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Today, there are many equipment options for heating residential premises. Economical gas boilers for heating a private house have become very popular. Thanks to the large selection of such devices, each buyer can find a model for himself in accordance with personal preferences and a specific budget. The installation of such equipment will save on fuel costs, because natural gas is relatively cheap. In addition, the gas boiler does not require frequent maintenance, such as oil or wood.

What is a gas boiler

This is a device used to produce thermal energy for the purpose of heating rooms for various purposes and heating water for household and other purposes through the combustion of gas. Such boilers are widely used for domestic purposes, for example, for heating a private house. You can order a heating boiler for a private house in a specialized online store with delivery by mail to Moscow, St. Petersburg or another city in the country. Remember that gas is a fire and explosive fuel, therefore it is important to observe safety precautions.

The principle of the gas boiler is that when the fuel is supplied to the device, the piezoelectric ignition is switched on. The spark ignites in the future. The fuel supply to the burner with a non-burning ignitor is unacceptable, because gas may explode. The igniter ignites the main heating pad, which heats the coolant in the boiler to the temperature set by the thermostat. When the desired parameter is reached, the automation switches off the burner. When the temperature drops in the device, the temperature sensor gives a command to the valve to supply fuel, and the burner lights up again. Classification:

  • at the place of placement: floor and wall;
  • by functionality: single and dual circuit;
  • by type of traction: natural and forced;
  • by type of ignition: with piezo ignition and with electronic ignition;
  • in full use of fuel energy: convection (traditional) and condensation.

Gas boiler

How to choose a gas boiler for heating a private house

To purchase the best gas boiler for heating a private house, you need to consider several important criteria. The choice of a suitable device depends on the total area of ​​the heated room, the need for heating hot water and the number of its consumers, the presence of a chimney and pressure in the gas pipeline. Additionally, you need to take into account the presence of insulation on the walls. Browse the online catalogs with photos take into account the following tips:

  • Wall or floor gas boiler. The choice of equipment for heating a private house should begin with the selection of a place for its installation. If you have space for a separate boiler room, you can choose a floor device, otherwise restrict yourself to wall-mounted modification. A floor boiler is often made on the basis of a reliable cast-iron heat exchanger – this model has a solid safety margin, it is unpretentious and does not cause problems in operation. Outdoor equipment for private homes has high power. The wall-mounted analogue is compact – it is ideal for heating a small object.
  • Single-circuit or dual-circuit equipment. For heating a private house, equipment with one circuit is widely used. It has a very simple device – it has a heating pad and one heat exchanger. The double-circuit modification combines a boiler and a gas instantaneous water heater. Its device is more complex, but at the same time it is more functional and easy to install..
  • With natural ventilation or forced. In the first case, the hood passes through the chimneys available in the house, in the second case, the unit has built-in fans that remove the exhaust gases from the boiler and bring them out.
  • With open or closed combustion chamber. So that the choice of a gas boiler for a private house is optimal, pay attention to the type of combustion chamber. The model with an open camera is often called “atmospheric”, because air flows to the burners by gravity directly from the room. Combustion products are removed through a chimney with natural draft. This option has a simple design and low noise. A turbocharged gas boiler for heating private houses has a closed combustion chamber and fans for removing smoke and air intake. It requires electricity to operate. It features sophisticated design and high noise level..
  • Heat exchanger material. This element is cast iron or steel. The first option is more durable, because not susceptible to corrosion, but more fragile. The new models use gray cast iron, which makes them more durable and less fragile. A steel heat exchanger is lighter but susceptible to corrosion.
  • Supercharged or atmospheric burner. The first installation is characterized by high efficiency, good power, but is expensive. The second option is more affordable in terms of cost, but low-power. A pressurized burner needs to be bought separately, and an atmospheric one is included in the package of a gas boiler.
  • Convection or condensation model. Gas boilers for heating a private house are often built according to the convection scheme. The burner in this case generates thermal energy, and the heat exchanger takes the heat received, which is sent to the system – its residues go out. The efficiency of such devices is 90-93%. In condensation units, it is slightly higher. The scheme of their work is as follows: almost all the generated heat is taken into the heating system, as a result of which condensate appears, which sends it to the drainage.
  • Piezo ignition or electric ignition of the burner. In the first case, the manual ignition process, in the second – automatic.
  • Evaluate operational safety. Many modern gas heating boilers are equipped with sensors that monitor the operation of the unit at all stages – from the supply of water and gas to the discharge of exhaust gases to the outside. They are able to block the heating system if the electricity suddenly shuts off or block the boiler if the temperature exceeds the set norm. For such sensors, the continued availability of electricity is important. There are floor installations, the sensors of which operate in mechanical mode, regardless of the power supply.
  • Calculate the power. To heat 10 m2 of living space in the domestic climate, about 1 kW of thermal energy is needed. In the Far Eastern and northern regions, this indicator increases to 1.2-1.5 kW, in the southern – it ranges from 0.8 kW. Do not forget about the reserve, which is necessary in case of excessively cold winters and the presence of heat loss. It is usually 10-20%.

