How to dilute gasoline with oil for refill trimmer

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Two-stroke engines of the tool operate due to the gasoline-oil mixture, which is prepared in the proportions indicated in the data sheet of the device. If you ignore the rules of mixing, a garden tool can quickly fail..

Why do I need to mix oil with gasoline for two-stroke engines

The operation of the two-stroke installation differs from the operation of four-stroke engines: the lubrication of the rubbing surfaces in the crankshaft and other parts of the device is carried out not from the crankcase, but by means of oil that was previously diluted with gasoline. For two-stroke types of engines, the general rule for the preparation of a combustible mixture applies – gasoline is diluted with a certain amount of oil intended for this purpose.

How to dilute gasoline with trimmer oil – step by step instructions

Mixing of the fuel composition takes into account special proportions.

If you dilute the fuel mixture with an insufficient amount of lubricant, this will lead to quick wear of the parts of the brushcutter

. The optimum ratio of oil to gasoline can be found in the trimmer instructions. Typically, it is 1:50, 1:40, or 1:25.

It is necessary to dilute gasoline with a lubricating component first in a suitable container: it is forbidden to do this immediately in the fuel tank. If you ignore this rule, the motor operation may be unstable, as a result of which the tool will quickly fail. To dilute the fuel mixture, do not use plastic cans or bottles, since gasoline can dissolve this synthetic material. Fuel Mixing Procedure:

  1. Pour a liter of gasoline into a container (optimally a metal canister).
  2. Add half the required proportion of oil.
  3. Thoroughly mix fluids away from open flames.
  4. Pour the remaining lubricant into the container and mix again..
  5. Transfer fuel to trimmer fuel tank.

Gasoline with trimmer oil

Work should be carried out by wearing a respirator and rubber gloves. For the convenience of transfusion, you can use a watering can. The finished mixture should not be stored for longer than 3 months, it is better to dilute exactly as much fuel as you need for the work planned in the near future. Be sure to choose a quality oil for mixing with gasoline, it’s better to buy it at proven gas stations.

Proportions of oils and fuels

The calculation of the ratio of ingredients for the preparation of dressing for the trimmer should take into account the recommendations on the packaging of oil. The standard proportion is 1:50. Any high-quality two-stroke oil is allowed..

Gasoline (L)

Oil (ml)

50: 1

40: 1

35: 1

30: 1

25: 1

























Rules for the use and storage of the fuel and lubricant mixture

Filling the trimmer requires a strict observance of the proportions of the fuel mixture. This rule cannot be violated, as this will lead to rapid wear of the device. No less dangerous consequences are caused by overfilling of the tool tank, which can cause liquid overflow in the inlet pipe and fuel filter – this will cause engine breakdown and ignition of fuel. To dilute the fuel for the trimmer, the following safety measures must be observed:

  • use a watering can to avoid spilling fuel fluid;
  • if fuel spills, immediately wipe it off;
  • Trimmer operation can be started after the fuel canister is removed to a safe place (optimally – at a distance of at least 10 m);
  • with a long pause between work, it is recommended that the remaining fuel be drained from the tank (if high temperatures get on the instrument, a thermally changed substance will deposit on the walls of the annular channels, which will cause a decrease in compression and engine power).

Rules for storing the fuel and lubricant mixture

Proper storage of fuel involves the exclusion of its contact with moisture and air, sudden temperature changes. For the long-term preservation of the mixture, it is better to choose gasoline that was produced in the summer. The fuel mixture should be stored in shaded, cool rooms in a hermetically sealed iron canister.

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