How to choose a lifting device for people with limited mobility by type, place of use and cost

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Climbing flights of stairs is a whole test for wheelchairs, which should be facilitated by a special lift for the disabled: it helps to move on an inclined stepped surface, or to pass it completely. However, how to understand all the varieties presented in stores, and how serious the costs will be.?

What is a lift for the disabled

The constructions inherent in such an auxiliary tool have several types, but the essence remains the same: the lift is aimed at wheelchair users and persons temporarily experiencing mobility problems. It moves a person with or without an armchair in steps, indoors or outdoors. Automatically controlled models do not require external assistance.

Inclined stair lift for the disabled

Types of Hoists

Specialists share all existing devices of this type according to the type of drive on which they operate. After that, a breakdown can be made into groups by scope of application (in public buildings, transport, etc.). Wheelchair lift can be:

  • Hydraulic – the movement stops without jerking, but the speed is low, and the disabled person (without a chair) can only be raised to a small height. Hydraulic-type lifting gear technology not suitable for use on stairways.
  • Electric – it works quickly, there are almost no restrictions on the height of the lift. Disabled elevators based on electric drive.

Types of lifts for the disabled

According to the zone of use, experts distinguish stationary structures (they are expensive, not for home), represented by elevators, and mobile. The latter are either mobile lifts with which you can move anywhere, or compact designs that are useful in city apartments and transporting only a disabled person, without an armchair.


The mechanism of operation is like that of an elevator, the frame of the elevator is a metal cabin with a control button inside. The disadvantage is that such devices are mounted in the stairwell during the installation of elevators, or used on the street. A good option:

  • name: Invaprom A1;
  • price: negotiated;
  • characteristics: loading capacity – 410 kg, lifting height – 13 m;
  • pluses: has an eyeliner ramp, equipped with an automatic drive;
  • cons: large dimensions requiring outdoor installation.

Wheelchair Lift Invaprom A1

A cheaper option can be found at Vimec. The move line has a functional elevator, characterized by smooth operation and minimal noise level, which, if necessary, can be ordered by individual customer standards:

  • name: Vimec move 07;
  • price: from 70,000 p.;
  • characteristics: carrying capacity – 400 kg, lifting height – 9.25 m, travel speed – 0.15 m / s;
  • pluses: suitable for private homes, unpretentious to weather conditions, buttons have labels for the blind;
  • cons: not marked for consumers.

Wheelchair accessible lift Vimec move 07


If there are no built-in lifting devices on the stairs inside and outside the building, wheel mechanisms are used to move people in wheelchairs to help transport a person right away with the stroller. The most popular – PT lifts:

  • name: PT-Uni 130/160;
  • price: from 260,000 p.;
  • characteristics: rise – 10 steps / min., descent – 14 steps / min., loading capacity – up to 160 kg;
  • pluses: it is applied with any wheelchairs for disabled people;
  • cons: battery life is determined by the characteristics of the stairs.

Wheelchair for the PT-Uni 130/160 lift

If high load capacity is not required, or if a disabled person with an armchair weighs less than 130 kg, you can look at budget models. Among reliable lifts with low cost stands out this option:

  • name: Mercury + Puma Uni 130;
  • price: 185000 r.;
  • characteristics: carrying capacity – 130 kg, speed – up to 15 steps / min .;
  • pluses: it is compatible with all carriages, the charge cycle is calculated on 500 steps;
  • cons: dead weight – 37 kg, runs on batteries.

Wheelchair lift Mercury + Puma Uni 130


When elevators for disabled vertical movement cannot be added to the flight of stairs, experts suggest using inclined mechanisms that resemble a wide ramp. Of the domestic options, it is popular:

  • name: PTU-2 Potrus;
  • price: 89000 r.;
  • characteristics: the length of the path of movement of the platform – up to 10 m;
  • pluses: it comes with a control panel, it is easily mounted, the tilt angle does not play a role;
  • cons: delivery is carried out only in 6 cities of Russia (including Moscow and St. Petersburg).

Inclined street elevator PTU-2 Potrus

For a complex trajectory involving overcoming several flights of stairs, an inclined platform for the disabled will be more expensive and will be attached to wall guides. Experts advise such a domestic option:

  • name: Tolyatti NPP (Accessible medium);
  • price: from 319000 r .;
  • characteristics: carrying capacity – 260 kg, travel speed – 0.15 m / s, tilt angle – up to 45 degrees;
  • Pros: in a passive state, the device folds and retracts to the wall;
  • cons: the minimum width of the stairs for installation should be 0.98 m.

