How to choose an artificial lawn in the interior or at the cottage – types of coverings, description of the best and cost

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It is not the first year that a lawn or grass roll has been used to decorate the territories of Moscow, because artificial grass is a very convenient tool for creating an ideal and durable floor covering. The effect of “landscaping” is achieved through the use of green polyethylene fibers, which, thanks to special laying technology, have a long service life. You can purchase artificial grass directly from the manufacturer or cataloged in online stores.

What is artificial grass

Plastic grass is an imitation of natural lawn cover, made of polyethylene and rubber base. The production of such flooring is widespread throughout Russia; the cheapest products from Optilon are in the greatest demand. Lawn flooring can be seen in open areas for golf, near pools and in areas designated for sports. Some varieties of carpet have drainage systems for water drainage, so that during irrigation residual moisture will not accumulate on the surface.

Lawn cover

To ensure the maximum level of comfort during training in various sports, artificial grass is used. This invention greatly simplified the process of servicing modern football fields and tennis courts, which allowed players to fully concentrate on the game. At low temperatures, the service life of a plastic lawn will reach fifteen years, but such wear resistance is extremely rare. Monofilament products do not differ in high strength, because of which there is a need for replacement every 5-7 years.

Grass Coating

Unlike backfill, the quality of which in most cases leaves much to be desired, applications with high pile density are much more often used in construction and landscaping. Artificial grass in rolls has several important advantages, which allows the use of coatings both indoors and outdoors. Buying plastic grass at a low price will soon disappoint you with the lack of proper strength in high temperatures. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase only high-quality goods in trusted stores..

Artificial grass in rolls

Carpet Artificial Grass

Sale of plastic flooring is carried out not only for country estates and outdoor terraces, delivery to private houses or sports complexes is no less successful. The use of lawns as a decorative element of rooms is widespread in interior design. With the help of plants and figures of different shapes, even a complex project can be realized, and green carpets are the logical conclusion to the work done. Products adapted for office premises are produced, as natural elements have a beneficial effect on human well-being..

Grass for decor

In the process of decorating the garden, complex sections often occur that require the use of universal unpretentious materials. In such cases, plastic coating is an indispensable attribute of landscape work, since the further implementation of the project without the use of alternative devices is impossible. Lawn grasses are spread on hard-to-reach places for processing or polyethylene plants are planted. High-quality products to the touch are much softer than cheap analogues, however, the cost of such coverage is more expensive.

Where is the artificial turf used?

Depending on the strength and quality characteristics, artificial grass can be used in several areas. The most common niche is landscape design, since the use of plastic lawns simplifies the front of work. In addition to decorating the gardens, the flooring serves as a cover for playgrounds, stadiums or leisure parks. Such products are adapted to mechanical stress and do not deform under the weight of the human body. Wash lawns with a special shampoo.

For a football field

Natural coating for football fields has long been considered an indestructible ideal. However, over time, due to difficulties in operation and maintenance, it was decided to use alternative materials. The first lawn coating was made of nylon and surpassed the characteristics of many modern plastic products:

  • name: Vanilla Grass bush;
  • characteristics: height 25 cm, color green, in the package 24 hives;
  • price: 415 rubles;
  • pluses: versatility;
  • cons: full soil insulation.

Now this material is almost never used, it was replaced by cheaper and more practical products from polyethylene. The substance is better than others for Russian climatic conditions and has such important indicators as durability and wear resistance:

  • name: Pennisetum;
  • characteristics: height 58 cm, color green with pink, in the package of 6 bushes;
  • price: 1895 rubles;
  • pluses: the possibility of placement in hard-to-reach areas;
  • cons: the earth does not breathe.

Football pitch

In the interior

For rooms and buildings, carpet of different colors is mainly used. The product fits perfectly into the interior and enlivens the room, in addition, the carpet does not require constant care:

  • name: Papyrus;
  • characteristics: height 150 cm, color green, in packing 2 bushes;
  • price: 4965 rubles;
  • pluses: natural shade;
  • cons: does not produce oxygen.

With the help of green “islands” you can hide the “problem” places or make bright color accents. Sometimes the interior details are decorated with a plastic coating, which looks very original:

  • name: Fox tail;
  • characteristics: height 120 cm, color green with yellow, 2 bushes in the package;
  • price: 5728 rubles;
  • pluses: saving water and fuel;
  • cons: dyes include lead.