Types of gas heating boilers for a private house

Manufacturers of heating equipment offer a choice of a wide range of single and double circuit gas boilers with both open and closed combustion chambers. At the same time, non-volatile devices are also on sale. In the absence of a gas pipeline, you can give preference to autonomous heating of the house with liquefied gas. Many models are equipped with a circulation pump to increase efficiency (especially at low gas pressure in the system). The rating of heating boilers for a private house often includes models of brands:

  • Bosch;
  • Protherm;
  • ATON;
  • Leberg
  • Buderus.


The boiler for heating a frequent home Bosch Gaz 6000 W WBN 6000-24 C operates both from natural and from liquefied gas. The device is equipped with several connection pipes, auto-diagnostics, protection against overheating, an air vent and protection against blocking the pump. Additionally, there is a frost prevention mode and a small display on which basic information is displayed. More about the parameters:

  • model name: Bosch Gaz 6000 W WBN 6000-24 C;
  • price: 27280 r.;
  • characteristics: circuits – 2, installation – wall-mounted, control – electronic, combustion chamber – closed, power – 7.2-24 kW, mains voltage – single-phase, expansion tank – 8 l, carrier temperature – 40-82 ° C, natural consumption gas – 2.8 m3 / h, liquefied – 2 kg / h, functions – pressure gauge, thermometer, auto ignition, flame modulation, power indicator, dimensions – 40x70x29.9 cm, weight – 32 kg;
  • pluses: build quality, multifunctionality;
  • cons: inconvenient control.

Bosch Gaz 6000 W WBN 6000-24 C

The floor version of the Bosch gas boiler is the Gaz 2500 F 30. The model has power modulation, an LCD display, as well as thermal disinfection and frost protection functions:

  • model name: Bosch Gaz 2500 F 30;
  • price: 55 000 r .;
  • characteristics: installation type – outdoor, power – 30 kW, circuits – 1, combustion chamber – open, water volume in the boiler – 107 l, Efficiency – 92%, heat exchanger material – steel, protection (degree) – IPX4D, t of heating system – 55-90 ° C, dimensions – 109.2×58.9×87.7 cm, weight – 137 kg;
  • pluses: functional, powerful, adapted to Russian operating conditions;
  • cons: overpriced.

Bosch Gaz 2500 F 30


The floor steel gas boiler Protherm Wolf 12 KSO is suitable only for heating. The model is intended for a system with natural coolant circulation. The device is independent. Suitable for installation in a residential building, cottage and industrial premises. There is an atmospheric burner made of steel (stainless), flame control, overheat protection, draft control in the chimney and indication of temperature and heat carrier pressure:

  • model name: Protherm Wolf 12 KSO;
  • price: 16968 r.;
  • characteristics: type – atmospheric, installation – floor-mounted, power – 12.5 kW, combustion chamber – open, circuits – 1, efficiency – 92.5%, fuel – main gas, type of ignition – piezo ignition, dimensions – 74.5x46x39 cm, weight – 46.5 kg;
  • pluses: low cost, electrical independence, there are necessary functions;
  • cons: low power.