Lift Togliatti NPP (Accessible environment)


For narrow stairs, experts advise to look at the lifts in the form of a small chair with a back. Their only nuance is that they require the installation of guides on the wall or on the outside of the stairs. Popular Russian model from the Invaprom store:

  • name: Minivator 950;
  • price: 170000 r.;
  • characteristics: carrying capacity – 140 kg, travel speed – 0.15 m / s;
  • pluses: compactness, manual rotation of the seat can be performed by a disabled person;
  • cons: moves only along a straight path.

Chair lift in the house Minivator 950

If the issue of price is not acute for you, you can see an alternative version of the chair type. It is produced by the store of Russian lifting mechanisms “Invaprom”, the cost depends on the modification:

  • name: Van Gogh;
  • price: negotiable;
  • characteristics: remote control, the seat is equipped with seat belts;
  • pluses: movement on the stairs with turns is possible;
  • cons: the manufacturer does not specify the approximate boundaries of the price range.

Chair lift on remote control Van Gogh


Crawler-type lifts are convenient due to their versatility: they work even where there are no special devices. The principle of operation of mobile tracked models is similar to the principle of step-walkers, only the surface requirements are different. Among the caterpillar stairlifts in demand are:

  • name: Vimec RobyT-09;
  • price: per share – 222,000 r .;
  • characteristics: speed of 5 m / min., load capacity – 130 kg;
  • pluses: the battery lasts 8 hours, enough for 23 floors;
  • cons: on rounded steps you can not use.

Cordless Vimec RobyT-09 mobile lift

A good caterpillar lifting device for the disabled is also offered by the Italian company Sherpa. The key advantage of the model in small sizes and ease of maneuvering. The characteristics are as follows:

  • name: Sherpa N-902;
  • price: on sale at a discount – 198,000 p .;
  • characteristics: speed 3-5 m / min., load capacity – 130 kg;
  • pluses: caterpillar tracks back and forth, standby mode up to 5 floors;
  • cons: the minimum width of the stairs for use should be 0.9 m.

Mobile wheelchair lift Sherpa N-902


Stair steps are used only if there is help from an escort: the disabled person cannot cope with them. They do not move the chair, which is a subjective disadvantage, but they are convenient if the building does not have wide stairs and other lifts. A good option:

  • name: Escalino G 1201;
  • price: from 329000 r .;
  • Characteristics: movement speed – 12 steps / min., oriented to steps up to 21 cm high;
  • pluses: the battery lasts 18 floors, is suitable for all types of stairs;
  • cons: carrying capacity below standard – 120 kg.

The walking elevator Escalino G 1201

If you need an option with good quality, but at a lower cost, manufacturers are advised to take a closer look at the staircases for the disabled from Italian manufacturers. Shop “Invaprom” offers this option:

  • name: Yakc-910 (Italy);
  • price: 265,000 r .;
  • characteristics: movement speed – up to 18 steps / min., oriented to steps up to 22 cm high;
  • pluses: low cost, the possibility of landing in a wheelchair;
  • cons: no seats included.

The lifting device for wheelchairs Yack-910 (Italy)

Mini lift

This category includes the medical electric lift, devices for handicapped groups and wheelchairs in sanatoriums and other institutions. These mechanisms are designed to move over short distances only the disabled person. The best of them:

  • name: Standing-UP 100;
  • price: 120,000 p.;
  • characteristics: maximum lift – 1.75 m, load capacity – 150 kg;
  • pluses: availability of a remote control system, the platform is low;
  • cons: large dimensions of the device (1.1 * 1.03 m).

Mini-lift for small groups Standing-UP 100

There are few ceiling rail lifts in the market of goods for the disabled, so the choice is limited. Mostly they are made to order. Medical experts highlight this option, convenient in the hospital and at home:

  • name: Sherpa;
  • price: discussed individually;
  • characteristics: manual control, speed – 12 m / min .;
  • pluses: there is an emergency descent (mechanical);
  • Cons: it is difficult to find for sale, a specific price range is not specified, the rail system is ordered separately.

Disabled ceiling rail Sherpa

Mechanical lifts for the disabled

The simplest version of lifting devices has manual control – to start the movement you need the influence of an accompanying person, which is the main disadvantage. Even such a lift is not cheap to buy if it is not a simple mechanism for moving into the bath:

  • name: Canyo (Otto Bock);
  • price: 49000 r.;
  • characteristics: backrest tilt up to 40 degrees, mounts – suction cups, seat width – 71 cm;
  • pluses: seat height is adjustable from 6 to 45 cm, the presence of a protective system;
  • cons: width oriented to standard bathtubs.

