How to feed cucumbers after planting in the ground

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To obtain a rich harvest, competent care of cucumbers in the ground is necessary. In addition to observing the rules of planting, watering, one should take into account the needs of the plant in certain minerals, trace elements that can only be obtained from fertilizers. There are several options for feeding seedlings, improving soil quality.

Why do I need to fertilize cucumbers in the open ground

In a good, fertile land, the plant will bear fruit without any additional help, but when poor quality soil without various mineral elements you get a meager harvest. Fruiting is reduced and when the same crop is planted several times in a row in the same soil. Feeding will help to solve these problems, it has positive aspects, for example:

  1. Seedlings that are fed show faster growth compared to other plants.
  2. You will be able to collect fruits longer (often fruiting is extended for a long time).
  3. With proper soil treatment, you can increase productivity, positively affect the taste of cucumbers.
  4. With the optimal selection of fertilizing plants in the ground receive additional protection against disease. This is an important condition when planting cucumbers in the soil, because they are poorly protected from natural factors, pests..

Cucumbers on the bush

How to fertilize cucumbers

It is important to consider that plants may have a lack of organic elements or their excess. Both conditions have a bad effect on this culture, so you should choose the right fertilizer for cucumbers and whether they need it. The main rule, how to feed cucumbers – this should be done often, but little by little. The procedure can be performed under the root or in the foliar way. There are several stages of plant nutrition in the soil after planting:

  1. It is carried out immediately after the appearance of 2 leaves on the tops. During this period, a shortage of nitrogen occurs, which is important for increasing green mass. It is necessary to use urea with water, watered under the root. If desired, you can replace the product with chicken droppings or mullein.
  2. The next feeding of cucumbers in the soil is carried out after 15 days. The plant still needs nitrogen.
  3. The third feeding is carried out during the flowering of cucumbers. The greatest need appears in plants in potassium. Any potash fertilizer or wood ash is suitable for this..
  4. At 4, 5, 6 top dressing has fruiting, during which there is a plant need for nitrogen, potassium.

Flowers and leaves of cucumber seedlings

Root top dressing of cucumbers

This method involves the introduction of nutrient solutions or substances as close to the root system of cucumbers. Digging holes or “laying” the mixture directly to the roots of the plant is not necessary. As a rule, prepared substances are poured under the leaves of seedlings. It is necessary to pour in fertilizing on the soil, without falling on tops, leaves. In some cases, due to the concentration of substances, the liquid may leave a burn or even kill the plant. As a rule, the cost of such additives is low, you can independently make a solution of inexpensive components.

Foliar feeding of cucumbers during fruiting

This method of feeding, on the contrary, is carried out exclusively on the whips, leaves (extremely rarely on the fruit, if too many pests have appeared or the disease has begun). Foliar treatment can also be called spraying, in which the solution does not have such a high concentration compared to root feeding. As a rule, this method is fertilized in the morning, in the evening in cloudy weather without precipitation. Spraying the sun may damage the green mass of cucumbers..

Cucumbers in the garden

How to feed cucumbers in the open ground

When fertilizing, it is important to find out which minerals, trace elements are not enough seedlings at this stage. It depends on what to water cucumbers for a good harvest, what kind of organics or complex substances are needed. At certain stages, bird droppings, animal manure should be used, at others – phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium or nitrogen substances.

What fertilizers to apply when planting cucumbers

The first portion of fertilizer is applied to the soil even before the seeds are planted. After this, young plants need a whole complex of elements, which should be fed to obtain a rich harvest. An important component is potash fertilizers, which provide rapid growth, plant formation, and an improvement in the palatability of the fruit. Typically, these types of trace elements are used:

  • potassium nitrate;
  • urea;
  • granular superphosphate;
  • potassium sulfate;
  • double superphosphate;
  • potassium chloride.

With a large amount of phosphorus in the soil, one should not forget about nitrogen fertilizers, otherwise there will be few ovaries and more male flowers, adding them after the fact will not change the situation. Phosphorus is needed for cucumbers for the proper functioning of the root system, timely flowering, and the growth of green mass. Its excess leads to yellowing of the plant, falling off, rapid death.

Fertilizer Balls for Cucumbers

Mineral fertilization for a good crop

This method of feeding cucumbers after planting is the most common step to achieve better yields. Mineral fertilizer for cucumbers in the open ground may be mixed with organic substances or used independently. To strengthen the root system, phosphorus is needed, and for the proper growth of the plant – nitrogen, with the appearance of flowers – potassium. Chlorine is extremely detrimental to cucumbers, so mineral salts with this element should be excluded. How to properly feed seedlings in the soil with mineral fertilizers:

  • alternate organic, mineral substances;
  • drink the bed with clean water before feeding the plant;
  • introduce fertilizer into the grooves, which should be made at a distance of 5 cm from the seedlings;
  • you can pour the substance only on the ground, avoid falling onto leaves, tops.

