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Warm days have come and a large number of annoying insects are trying to get into the house. To solve this problem, it is necessary to install a mosquito barrier, which is used as mosquito nets, which can be mounted on both wooden and plastic windows. Such a purchase will help protect square meters of housing from the encroachment of various insects – especially flying bloodsucking. Thanks to her, you will feel comfortable day and night..

What is a mosquito net

If you are interested in the manufacture of mosquito nets in accordance with the size of your wooden or PVC window, then keep in mind that it can protect you not only from insects, but also from fluff, dirt, snow. In the fall, this design will become a reliable barrier to leaf fall, which allows you to keep windows open. Modern versions of such grids are characterized by good resistance to physical impact, and at the same time are difficult to ignite. For the manufacture of many designs use fiberglass. Weatherproof profile is used as the frame..


Before you buy a mosquito net on the window, familiarize yourself with the varieties. Depending on the destination, they allocate nets for windows (windows), doors, loggias, terraces and even strollers. In addition, such products are divided into universal and non-standard. The latter are ordered individually from specialized firms by window owners of the following shapes: arched, triangular, trapezoidal, etc..

In addition, they may vary in color and lifetime. There are also products on hooks, on magnets and loops, on corners and rods, with burdock Velcro / buttons, adhesive tape. On sale you can find both plain products, and options in different colors, and even with a pattern. In addition, there is a classification of the net from mosquitoes and other insects, depending on the design:

  • framework;
  • rolled (rolling);
  • pleated system;
  • sliding;
  • door;
  • anti-pollen;
  • anti-cat.Framed mosquito nets

Buy mosquito nets

You can order a mosquito net both in a specialized outlet and in an online store with mail delivery. Before giving preference to a particular protective kit, be sure to familiarize yourself with its advantages and disadvantages. Spend some kind of price monitoring, visit as many resources as possible – you may be able to get to some stock with a substantial discount. As for fixing grids, metal Z-shaped brackets, special hooks, retractable fastening, etc. are often used for this.


This type of mosquito net is a classic option, suitable for almost any type of window. Such models are widespread due to ease of use, versatility and low cost. Their canvas is made with different diameters of the mesh cells, so that they can become less noticeable both from the outside and from the inside. This type of construction is removed easily, and it can be washed under a shower. One of the popular models is:

  • name: Haft 13950-150;
  • price: 450 rubles;
  • characteristics: hinged mount, fabric – 100% polyester, weight – 130 g, size – 130×150 cm;
  • pluses: inexpensive, easy to install, remove, protects from insects, dust, poplar fluff;
  • cons: it is recommended to remove from the window for the winter, like many other frame models.

If such a standard mosquito model did not build you, then pay attention to another option, which is more universal. Mosquito without a separate mounted mount:

  • name: Haft 13950-150;
  • price: 1850 rubles;
  • characteristics: lack of separate fastening, size – 90-110×120-140 cm;
  • pluses: it is easy to install, remove, suitable for custom windows, the frame does not need to be drilled during installation;
  • cons: high cost.

Installing a mosquito net


This kind of nets is a great solution if you need to save space, especially putting them in their place is not much more difficult than frame products. In addition, such designs are lightweight and easy to operate. Install them mainly on balconies. The principle of operation of sliding structures is simple – the grid moves away from the window opening along special guides. Often they are made to order. A bright representative is the model:

  • name: sliding design from Decor City Group;
  • price: from 2400 rubles;
  • characteristics: material – nylon, profile – aluminum, manufacturer – Russia;
  • pluses: it is easily mounted, installed, does not require special care, does not impede the flow of air into the room;
  • cons: high cost, inconsistency with some windows.

A cheaper, but no less aesthetic and excellent option from the same company is:

  • name: mosquito from “Decor City Group”;
  • price: from 1200 rubles;
  • specifications: nylon material, aluminum profile, manufacturer – Russia;
  • Pros: easy to assemble, install, resistant to the vagaries of nature;
  • cons: discrepancy with some windows.

Extendable mosquito net


Installing mosquito nets, the principle of operation of which is similar to roller blinds or roller shutters, is not so difficult, the main thing is to choose the best option. These designs are very effective for balcony doors and large windows. Their canvas is easy to move both horizontally and vertically thanks to a system of guides and rollers.

  • name: Praktika 43;
  • price: from 5500 rubles;
  • characteristics: system with attractive design, compact box, height – up to 2600 mm;
  • pluses: can be vertical, horizontal.
  • cons: very expensive.

The design of the box and guides for roll models is made of high quality aluminum alloy, more often to order. Their standard colors are white, brown. Pay attention to this option:

  • name: System 43;
  • price: from 79 euros for 500×500 mm;
  • characteristics: one of the most affordable roll systems, does not have plastic jumpers, is relevant for large windows;
  • pluses: it can be installed both on the window opening and on its frame;
  • cons: very expensive.

