How to choose a television antenna – an overview of indoor, satellite and digital with technical specifications

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In order for the antenna for the TV to work properly and not cause difficulties in working in the country or in the apartment, you need to choose the right indoor (indoor) or outdoor digital device. Several criteria are distinguished when buying a television antenna – signal strength, gain, activity. Explore famous appliance manufacturers, secrets to choosing and installing.

Types of antennas for TV

In Russia, a different signal level of television waves, so home antennas are highly sensitive, which ensures reception in almost any environment. Parabolic, indoor and outdoor antennas are distinguished, which are divided into several more categories. To receive a television wave without interference, you need an individual selection of type and power.

Roof Antennas


Parabolic television antennas are popular. They are distinguished by stability, high quality signal reception and an increased number of channels. This type of equipment consists of a receiver, a receiver for decoding, receives waves from a satellite, so the clarity of the image depends on the location of the unit and the TV.

Satellite TV antenna on the house

Direct focus

In this type, the converter irradiator “looks” below the horizon, which protects the signal receiver from negative atmospheric effects:

  • model name: MULTI Toroidal;
  • price: 1100 r.;
  • characteristics: diameter – 100 cm, reception from 16 satellites;
  • pluses: simplicity of addition of channels;
  • cons: the quality of receipt varies.

In a small house or in the country, a 60-cm satellite dish is useful, which costs a little more than the first:

  • model name: Triax TD-064;
  • price: 1300 r.;
  • characteristics: 60 cm;
  • pluses: resistance to precipitation, corrosion;
  • cons: the cost of satellite television channels is high.

For those who do not want to bother with a complex design, a ready-made set of satellite television is suitable:

  • model name: NTV +;
  • price: 7050 r.;
  • Features: interactive console, movie library;
  • pluses: decoding;
  • cons: there may be interference.

Straight focus antenna model Triax TD-064


The advantage of using offset antennas is a larger viewing angle and improved image quality:

  • model name: Supral;
  • price: 1400 r.;
  • characteristics: 80 cm;
  • Pros: anti-corrosion coating, wall bracket;
  • cons: no.

The following subtype, which is suitable for receiving any waves, is slightly larger in diameter:

  • model name: Universal;
  • price: 1200 r.;
  • characteristics: 90 cm, aluminum alloy;
  • pluses: compatibility with different TV sockets;
  • cons: no mount.

The third option for offset antenna will be a set of satellite television at an affordable cost:

  • model name: D-Color DCA-101;
  • price: 253 r.;
  • characteristics: sizes 30 * 20 cm;
  • pluses: compactness, power amplifier from the console, little noise;
  • cons: no.

Satellite TV Set D-Color DCA-101

Outdoor TV Antennas

If the buyer lives away from the TV signal transmitters, then outdoor elements will help strengthen the reception. Street options receive television waves up to 60 km from the transmitter. For the correct selection, you need to know the distance to the nearest tower, find out the need for amplification of the wave. To achieve a high-quality picture, it is recommended to install the unit at the highest point above the house.

Outdoor TV Antenna


The active antenna for TV is equipped with a special power amplifying device. This helps to increase the clarity of the picture of the TV with a far located TV tower:

  • model name: Funke ABM 3553;
  • price: 2300 r.;
  • Characteristics: 75 ohms, size 1.38 m;
  • pluses: works in difficult reception conditions, made of anodized aluminum;
  • Cons: large sizes, no cable and power supply.

A more accessible antenna is the following, characterized by design features:

  • model name: Cadena AV;
  • price: 1550 p.;
  • Features: Receive DVB-T / DVB-T 2;
  • pluses: there is a bracket;
  • cons: power via adapter.

Another popular affordable budget option will be the following long-range unit:

  • model name: Rexant ABM 3529;
  • price: 2064 p.;
  • characteristics: 68 cm;
  • pluses: there is protection against corrosion and ultraviolet radiation;
  • cons: no cable and power supply.

