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Cooking dumplings is a relatively simple matter, but often the housewives do not want to sculpt them, because It is troublesome and time consuming. Is it worth it to prepare the dough, place the filling, sculpt each dumpling, if you can buy finished products in the store? Homemade dumplings are more delicious and natural, because they contain no additives. To facilitate the process of their manufacture, you will need a special dumpling device.

What is a dumpling device

A dumpling machine is equipment that can automate the molding of dumplings, ravioli and other flour products, for example, dumplings. The device will help to ensure a neat and even shape of the finished product, the same size and weight, the optimal ratio of dough and filling. Such a dough sheeter is especially convenient for companies that specialize in the production of dumplings on a large scale..

High-performance floor-mounted units can make several thousand semi-finished products in just an hour. For a cafe or dining room, the compact desktop model is the best choice. In addition, the device for modeling dumplings is widely in demand at home, especially in large families. You can order it in the online store with delivery by mail.

Principle of operation

Dumplings can cut the dough and roll it to the desired thickness. Depending on how much dough you like in ready-to-cook foods, you can adjust its preparation. In a special bunker, you need to load the dough, which then moves in a state folded into a tube along the screw. Next, a two-vane pump fills it with minced meat. Then this tube is divided into separate dumplings by a molding drum with curly notches. The performance of an automatic machine with nozzles can be more than 100 semi-finished products per minute.

There are simple mechanical devices, the principle of which is similar to conventional meat grinders. That is, from one hole you will need to insert the dough with the filling, and from the other – you will get the finished product. All that is needed is to fold the dough layer in half (so that it touches the rollers) and start twisting the handle of the machine, rolling the dough to the desired thickness. Next comes the filling line, which is distributed between the sides of the formation.

The principle of operation of an industrial dumpling machine

Types of dumplings machines

On sale in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major cities of the country you can find a wide range of dumplings machines. They differ from each other in design, power, size, performance. Some machines are equipped with nozzles, the rollers of which often have a polymer coating – due to the fact that they are smooth, the dough does not stick to them. There are still devices with a two-stage rolling process, which improves the elasticity of the dough and reduces the degree of additional heating. Types of designs:

  • Pelmennitsa circle. The simplest and most affordable option, known since Soviet times. It is a plastic or aluminum circle equipped with a large number of hex holes.
  • Hand dumpling. Mechanical devices are reliable and have a low cost, small size. This dumpling device is optimal for home. It is represented on the market by several types, but the principle of operation is the same..
  • Electric dumpling machine. The advantage of such a device is its practicality and high performance. He makes dumplings, ravioli, dumplings and other flour products. Many models come with special nozzles. There are small electrical devices that can be placed even in an apartment. Productivity of the machine significantly exceeds the needs of any family in dumplings, so its purchase is advisable if you plan to create a small enterprise.

Pelmennitsa circle

Hand held

To save time rolling dough and making dumplings, take a look at the Marcato Atlas 150 Roller Raviolini handheld household appliance. This Italian machine will help to cook semi-finished products measuring 30×30 mm and roll out the dough for noodles and lasagna sheets with ten degrees of thickness in the range of 0.6-5.8 mm. The formation of semi-finished products is carried out by a pair of rollers that capture and press the sheets of dough, easily separating them from each other. As a result, dumplings acquire wavy edges. The main parameters of the device:

  • model name: Marcato Atlas 150 Roller Raviolini;
  • price: 8800 r.;
  • characteristics: mechanism – manual, material – anodized aluminum, shafts – 2 pairs, shaft and formation width – 150 mm, weight – 3.3 kg, country of origin – Italy;
  • pluses: compactness, convenience, quality, availability of nozzles for ravioli;
  • cons: expensive for a manual model, you need to make an effort.

Mechanical dough sheeter for ravioli Marcato Atlas 150 Roller Raviolini

Bekker BK-5202 is another manual machine that will help you quickly cook any number of ravioli. Unlike the previous version, this device will cost much cheaper:

  • model name: Bekker BK-5202;
  • price: 1554 r.;
  • characteristics: drive – mechanical, thickness regulator – 0.5-3 mm, material – stainless steel, color – silver, dimensions – 20.5x17x20 s, weight – 2.460 kg, country of origin – China;
  • pluses: it is cheap, compact, good build quality;
  • cons: you need to exert physical strength.

Bekker BK-5202

ACCESORIO Roller Ravioli is another convenient machine for making dumplings at home. It is relatively easy to roll a dough sheet on it – it is also necessary to put it on a nozzle in the form of a groove, and then fill the filling with a spoon in the recess. The thickness of the layer is 0.2-3 mm, more about the machine:

  • model name: ACCESORIO Roller Ravioli;
  • price: 2990 r.;
  • characteristics: mechanism – manual, productivity – 12 kg / h, dumplings dimensions – 45×45 mm, manufacturing country – China;
  • pluses: reasonable cost, convenience of work;
  • cons: manual labor.