Artificial grass in the interior

Artificial grass for garden

When choosing a cover for a summer residence, pay attention not only to how much an artificial turf costs, but also carefully study the existing options. Before buying, be sure to feel the pile – it should be soft and elastic:

  • name: lime;
  • characteristics: material polypropylene, color green, sizes 200×100 cm;
  • price: 640 rubles;
  • pluses: it is easier to create grass stairs;
  • cons: the material is not recyclable.

The color of the flooring also plays an important role, matte models with natural shades should be preferred. Such a lawn is of better quality and will last several times longer:

  • name: Greenland;
  • characteristics: villi height 7 mm, roll length 25 m, color green;
  • price: 324 rubles;
  • pluses: suitable for the formation of decorative carpets;
  • Cons: Heats up very much in the sun.

Artificial Lawn Lime

For landscape design

Using different types of plastic lawn coverings, you can create unique landscape compositions. Multi-colored products are very popular, the characteristics of such a model are presented below:

  • name: Artificial red grass;
  • characteristics: villus height 20 mm, roll length 25 m, color red;
  • price: 749 rubles;
  • pluses: exotic bright colors;
  • cons: fading or warping of the material under the influence of surfaces reflecting the sun’s rays.

Artificial grass is the best assistant for creative designers, because for its application it is not necessary to take into account the specifics of the terrain or the type of soil:

  • name: Artificial pink grass;
  • characteristics: villi height 20 mm, roll length 25 m, color pink;
  • price: 749 rubles;
  • pluses: does not demand special leaving;
  • cons: high cost.

Artificial grass red


Nature lovers will love the green corner in their own apartment, and modern technology will help to realize any idea. To design a living room, the following option is ideal:

  • name: Artificial Grass Mat Gress Tall;
  • characteristics: height 5 mm, color green, diameter 25 cm;
  • price: 130 rubles;
  • Pros: safe for allergy sufferers;
  • cons: additional installation costs after purchase.

A carpet that imitates the structure of a natural lawn is used to create a small area for mini-golf or any other active game in the house:

  • name: Artificial Grass Mat Toch;
  • characteristics: height 5 mm, color green, diameter 25 cm;
  • price: 130 rubles;
  • pluses: you can walk barefoot or lie down without fear of insect bites;
  • cons: you need to wean pets to cope with the lawn.

Artificial flooring Grass Toch

For the playground

Plastic flooring also looks very impressive in the play area, so that the child feels more freely even within the apartment:

  • name: Artificial Grass Oryson Grass Summer;
  • characteristics: pile height 7 mm, roll width 2 m, color green;
  • price: 675 rubles;
  • pluses: no fertilizers and pesticides are needed;
  • cons: low-quality synthetic material.

The weather does not always allow you to play outside, and children get bored for a long time sitting in one place. You can entertain your kids on a cloudy or snowy day with the help of a small green “island” in the room where they will feel just like in nature:

  • name: Artificial Grass Orotex Soft Grass;
  • characteristics: pile height 20 mm, roll width 4 m, color green;
  • price: 960 rubles;
  • Pros: Water drains faster after rain;
  • cons: environmentally unsafe product.

Reverse side of the artificial grass Orotex Soft Grass

Buy artificial grass

There are several ways to buy artificial turf: directly in the store or order online. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, when buying “live” you can study the product in more detail, which is more difficult to do through the Internet. However, you will have to go around more than one store to make a choice, but on the sites on the network there is a huge variety.

The price of lawn cover and related products is about the same everywhere, but on the Internet are very often found very advantageous offers. Nevertheless, when shopping online, there is always a risk of fraud, which can be avoided by purchasing plastic products in a company store. Based on the foregoing, the most reasonable solution is to buy a lawn only from well-known manufacturers who value their reputation. The same applies to acquiring goods from acquaintances or close friends, whose honesty you have no doubt.


A skillful combination of polymers has allowed modern brands of lawn flooring to create a very natural imitation of natural flooring. A huge number of varieties of carpeting, flooring and backfill were released, not to mention plastic plants and bushes. The most popular companies on the market are Kalinka, Domo Sports Grass and JUTAgrass. This three has taken a leading position in the production of carpets, most often in demand are models such as Lime, Varioslide S pro, DuraForce.