Canyo Bath Lift (Otto Bock)

Of the mechanical options of a wide profile, universally available on sale, the Austrian is recommended for the house. It differs in small dimensions and ease of travel when traveling, the model features are as follows:

  • name: SANO PT Fold;
  • price: 352000 r;
  • characteristics: loading capacity – 160 kg, lifting speed – 18 steps / min .;
  • pluses: reduced wheel diameter for narrow stairs, the movement of a disabled person without a stroller, the structure is easy to fold and transport;
  • cons: can not cope with steps above 22 cm.

Wheelchair accessible lift SANO PT Fold

Electric lift for the disabled

High speed of movement, high carrying capacity and height are the pluses of the electric drive. The design carries out transportation only of a disabled person, therefore it is used indoors (remove a person from the bed, deliver to the bathtub, etc.). Experts advise:

  • name: Verticalizer (Russia);
  • price: 72000 r.;
  • characteristics: loading capacity – 150 kg, made of steel;
  • pluses: you can make a holder for individual sizes, the rear wheels are locked, the angle of the supports is adjustable;
  • Cons: large dimensions, not suitable for standard apartments.

Lift Verticalizer (Russia)

German companies also produce good lifting mechanisms for the disabled, adapted for people undergoing rehabilitation after injuries. More expensive, but richer in functionality will be the purchase of such a model:

  • name: Rebotec James 150;
  • price: 140,000 p.;
  • characteristics: loading capacity – 150 kg, lifting height – 1.51 m;
  • pluses: it can be used at the rehabilitation stage, emergency shutdown and close access to furniture are provided;
  • cons: suspension not included.

Wheelchair accessible lift Rebotec James 150

Hydraulically driven

The main advantage of this type of model is a smooth ride. Mostly they are used for public transport, moving a patient to a bath in a health institution, etc. The chair is not moved. Among the Russian-made lifts deserves attention:

  • name: CH-41.00 (Honey-Heart);
  • price: 36300 r.;
  • characteristics: loading capacity – 120 kg, lifting height from 0.85 to 1.55 m;
  • pluses: the angle of divorce of the supports can be changed, the wheels have a reduced diameter;
  • cons: carry separately.

Lift for cars or bathtubs SN-41.00 (Honey-Heart)

German-made lifts also deserve attention, but they are distinguished by their high cost, even among hydraulic models. If you are looking for an option that does not require additional buying parts, try a device from Titan GMBH:

  • name: LY-9900 Riff (Titan GMBH);
  • price: 59000 r.;
  • characteristics: loading capacity – 150 kg, lifting height from 90 to 210 cm;
  • pluses: a cradle in a set, the wheels have a brake function;
  • Cons: not specified by consumers.

The hydraulic elevator for disabled people of Titan GMBH

Platform lifting for disabled people

With vertical movement to a height of 2 m with a stroller, a platform without barriers is suitable for a disabled person. Such a mechanism is used as street stationary lifts – at home it does not make sense. Popular model of the lifting platform:

  • name: Potrus-001;
  • price: 60,000 r.;
  • characteristics: lifts 250 kg at a speed of 5 m / min., dimensions 90 * 100 cm;
  • pluses: folding platform, remote control;
  • cons: delivery of goods on a limited list of cities.

Outdoor wheelchair lifting platform Potrus-001

The Lithuanian platform has a similar configuration, which wins in terms of price and quality. If necessary, the manufacturer can offer to adjust the platform size to individual requirements. Classic model:

  • Title: Domas Puntukas;
  • price: from 69000 r .;
  • characteristics: lifts 225 kg at a speed of 6.7 m / min., dimensions 90 * 125 cm;
  • pluses: remote control;
  • cons: mounting only on concrete, does not work at temperatures below -15 degrees.

Lift at the entrance of Domas Puntukas

How to choose a lift for the disabled

The characteristics of the lifting mechanisms are similar – the load capacity ranges from 130 to 300 kg, the control almost always requires outside help (with the exception of vertical cabs), the price is determined by the functionality. For those who decide to buy a lift for the disabled, experts give some tips:

  • The dimensions of the platform (width) for the chair should start from 900 mm.
  • If the elevator for MGN does not move the chair, it must be accompanied by straps for the disabled.
  • The surface of the vertical lift must be ribbed..
  • Look out for tamper-proof devices.
  • Look for lock models on mobile staircases.
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