
  • Pros. It works from one outlet, at the same time it is possible to dry and sterilize three pairs. High efficiency.
  • Minuses. Insufficient cord length, inability to take one device with you.

Set of dryers for shoes Timson 3 in 1 Family

Timson 2416

  • Model Name: Timson 2416.
  • Price: about 900 rubles.
  • Features: versatile low-cost model for efficient shoe handling.
  • Pros: low price. Deodorizes shoes well.
  • Cons: insufficient cord length, not suitable for shoes of small sizes.

Electric shoe dryer Timson 2416

Timson 2420

  • Model Name: Timson 2420.
  • Price: about 800 rubles.
  • Product specifications: children’s ordinary dryer bright colors to choose from. Dimensions: 55 x 105 x 15 mm, foot size from 22.
  • Pros: excellent drying. Made from environmentally friendly material. Now it can be purchased cheaply on a stock or on sale at a discount.
  • Cons: not suitable for small sizes, less than 22 sizes. Inside are regular LEDs.

The dryer for children's shoes Timson 2420


  • Model Name: Xenelight.
  • Price: about 2300 rubles.
  • Characteristics: wireless antibacterial drying for shoes. Battery operated. Inside has a special moisture-absorbing composition that accelerates drying.
  • Pros: does not require a power outlet.
  • Cons: quickly crashes.

Xenelight Wireless Antibacterial Dryer

How to choose a shoe dryer antifungal ultraviolet

If you decide to purchase such a thing for home or as a gift, then carefully study each model before buying. The following tips will help you make your choice:

  1. Focus on the purpose of the purchase. If there is a fungus problem, be sure to purchase a device with an ultraviolet radiation spectrum.
  2. Pay attention to the group of people who will use the antifungal dryer. If it is purchased for the whole family, then it is better to opt for a universal model, for example, Timson 3 in 1 family. For athletes, the ideal option is Timson Sport.
  3. Do not chase for cheap goods. At the same time, remember that an expensive model does not always mean a better choice, and additional functions are often not needed.
  4. Read the reviews. Consult with sellers. Specify the warranty period.

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