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Disinsection of premises and subsequent prevention will allow the removal of insects. For processing, you need to buy or make poison yourself. Professional services will be able to get rid of cockroaches in one go. Do-it-yourself measures are suitable to prevent the re-emergence of pests and work while maintaining cleanliness..

Why cockroaches start

What do cockroaches eat?

Insects themselves come to where they can find food, or multiply after an accidental contact:

  1. From neighbors or utility rooms.

  2. From garbage chutes, ventilation shafts.
  3. On channels for water, sewer pipes.
  4. With used things, appliances.
  5. On the soles of shoes.

How to get cockroaches

The result will give only a set of measures:

  1. Carry out daily cleaning, do not accumulate garbage.

  2. Store food in containers, tight bags.
  3. Do not leave dirty dishes, crumbs on the tables.
  4. Dry the sinks, bath. Close the drain.
  5. Seal cracks and crevices on skirting boards and trim panels.
  6. Use purchased or folk remedies for pest control.
  7. If necessary, call the pest control department from the SES or the commercial service.

Chemicals against cockroaches

Insecticides should be used carefully. Keep vials away from children and pets. Leave the room for processing. Insects die several hours after contact with the chemical. To consolidate the result, repeat the treatment after 3-4 days, when a new generation hatch from the laid eggs.



The product consists of insecticides and fragrances that mask an unpleasant odor. The approximate cost of a bottle is 200 ml. – 150 rub. A volatile drug penetrates through the shell into the airways of the insect, where it paralyzes its nervous system.

Rules for the use of dichlorvos:

  1. Take animals and children out of the room, clean dishes and products, close doors and windows.

  2. Dry the sinks so that individuals with access to water cannot survive.
  3. Put on a respirator and gloves, shake the bottle.
  4. From a distance of 20 cm from the surface, treat areas where cockroaches can be.
  5. 1-2 hours after spraying, ventilate the rooms, do wet cleaning.
  6. Do not use the product regularly so that cockroaches are not addictive..

Pasta Globol

Pasta Globol

The brown mass contains insecticides based on chlorpyrifos and attractants. The pleasant aroma of cocoa bean oil makes insects eat pasta, which when they enter the digestive system leads to their death. A complete family breeding cycle will take 2-3 weeks. The tool is harmless to humans and pets. The approximate price of the bottle is 75 ml. – 350 rub.

Processing Steps:

  1. Put on gloves, knead and warm the tube with your hands.

  2. Apply paste to baseboards, communications outlets.
  3. In hard-to-reach places where direct processing from cockroaches is not possible, place traps – sheets of cardboard with the product.
  4. After 3-5 days, replace the baits with fresh ones to fix the effect; after another week, rinse the preparation thoroughly.

Dohlox gel

Dohlox gel

The product contains fipronil, which kills insects when eaten and in contact with it. The gel acts as a bait for pests, which on the legs carry it to the nests where they infect the family. Use plinths, sewer pipes, kitchen furniture, back walls of household appliances. The price for a bottle of 20 ml – from 50 rubles.

Use Dohlox-gel in rubber gloves, wash hands with soap after work. After 3-4 days, wipe all surfaces where the composition was applied. The product is dangerous for pets.

Crayon Mashenka

Crayon Mashenka

The popularity of the product is explained by its ease of use. The insect pencil is odorless, does not emit harmful substances, and is easily washed off from surfaces. The product contains deltamethrin insecticide, which leads to the death of pests, regardless of whether the substance enters the stomach or paws. The average price for 20 g is 30 rubles.


  1. Put on gloves, open the packaging.

  2. Draw lines in crowded areas. Recommended by the manufacturer application areas – skirting boards, tile joints, ventilation vents, water and heating pipes, cabinets under the sink, trash bin.
  3. Do not flush the product until the cockroaches appear. Every 2-3 days, renew lines.
  4. As a prophylaxis, outline with chalk the possible places for cockroaches to enter the room, their favorite paths – window sills, slopes of the front doors, side parts of kitchen furniture.

Modern cockroach control methods

Harris Roach Cockroach Pills

Regulators of the reproduction of insects will help cope with pests, which deprive them of their reproductive function without killing. Harris Roach tablets are sold in packs of 100. The product must be placed in areas where cockroaches often appear..

The tablets are odorless, do not emit toxic fumes, but can cause poisoning. Place them in places where pets and children cannot reach. You can put the granules in the refrigerator, cabinets, sink, on window sills. The minus of taking a long wait for the result.

