Gas stove for giving under a cylinder – how to choose for two or four burners and an overview of models with prices

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During the hot season, many people prefer to spend all their free time in country houses, enjoying nature and fresh air. If you also love this, then you will need a gas stove to give a balloon, now Hephaestus and other Russian manufacturers and foreign manufacturers produce them floor-mounted, desktop, with or without an oven. Find out what variants of this kitchen appliances exist, how to choose it correctly.

What is a gas stove for giving a balloon

So called stoves that work from liquefied gas, and not from natural. They are very convenient to use in cottages, because often country houses are located in settlements where there is no centralized gasification. There are options that can work on two types of fuel or those in which the nozzles are configured only for a liquefied balloon. They can be floor, table, with a different number of burners.

Options for gas stoves for giving under the cylinder


All desktop gas stoves for bottled gas are very similar to each other. Some have a small electric oven. Floor options are more diverse. They can be equipped with:

  • built-in full-size gas or electric oven;
  • a locker for a cylinder with doors;
  • frame with open shelves at the bottom.

A tank with liquefied gas, the volume of which is at least 5 liters, can be connected to any stove. Sometimes small tourist gas tanks are equipped with a small collet spray that can be inserted directly into the structure. It is reusable and made of composite materials. Using plates for a cylinder, it is important to strictly observe all the rules for safe operation, otherwise the risk of an emergency.


Gas stoves for giving for balloon gas have a huge number of advantages. Some of them should be listed:

  1. The main advantage of this technique is its autonomy. It can work without a gas main.
  2. Cylinder plates for summer cottages are easier to use and more economical than electric ones.
  3. Portable gas stoves can be taken with you on picnics, hiking.
  4. Compact cylinder plates for summer cottages.
  5. Many options can function not only from bottled gas, but also from main gas. They are equipped with a special adapter and hose..

Varieties of gas stoves for giving under the cylinder

A person planning to purchase such equipment will be pleasantly surprised by how wide the range offered by manufacturers. Many spend them hold promotions and sales, offer great discounts. On sale there are tiles of different formats: floor, table, with and without an oven, one or another number of burners. You can order any in the online store, with delivery by mail to Moscow, St. Petersburg, other cities. Before buying, find out which products are most popular now..


Such plates for a balloon for a summer residence are simple and practical. The absence of some additional features significantly reduces the cost. Description of a suitable variant of standard sizes:

  • model name: Flama AVG 1402 W;
  • price: 3750 rubles;
  • characteristics: four-burner, 1 quick warm-up, white, enameled work surface, mechanical control with rotary switches;
  • pluses: there are shelves for storage, it is cheap;
  • cons: no oven, gas control rings, cast-iron grill.

Two-burner gas stove Flama AVG 1402 W

The next gas stove for giving a balloon will help you out in the country very much and is inexpensive. Technical characteristics of the stationary model:

  • model name: King 1469;
  • price: 3980 r.;
  • characteristics: four-burner, white, two shelves below for storing dishes or products;
  • pluses: practical, convenient adjustment of burners;
  • cons: no oven.

4-burner gas stove with King shelves 1469


You can take plates for such a plan with you, not only to the cottage, but also on a camping trip. Description of the suitable option:

  • model name: Kovea Portable Range TKR-9507-P;
  • price: 1980 r.;
  • characteristics: single burner, with piezo ignition;
  • pluses: it works from a collet cylinder inside a metal case and from a propane connected, lightweight, bundled plastic carrying case, compact;
  • cons: high cost.

1-ring gas stove Kovea Portable Range TKR-9507-P

In every family that prefers summer and outdoor activities, there should be a portable tile. For example, this:

  • model name: Happy Home BDZ-155-A;
  • price: 1600 r.;
  • Characteristics: gas is supplied from a propane or collet cylinder, the surface is steel, with piezo ignition;
  • pluses: low weight, safe operation, quickly prepared for use, easy to operate, coated with refractory enamel, there is a carrying case;
  • cons: because of one burner, cooking takes a lot of time.

Gas range with one burner Happy Home BDZ-155-A


If you spend a lot of time in the country, then it would be better to buy a classic stove for a gas cylinder with an oven. Such household appliances will significantly expand your capabilities. Description:

  • model name: Greta 1470-00-12;
  • price: 7600 r.;
  • characteristics: white, four-burner, steel grill, gas oven;
  • pluses: there is a hinged lid, a drawer for dishes, legs are adjustable in height, 2 glasses in the oven door, there is a deep baking sheet and grill, a thermometer is built in;
  • cons: narrow.

Narrow gas stove with oven Greta 1470-00-12

In the next stove for a summer cottage there is also an oven, but an electric one. Description:

  • model name: Dream 221-01GE;
  • price: 5600 r.;
  • characteristics: glass enamel coating on the hob, two-burner model is equipped with rotary switches, mechanical control;
  • pluses: it is easily cleaned, it is not scratched, there is an electric ignition, a baking sheet and a lattice are included;
  • cons: no gas control.

