Glass-ceramic stove – how to choose the best model in terms of size, number of burners, color and cost

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To simplify the work in the kitchen, there are a number of useful appliances. One of them is a glass-ceramic stove – before you buy such a hob, read the manufacturers rating. In recent years, more and more people who choose an electric stove, prefer ceramic glass. This is due to the fact that such a cooking surface has a number of positive qualities.

What is a glass ceramic stove

Replacing conventional electric stoves came a glass-ceramic hob. This type of device is powered by electricity, which is much more economical than using gas stoves. The surface of such a panel is made of glass ceramics, so that it is perfectly even and smooth. In designated areas, cooking zones are located, which are indicated by contours of different diameters, i.e. like burners. Such a panel is controlled using the touch zone with buttons located on it..

What is the difference between an induction cooker and a glass ceramic

Before ordering such kitchen appliances for cooking, familiarize yourself with its differences from the induction counterpart. The main difference is that in the induction model, heating of the stove itself, as a rule, does not occur. The electric current flowing through the built-in coil creates a magnetic field, as a result of which it affects the magnetized bottom of the dishes. Thanks to this principle of operation, electricity is consumed to heat not the entire surface, but only a specific area. Differences:

  • A ceramic electric stove with a spiral electric heating element first heats up itself and only after that begins to heat the dishes.

Ceramic hob

  • Induction hob heats only the bottom of the cookware. The food on it in most cases does not burn, therefore the induction device, in comparison with the glass-ceramic, consumes less electricity with high productivity.

Induction hob

  • Many prefer the glass-ceramic option due to the fact that it is cheaper than the induction analog. In addition, for cooking on such a coating there is no need to buy new utensils.

Advantages and disadvantages

Modern stoves are equipped with convenient and simple controls that help control the heating temperature. Ceramic stoves for the kitchen have a number of advantages, thanks to which such panels are becoming more and more popular every year. You can order them today not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also in other smaller cities of the country. Benefits:

  • Good resistance to high temperatures.
  • Existence of support of function of instant heating.
  • Excellent durability.
  • Compared with gas stoves, glass-ceramic have lower power consumption.
  • Glass ceramic coating cools quickly.
  • The possibility of using dishes of specific shapes. Depending on the specific model, the burners can be not only round, but also in other shapes.
  • It is possible to select a heating zone.
  • Child protection in modern glass-ceramic plates.
  • Advanced functionality in the form of a timer, automatic shutdown functions during boiling, automatic cooking mode, etc..

Despite such a large list of advantages, glass-ceramic electric stoves are not without drawbacks. Be sure to take them into account. Minuses:

  • Glass ceramics “afraid” of sharp objects.
  • For cooking, you need dishes with a smooth and even bottom..
  • It is necessary to protect the heated glass-ceramic surface from the ingress of sugar or sugar-containing liquid on it, as difficult to remove.
  • Cooktops cannot be cleaned with iron brushes, abrasive products.
  • Glass ceramics are more expensive than conventional electric stoves.

Cooktop Front

Which dishes are suitable

For glass ceramic cooktops, cookware is suitable that has a flat and flat bottom, which will ensure maximum heat transfer. A good option is a product with a thick bottom – it will prevent deformation of the bottom due to exposure to high temperatures. Dark dishes with a dull bottom have good thermal conductivity – the food in it cooks faster.

Devices with a round bottom are not suitable for a glass ceramic surface, as they have a small area of ​​contact with it. Discard also dishes with a rough bottom, embossed designs. If the burners on the stove are induction, then in this case ceramic dishes, brass, copper, glass and aluminum, will be useless. The bottom of special dishes for a glass-ceramic surface consists of several layers of different metals and their alloys.

Pan with lid

Care Features

To make the purchase last longer, you must follow the rules for caring for it. If you do not want blue stains to remain on the stove, do not use dishwashing detergent. Remove traces of water and lime, stains with a metallic sheen and splashes of grease should be done using conventional glass ceramic cleaners. If the stains are very strong, then select a cleaner for stainless steel products, making sure that they are not abrasive. Helpful hints:

  • It is necessary to clean the glass-ceramic surface regularly, it is better after each cooking.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners that scratch the sponge..
  • It is not recommended to use stain remover, aerosol for cleaning the oven, universal cleaning products and products for cleaning the bath.
  • If the food escapes, then quickly remove it from the hot heating zone, and remove the rest using a scraper.
  • To preserve the beauty and shine for a long time, choose dishes with a diameter that matches the size of the burner.
  • Keep your kitchen appliances hot and flat on the hob..