Fighting cockroaches in an apartment with the help of non-toxic diatomaceous earth or kieselguhr is possible without removing pets and children. This natural substance extracted from lake sediments affects only the exoskeleton of insects. Entering into the reaction directly or through another individual, the composition corrodes the chitinous cover, which kills the cockroach. It’s safe for people.

Kieselguhr should be sprinkled with baseboards, kitchen furniture, other areas where the largest concentration of cockroaches is observed. To make the substance more attractive to insects, you can mix it with a pinch of sugar.

Folk ways to fight cockroaches

These funds are no less effective than purchased. Their main advantage is safety for humans and animals. Processing self-prepared drugs can be alternated using purchased products. So insects that quickly get used to chemicals will not have time to acquire immunity. Less popular pest control methods – slow effect.


Homemade tape traps

Cockroach adhesive tape can be purchased at the store or made yourself. Glue double-sided tape on the cardboard to which insects will stick. To make them interested in the trap, put honey, jam or sugar in the middle.

Place Velcro in areas where pests are likely to occur: behind the bin, under the refrigerator and bathtub, on kitchen cabinets. If there are a lot of cockroaches in the room, change the homemade adhesive trap daily.

A simple trap can be made from a can. Lubricate its inner edges with petroleum jelly or vegetable oil so that the insects do not come back. Put sugar on the bottom of the can, which will attract pests. Place a container under the sink or bathtub, behind the sewer pipe, or toilet.

To quickly get rid of cockroaches, change the bait several times a day. Wash traps as you build up insects and apply oil again. If there are many cockroaches, place 3-5 cans throughout the apartment. For basements and attics, where there are no specific congestion areas, the method is not effective.

Poison bait

Poison bait

Cockroaches can be destroyed with boric acid or borax powder. Both of these substances are poison for insects; upon contact, they destroy the protective exoskeleton. If the components enter the digestive system, they cause damage to the intestinal wall.

The principle of use of substances is the same:

  1. Take a tablespoon of boric acid or borax powder.

  2. Boil a chicken egg, take out the yolk, mix it with poison, add a pinch of sugar or vanillin. Edible part can be replaced with potatoes.
  3. Roll out balls of 5–7 mm from the resulting composition, arrange them in the areas where insects appear. After 3-4 days, renew the poison.


Cockroach repellent essential oils

Cockroaches are sensitive to odors. Paving the way to a source of food or water, they mark it with their pheromones to return along the paved road. Pungent odors knock cockroaches out of their direction, make them starve. The minus of the method is the high probability of the return of insects. The tool is effective only in combination with other methods with constant repetition.

Use essential oils to repel odors. Cockroaches do not like the aromas of lemon balm, eucalyptus, citrus fruits, for example, lemon, orange, grapefruit. Oil can be applied under the bathtub, sink or furniture. For open areas, prepare the mixture – add 5–6 drops to 1 liter of warm water, pour liquid into a spray bottle or perfume bottle. Spraying home flavor is safe.

Cockroaches do not tolerate the smell of ammonia. Add 5–6 tablespoons of ammonia solution to the bucket for mopping each time you clean. This method will make the best remedy for cockroaches even more effective. Insects do not like the aroma of geranium, mint. If there are pots with these flowers in the house, lower them to the floor closer to insects before going to bed..


Freezing insects

The homeland of cockroaches is the tropics; neither adults nor larvae can tolerate low temperatures. Already at +4 insects are uncomfortable, they are trying to leave the room. A temperature of -10 degrees will kill the whole family.

Pull out the kitchen drawers, empty the shelves so that the cold penetrates freely everywhere. Remember that low temperatures can cause damage to water pipes, insulate with blankets or foil. Open the windows for 2–4 hours, if necessary, repeat in a day. Destruction of cockroaches by freezing in the summer does not hold.

Cockroach pest control

Cockroach pest control

From professional processing, adults and larvae die. The procedure takes 2-3 hours, the room for this period must be left. Before processing, seal the products tightly, move the furniture away from the walls and corners.

There are two popular pest control methods:

  • Hot fog. To more effectively poison cockroaches in hard-to-reach places, liquid formulations are heated to 60 degrees and sprayed with a thin stream of steam. The product cools from cold air, turning into fog. The properties of the poison from heating are enhanced.

  • Cold fog. The poison dissolved in the liquid is sprayed without heating. The narrow nozzle of the powerful feeding device creates drops of a minimum size, so they soar in the air for about 4 hours. First, the fog rises, after which it gradually settles and covers even hard-to-reach surfaces, quickly killing parasites.

The average cost of processing a one-room apartment:

  • cold fog – 1500-3000 rubles;

  • hot method –4000–7000 rub.
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