Protherm Wolf 12 KSO

Floor modification of the gas boiler Protherm Bear 20 PLO is an excellent solution for heating a private house, and for heating hot water. There is protection against overheating, traction control in the chimney and the presence of flame:

  • Model Name: Protherm Bear 20 PLO;
  • price: 44645 r.;
  • characteristics: type – atmospheric, installation – floor-mounted, power – 17 kW, combustion chamber – open, circuits – 1, operating mode – Winter-Summer, heat exchanger material – cast iron, ignition type – piezo ignition, dimensions – 88×33.5×60 cm, weight – 90 kg;
  • pluses: ease of installation, maintenance, build quality;
  • cons: low power at that price.

Protherm Bear 20 PLO


The modern unit of the economy class Aton Atmo 8E is suitable for conditions of natural circulation of the coolant, so it does not have to be connected to power supply. Built-in automation controls the temperature of the water. The pilot burner is started by piezo ignition. The equipment is equipped with a draft sensor and gas valve. Smoke removal occurs naturally. Parameters:

  • model name: ATON Atmo 8E;
  • price: 13882 r.;
  • characteristics: installation – floor, circuits – 1, combustion chamber – open, power – 8 kW, efficiency – 90%, temperature control range – 50-90 ° C, dimensions – 75.4×26.4×56.6 cm, weight – 39 kg ;
  • pluses: low cost, simple and reliable design;
  • cons: low power.

ATON Atmo 8E

An alternative acquisition will be the ATON Atmo 20E. The equipment is equipped with a thermometer, gas control and overheat protection:

  • model name: ATON Atmo 20E;
  • price: 24300 r.;
  • characteristics: type – convection, installation – floor, circuits – 1, power – up to 20 kW, combustion chamber – open, efficiency – 90%, control – mechanical, heat exchanger – steel, coolant t – 50-90 ° C, dimensions – 40x96x70 cm, weight – 81 kg;
  • pluses: good assembly, optimal functionality;
  • cons: no.

ATON Atmo 20

Leberg Flamme 20 ASF

The double-circuit gas boiler with a bithermic heat exchanger Leberg Flamme 20 ASF is perfect for heating a private house. The efficiency of the device reaches 91.6%. Temperature information is shown on the display. It is possible to connect a warm floor. The equipment is equipped with a manometer, thermometer, auto ignition, flame modulation and overheat protection. Additionally, there is a self-diagnosis and anti-freeze mode:

  • model name: Leberg Flamme 20 ASF;
  • price: 33200 r.;
  • characteristics: type – convection, installation – wall-mounted, control – electronic, combustion chamber – closed, power – up to 20 kW, circuits – 2, coolant temperature – 30-80 ° C, there is a circulation pump and expansion tank, dimensions – 41x74x31.5 cm, weight – 37.8 kg;
  • pluses: excellent feature set, equipment, good performance;
  • cons: not the most affordable price.

Leberg Flamme 20 ASF

Leberg’s Flamme 24 ASD is a dual-circuit gas equipment with an integrated expansion tank and a circulation pump. It has protection against blocking the pump, overheating, auto ignition and a set of other equally important functions:

  • model name: Flamme 24 ASD from Leberg;
  • price: 35700 r .;
  • characteristics: type – convection, installation – wall-mounted, control – electronic, combustion chamber – closed, power – up to 20 kW, efficiency – 96.1%, circuits – 2, coolant temperature – 30-85 ° С, dimensions – 41x74x26.5 cm, weight – 37.8 kg;
  • pluses: high-performance, multifunctional;
  • cons: expensive.

Flamme 24 ASD by Leberg


Buderus Logamax Wall Mounted Gas Equipment U052-24K is a reliable modern boiler suitable for heating large rooms up to 240 m2. The device has a bithermic copper heat exchanger, electronic ignition and weather-dependent mode. The control system is capable of supplying boiler water to 4 heating circuits (independent). Maintenance and installation will not cause problems, more about the parameters:

  • model name: Buderus Logamax U052-24K;
  • price: 55858 r.;
  • characteristics: type – convection, installation – wall, power phases – 1, circuits – 2, fuel – liquefied and natural gas, combustion chamber – closed, expansion tank (volume) – 8 l, power – up to 26.2 kW, efficiency – 90-92%, weight (gross) – 42.3 kg;
  • pluses: powerful, easy to maintain, volumetric expansion tank;
  • Cons: expensive, lower efficiency than peers.

Buderus Logamax U052-24K

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