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A pet kept in a home requires constant care. The main issue concerns the preservation of cleanliness of the home. If your favorite animal is a cat, then the primary task in caring for it is the organization of a toilet. Make sure that the cat does not contaminate everything around, the filler for the cat’s toilet will help, which will solve problems with hygiene, you just need to choose its type.

What is cat tray filler

More recently, the cat’s toilet was sand poured into a tray or cut paper pieces. Modern industry quickly adopted a new direction for production, and a special tool was invented that copes with the task many times better than sand. It consists of small granules that mimic the natural environment and do not cause feline rejection in representatives of the cat family. Granules are made from materials that absorb it after a liquid gets in, and some even absorb odor.

Cat tray pellets

Granule Sizes

Fillers for cat toilets differ in granule size, which is convenient when choosing products for small and adult individuals. After wetting, the granules can change size or are collected in lumps. In this case, the entire composition is not required to be changed, you just need to throw out the crumpled elements. The size of the granules (their photo can be seen on the packaging) is chosen, focusing on age, coat length, sensitivity. If you have a kitten or an adult with sensitive skin, choose small granules. For long-haired cats it is better to take a filler of large or medium sizes.

Granules filler and centimeter

Which cat litter is better

Fillers for cat litter are divided into two main types: clumping and absorbent. They absorb moisture in different ways and will take different time to clean. Any of the species can be made of sawdust, silica gel granules, minerals. The main difference is that the lumped product after use is collected in lumps that will have to be thrown away immediately, and the absorbent product absorbs moisture and crumbles, which does not require daily replacement.

Different types of cat litter


According to manufacturers, this type of mixture should absorb moisture and turn into lumps. The owner will have to clean them together with solid waste daily, supplementing the tray with the right amount of granules. Problems with the fact that the product does not cope with the task, that is, does not absorb moisture, but passes it to the bottom of the tray, due to improper use. It is important to pour only 8-10 centimeters of the composition so that it can turn into lumps in time and eliminate the smell.



Economical consumption for one pet

Not suitable for use when keeping two or more cats, as it does not have time to dry out, is carried around the house on the legs of a pet

It masks odor well

Daily cleaning required

Provides convenient cleaning

Quality clumping cat litter is expensive

Safe because it is made from natural materials.

Like most cats, due to the fact that it is similar to the natural environment

Suitable for little kittens

Clumping tray filler and paddle

Absorbent filler

The principle of operation of this type of mixture is completely different. It does not change structure after use, but also absorbs moisture and retains odors. Change the contents of the tray as a whole after it is completely wet. The cat herself will let you know about this when she refuses to go to the dirty toilet. This filler is chosen by the owners who have several pets and those who do not want to mess with the cat’s toilet every day.



No need to change tray contents daily

Bad smell

Good odor neutralization

Many cats refuse to go to the tray, although the composition is only half soiled

Low price

There are varieties made from special substances that are suitable for kittens.

One serving may last 10 days with one cat.

Absorbent cat litter

Types of Cat Fillers

Pet stores can offer you about eight varieties of cat litter. They differ in price, manufacturing materials, absorbent properties. One tool can last for a month without any replacement, another will have to be changed a couple of times a week. In addition to the financial capabilities of the owner, you will have to pay attention to the needs of the pet.


One of the best-selling cat tray products is mineral fillers. They are made from pieces of clay. The average price is 100 rubles per kilogram. When choosing, build on the following features:

  • Pros: absorbs moisture perfectly, forming lumps that are easy to clean, reasonable price.
  • Cons: it does not cope well with the smell, it emits fine dust, sticks to cat’s paws, spreads around the house, cannot be washed off into the sewer, not suitable for kittens.

Mineral filler in the tray

In clay granules

This type of product is available in two types: clumping and absorbent. The best grades are made from bentonite clays, which swell from moisture. When buying, you need to pay attention to the size of the granules. Large pellets can injure your pet. Small and medium grains are suitable for kittens. The cost varies from 50 rubles per 1 kilogram. Packaged in 3, 5, 10 kg. When choosing, consider:

  • Pros: natural product, a large number of species, like cats due to the similarity with ordinary land, suitable for kittens.
  • Cons: when using and filling the tray, dust can rise, it is partially carried around the house by the paws of animals.

Clay pellet cat litter

Wood clumping

These products are compressed wood pellets from sawdust. Coniferous trees are mainly used in the manufacture. Cats easily get used to this type of product. It is considered one of the most environmentally friendly. The mixture will cost owners of pets about 100 rubles per 1 kilogram. When choosing, pay attention to:

  • Pluses: environmental friendliness, a pleasant smell of needles that animals like, can be thrown into the sewers, suitable for kittens.
  • Cons: the only drawback is that small particles of sawdust can be carried around the house.

Lumpy wood litter cat litter in two containers

Silica gel

One of the latest developments is silica gel filler. It is made of polysilicic acid, the photos show that it is a cloudy white interspersed balls. It costs from 190 rubles for 3.8 liters. This product has the following features:

  • Pros: changes once or twice a month, harmless, prevents the spread of odor, quickly absorbs moisture, always remains dry, bacteria do not multiply in it, does not spread, does not dust.
  • Cons: high cost, makes a crispy sound that repels many pets, the sound can annoy people, especially when distributed at night, can be dangerous for kittens when they enter the esophagus.

Silica gel filler in the tray


Another material for making cat litter is corn cobs. A corn filler is made from their finely porous core. This species is similar to woody, but on sale is much less common and costs more. The initial price is about 160 rubles per 1 kg. When choosing, build on the following data:

  • Pluses: perfectly absorbs moisture, odors, natural materials, economical.
  • Cons: very light, due to which it is easily scattered around the tray, has a specific smell that the animal may not like.

