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As an alternative to solid fuel boilers and heating devices for autonomous heating, you can buy a gas holder for a private house, which is a vessel with liquefied gas. Reviews about this unit are positive, but use it for private and suburban households.

What is a gas holder

In fact, this is a gas tank, which is necessary for heating rooms of various sizes. However, the functions of the gas tank are not limited to this, in addition it is always hot water and electricity generation in the house. If the owner of a summer residence or private home acquires a gas tank, then he is able to immediately solve a number of problems that are relevant to himself. Capacitive gas is cheap, and its production provides room heat of up to 20 squares. Turnkey autonomous gasification of a private house is considered a particularly demanded service.

Gas holder device

The gas-filled tank has different sizes, due to individual customer requests. The device of the gas tank can be filled with propane, butane or methane, which is determined by the pricing policy. Having consumed the gas holder in the heating season, it needs to be refilled additionally, so that the cylinder itself is designed for repeated use.

As for the design features, the gas tank for the house itself can be made of steel and reinforced concrete with a variable or constant volume. In the first case, we are talking about the presence of a vertical cylinder and water and a bell located in the lower part. However, in the modern world they come to the conclusion that such models are outdated and become uncompetitive. In practice, the use of constant volume designs is encouraged..

Ground gas tanks

The principle of operation of the gas tank

Before heating a cottage or a residential cottage, it is recommended to understand what principle gas tanks work for a country house. It is important to ensure not only the serviceability and proper installation of the structure itself, but also its safe functionality, according to technical documentation. Installing a gas tank is a job that specialists in their field should do, and not a private person.

The main principle of the gas tank is as follows: after evaporation, the propane-butane fraction enters the reactor, where it receives sufficient pressure for further redistribution of the decoupling of the gas pipeline to the consumer. If you correctly calculate the area and buy a suitable gas tank, its contents should be enough for a year of regular heating of premises without additional refueling.

Installation requirements for gas tank

Unknowingly, gas tanks for a private home can be perceived as a classic version of a gas storage. In fact, this is a complex system, necessary for the processing of gas into fuel, required for the operation of household appliances, heating of premises. When installing such an alternative to a double-circuit boiler, the following rules and concepts should be considered:

  • the distance from the gas tank to the apartment building is at least 10 m, to the buried foundation – at least 2 m;
  • the territory for the installation of the structure should be flat;
  • after falling asleep, the reservoir is not allowed to concrete, plant;
  • location on the site, the distance to the fence is not standardized;
  • installation of a gas tank requires permission and approval for underground work.
  • gas tank installation is carried out by knowledgeable specialists;
  • calculation of the volume of the tank, based on the dimensions of the heated area.

Gas holder installation

Pros and cons of the gas tank

This is a significant step that the homeowner should carefully consider and consult with knowledgeable people. If autonomous gas supply of a private house is chosen, it is required to determine the advantages and disadvantages of operating such modern equipment. Studying the pros and cons of the gas tank, it is recommended to start with the positive aspects that are relevant for all potential buyers. The main advantages are as follows:

  • provision of electricity, heat and hot water;
  • a mobile station with no problems during servicing;
  • long term of service;
  • turnkey gas tank on self-sufficiency in 2-3 years;
  • safety for humans;
  • the possibility of obtaining a loan or installment plan from the manufacturer;
  • delivery, quality guarantee from the manufacturer.

Before installing a gas holder of one of the modifications, you need to additionally familiarize yourself with the main disadvantages of such an undertaking. It:

  • high cost of gas holder, additional payment for construction installation services;
  • difficulties in finding a respectable and professional specialist for installation and installation;
  • risk of installing technical documentation previously approved by the project.

Ground gas tank

Due to the harsh climate (natural features of the soil, land), models of the ground gas tank, which prevail in the domestic market in a large assortment, have become especially popular. They put up for sale even the equipment that was in operation, but suitable for further work as intended. Photos of such models can be found on the thematic sites of the network. Below are several gas tanks, which are especially in demand among the masses. These are the following Fascimmash products:

  • model name – FAS 4.6 gas holders (Russia);
  • price – 100 000 rubles;
  • characteristics – tank volume 4.6 m3, 30 years service life, epoxy coating, German technology, original components;
  • pluses – a modern model for all occasions at the best price;
  • cons – the cost of equipment is not accessible to everyone for domestic needs.

Here is the competing party, whose products are no less in demand on the domestic market:

  • model name – Sity-Gas 4850 (Bulgaria);
  • price – 330 000 rubles;
  • characteristics – 4850 l, horizontal design, operating temperature varies from -40 to +40? C, corrosion protection;
  • pluses – long life, warranty from the manufacturer, good operation – up to 20 years.
  • cons – high price.

Here is another rating gas holder for the home, which will save you from frost in the cold season:

  • model name – Deltagaz 2700 (Czech project);
  • price – 300,000 rubles;
  • characteristics – horizontal execution, above-ground and underground installation is possible, volume – 2700 l, permissible temperature regime – from –20, to +40? WITH;
  • pluses – a modern model, high-quality material, corrosion protection, service life – up to 30 years;
  • cons – high price with installation.