Manual ravioli machine ACCESORIO Roller Ravioli


If you are interested in electric dumplings for home or for organizing small production, then take a look at the JGL line. Go around more stores to get discounts during promotions or sales at retail outlets. An excellent option for the production of frozen meat semi-finished products as part of the dumpling line is JGL 120-5B. The equipment has floor and table execution. Changing the forming heads, you can cook various meat products, including samsa. Product Details:

  • model name: JGL120-5B;
  • price: 147090 r.;
  • characteristics: productivity – 7200 pcs / h, dumplings weight – 16-18 g, power consumption – 1.5 kW, dimensions – 99x47x115 cm, weight – 160 kg;
  • pluses: good performance, efficiency, build quality;
  • Cons: high cost, heavy weight.

Industrial Model JGL120-5B

Having decided to buy a dumplings machine for home or small business, take a look at AIP-0.55 / 380-60. Semi-finished products are formed in the shape of a crescent. The device is perfect for the production of small-scale products:

  • model name: AIP-0.55 / 380-60;
  • price: 57000 r .;
  • characteristics: productivity – 4000 pcs / h, the weight of one dumpling – 12 +/- 3 g, power – 0.55 kW, voltage – 380 V, dimensions – 76x54x52.5 cm, weight – 60 kg;
  • pluses: reasonable cost, compactness, relatively light weight;
  • cons: lower performance compared to peers.

AIP-0,55 / 380-60 dumpling machine

Russian-made dumplings machines

Domestic manufacturers offer a choice of several models of devices for the preparation of semi-finished products. One of them is AP-07-M – an apparatus in the form of a six-shaft integral structure, which is assembled on a single frame. The model is presented in the desktop version. For forming various types of products, replaceable devices are used. Products are molded and displayed simultaneously in 4, 5 or more rows with minimal waste of dough. The device is reliable and easy to maintain:

  • model name: AP-07-M;
  • price: 675,000 r .;
  • characteristics: productivity – 140-250 kg / h., power consumption (main unit + stuffing pump) – 1.55 + 0.55 kW, weight – 135 + 30 kg, conveyor length – 80 cm, dimensions – 80x70x60 cm;
  • pluses: high productivity, power, speed;
  • cons: very expensive.


Pay attention to another Russian-made device that is able to mold and seal the filling at high speed – AP 07-2M. This model is made on a frame bed. Thanks to the wheel bearings, the device can be quickly and easily moved:

  • model name: AP 07-2M;
  • price: 675,000 r .;
  • characteristics: productivity – 190-450 kg / h., power consumption (main unit + stuffing pump) – 1.55 + 0.55 kW, weight – 240 + 60 kg, conveyor length – 80 cm, dimensions – 80x70x80 cm;
  • pluses: efficiency, high speed, excellent performance;
  • cons: high cost.

AP 07-2M

How to choose a dumpling machine

One of the important requirements is the optimal performance of the device. This parameter is especially relevant if you plan to organize production. If the company is relatively small, then you do not need to buy high-performance equipment, because having spent a lot of money on it, you will not be able to quickly recoup it. In addition, you will not be able to use the device to its full potential. Other criteria:

  • The number of heads, the shape and size of the output. If you plan to produce dumplings of only one form, then you can partially save on forming heads or buying a simpler machine.
  • The material of manufacture. It is desirable that the dumpling machine was made of stainless steel.
  • Existence of an automatic function of a rake. It can reduce the cost of production and save time, otherwise everything will have to be done by hand.
  • Imitation of hand sculpting. Devices with this function are more expensive than machines that perform conventional machine sculpting..

For home

Home dumplings should be reliable and easy to use. If you plan to save money, then prefer the manual model, but note that you will have to make physical efforts when using it. It is desirable that it be compact and made of durable materials. If you have a large family, then you can find a small electric car with a desktop installation, but it will cost a lot – several tens of thousands of rubles.

Home appliance

For production

You need to choose a device in accordance with what scale of production you plan to open. Depending on this, select the device with suitable performance and optimal modes. Too high productivity, if you do not plan to use it at full capacity, will be unprofitable.

The frame must be made of stainless steel, as Powder-coated black steel may rust over time, as the dumpling machine needs to be washed after work. Pay attention to the nozzles – the most popular form of dumplings is round (such as “Saturn”), i.e. ball with a rim around. The country of production does not matter much, because Chinese dumplings devices today are not inferior in manufacturing quality and reliability to either foreign or domestic.

Dumpling machine

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