Mineral fertilizers for cucumbers in the palms

Organic fertilizer cucumber top dressing

Those who grow cucumbers in the ground know that the lowest price for organic fertilizing will be when buying bird droppings, mullein. They are bred in a bucket of liquid in a ratio of 1:15. About 500 g of ash can be added to this. There are folk methods for preparing organic fertilizers, for example:

  • pick up the whole weed from the garden;
  • add to it nettle, plantain, dandelion leaves, chop finely;
  • 1 kg of the mixture is diluted with 10 liters of water;
  • the remedy must be infused for a day, strain it;
  • it costs 4 liters per 1 square meter of land.

How to fertilize cucumbers with yeast

An additional option, what else to feed cucumbers after planting in the ground – yeast. Gardeners often use this top dressing, it has such advantages:

  • improves root formation;
  • stimulates growth;
  • plant endurance increases;
  • becomes a source of bacteria that increase the immunity of seedlings.


  1. Dissolve 10 g of dry bread yeast in 10 l of water.
  2. Put 2 tbsp. l sugar in solution.
  3. Allow the fermentation to brew for 2 hours, stir it in 50 liters of liquid.

How to use:

  1. You can apply this option by answering the question of how to feed cucumbers, but no more than 2 times.
  2. The first application should be carried out on day 12-14.
  3. The second – after phosphate top dressing.

Live yeast

How to feed cucumbers in the open ground with ash

This substance is an excellent organic fertilizer. Each gardener should know how to feed cucumbers in the open ground with ash. It contains calcium, which is very important for the plant. Terms of use:

  1. Over the entire growth period, ash is applied no more than 6 times.
  2. You need to feed the first time at the time of appearance of 3 leaves, the 2nd time when the plant begins to bloom.
  3. As the fruit grows every 14 days, you can feed the cucumbers in the ground with a small amount of solution.
  4. Dry soil or ash infusion can be used to fertilize the soil. The first option is poured onto the ground next to the plants before the irrigation procedure.

Complex fertilizer for cucumbers

When you are not sure exactly what to feed cucumbers after planting in the ground, you can’t find out exactly which element the plant lacks, you should use complex fertilizers. A popular example of such a fertilizer is nitroammophosk, which includes potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. After planting, the fertilizer granules dissolve in the liquid and are used as foliar top dressing. It can be easily ordered or bought in the online store, the price is 10 000 rubles per ton.

Trace elements for cucumbers

For the healthy growth of cucumbers in the soil after planting, a rich harvest, the development of immunity to pathogens, it is necessary to feed the plant with trace elements. There are several basic substances that seedlings should definitely miss:

  1. Nitrogen. An important trace element during plant growth, provides green mass, protects against yellowing.
  2. Phosphorus. Cucumbers need it a little, but it should be done regularly. Phosphorus provides the plant with a correct and healthy development of the root system, a rapid increase in green mass.
  3. Potash fertilizers. Different feeding options with potassium content. Fertilizer will provide transportation of nutrients to seedlings from the root system. The optimal amount of potassium contributes to fruiting and vegetative growth..

Potash fertilizers for cucumbers

How to choose fertilizers

When the question arises before the gardener, how to feed the cucumbers after planting in the soil, one should take into account the peculiarities of the growth of cucumbers in the soil. Many beginner growers believe in the unpretentiousness of seedlings, but you can get a really good crop only if you properly feed the seedlings. You can make a selection based on the following recommendations:

  1. For any home seedlings that are being prepared for planting in open ground, a mullein is well suited: it contains various nutrients useful for cucumbers. One liter accounts for one plant. Prepared in a ratio of 1:10 with liquid (1 part fertilizer and 10 water).
  2. In any store you can find bird droppings. The price for it is low, so it is often used to feed cucumbers. 10 liters of water need 1 liter of litter. After this, pour 2 glasses of ash: the resulting mixture can be periodically fed seedlings.
  3. Complex fertilizers have a higher price, are sold in stores and have cooking instructions on the packaging.

The price of fertilizers for feeding cucumbers after planting in the ground

You can find substances for feeding in online stores, specialized points where seedlings are sold, goods for gardeners, summer residents and vegetable growers. As a rule, large landowners purchase them from companies that produce fertilizers. For an ordinary summer resident, this option is not suitable, because the price is set for bulk purchases from a few tons. In packages, the cost of top dressing can range from 100 to 3000 rubles per kilogram / liter.

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