Rolling mosquito net


Door nets, which are installed in country houses or on the balcony, have gained considerable popularity. In appearance, they are no different from window analogues, but in contrast to them are made of a more powerful profile. The latter is made of aluminum alloy, after which it is coated with colored enamel. By its design, the door mesh is similar to the frame. A good option is:

  • name: Irit IRG-600;
  • price: 250 rubles;
  • characteristics: equipped with magnets for closing curtains, size – 210×200 cm;
  • pluses: it is very cheap;
  • cons: relatively low strength.

In addition, take a closer look at another option, which may be an ideal choice for a suburban home in the summer:

  • name: Magic Mesh Sky;
  • price: 499 rubles;
  • characteristics: material – dense synthetic, equipped with magnets for closing curtains, size – 90×200 cm, weight – 420 g;
  • pluses: cheapness;
  • cons: relatively low strength.

Door Mosquito Net

Nets Antikoshka

Compared to many other analogues, the Antikoshka protective product can support the weight of the pet, so your pet will not fall out of the window. On the canvas of a quality mesh there will not be a single trace of scratches. This is due to the fact that in the manufacture of Antikoshki kapron or vinyl threads coated with polyester are used. If you are looking for not a finished construction, but a whole roll of canvas that can be equipped with all the windows of a house, then pay attention to:

  • name: Bauset;
  • price: 13 573 rubles;
  • characteristics: 1 roll, width – 1400 mm;
  • pluses: increased strength, easy installation, disassembly, there is protection against falling out of the window;
  • cons: low light transmission.

If you are looking for a finished frame version with Z-fasteners and a metal profile, then check out the model:

  • name: Pet-Screen;
  • price: 1500 rubles per 1 m2;
  • characteristics: profile – 25 mm, a cloth from vinyl threads;
  • pluses: high strength, easy installation, dismantle;
  • cons: low light transmission.

Mesh Antikoshka Bauset

Anti-Dust Mesh

Often, at a sale in Moscow, St. Petersburg or any other city in our country, you can come across such a mosquito net option as Anti-Dust. Its main purpose is to protect the premises from dust, poplar fluff. Despite this, the product also copes with its direct responsibilities, i.e. insect protection. Heavy-duty material is used today for its manufacture, thanks to which it is not afraid of the harmful effects of precipitation or strong gusts of wind. One of the representatives of the Anti-dust canvas is:

  • name: Poll-tex;
  • price: 1500 rubles per running meter;
  • characteristics: mesh size – 0.25×0.9 mm, oblong (elongated) cells;
  • pluses: aesthetic appearance, European quality;
  • cons: dust quickly clogs in the cells, the need for additional care.

Another no less durable and effective, but cheaper analogue is:

  • name: Micro Mesh;
  • price: from 600 rubles per m2;
  • characteristics: mesh size 0.8×0.8 mm, good air permeability;
  • pluses: aesthetic appearance, European quality;
  • cons: dust quickly clogs in the cells, the need for additional care.

Poll-tex Anti-Dust Mesh

On strollers

Nets from mosquitoes, mosquitoes and other insects are a great addition to a stroller with a child. Thanks to this, parents can safely walk with their child without fear of being bitten by bloodsucking and ubiquitous insects. This supplement is very useful on warm summer days. Some of its options are able to trap dust. Such a mesh model for a stroller, as:

  • name: Vitosha;
  • price: 199 rubles;
  • Characteristics: size – 60×95 cm, weight suitable for a stroller of any type;
  • pluses: protects from insects, conveniently attaches, transmits light;
  • cons: dust quickly clogs in the cells, the need for additional care.

If you didn’t like the described option or it didn’t fit your baby’s stroller, check out the model:

  • name: Sportbaby;
  • price: 126 rubles;
  • characteristics: size – 180x30x250 mm, universal, has a rectangular shape;
  • pluses: protects from insects, fluff, has the finest weaving;
  • cons: difficulty putting on a stroller.

Mosquito net for Vitosha stroller

How to choose mosquito nets

You need to choose a mosquito net in all seriousness. In the material of its manufacture, in fact, there is not much difference, be it polyester, nylon, fiberglass or even cotton. Just evaluate their quality, try a little for strength and be sure to sniff – it is important that the product does not have sharp odors. The most important thing is to determine the optimal cell size:

  • Cloth with a mesh size of 0.6 mm or less does not allow air to pass through well, which on hot summer days negatively affects room cooling.
  • Small cells need to be selected, provided that the house is located near a reservoir and you often worry about midges.
  • For residents of urban apartments, an option from 1 to 1.2 mm is quite suitable, but if you have an allergy, then take a closer look at the nets, whose cells can hold pollen and fine dust.

Make sure that the frame of the product is really strong, otherwise you will soon have to fork out for a new purchase. In addition, do not forget about leaving, as some canvases are non-removable and very difficult to clean. Wipe the mosquito net with a damp cloth and soapy water at least once a year. Many designs can be pre-removed, which simplifies cleaning, but there are non-removable models.

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