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In the summer, many people think about how to choose a floor air conditioner for an apartment to make it easier to stay in living quarters in the heat. A correctly selected device will not take up much space, will work silently and without complaints, cooling the air to a predetermined temperature. Anyone needs to know about the choice of equipment and the rules for its operation.

How does a mobile air conditioner work without a duct

Homeowners who move frequently choose a portable air conditioner in their apartment. It does not look bulky, has excellent ergonomic and operational characteristics when compared with stationary split systems. Most models have heating and cooling modes, can adjust the temperature using the remote control or buttons on the front.

Mobile air conditioning without duct

There are varieties of floor-type air conditioners that have antibacterial air purification, filtering and ionization functions. The principle of quiet operation of models is characteristic of many modifications: a cooling agent in different states (liquid, gaseous) can simultaneously give and receive heat. Such air conditioners have a lower part, where a container of water is located. How it works:

  1. Water from the tank is pumped by a small pump, supplied to wet the porous filter.
  2. The fan draws warm air, directing it to an already wet porous filter, processing and cooling.
  3. On the surface of the filter, there are water molecules that turn into a state of gas.
  4. An important advantage: for such models, an outdoor unit is not needed, which is carried outside the building outside, as there are no duct hoses.

The stationary split-system or mobile candy bar that consumers like to install is a complex scheme – it consists of an air intake, a cooling unit, where the air is cooled by a refrigerant, a heat removal unit for heat generation by air, and a compressor for pumping freon. A complex system requires the installation of a competent specialist, constant performance checks and periodic cleaning of all components.

How effective are portable air conditioners for a home without a duct

Buyers, buying a small air conditioning in the room, are wondering about its effectiveness. To this, manufacturers respond that efficiency and productivity increase with increasing ambient temperature. Floor air conditioning without duct in the house often has an ice compartment. Even with the most intense heat, such a device effectively cools the air, passing it through a special compartment. Instead of ice, you can use plain cold water.

For small homes or offices, a mobile floor air conditioner is suitable like no other – it will effectively cool the available area, without causing inconvenience to use. For a large room, you will need a more powerful device – a standard split system, a ceiling mounted floor, or a climate system, which also includes an air wash in its functions.

Portable floor air conditioner

Why are mobile air conditioners convenient without a duct

If you purchase a portable air conditioner for a home without an air duct, you should know its advantages and features:

  • simplicity of household operation – no need to clean hoses, care about the environment;
  • safety – there is no freon and refrigerants in the cooler;
  • mobility – easily moves from place to place, transported by transport;
  • small size – suitable for a small office or home;
  • minimum weight (for models in a plastic case – up to 6 kg);
  • silent work;
  • ease of installation;
  • no condensation forms;
  • low power consumption.

Cons of mobile floor models without duct:

  • need to periodically add water;
  • high price;
  • for the best work in the house you need to provide a constant flow of air, for the office you need a system of supply and exhaust ventilation.

Portable air conditioner

How to choose a mobile air conditioner for an apartment

To choose the right floor air conditioner for a home without an air duct, you need to consider the following parameters:

  • the desired price – the willingness to invest in a more expensive model or the opportunity to do cheap;
  • the volume of the room where the device is installed – the larger it is, the worse the equipment will work;
  • the need for air humidification – mobile compact models do not possess this property;
  • whether the manufacturer is trusted – recognizable brands are more expensive in price, but guarantee high quality compared to unknown inexpensive brands.

The price of a mobile air conditioner for a home without an air duct

Modern models of a floor air conditioner for a house without an air duct can be bought in an online store, ordered in a catalog through the branded departments of electrical engineering (Eldorado, M-video) or purchased at a low price. Good quick solutions are second-hand devices purchased “from hand” through the Avito website. The cost of various brands will be as follows – prices are approximate (in rubles):

The brand

Online Store Price

Price in the department of technology (Eldorado, M-video)

With hands

























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