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To extend the shelf life of products and improve their quality, different technologies are used. One of them is progressive and simple – evacuation. Meat, fish, vegetables are sealed in a dense bag, the maximum amount of air is removed from it, thereby preventing the growth of microorganisms. For this purpose, a special device was invented, a vacuum packer, which will be your faithful assistant and expert on the freshness and constant quality of savings products.

What is a vacuum sealer

For the life of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms favorable conditions are needed, the most important of which are heat and the presence of oxygen. With the advent of the refrigerator, people have increased the shelf life of products. Cooling and freezing help keep meat, fish, vegetables in a healthy condition. The use of vacuum technology helps not only protect food supplies from spoilage, but also preserve their trace elements and vitamins. In a vacuum, ready-made food is perfectly preserved. You can take it with you on the road, without fear of poisoning.

Household Vacuum Sealer and Food

Frozen foods during long-term storage destroy their original structure. This problem is easily solved by a vacuum food packaging machine. Freeze food pre-packed in vacuum bags. So the food will be preserved under ideal conditions, and after defrosting it will delight you with an appetizing appearance, pristine taste, a full range of vitamins. To do this, you need to buy an apparatus for vacuum packaging of products. Its value is more than paid for with stored food that you don’t have to throw away.


The compact vacuum packaging machine for the home can be horizontal or vertical (the second takes up less space in the kitchen). The household vacuum pump is equipped with a nozzle, a sealing tape, an electric pump, a warning system that provides light and sound signals. Put the food in a special bag, arrange the packaging according to the user instructions so that the nozzle is inside the container. Turn on the pump and wait for a signal to indicate that the vacuum is complete. Press the button that includes sealing.

Depending on the class, price, manufacturer, vacuum cleaners used at home may have minimal or advanced functionality. More expensive models have several packaging modes. They are able to vacuum soft, delicate, fragile fruits, vegetables, ready meals without damaging them. Included with some models are containers for pickling. In a vacuum, this process is faster and you can cook meat or fish for the barbecue in 10-15 minutes.

How can a vacuum packaging machine be used at home? Cutting meat, vegetables, fruit is perfectly preserved without air. Such packaging is convenient and safe to take with you to work, for a walk and even on a hike. Pack the sliced ​​sausage, cheese, meat with a plate. When guests arrive, serving refreshments will require a few seconds, and the slices will not dry out and will not weather. Vacuum packers can cook food at low temperatures using Sous Vide technology for a healthy diet.

Girl packs dough with a vacuum


Unlike household tubeless packers, an industrial product vacuum box is a solid unit. Still, it is designed for much larger volumes of packaging of raw materials, semi-finished products and ready-made dishes. The food placed in the bag, subjected to vacuum, is placed in the chamber, the edge of the container is located on the heating element, where the sealing line will pass. When you close the lid and press the “start” button, the packaging process starts automatically.

In the kitchen, at home, such a packer will look ridiculous. Its place is in manufacturing, fast food enterprises, kitchens, cafes, restaurants, supermarkets. It copes well both with increasing the shelf life of products of various types, as well as with packaging, giving a marketable appearance to semi-finished products, ready-made dishes for sale. The complete set of industrial vacuum cleaners often includes spare rubber seals, oil necessary for servicing the device, special inserts that reduce the size of the chamber if necessary.

Industrial packer

Buy vacuum packer

Vacuum storage of products helps to save, as it increases the shelf life of products and improves their taste. A review of the popular models of packers, their advantages and disadvantages, will help you buy a vacuum cleaner that will fully meet your requirements. You can get most of the considered models in online stores selling home appliances. In Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major cities of Russia, packers are widely represented in stores in Eldorado, Technosila, Technopark and others.


Oberhof Leere T-15 is an advanced model of a vacuum cleaner with an interesting design. Oberhof is a European brand of German origin. This means that the build quality of the vacuum cleaner is beyond praise.

  • Model Name – Oberhof Leere T-15
  • Characteristics -Works from a network 220V, power – 110 W, created vacuum (maximum) – 0.8 bar, “Auto / Stop” function – the vacuum device itself pumps out air and seals the package, “Stop” function – the ability to stop the vacuum device at any time.
  • Pros

The main features make it the most interesting:

  1. The function of pumping air not only from packages, but also from vacuum containers, for this purpose 2 special hoses for different container valves are included. This is a rarity, usually vacuum cleaners are always designed for one type of vacuum container and cannot work with another. At the same time, there are two most popular types of valves for containers on the market..
  2. There are 2 modes to choose from, dry and wet, everything is clear with dry, but wet allows you to vacuum foods with liquid, you can even pack meat with marinade, etc. Not all vacuum cleaners can handle wet products..
  3. 2 pressure levels: high and low, at low pressure even the most fragile products can be packaged without damage.
  4. Great for cooking with Sous Vide technology..
  5. Compact size, does not take up much space in the kitchen (360x150x76 mm).
  6. The kit includes a special stopper for evacuating bottles. For example, vacuum bottles of wine can be evacuated to preserve taste and aroma..
  7. The increased durability of a seam of sealing of packages and rolls.
  8. Original design with a beautiful corrugated cover.
  • Cons: not revealed

Vacuum Oberhof Leere T-15


This popular brand presents two models of vacuum packaging machines for household products..

  • Model Name – REDMOND RVS-M020.
  • Price – 4900 rubles.
  • Features –– 250 W vacuum sealer. Case material – high-quality plastic with stainless steel elements, touch control buttons, LED indicator. 2.5 mm thick seam.
  • Pros – Programs for hard and soft products, two types of packages included.
  • Cons – no way to evacuate containers.

