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We decided to purchase a kitchen set, a living room or some other piece of furniture, but did not decide on the optimal color? Then pay attention to sonoma oak – such a light color will help to fit any type of cabinet into a room. This option is great for creating an interior that will not be subject to fashion or time. This color scheme is perfectly combined with different types of materials used to decorate furniture and decoration facades and many other shades. Thanks to this, the color of the sonoma oak is quite popular today..

Color oak sonoma

Furniture in sonoma oak color fits perfectly into the living room or bedroom. This stylish color of light oak gives any piece of furniture lightness, sophistication and naturalness. With its help, you can refresh and transform the interior. The room, the background of which is made in this color, becomes more comfortable, spacious. The surface of the furniture, made in the color of sonoma oak, retains its original appearance for a long time, is easy to clean. Today, the elite material successfully imitates the film and laminate particleboard. The characteristic structure and color receive three technologies:

  • When veneering wood material.
  • Chipboard / MDF board lamination.
  • Using solid wood.

Living room furniture oak sonoma

Combination with other colors in the design.

Having decided to purchase a corner cabinet or chest of drawers of Sonoma oak, determine in advance whether this color will be combined with those shades that prevail in the interior design of a particular room. The named shade is great for rooms facing north or having a little natural light. This color can be combined with both muted and bright colors. In the children’s room, the shade of oak will harmoniously look in a slightly monochrome setting with toys of bright colors. In addition, it goes well with dark decor elements..

Sonoma oak in the interior

The uniqueness of this stylish and unusual color of light wood is actively used by furniture manufacturers. The peculiarity of the material is a slightly rough drawing with shades of gold, tea rose, smoke and an unusual relief. Wood is able to scrupulously reproduce the smallest shades of natural material, for example, a bedside table made of chipboard oak sonoma looks quite worthy. Any piece of furniture from it looks aesthetically pleasing, even if it is an inconspicuous and plain shoe.

Living room

Furniture oak sonoma stands out among many of its counterparts by the presence of a pleasant grayish-pinkish range with whitish stains. Living room in this shade, regardless of the number of pieces of furniture looks airy, easy. In such a room, attention is immediately attracted by its size and appearance to the wall, which looks elegant and representative. Another obligatory attribute is a coffee table with chairs, the more pleasant and light shade of wood – this is what is necessary for such a piece of furniture. The advantages of such furniture:

  • elegance;
  • combination with many colors;
  • feeling of lightness, airiness;
  • practicality;
  • fit into almost any room interior.

Living room furniture oak sonoma

Hallway Sonoma Oak

An integral part of the hallway environment, as a rule, is the shoe rack, hallway and wardrobe. Due to the fact that the hallway is a relatively small room, the light furniture of Sonoma is able to visually increase it. For example, a practical corner cabinet and a hinged shelf with sand-golden design can create a feeling of light and space..

The cabinet for economy is made relatively small in size, but high – often in the hallway it reaches the ceiling. In addition, the space between the cabinet surface and the ceiling is used at least for something very rarely. The main advantages of furniture for the hallway, decorated in sonoma color, are the visual expansion of space and practicality.


Having decided to order items such as a bookcase, shelf and computer table for your office, you can safely give preference to products in the color of sonoma oak. The matte surface, the reliability of the material, the strict design are all that is needed to create a working spirit. If you are a serious business person, then give preference to a dark tree. The cabinet door is recommended to be done with a similar shade..

The upper narrow shelf will look very comfortable, in addition, it is perfect for the preservation of a variety of items, for example, souvenirs. A computer desk must be present in the teenager’s office. You can find a suitable set of Sonoma wood furniture at an affordable price in rubles and with home delivery in a specialized online store – choose with a guarantee. The main advantages of sonoma color for furniture installed in the cabinet are:

  • the possibility of creating a working atmosphere;
  • the formation of comfort, which is necessary for work;
  • practicality.

Furniture in the cabinet color oak sonoma


Sonoma color is great for the bedroom. Golden-pink bed, wardrobe, compact chest of drawers and a table (for example, a writing desk) will perfectly fit into the bedroom of any apartment or house. Such a collection of furniture will contribute to creating a comfortable atmosphere for sleeping. The chest of drawers from sonoma must be the same light shades to form a harmony.

Due to the fact that it is low, a variety of gizmos can be placed on its lid, for example, beautiful vases. A dressing table with a mirror is almost always present in the bedroom, but a wardrobe made of laminated particleboard is great for storing outerwear. If you do not know how to design a bedroom, then use the services of a designer who will help you choose the right modules from the catalog.


A room such as a kitchen is relatively small in area, so objects made of sonoma wood in this case will be quite suitable. Regardless of whether you buy modern or minimalist furniture, the acquisition will help make the kitchen more spacious. The dining table with the texture and color of the oak will not distract the audience from the meal and will help create a light atmosphere, which is necessary for eating. The wall designed for dishes stands out with a pleasant light shade and noble oak, which will make the design more original.

Kitchen color oak sonoma


The production of modern and functional furniture in the shade of oak sonoma, which is suitable for many finishing materials and types of textiles, is in great demand. But before you buy certain items, you, as a buyer (customer), need to know about all the advantages of this color. Products from this breed, which can be bought at an affordable cost, combine well with bright walls. Sonoma oak is great for creating contrasts. Benefits:

  • Furniture with a touch of sonoma has some warmth that can make any interior cozy.
  • Due to practicality, this stylish and light shade is able to mask small impurities, for example, dust, fingerprints – this is very important in intensive use.
  • Some lightness of the shade visually increases the space, which becomes lighter and more spacious..
  • The presence of a clearly marked texture contributes to the effect of natural wood, and noble species.
  • A very important advantage is that this exotic shade can be combined with most colors..

Photo of oak color sonoma

Dining room furniture oak sonoma

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