Mini gas stove with oven Dream 221-01GE


Such tiles under the balloon are very convenient and compact, occupy a minimum of free space. Description of option:

  • model name: Darina LN GM 441 03 W;
  • price: 2560 r.;
  • characteristics: white, four-burner, enameled surface, rotary switches with mechanical control;
  • pluses: long guarantee, small weight, capacious surface;
  • cons: no function of electric ignition, gas control.

4-ring gas stove Darina LN GM 441 03 W

The next tile works exclusively from bottled gas; it is not connected to the main supply. Description:

  • model name: Energy EN-003;
  • price: 1225 r.;
  • characteristics: three-burner, enameled white surface, mechanical control, rotary handles;
  • pluses: low weight;
  • cons: uncomfortable grill.

3-ring gas stove Energy EN-003

Gas stove with oven

Not many manufacturers produce equipment of this format, although it is very convenient. Description of the option for the cylinder:

  • model name: Gefest PNS-120 K 19;
  • price: 9570 r.;
  • characteristics: brown, with electric oven, two burners, mechanical control, rotary knobs;
  • pluses: table cover enameled heat-resistant, legs are adjustable, there is a lid, grill;
  • cons: expensive.

Gas stove with electric oven Gefest PNS-120 K 19

If you have little free space, and you want to cook in a variety of ways, the next gas stove to the cottage for bottled gas will be an excellent way out of their situation. Description:

  • model name: Gefest PG-100 K19;
  • price: 8070 r.;
  • Features: gas oven with a volume of 19 l and a door with two glasses, with a temperature indicator, brown, rotary switches;
  • pluses: there is a gas control of the oven, convenient, equipped with a shield, high quality coating;
  • cons: no grill.

Gas stove with gas oven Gefest PG-100 K19

Single burner gas stoves

Such a technique will appeal to people who cook in the country very rarely and in small volumes. Properties:

  • model name: Dream 100M;
  • price: 1320 p.;
  • characteristics: desktop version, enameled surface, mechanical control with rotary switch;
  • pluses: the Dream plate is easy to use;
  • cons: heavy.

Mini gas stove with 1 burner Dream 100M

Below is a one-burner tile for a cylinder, which will take a minimum amount of space. Description:

  • model name: Gefest PGT-1;
  • price: 710 r.;
  • characteristics: enameled, black, with a figured lattice, mechanical control, rotary switches;
  • pluses: very light, there is a power control of burners, the most compact;
  • cons: no gas control.

Gas mini-stove with one burner Gefest ПГТ-1

Double burner

Such tiles are compact, but you can cook two dishes on them at once. Description of one of the options:

  • model name: Aksinya, KS-102;
  • price: 875 r.;
  • Characteristics: brown tabletop tile for a cylinder, manual ignition of the burner, enameled surface;
  • pluses: small size, roomy;
  • cons: no protective cover.

Portable gas stove Aksinya, KS-102

The next tile body cylinder also has two rings and is perfect for use in the country. Description:

  • model name: NaMilux NA-601 AFM;
  • price: 4180 r.;
  • characteristics: black enameled surface, rotary switches;
  • pluses: compact dimensions;
  • cons: no gas control, manual ignition only.

Portable gas stove NaMilux NA-601 AFM

4 burners

If you are used to not only cooking, but also canning at the cottage, then you will need more tiles for the cylinder. Description:

  • model name: DeLuxe 5040.38 GSH;
  • price: 6740 r.;
  • characteristics: black, enameled surface, mechanical control, gas control, gas oven, utility compartment;
  • pluses: there is a function of protection against accidental switching on, the surface is covered with a shield, a large volume of the oven;
  • cons: maximum oven temperature is small.

4-ring gas stove with oven DeLuxe 5040.38

The next tile for the container is also very large and will be convenient for preparing several dishes at once. Intelligence:

  • model name: Mora PS 113 MW;
  • price: 15800 r.;
  • characteristics: white, enameled surface, mechanical electric ignition of burners, gas oven with a volume of 55 l;
  • pluses: in the oven there are three levels of embossed guides, there is a drawer for dishes, the height is adjustable;
  • cons: no grill, thermostat, convection.

Gas range with oven Mora PS 113 MW

Gas panels for giving for bottled gas

Many people prefer to buy tiles separately from the oven. If you are one of them, check out this option:

  • model name: Zigmund Shtain GN 58.451;
  • price: 14800 r.;
  • characteristics: three-burner, there are options in black white and gray colors, mechanical control;
  • pluses: there is electric ignition, gas control, several flame circuits, stylish modern design;
  • cons: it can be difficult to light.