Spoiled hob

Rating of electric stoves with glass ceramics

Before making a choice in favor of a particular product, check out the list of well-known manufacturers whose products can really be trusted. You can buy a suitable glass ceramic plate in a specialized online store with mail delivery. And some of them often offer discounts. Well-known manufacturers:

  • Gorenje;
  • Bosch;
  • Hansa;
  • Beko;
  • Electrolux;
  • Indesit
  • Gefest.

Electric cookers in the store


Of the modern ceramic-ceramic electric hobs, the Gorenje brand has gained considerable popularity. If you are interested in buying a home appliance with a good burner power, take a look at the Gorenje EC 57341 AX. The stove has a display and electronic control:

  • model name: Gorenje EC 57341 AX;
  • price: 35,290 p.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 50x60x85 cm, burners – 4, control – electronic, oven volume – 56 l, color – silver;
  • pluses: there is a grill, lighting and a large selection of modes in the oven;
  • cons: no grease filter included.

Gorenje EC 57341 AX

The glass-ceramic surface of Gorenje EC 55301 AX has, unlike the previous version, a mechanical control. Such a purchase will cost a little cheaper:

  • model name: Gorenje EC 55301 AX;
  • price: 29950 r.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 50×60.6×85 cm, color – silver, oven volume – 46 l, control – mechanical, burners – 4;
  • pluses: there is a backlight, cooling fan, relatively inexpensive compared to the analogue;
  • cons: small oven.

Gorenje EC 55301 AX


The Bosch HCA744620 household electric cooker with a glass-ceramic worktop is an appliance with excellent build quality. Existence of the display does management convenient. Additionally, the equipment is equipped with a timer and a burner with an oval heating zone:

  • model name: Bosch HCA744620;
  • price: 60668 r.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 60x60x85 cm, control – mechanical, oven volume – 66 l, there is a grill, burners – 4 electric, 1 double-circuit, color – white;
  • pluses: excellent functionality, roomy oven;
  • cons: expensive.

Bosch HCA744620

If you are interested in buying a cheap device from Bosch, then you may be happy with the HCA644220. The electric stove, like the previous analogue, is equipped with a mechanical control and display:

  • model name: Bosch HCA644220;
  • price: 44290 r.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 60x60x85 cm, mechanical control, there are 4 electric and 1 double-circuit burner, oven volume – 66 l, color – white;
  • pluses: good feature set, good build quality:
  • cons: no.

Bosch HCA644220


An inexpensive option for modern kitchens is the Hansa FCCW53002 stove with a glass-ceramic surface, the heating elements of which heat up in a short time and conduct heat in the right direction. The device is equipped with mechanical control, but it does not have a watch. The oven door is hinged:

  • model name: Hansa FCCW53002;
  • price: 20090 p.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 50x60x85 cm, color – white, burners – 4, oven volume – 69 l;
  • pluses: there is a compartment for storing dishes, it is cheap;
  • cons: no timer.

Hansa fccw53002

Hansa FCCB68220 – an electric stove with a glass ceramic panel equipped with an electric grill. For ease of control over the set parameters, there is a display:

  • model name: Hansa FCCB68220;
  • price: 39290 r.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 60x60x85 cm, control – mechanical, burners – 4 electric, 1 double-circuit, color – brown, oven volume – 66 l;
  • pluses: there is a box for dishes, a timer;
  • cons: high cost.

Hansa fccb68220


Considerable popularity was gained by products of the Beko trademark. To save on buying a ceramic glass hob, look for a suitable option in large stores, as they often carry out sales and promotions. Inexpensive acquisition from Beko will be:

  • model name: Beko CS 47100 S;
  • price: 13990 r.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 50x50x85 cm, oven volume – 49 l, burners – 3 electric, 1 quick warm-up, control – mechanical, color – silver;
  • pluses: low cost, 5 modes of operation of the oven;
  • cons: not the highest quality.

