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The electric infrared ceiling heater, according to reviews that satisfied customers leave, is suitable for use at home and in the country. The most popular model is considered to be a thermostat, which allows you to set the desired temperature for heating the air in the room. For the right choice, you should familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of the device.

What is an infrared ceiling heater

A device called an infrared ceiling heater is a convenient modern device that works on the basis of long-wave radiation. Recommended for use in industrial and residential premises. The developers took the principle of solar energy as a basis – infrared rays pass from above through the air, reflecting off objects and returning heat.

Like any household appliances, infrared ceiling heaters have pros and cons, which are reflected in their characteristics. Strengths include:

  1. Environmental friendliness. Rays do not harm humans and animals, do not dry the air.
  2. Saving electricity. Fast heating helps reduce energy consumption.
  3. Easy to install. Easy to connect and use..
  4. Convenience. Not only air is heated, but also all objects in the room.
  5. Duration of action. After turning off heat from objects continues to heat the room.
  6. Safety of use. The panel is out of the reach of young children and is equipped with an emergency shutdown system when overheating.
  7. Long service life. With proper operation, it will last up to 10-12 years.

The disadvantages of the infrared emitter are insignificant:

  1. It is fixed stationary, after that it is impossible to move.
  2. The cost of an infrared heater is more expensive than an oil heater.
  3. Helps reduce indoor humidity.
  4. Requires a certain ceiling height for safety.
  5. A little noise is heard during operation..

Given the duration of the work, such a disadvantage as a high price will turn into a virtue. The design of the heater is simple, it consists of:

  • steel or aluminum case;
  • a heat studying plate;
  • film heat insulator, which helps to increase the power of heating;
  • TENA on which electricity is supplied.

As heating elements, materials are used: ceramic, halogen, tubular, carbon. The most popular is the tubular infrared ceiling heater. It costs less than analogues, looks like a lamp, suitable for almost all types of rooms. According to the type of installation on the ceiling, they are divided into built-in and patch panels.

Infrared heater in the house on the ceiling

Infrared ceiling heater Almak

Low-cost infrared heaters from the Chinese company Almak are popular with buyers. Production is established in Russia, using European technology. In addition to low cost, the Almak ceiling infrared heater has other advantages: convenient ceiling mounts, power adjustment, a heat-resistant plastic case.

Almac IR8 functional panel with a simple installation system. Description:

  • price – 2890 rubles;
  • characteristics – heating area of ​​15 square meters. m, 800 W, weight 2.3 kg, ceiling height up to 3.5 m;
  • pluses – convenient installation;
  • cons – no.

Almac IR11 generates directional infrared radiation and helps maintain temperature. Description:

  • price – 3390 rubles;
  • characteristics – heating area of ​​20 square meters. m, power 1000 W, weight 3.4 kg;
  • pluses – low cost;
  • cons – no heating indicator.

Almac IK16 is very popular. Available in golden, black and white cases. Description:

  • price – 3900-4200 rubles;
  • characteristics – power 1.5 kW, heating area up to 30 sq. m, weight 5.2 kg;
  • pluses – heats the room in 15 minutes;
  • cons – not found.

Ceiling infrared heater Almac IK 8

Peony Infrared Ceiling Heaters

The Russian manufacturer of heating appliances has released a ceiling infrared heater Peony. Lightweight aluminum has been selected for the casing so that it can be used on a suspended ceiling. The design incorporates a special hemispherical part that provides a large angle of diffusion of rays. The warranty is 3-5 years, but the heater lasts longer when used according to the instructions.

Peony Thermo Glass P-04 is a small economical model, demanded by buyers. Description:

  • price – 5140 rubles;
  • characteristics – 400 W, action area 8 sq. m, surface heating up to 100-300 degrees;
  • pluses – has a temperature controller;
  • cons – not found.