European manufacturers do not lag behind our compatriots in the process of creating polyethylene grass flooring. Among other companies, the Dutch manufacturer Avalon stands out, whose products are represented by the widest line of various products. This product has all the necessary quality certificates and is characterized by increased wear resistance. The most popular models are San Siro and Copa, because they are of high quality and robustness..

Main color

Everyone knows how certain colors affect the psycho-emotional state of a person. Therefore, manufacturers of grass floors cultivate green as an associative element to give a good mood. Pleasant memories associated with spring or summer revitalize the atmosphere and promote productivity. The most popular are natural shades that are as close to natural as possible. These criteria are met by the Orotex Soft Grass and Greenland line of plastic products.

Artificial grass on a rubberized coating

Pile length

To accomplish the task, the designer may need a coating with both long and short pile lengths; Orotex Soft Grass and Greenland have such models. The first option is suitable for landscape decoration – in such places people rarely go. Products with a long pile are more similar to a natural lawn than products with a short pile. However, under certain conditions, the presence of such a carpet will not be appropriate. This applies to areas intended for constant walking. For example, paths in parks, summer terraces, areas near cafes or pools.

In such places, the flooring is subjected to constant load, so a short-pile coating will be the best choice. This flooring has several advantages, the main of which is the low price. Accessibility and ease of maintenance of lawns has made grass flooring a favorite of restaurant owners and summer recreation areas. The stiffer the pile, the higher the strength characteristics of the product. However, such a product looks more like a brush than a natural lawn.

Artificial lawns – which one to choose

A large selection of plastic grass coatings creates additional difficulties during the purchase. Before you buy a lawn, you must carefully familiarize yourself with all the samples available in the store. The appearance and material of manufacture will help to understand what a particular model is. So, if the product is hard to the touch and has a shine, then the product belongs to an inexpensive budget niche. This coating is best suited for decorating decorative areas..

Pay attention to the height and thickness of the flooring, since this factor can bring unnecessary trouble. Artificial cover does not need to be trimmed and this should be considered when choosing a ground cover. In addition, the shorter the pile, the cheaper the purchase. The density of the product helps to hide defects, therefore, if possible, it is recommended to purchase a lawn with a maximum number of beams per square centimeter. In addition to flooring, you should buy a filler, in total there are two types: rubber crumb and sand.

These materials are used as additional protection in traumatic situations and help to fix the carpet. In order not to run into a fake, ask the consultant to provide a quality certificate – this will protect you from scammers. When placing an order, ask for a guarantee from the seller – only quality products will last for many years. Below are the popular models:


Product Name




Price, p.


Vanilla Grass

height 25 cm,

Green colour,

in packing 24 bushes


complete soil insulation




height 58 cm, color green with pink,

6 bushes per pack

natural shade

does not produce oxygen




height 150 cm,

Green colour,

in packing 2 bushes

saving water and fuel

dyes include lead



Fox’s tail

height 120 cm,

color green with yellow,

in packing 2 bushes

easier to create grass stairs

material is not recyclable




polypropylene material,

Green colour,

sizes 200×100 cm

suitable for forming decorative carpets

Heats up very much under the sun


How to stack

There is no need to hire professionals to lay the lawn; the process will take no more than a couple of hours of free time. It is not difficult to cover the ground with grass, but you will have to tinker with asphalt. On a concrete base you need to put a special substrate under the lawn to make the surface of the earth perfectly flat. If you are dealing with soil – laying artificial grass will require additional leveling and tamping of the soil, followed by clearing the area. Once this stage is completed, you can lay the rolls and fasten them together with glue.

Next, you need to draw a border, for which the edge of the coating is attached to it using adhesives. At the very end, the lawn is backfilled with quartz sand, the amount of which is determined based on the type of flooring. For semi-filled models less sand is required than for filled options. The process should only be carried out in dry weather. After that, rubber or rubber granulate is poured onto the lawn. At the final stage, the coating is thoroughly combed with a rake and all excess garbage is removed to prepare the product for operation.

Artificial grass – photo

The artificial lawn laid on a site

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