Beko CS 47100 S

The following glass-ceramic electric stove is equipped with electronic control. There is a grill, convection, indicators of residual heat:

  • model name: Beko CSM 57300 GX;
  • price: 27790 r.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 50x60x85 cm, control – electronic, oven volume – 55 l, 4 electric hobs, color – silver;
  • pluses: there is a timer, good build quality;
  • cons: costs more than analog.

Beko CSM 57300 GX


Electrolux’s EKC 951300 W is a high-quality and relatively inexpensive home appliance that can help significantly simplify the cooking process. The electric stove has a convection function, which is organized by a fan. Thanks to this, the dish is baked evenly from all sides:

  • model name: Electrolux EKC 951300 W;
  • price: 22190 r.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 50x60x85 cm, control – mechanical, oven volume – 61 l, burners – 4 electric, 1 double-circuit, color – white;
  • pluses: there is a timer, good quality;
  • cons: lack of hours.

Electrolux EKC 951300 W

The stove with a glass-ceramic surface EKC 954508 X is equipped with a self-cleaning function for the oven. The device has a display, grill, and convection is organized in its oven:

  • model name: Electrolux EKC 954508 X;
  • price: 29990 r.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 50x60x85 cm, control – mechanical, oven volume – 63 l, burners – 4 electric, 1 double-circuit, color – silver;
  • pluses: practicality, good build quality;
  • cons: high cost.

Electrolux EKC 954508 X


Indesit I5VSH2A (W) glass-ceramic electric stove is a device with rotary switches and a mechanical control type. There is a grill, i.e. the function of cooking with the help of thermal radiation is an analogue of frying products on charcoal. The oven is equipped with lighting, thanks to which you can see the interior spaces without opening the door:

  • model name: Indesit I5VSH2A (W);
  • price: 21890 r.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 50x60x85 cm, control – mechanical, oven volume – 61 l, burners – 4 electric, color – silver;
  • pluses: the presence of a timer, a good build, functionality;
  • cons: no hours at this cost.

Indesit I5VSH2A (W)

Indesit’s I5V52 (W) is an electric cooker with a traditional oven cleaning method. The presence of an audio timer will simplify the cooking process:

  • model name: Indesit I5V52 (W);
  • price: 19990 p.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 50x60x85 cm, mechanical control, 4 burners, oven volume – 57 l, color – white;
  • pluses: timer, functional;
  • cons: no hours.

Indesit I5V52 (W)


The original acquisition will be Gefest 6560-03 0043 with an electric grill, display, clock, timer and rotary switches. The oven, like many other options, is equipped with a backlight. More information about the parameters of the plate:

  • model name: Gefest 6560-03 0043;
  • price: 28699 r.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 60x60x85 cm, control – mechanical, oven volume – 52 l, burners – 4 electric, 2 double-circuit, color – gray;
  • pluses: the presence of a timer, convection, drawer;
  • cons: not the most affordable cost.

Gefest 6560-03 0043

If you are more interested in electronic control, then Gefest 6570-04 0057 will be a good choice. The grill skewer is included in the package:

  • model name: Gefest 6570-04 0057;
  • price: 42290 r.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 60x60x85 cm, control – electronic, oven volume – 52 l, burners – 4 induction, color – black;
  • pluses: timer, convection, drawer;
  • cons: expensive.

Gefest 6570-04 0057

How to choose a glass ceramic plate

On sale you can find a large assortment of such devices, therefore, the question arises of how to choose an electric stove with a glass-ceramic surface. It is important to consider not only the dimensions of the stove or the diameters of the burners, but also some other points. The main selection criteria:

  • The control of the hob is independent of the oven and independent. In the first option, control is carried out directly from the panel, which is located on the body of the oven. Independents are more convenient because they can be installed separately in any place. In addition, the control is mechanical and touch. The latter are more convenient to use..
  • Type of burner. They can be rapid, halogen and induction. The first option is the simplest and most common. Induction is the dream of many housewives, because they instantly heat the bottom of the dishes.
  • Additional functionality. Pay attention to the presence of a timer, clock, convection, grill, etc..
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