Peony 10 Ceramics has great power and is suitable for spacious rooms. Description:

  • price – 5200-5800 rubles;
  • characteristics – ceramic heater, 1 kW, weight 4.2 kg;
  • pluses – is able to quickly catch up with temperature;
  • cons – not thought out system of masking the outer wire.

Peony Thermo Glass P-10 is made in a stylish glass case. Description:

  • price – 6400-7800 rubles;
  • characteristics – 1 kW, weight 4.5 kg, protection against overheating;
  • pluses – has electronic control;
  • cons – not found.

Infrared heater on a ceiling Peony Thermo Glass P-04

Infrared ceiling heater Ballu

The joint Russian-German company Ballu sells new generation equipment. Ballu ceiling mounted infrared heater is one of the highest rated models. They are suitable for use in houses with a large area and insufficient thermal insulation, because they minimize the effect of drafts, but each room will require a separate heater.

Ballu BIH-АР 2-0.6 is installed in greenhouses, cellars. The small size of the device is very convenient. Description:

  • price – 1980-2200 rubles;
  • characteristics – 600 W, installation height 2.4 m, heats 8 sq.m;
  • pluses – reasonable price;
  • cons – no regulator.

Ballu BIH-T-1.0 has compact dimensions and ergonomic mounts. Description:

  • price – 2100 rubles;
  • characteristics – 1000 W, heats 15-18 sq.m, 2.4 kg;
  • pluses – easy installation;
  • cons – no.

The more powerful series is Ballu BIH-T-6.0, suitable for homes where the voltage is 380 V. Description:

  • price – 6200-6900 rubles;
  • characteristics – weight 8.8 kg, 6000 W, heating area 35 sq. m;
  • pluses – a powerful heater;
  • cons – not found.

Powerful Ballu infrared heater for ceiling mounting

EcoLine Infrared Ceiling Heaters

EcoLine ceiling infrared heater is easy to use, highly efficient. The devices are equipped with special heating sensors, modern temperature control systems. Use as an independent heating device in the house. They have different options for heaters that will help to decorate the interior..

EcoLine ELK 06R is a small convenient heater, very economical. Description:

  • price – 2500 rubles
  • characteristics – 600 W, weight 3.4 kg, heats 6.5 square meters;
  • pluses – gives uniform heating;
  • cons – not found.

EcoLine EL 20Rm popular model, suitable for large houses. Description:

  • price 5300-5800 rubles;
  • characteristics – 2600 W, action area 30 sq. m, 11 kg;
  • pluses – suitable for 220 V network;
  • cons – not found.

EcoLine ELE 10 Premium ceiling panel with high power. Description:

  • price – 4200 rubles;
  • characteristics – 1300 W, action area 25 sq. m, 8 kg;
  • pluses – moisture-proof housing;
  • cons – lack of adjustment.

EcoLine infrared heater with ceiling mount system

How to choose an infrared ceiling heater

Before you buy infrared heaters, you need to decide on the main parameters and characteristics that can affect his choice. Store consultants advise you to pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. The price should not be too low, it is better to purchase a device from a well-known manufacturer that guarantees a long service life than to change an infrared ceiling heater in a few months.
  2. The ratio of power to room size and ceiling height. The distance from a person to a device with a power of 600-800 W is 0.7 m, from 1500 W it is more than 1 m. For use as full heating, you will need 1 radiator with a power of 1 kW for every 10 sq. m.
  3. Type of heater. Some varieties are not suitable for wet rooms..
  4. The presence of additional equipment in the form of air heating sensors, fuse from breakdowns, remote control.
  5. Heater Weight Inspect the ceiling for equipment.
  6. Customer reviews. The positive recommendations of users who use it will help to choose the device..

If you follow these rules, it will be easy to choose a suitable heater that will last for many years. In this case, the high price for the device will definitely pay off. The subsequent installation should be carried out by a specialist electrician, he will advise in which place in the room it is better to place an infrared heater, and also connect the device to the network.

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