Active Antenna Funke ABM 3553


In the absence of obstacles, passive devices to the TV can be used, which are cheap and do not need amplifying equipment:

  • model name: GELLAN FULLBAND-15;
  • price: 1264 p.;
  • characteristics: up to 2700 MHz, 50 Ohms, parameters – 240 * 240 * 40 mm, operating conditions – wall;
  • pluses: vertical polarization;
  • cons: improves the signal at a distance of up to 10 km.

The second popular brand is the Dutch Funke, which is expensive, but justifies the parameters:

  • model name: Funke BM 4527;
  • price: 1413 r.;
  • specifications: 75 ohms, 685 mm;
  • pluses: anodized aluminum;
  • cons: no cable and power supply.

The third most popular among buyers of TVs is the Locus antenna, which is available at a cost, on sale with discounts:

  • model name: Locus L 021.12;
  • price: 1300 r.;
  • characteristics: range 55 km, 1.31 kg, 1.4×2 m;
  • Pros: ease of assembly;
  • cons: no wire.

Antenna GELLAN FULLBAND-15 per pack


A traditional TV antenna has a rod system consisting of metal half-vibrators:

  • model name: Jablotron AN-05 GSM;
  • price: 1428 r.;
  • characteristics: frequency 900-1800 MHz, cable length – 3 m;
  • pluses: magnetic base;
  • cons: there may be interference.

More expensive and high-quality – the goods of another manufacturer that produces dipole devices for TVs:

  • model name: ETS-LINDGREN;
  • price: 3144 r.;
  • characteristics: 80 MHz-2 GHz, parameters – 210x170x9 cm;
  • pluses: individual calibration, high gain;
  • cons: weight 4.5 kg.

The most expensive device in the collection is the one released by the manufacturer according to military standards:

  • model name: Narda RA-01;
  • price: 5000 r .;
  • characteristics: 9 kHz-30 MHz, weight – 1.5 kg, dimensions – 150x135x120 mm;
  • pluses: individual;
  • cons: too expensive.

Antenna Narda RA-01


This subtype is represented by one or several turns of wires connected in one frame, in the plane of which is the maximum intensity of the decimeter frequency range:

  • model name: Garmin 220;
  • price: 1490 p.;
  • characteristics: compact;
  • pluses: accepts any programs;
  • cons: delivery required.

A simple device is the following, which is a frame winding of a magnetic generating type:

  • model name: EMCO 7603;
  • price: 1000 r .;
  • characteristics: 20 Hz-50 kHz, 16 turns, diameter – 12, height – 8 cm;
  • pluses: individual calibration, linear polarization, weight – 0.5 kg
  • cons: not found.

A.H.Systems frame antenna for a TV – more affordable, easy to operate:

  • model name: A.H.SYSTEMS SAS;
  • price: 700 r .;
  • Characteristics: 1 kHz-30 MHz, 50 Ohms;
  • pluses: weight 1 kg, increased structural strength, network adapter and preamplifier included;
  • cons: battery principle.

A.H.SYSTEMS SAS Indoor Antenna


If the signal from the television center is high-quality, an internal pick-up device is suitable, which is more convenient than the external one by the installation method. Such options are cheap, suitable for any TV jack, transportable. Of the minuses – the complexity of image settings. There are analog, all-wave, broadband and narrowband varieties.

Indoor TV Antenna


This subtype is used to obtain a digital image. With it, you can achieve high-quality images:

  • model name: Funke Margon Home 2.0;
  • price: 1450 p.;
  • specifications: 170-240 MHz;
  • pluses: 3.5 m indoor cord;
  • cons: not equipped with outdoor cable.

The following antenna for the TV is more affordable, it can be ordered by mail by promotion:

  • model name: BBK DA 19;
  • price: 843 p.;
  • characteristics: receiving HDTV standards of on-air TV;
  • pluses: little noise;
  • cons: not found.

Funke Margon Home 2.0 Digital Antenna


From the name it follows that the devices accept all kinds of frequencies (decimeter, meter), they are called universal:

  • model name: Polish antenna Delta K331A.02;
  • price: 1092 r .;
  • characteristics: dimensions 280 * 680 * 120 mm;
  • pluses: acceptance of any TV programs;
  • cons: slight interference.