Gas hob Zigmund Shtain GN 58.451

In the next built-in stove for the tank there are 4 burners, 2 of which are large in diameter, which is convenient if you need to make blanks for the winter. Description:

  • model name: Kuppersberg FV 6 TGRZ;
  • price: 26990 r.;
  • characteristics: built-in, 3 colors of the hob, 2 shades of switches, enameled metal surface, mechanical control;
  • pluses: high-quality, durable, there is gas control and electric ignition, 2-3 flame circuits, elegant retro style;
  • cons: high cost.

Enamelled gas cooktop Kuppersberg FV 6 TGRZ

Compact gas stoves

Below will be presented options designed for people with limited space. Description:

  • model name: Ricci RGH-702 C Silver;
  • price: 4100 r.;
  • characteristics: 2 rings, surface of their silver stainless steel, tabletop, rotary switches;
  • pluses: convenient, small, lattices quickly heat up;
  • cons: no gas control, auto ignition.

Portable gas stove Ricci RGH-702 C Silver

The next tile is a four-burner with an oven, and it is considered compact because it is narrow. Reviews:

  • model name: Nord PG4 105-4A;
  • price: 7735 r.;
  • characteristics: white, with enamelled grilles, rotary switches, gas oven with hinged door and grooved guides;
  • pluses: there is a utility box, a spacious oven;
  • cons: no auto ignition, grill.

Gas stove Nord PG4 105-4A

Gas stove Summer resident

The technique of this brand is good and inexpensive, perfect for a country house. Description:

  • model name: Summer resident PG-4;
  • price: 4100 r.;
  • characteristics: 4 rings, there is a frame with two shelves for placing dishes or other objects, enameled surface, wire mesh;
  • pluses: compact, easy to use;
  • cons: no adjustable legs.

Gas stove with shelves Summer resident PG-4

The next tile is slightly more powerful than the previous one, but it also costs a little more. Description:

  • model name: Lada Summer resident 1489;
  • price: 4350 p.;
  • characteristics: white, enameled surface, metal grill, complete frame with shelves;
  • pluses: the Lada plate is spacious, easy to clean;
  • cons: the frame is unstable.

stove for a summer residence with 4-burner shelves Lada Dachnitsa 1489

Hephaestus plates

This popular domestic manufacturer in the assortment of a lot of different kitchen appliances. The following Hephaestus tile is suitable for giving:

  • model name: Gefest GYC-4 900;
  • price: 3560 r.;
  • characteristics: 4 burners, tabletop, white, enameled, rotary switches, mechanical control;
  • pluses: there is a figured lattice, the position “small flame” is fixed, leveling legs of height, a table covering is heat-resistant;
  • cons: no oven, gas control, lids.

Table gas stove Gefest PNS-4 900

The next tile is slightly smaller, suitable for those people who do not need a lot of burners. Description:

  • model name: Gefest PG 700-02;
  • price: 1900 r.;
  • characteristics: tabletop, 2 burners, golden brown enamel surface, rotary switches, legs adjustable;
  • pluses: heat-resistant coating, wear-resistant, durable straight gratings;
  • cons: easily soiled.

Plate for balloon gas Gefest PG 700-02


This manufacturer has proven itself as well as the previous one. Description of its tiles:

  • model name: Gorenje GI 52339 RW;
  • price: 26440 r .;
  • characteristics: ivory, enameled burners, cast iron grill, gas oven with grill, electronic control, rotary switches;
  • pluses: it looks beautiful, retro-style, there is a glass lid, the oven door closes smoothly, there is a steam cleaning system, there is a timer, gas control, a drawer for dishes;
  • cons: dear.

Gas stove with oven Gorenje GI 52339 RW

The next plate is very high quality, differs from the previous one in a modern execution style. Intelligence:

  • model name: Gorenje G 6111 XH;
  • price: 24940 r.;
  • characteristics: silver color, 4 rings, gas oven with backlight, the surface is closed with a glass lid, enamelled grilles;
  • pluses: reliable, practical, there is a steam cleaning function, electric ignition, gas control;
  • cons: small burners.

4-ring gas stove Gorenje G 6111 XH

How to choose a gas stove for giving under a cylinder

This technique is bought for a long period of time. Her choice must be approached consciously and seriously. If you plan to buy a gas stove for a summer residence or order it in an online store, use the following recommendations:

  1. Decide on the number of burners. If you are going to cook a lot and canned, take the option with four rings. For a moderate frequency of use, stoves with two or three burners are suitable. If your visits to the cottage are extremely rare and you practically do not cook there, enough tiles with one burner.
  2. If you want to save money, take the option with manual ignition. However, piezo and electric are more convenient..
  3. Those who like to cook pastries, it is better to invest in tiles with a built-in oven.
  4. The surface is usually made of enameled or stainless steel. The first option is cheaper, but the second is more practical.
  5. There are gratings on any tile. It is better that they are not steel, but cast iron.
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