Corn cat litter

How to use cat litter

Cat litter is easy to use. It is necessary to pour into the tray an even layer of the mixture with a height of 5-10 centimeters. Some manufacturers may indicate the exact amount of the mixture to be observed. Then the product correctly absorbs moisture and forms a lump. The clumpy appearance is cleaned daily, removing hardening and solid excrement. Then add a new portion. The absorbent appearance changes completely as it becomes soiled (once every 5-10 days). The tray is washed thoroughly before replacing. Some products may be flushed to the toilet; others may be thrown away.

Cat litter tray with filler

How to choose

Often, owners of furry pets have to try more than one type of mixture for the tray, before you find the best option for convenience and suitable for the cat itself. Each composition has its own characteristics. Mixtures differ in their ability to absorb moisture, retain odors. They can be hypoallergenic, aromatic. You should pay attention to these indicators when choosing a filler..

Moisture absorbing ability

The best ability to absorb moisture is observed in clumping mixtures. They do not just absorb it, but form a solid lump that does not crumble and does not stain a clean product. The leader in this area is silica gel filler, which remains completely dry for a long time. Wood and corn formulations perform no worse, but they crumble and require frequent replacement.

Type of filler before and after interaction with liquid

Odor Absorption and Retention

In the fight against the unpleasant odor of a cat’s toilet, the owners are ready to go to great lengths, including not skimp on expensive mixtures, which differ in their ability to neutralize odors. Mixtures made from chemical compounds lead again in this parameter. More natural species, due to their natural qualities, eliminate unpleasant aroma worse, and a mixture like corn in itself has an unpleasant odor.

Cat litter in bag and spatula

The ability to flush the toilet

For many owners, the ability to flush used filler into the toilet is critical. You do not have to bother with a garbage bag if you buy wood, corn products. Manufacturers warn that the used mixture should be sent to the toilet in small portions to avoid blockages. Minerals do not belong to this number. It is forbidden to wash them down the sewer.

Instructions for using cat litter

The presence of flavor

Such a technique as flavoring a cat litter mix is ​​used by many manufacturers. This is one way to deal with unpleasant odors, but often it leads to the opposite result. Many pets simply refuse to go to a pleasantly smelling tray. If even the package attracts you with the words “with the smell of lavender” or another popular plant, do not rush to purchase such a mixture. Your cat may not appreciate the noble scent.

Flavor cat litter


Safety for the health of the pet will be ensured by those mixtures that are made from natural materials, such as wood chips, corn cobs, clay. The silica gel product loses in this regard, although it is positioned completely harmless. Allergies can be caused even by those natural materials that are raised when using a cloud of dust, because the cat will have to inhale it.

Hypoallergenic cat litter


The most economical is the mixture for trays of mineral components. Next is woody. Silica gel products and corn are expensive. When buying, you need to consider not only the cost of packaging, but the frequency with which you have to empty the tray. So, expensive silica gel mixtures turn out to be cheaper than others, because they require replacement only 1-2 times a month, and wood, for example, will have to be replaced every three days if your cat refuses to go to an already soaked, although still suitable, filler.

Cat tray bag

Cat litter rating

One of the first in the line of popular products of this category is Fresh Step Extreme Clay cat litter. Buyers note that it does not cause rejection in cats:

  • name: Fresh Step Extreme Clay;
  • price: 1498-1768 p.;
  • characteristic: 15.8 kg, clay, absorbent, antibacterial, protects against odor;
  • pluses: flushed to the toilet, easy to clean;
  • cons: not detected.

In second place is N1 Crystals. This is a silica gel filler, one package of which is enough for a long time:

  • name: N1 Crystals;
  • price: 1845-1925 p.;
  • characteristic: volume of 30 l, absorbent, silica gel, protects against odor, hypoallergenic,
  • pluses: well holds moisture, does not stick to paws;
  • cons: very dusty.

Third place is Catsan Hygiene Plus. He is chosen when a small kitten appears in the house:

  • name: Catsan Hygiene Plus;
  • price: 392-836 r.;
  • characteristic: absorbent volume of 10 l, consists of chalk, silica sand, has unique antibacterial properties, protects from smell;
  • pluses: suitable for a small kitten, micropores perfectly absorb odor and clog up moisture;
  • cons: not detected.

In fourth place in terms of customer demand is Cat Step Cat Litter. It is purchased in small volumes, since it does not require frequent replacement:

  • name: Cat Step;
  • price: 240-304 p.;
  • Feature: 3.8 L, silica gel, absorbent, odorless, hypoallergenic, for long-haired cats;
  • pluses: perfectly absorbs a large amount of moisture and smell;
  • cons: not detected.

Another tool that cat owners prefer to buy for their pets is Pi-Pi-Bent Classic. This filler is made of natural material:

  • name: Pi-Pi-Bent Classic;
  • price: 399-589 p.;
  • characteristic: 10 kg, clumping clay, protects from the smell of cat urine;
  • Pros: prevents the spread of bacteria;
  • cons: not detected.

Fresh Step Cat Litter

Where to buy cat filler

The easiest way to buy cat litter is in one of the many online stores. They provide a wide range of products at affordable prices, where detailed specifications, photos are indicated, which will facilitate your choice. Delivery is free and paid. The first ones in the list are stores: UniZoo, Zoo1, ZOOshef, Magizoo. You can personally visit the chain of stores “Four Paws”, “Beethoven”, Zoo City and others.

Website of UniZoo Online Store

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