Deltagaz 2700 ground gas tank

Mini gas tanks

In order to reduce the service area of ​​such an installation, mini-gas tanks were developed that have slightly different dimensions, but are in no way inferior to their “competitors” in functionality, serviceability, and service life. Such a construction is appropriate in small household plots. It is possible to buy a gas holder for a summer residence inexpensively, and if necessary to sell – demand does not reduce. Here is a list of favorites:

  • model name – CITI GAS 2700 (Bulgaria);
  • price – 150 000-220 000 rubles;
  • characteristics – horizontal execution, operating temperature varies from -40 to +40? C, epoxy layer, protection against metal damage;
  • pluses – compact, convenient in everyday use, ideal for small personal plots of a private house;
  • cons – no.

Here is the second modern gas holder for a house of compact size, no less efficient, reliable and in demand among the masses:

  • model name – GT7 RPG-6.5 (Russia);
  • price – 200 000 rubles;
  • characteristics – 6.5 cubic meters, tank material – steel, quality assurance – up to 30 years;
  • pluses – remote location, backbone networks, the presence of a pressure regulator, compact dimensions;
  • cons – no.

The third model of mini-gas tanks belongs to the same brand, but has distinctive parameters:

  • model name – GT7 RPG-3 (Russia);
  • price – 145,000 rubles;
  • characteristics – volume – 3 cubes, vessel manufacturing material – steel, quality assurance from the manufacturer, service life – up to 30 years;
  • pluses – reliable and high-quality products for a private house from a domestic manufacturer, compact dimensions;
  • cons – high price.

GT7 RPG-3 mini gas tank

Vertical gas holders

Such structures are often designed for underground installation, so you will additionally have to order earthworks. Vertical gas holders are more compact, which is especially true in private homes with a small adjacent territory. Gas for refueling is taken imported, so the design should be affordable, but it is advisable to choose a security facility. Here are the best gas tanks in a given design:

  • model name – Chemet 5 (Poland);
  • price – 350 000-430 000 rubles;
  • characteristics – different tank capacity, steel vessel, volume – 4850 l, underground, horizontal design;
  • pluses – long-term operation even when melt and wastewater get into the soil, innovative technologies, quality assurance;
  • cons – high price.

Here is another gas holder for private home ownership, which is recommended to pay special attention to, if necessary, heat, a cottage, a cottage:

  • model name – Antonio Merloni 2250 (Italy);
  • price – 120 000 rubles (installation is not included in the price);
  • characteristics – 2250 liters, vertical design for underground installation, the presence of a protective bag made of polymer materials, protection against static voltage and groundwater;
  • pluses – a reliable replacement of the boiler, which will not cost so much, customers are pleased with the duration of operation.
  • cons – no.

The third home gas holder, which has also proved itself to be the best, is presented below:

  • model name – AvtonomGaz (Russia);
  • price – up to 150 000 rubles;
  • characteristics – the presence of a protective layer of the tank, a huge assortment of models in catalogs, several parameters of the volume of the tank;
  • pluses – an excellent gas holder for household needs at an affordable price from a domestic manufacturer;
  • no cons.

Vertical gas tank Chemet 5

Horizontal gas tanks

Such a progressive model can replace a gas boiler, it turns out cheaper and more profitable. The heat in the room is maintained, and fuel consumption is minimal. Horizontal gas tanks are produced by domestic and foreign companies, if you wish, you can buy your favorite and suitable products in the online store. It is advisable to pay attention to such gas holders for home or private home ownership:

  • model name – VPS 4850;
  • price – 300,000 rubles;
  • characteristics – the use of sheet steel, a capacity of 4850 l, the presence of an epoxy protective layer in the tank, the horizontal position of the tank, an underground installation;
  • pluses – the service life reaches 30 years, the protection of metal from destruction, the temperature regime – from -40 to +40? C;
  • cons – the high cost of a gas tank, installation for a private house.

A competitor is such a gas holder for the home:

  • model name – Fas 6.5 (Russia);
  • price – 100 000 rubles;
  • characteristics – the tank has a coating of two-component polymer, horizontal type, underground installation, a tank of 6.5 cubic meters;
  • pluses – high-quality products of a domestic manufacturer, ideal for installation on the territory of a private house;
  • cons – no.

Another worthy option for a private home:

  • name – Antonio Merloni 100 (Italy);
  • price – 100 000 rubles;
  • characteristics – capacity per 100 cubic meters, protective epoxy layer of the tank, underground installation;
  • pluses – an affordable budget option for a private home;
  • cons – no.

Gas tank VPS 4850

How to choose a gas holder for a private house

The choice is not easy, especially since the price of the issue bites. Before ordering a gas holder, it is recommended to contact specialists and agree on the main criteria for the upcoming purchase. This is important, otherwise with the return of products there is a lot of trouble and an unnecessary waste of nerves, free time. It is important to agree with the installers of the tank that it is necessary which position from the catalog to give your preference to. It is important to know these selection conditions:

  1. Determine the area of ​​a private house and calculate the required volume of gas tanks for the entire heating season.
  2. Conditionally outline the territory of a private house, where in the future this construction will be installed.
  3. To install, use the help of professionals, otherwise in inept hands a private house will “fly into the air”.
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