The domestic manufacturer is popular, the products are distinguished by a favorable cost and free delivery for orders of 3000 rubles or more:

  • model name: SPI 918;
  • price: 399 p.;
  • specifications: 75 ohms;
  • pluses: compact sizes;
  • cons: no.

Antenna Delta K331A.02 in the package


The fan or broadband subtype is set in suburban areas located far from the transmitter:

  • model name: Ramo Bas 5340 TV JET ANT-USB Horizon;
  • price: 580 r.;
  • characteristics: log-periodic;
  • Pros: powered by USB or receiver;
  • cons: works only in the zone of sustainable receipt.

The option installed on the ceiling can significantly enhance reception on any television waves:

  • model name: AO-700 / 2700-4;
  • price: 599 p.;
  • characteristics: weight 300 g, dimensions 185 * 100 mm;
  • pluses: dome;
  • cons: no wire.

Indoor Antenna Ramo Bas 5340 TV JET ANT-USB Horizon


This term refers to narrowly targeted options for TVs that capture a certain frequency, which reduces interference:

  • model name: Romsat AV-2845;
  • price: 600 p.;
  • characteristics: wire length 14 m, telescopic, material – aluminum;
  • pluses: not afraid of “wintering” in the country;
  • cons: size 1035 mm.

A cheaper device is a simple construction of a domestic brand, made of plastic, catching smaller channels:

  • model name: Vector-PL-1 K;
  • price: 450 r. on sale;
  • characteristics: 5-128 V, 75 Ohms;
  • pluses: 3 m wire;
  • cons: plastic, a short distance from the tower.

Narrow-band antenna Vector-PL-1 K

With amplifier

Indoor antennas with an amplifier for a TV will help you watch programs with a clear picture and a bright image:

  • model name: Delta Satellite in dvb-t2 DS 1000 format;
  • price: 1800 r .;
  • characteristics: resistance to sun exposure, installation on a mast;
  • pluses: built-in amplifier of a weak signal, catches – up to 80 km;
  • cons: not found.

The following building for a TV that accepts digital and analog television encodings will cost half the price:

  • model name: Selenga 101 A;
  • price: 843 p.;
  • Characteristics: cable length 1.2 m;
  • pluses: compactness, weight 300 g;
  • cons: plastic case.

Delta Satellite dvb-t2 DS 1000 antenna

How to choose a TV antenna

The choice depends on where the design is installed. The remote installation site is suitable for street ones with an amplifier, for urban apartments – narrowband, active rooms, for cars – frame. In villages and cottages it is better to install parabolic plates. The choice depends on the criteria of distance, price range, amplification factor.

Man sets up the TV

For auto

For high-quality reception of TV, radio, navigator, a combined GPS or GSM car unit is required. Parabolic will take all programs, but it will be expensive. Intra-cabin active all-wave structures are equipped with an amplifier, the external ones are passive, they need an extension cord. Among the shortcomings of the latter, corrosion resistance is noted..

Tv tuner in car

To give

To watch TV in the country, it is better to buy an active design and set it as high as possible. The kit should include an amplifying element and an adapter, you will need to purchase a coaxial cable for charging. The external type should be on the roof. If the TV tower is nearby, the internal device is suitable. To listen to the radio, purchase broadband.

Satellite dish on the wall of a private house


In a city apartment or country house, it is easier to install a room unit on a TV, if the relay is not more than 30 km. Otherwise, you have to set the external (active or passive) or digital with the tuner. It is better to choose the room rod (meter) or frame (decimeter signals): it is mobile, weighs less, is easily connected.

Portable antenna to the cottage

For digital television

Provide stable reception of weak messages and high-quality TV image parabolic collective antennas. They are distinguished by an expanded channel package, increased stability. When installing, it is necessary to take into account the location of the unit relative to the broadcast source. Choosing a plate is based on costs and opportunities.

Roof Antennas

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