How to choose a sponge for washing windows on both sides with magnets – an overview of devices with characteristics and prices

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Is washing plastic windows still a lot of inconvenience? Then the special WindowWizard tool – a magnetic brush for washing windows inside and out – is made especially for you. Together with such a tool, cleaning will become easy, because washing the windows does not take much time. Using this cleaning device, you will no longer want to return to the old methods! Learn how to choose the right place and where to buy a window brush with a magnet, and no longer suffer from household chores.

What is a magnetic brush

A brush for washing windows on both sides is a novelty in the world of household goods. Today it has become popular, and all thanks to the fact that the special sponge is easy to use. It consists of two parts that are interconnected by magnets: this allows you to mount the device outside and inside the room, prevents it from falling. When moving on glass, all dirt is removed from the surface.

Two parts of such a thing are made of a special material that is durable. Inside there are foam strips and felt sections designed to erase the remaining moisture – they help to wipe off old and dried dirt.In addition to the magnets, the two parts of the sponge are interconnected by a special wire, a kind of mini-cable, which guarantees safety. If one slips during washing, it will protect it from falling. A magnetic window cleaning sponge is always sold with instructions; two spare foam elements are included in the package.

The principle of operation of such a device is very simple, and the sequence of actions is as follows:

  • The glass must first be moistened well on both sides with window cleaning detergents..
  • Next, separate the two parts of the glass cleaning brush..
  • After that, the sponge should be dipped in slightly warm water so that it absorbs moisture and was able to remove even the most old and stubborn dirt from the double-glazed windows.
  • Then you should place the brush on both sides – internal and external. After such manipulations, you can safely begin to wash your double-glazed windows.

The result of using a sponge with a magnet to clean windows will delight you. The main thing is that such a device is absolutely safe: you can rinse the glass thoroughly on each side, even if you are on the roof of a high-rise building. The brush does not require the use of additional items such as newspapers, napkins, toilet paper or a rag. Use this device yourself – and you will no longer need a window cleaner. But remember that the brush is not suitable for other interior items – you can’t clean the furniture with it..

Window brush magnetic brush

Buy magnetic brush for washing windows

For plastic double-glazed windows, manufacturers produce many brushes for washing windows. Sponges differ not only in the companies that manufacture them, but also vary in price, their characteristics and recommendations for use. Each such product has its pros and cons. To buy a brush for washing windows, you must find any appropriate online store.

You can fill out an application without breaking away from household chores, for this you need to devote only a few minutes to the process. The procedure for the sale and delivery is the same on almost all sites. After that, your new assistant for cleaning glass from dirt will come in the mail. Delivery is fast and cheap. Below is a mini overview of all existing double-jaw window cleaning models.


A magnetic brush will help to clean the glass in a matter of seconds, while you will not endanger your life, because you can wash a window without even protruding beyond it. Using such equipment, you will not only reduce time for cleaning, but also save money on calling employees of a cleaning company. Brief description of the manufacturer:

  • Model Name: WindowWizard.
  • Price: 1490 rubles. The cost may vary depending on the thickness of the magnets. In some online stores, promotions and sales are possible, analyze the search results before buying.
  • Characteristics: weight – 520 grams, the handle is made of plastic, and the working part of microfiber is a special material, size is 10.5x11x6.5 cm, foam rubber, magnets and a security cable are included.
  • Pros: environmental cleanliness of materials, window cleaning in the farthest corners.
  • Cons: can be used only on single-chamber double-glazed windows, the thickness of which does not exceed 2-3 mm.

Device brushes for windows Wizard


Such equipment is not used at home. The brush is suitable for cars, so that you can clean the windshields. With this tool, you can restore the effectiveness of the wipers. Janitors will work easier and better, as the surface will be cleaned even of long-dried dirt. Additional Information:

  • Model Name: WiperWizard Wiper Brush Restorer.
  • Price: 1000 rubles.
  • Characteristics: size – 24x16x6 cm, weight – 118 g, manufacturer – China, packaging – blister, included are napkins.
  • Pluses: compactness, the possibility of reusable use, efficiency, silent operation of janitors, environmental friendliness.
  • Cons: not found.

Instructions for use magnetic brush for windows Viper


The main difference of this magnetic brush is an affordable price. But this window cleaner is only suitable for single pane windows. The main characteristic:

  • Model Name: GlassWiper.
  • Price: 500 rubles.
  • Characteristics: size – 11.5×11 centimeters, manufacturer – China.
  • Pros: saving detergents and cleaners, safety of the washing process, reasonable price, halving the working surface, the presence of an insurance cable.
  • Cons: use on glasses that are not thicker than 4 millimeters.

Glass Viper Magnet Brush


A distinctive feature of this device is that it can be used on glass units of any thickness. The model itself consists of two parts, has a nice design and fits easily into the hand. Popular Product Information:

  • Model Name: Tatla.
  • Price: from 2490 rubles.
  • Characteristics: material – plastic, weight – 790 grams, manufacturer – Russia (Moscow), dimensions – 120x115x110 mm.
  • Pros: leaves no streaks, makes window cleaning safe, saves cleaning time, a variety of models.
  • Cons: high cost, the device needs expensive cleaning products, because of the dimensions it is impossible to wash the corners.

Tatla magnet brush and packaging

Double Sided Glass Cleaner

Such a magnetic brush is popular not only because of the affordable price, but also because of the presence of a variety of models and magnets. Short description:

  • Model Name: DoubleSidesGlassCleane.
  • Price: 500 rubles.
  • Characteristics: size – 115x110x70 millimeters, weight – 430 grams, material – plastic, regenerated cellulose.
  • Pros: there is a safety cord, a durable handle, low cost, rubber inserts for removing stains and polishing glass.
  • Cons: used only on single glasses up to two millimeters thick,

Double Glass Corner Magnetic Brush

Multiple Glass Units

This is ideal for those who want to quickly wash a double or triple glazing. And the structural features of this brush with a magnet will allow you to get to the farthest corners and clean the windows more carefully. Brief product description:

  • Model Name, Labeling: Multiple Glass Units Magnet Brush.
  • Price: from 4000 rubles, but there are sales and discounts.
  • Characteristics: size – 120×115 mm, weight – 570 grams, material – plastic, manufacturer – China.
  • Pros: the possibility of multiple use, washing windows from two sides, cleaning double and triple glazing up to 6 millimeters thick.
  • Cons: high cost of production, it is difficult to control the brush due to strong magnets, not suitable for washing windows with a thickness of less than 2 millimeters.

Three brushes for windows with a magnet Multiple

How to choose a magnetic brush for washing windows

When choosing a brush, you need to be clearly aware of your needs and correctly identify the price category. Decide where to buy a magnetic brush for washing windows. In addition, you must know the thickness of your glass, otherwise the magnets of certain models, which are designed for smaller millimeters, simply will not hold. The basic principles of selection are as follows:

  • If your glass is smaller or equal in thickness to about 5 mm, then the most ordinary and simple model, which is designed to work on thin surfaces, is enough. The price of such a device is not too high.
  • Glass from 0.5 to 1 centimeter, which is often installed on store windows or in doors, requires stronger magnets.
  • If the thickness of the glass unit is more than 4 centimeters, then you will need special equipment with reinforced magnets. Such a brush for washing windows on both sides at a price will radically differ from others, the cost will be decent. But it’s worth it, the double-sided window brush works.
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