Redmond’s second packer model has advanced functionality and costs more.

  • Model Name – REDMOND RVS-M021.
  • Price – 8900 rubles.
  • Specifications – A model similar to the previous one works with vacuum containers and bags..
  • Pros – There are three containers and a tube for evacuating them.
  • Not found.

Vacuum Sealer Redmond


The German company, established as an official distributor of several European brands, has been manufacturing kitchen appliances under its own name since 2003. Caso vacuum pumps are very popular in Germany and other European countries.

  • Model Name – CASO VC 10.
  • Price – 4500 rubles.
  • Specifications – 110 W vacuum electronic packer. Works with bags up to 28 cm wide. Has a stop button for vacuuming delicate products.
  • Pros – You can use a roll of film, there is a solder function without vacuum.
  • Cons – They are not. Great packer for this price range.

This Caso model is more powerful, more functional, more expensive. Great vacuum for those who choose the best.

  • Model Name – CASO VC 150.
  • Price – 12800 rubles
  • Features – a powerful packer (120 W), equipped with an electronic seam quality controller. It has a choice of welding modes for dry and wet products. There is a hose for working with vacuum containers.
  • Pluses – forms a double welding seam, compact, with a compartment for storage of a cord.
  • Cons – the packer is expensive, but the quality fully justifies the price.

Vacuum Caso Packer


Henkelman produces professional vacuum cleaners for business owners. Below are reviews of two popular units.

  • Model Name – Henkelman MINI ECO
  • Price – 70,200
  • Features –– This is an industrial packer. The width of the machine is 340 cm, the length is 515 cm, the height is 315. Power consumption is 40 watts. Forms a double seam.
  • Pros – Low operating noise. Very simple controls. For industrial equipment is not expensive.
  • No cons

The professional model Henkelman Jumbo 42 is the leader in popularity. It is compact, reliable, beautiful. Great helper in small food production.

  • Model Name – Henkelman Jumbo 42
  • Price – 205,000 rubles.
  • Features – stainless steel packer with low voltage control system. Has a high class of electrical protection. The fluid from the pump is automatically discharged..
  • Advantages – modern design, reliability and safety. High performance. The strong, high-quality seam solders.
  • Cons – brand packer, it is perfect.

Henkelman vacuum

Zigmund shtain

Among the kitchen appliances, which the German company Sigmund Stein specializes in, special attention is paid to packers. Sealed vacuum bags made with a household appliance of this brand look professional and keep products perfectly.

  • Model Name – Zigmund & Shtain Kuchen-Profi VS-505.
  • Price – 8400 rubles.
  • Specifications – black-gray household packer, suction speed 12 liters per minute, power 170 W.
  • Pros – the film container is located inside the case, it is very convenient. Stylish, beautiful device. Vacuum containers included.
  • Cons – not detected.

The model, which has all the advantages of Sigmund Stein, but which is somewhat cheaper due to the lack of vacuum containers, is described below.

  • Model Name – Zigmund & Shtain Kuchen-Profi VS-504.
  • Price – 4800 rubles
  • Characteristics – the device has a gray plastic housing, with a motor suctioning at a speed of 9 liters per minute. Maximum bag width – 30 cm.
  • Pros – modern design, low noise, included vacuum hose.
  • Vacuum containers will have to be purchased separately.

Sigmund Food Packer


A high-quality packer from Gochu, a Korean company, will be a successful purchase for your kitchen. It has several useful advantages at a low price..

  • Model Name – GOCHU VAC-470.
  • Price – 6800 rubles.
  • Specifications – Power 130 W, suction speed 18 liters per minute. There are full and incomplete vacuum modes. The packer can work with vacuum containers.
  • Pros – thoughtful unusual design of the case.
  • Cons – containers and vacuum hose not included.

Apparatus for vacuum packaging Gocha


Vama small industrial packers are created for work in workshops for food processing, manufacturing of semi-finished products, sausages. They are actively used in catering.

  • Model Name – Vama VacBox 300.
  • Price – from 100,000 rubles.
  • Product specifications – Packer for medium loads, designed for a five-hour shift with breaks. Case and chamber material is stainless steel. The length of the weld strip is 300 mm. Overall dimensions – 395x490x360 mm.
  • Pros – reliability and ease of management. Warranty from the manufacturer – 5 years.
  • Cons – not designed for long-term operation during the day.

Vama offers a more powerful packer model for shift work.

  • Model Name – Vama VacBox 450.
  • Price – 130,000 rubles.
  • Specifications – a device with dimensions of 645x620x435 mm and a welding strip length of 420 mm. The duration of the vacuum cycle is 35-50 seconds.
  • Pros – powerful, reliable, safe. Touch control, intuitive.
  • Cons – massive, consider overall dimensions.

Wama Packer

How to choose a vacuum packer

To purchase a device that will become your reliable assistant, decide what is expected of it. When buying equipment for a cafe, restaurant or a small production workshop, choose industrial single-chamber vacuum cleaners. Depending on the expected workload, determine the power, parameters and volume of the model’s camera. Any household appliance will not cope with production loads, will quickly fail.

For the kitchen, inexpensive tubeless packers are suitable. The principle of choice is the same: decide how the device will be used. If you need evacuation of meat, fish, cheese to increase the shelf life – any vacuum cleaner with a minimum set of functions is suitable. Pack berries, mushrooms, vegetables before freezing? Check that the device has a program for evacuating soft and fragile products. Are you going to pickle meat often? You need a packer with vacuum containers and a hose kit.

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