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Before choosing a mattress, you need to determine its stiffness, the size of the bed (children’s, double, single), find out reviews about the manufacturer. It is important to consider other selection criteria: filler, type of construction, health status of the buyer. A high-quality comfortable mattress will ensure the comfort of your sleep, excellent well-being and high spirits for the whole next day.

What are the mattresses for beds

In many stores, quality mattresses are plentiful. Not to get confused and buy the right product will help knowledge of the differences between such products among themselves. All types of mattresses for beds differ in the following classification criteria:

  • spring and springless;
  • by filling material: latex, coconut, wool, horse hair;
  • bilateral, unilateral;
  • orthopedic, anatomical.

Double Bed Mattresses

You can find out how to choose the right mattress for a double bed, focusing on the height of the tallest of the spouses, leaving up to 15 cm of reserve. The maximum length of a double seat is 190-200 cm, the width is 160-200 cm, and the thickness depends on the filling. Modern double products come with blocks of dependent and independent from each other springs, you must choose them, given the body weight of the spouses. There are springless mattresses filled with horsehair, latex or coir.

Striped cotton mattresses of the Soviet era are in the past, today mattresses with a natural layer are considered high-quality. A great option – combined models, with coconut fiber inside and a latex layer on top. In terms of stiffness, there are three types of mattresses: soft, medium, hard. The latter are useful for children, people with pain in the spine. Soft types of mattresses for beds are suitable for older people, medium-hard – a universal option.

Upholstery should well ventilate the air, absorb and evaporate moisture. Jacquard is often used for this purpose, which has a beautiful appearance and provides excellent ventilation due to perforation. Models with double-sided upholstery are in great demand, it provides warmth during sleep in the winter season and comfortable rest during the summer heat.

Double bed

Types of orthopedic mattresses

All types of orthopedic mattresses are divided into spring and springless. The best are models with a block of springs, which are independent of each other, where each of them is placed in an individual case, is compressed separately from the others, which provides the product with exceptional orthopedic properties. Due to this quality, the product takes the shape of a sleeping person. Models in which there are no springs have high orthopedic properties due to high-quality bedding: coir and latex.

Brands of mattresses for beds

Study the best brands of bed mattresses before making a purchase to choose a model with a favorable ratio of quality to price. The following companies are considered to be brands among manufacturers of such products:

  • Ascona;
  • Ormatek;
  • Dormeo;
  • Dreamline
  • Donson.

In the online stores of leading manufacturers you will find an overview of the products offered, information about their cost, sales, discounts, you can see how the product looks, get advice and expert advice, order delivery of goods by mail. Often stocks are held in such stores during which you can buy a mattress at a price slightly higher than the purchase price.

What mattresses are considered the best

In specialized stores a huge selection of products for the bed is provided, so it can be difficult to understand, for example, which mattress to buy. Based on the opinions of experts in this field, user reviews and to simplify the choice of the buyer, a rating of the best mattresses was compiled. His first five included the following models:

  • Ascona Victory;
  • Ascona Fitness Arena;
  • Ascona Balans Smart;
  • Ormatek Optima Light Bonnel;
  • Dreamline Eco Strong.

Mattress Ascona Victory

Which mattress to choose – spring or springless

To help choose a spring or springless mattress can a comparison of the characteristics of such products among themselves:

  1. In spring-type products, dust accumulates, dust mites appear. In models without springs filled with coconut fiber, latex, they do not live.
  2. Upholstery of springless models – perforated, moisture from the mattress evaporates. Springs in other products rust with moisture over time..
  3. The term of use of spring goods – up to 10 years, springless – up to 15 years.

How hard should the mattress be?

Knowing the basic characteristics of mattresses, you can easily choose for yourself an inexpensive suitable model. One of the important factors when buying such a product is an indicator of rigidity. How to choose a mattress based on this criterion? The main thing that you should rely on is your weight, age and the presence of problems with the spine. Children and adolescents under 18 years old should choose a hard springless mattress filled with coconut fiber.

People with a large body weight or pain in the cervical vertebrae should also pay attention to products with increased rigidity. Customers with pain in the thoracic spine and those who are in the average weight range (60-90 kg) should give preference to models of medium rigidity. For older and thin people, soft mattresses are more suitable.

The best mattresses for sleeping

It is believed that the best mattresses for sleeping are orthopedic. High quality in this category is distinguished by springless models having inside a hair filler (horse hair), coir, latex, wool or cotton. The advantage of such products is also the lack of metal structures, which over the years become unusable, they are often chosen for a crib.

Anatomical products are almost no different from orthopedic. They follow the contours of the human body, help maintain the correct position of the spine. Their only difference is the degree of rigidity, the anatomical beds are softer, more comfortable. Their best representative is a water mattress, the service life of which can be short-lived, because it is easy to perforate.

Orthopedic mattress

How to choose a mattress for a double bed

The right choice of mattress for the bed will provide a full, comfortable sleep. The most common model of such products is called “Bonnel”, it happens with dependent and independent spring blocks. The first type of design involves connecting springs to each other, which makes the product strong and durable. Yes, and they are relatively cheap.

The only negative is that they are not suitable for people whose weight is very different. The heavier spouse will tilt the product, and the one that will be easier to roll to the middle. How to choose a mattress for such a family? They can be advised products with independent springs, when one will stand up or turn over, the second will not feel anything. They are expensive, but will last for many years and provide a comfortable sleep.

How to choose an orthopedic mattress

The right choice of orthopedic mattress will depend on the physique, health status and age of the buyer. Thin and elderly people should pay attention to soft models of mattresses that can easily repeat the bends of the body. For people with average weight and pain in the lumbar, models with independent springs and a combined filler are more suitable. For owners of heavy weight, people under 25 years of age and those who suffer from pain in the spine, it is better to buy products with high rigidity, a block of springs, independent of each other.

Which company to choose a mattress

When deciding which company to choose a mattress, make a start not only from the ranking of well-known brands. Look at reviews about the company, prices and warranty periods for the offered goods, get acquainted with information about materials, production technology. Keep in mind that crib companies provide a wider range of products in this range. Having defined your needs and wishes, you narrow down the circle of potential companies, and you can easily determine which mattress is better to buy.

Price for mattresses

The final price for mattresses is formed depending on the size, internal filling, upholstery material, quality of materials used in production, type of construction. Affects the cost of the product and the sales region, so the price in St. Petersburg and, for example, Lipetsk, may vary. In Moscow, the price of mattresses for beds is:

Product name


Ascona Balans Smart

from 3479 rubles

Ascona Victory

from 6991 rubles

Dreamline Eco Strong

from 6285 rubles

Ormatek Optima Light Bonnel

from 5190 rubles

Ascona Fitness Arena

from 13725 rubles

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