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Fleas are a nuisance that can overshadow the life of any cat. If, after a trip to the country house, your pet is nervous, combing himself furiously, and sleeping restlessly, you should check him for skin parasites. Do not despair if the result is positive. Fight insects and bring them out just.

How to get rid of fleas in a cat at home

Many effective parasite medications have been invented in cats. Some funds can remove fleas instantly, while others – gradually. Some are used once, while some require re-treatment of the animal. There are remedies that are especially good at prevention. You can help your pet with:

  • anti-flea collar;
  • special shampoo;
  • drops applied to the skin;
  • flea pills;
  • insecticidal spray;

Each of the methods is good in certain circumstances. When choosing a product, the age of the cat, the state of health, lifestyle, the ability to conduct this or that type of treatment are taken into account. The personal preferences of the owner and the price of the veterinary drug can also influence the choice. Do not postpone processing for later. Cat fleas significantly poison your pet’s life.

Kitten sleeping

Flea collar for cats

The tool is sold in any pet store and is more likely to be prophylactic than therapeutic. But in prevention he has no equal! The collar protects cats and cats from many misfortunes. It effectively protects the animal not only from fleas, but also from dangerous ticks. Even mosquitoes avoid dealing with cats in collars. If your pet walks on the street daily, the collar can be a salvation from parasites..

The collar is worn on a clean pet. Before using the product, think about how to remove fleas from a cat. A good solution is the preliminary use of a special insecticidal shampoo. A correctly selected and applied collar will protect the cat from cutaneous parasites for several months. When choosing it, carefully look at:

  1. Date of issue and expiration date. The fresher the collar, the more effective it is..
  2. The integrity of foil packaging. Leaky packaged goods quickly lose their properties.
  3. The name of the manufacturer, his reputation. The product price of famous brands may be higher, but quality is guaranteed by their good name..
  4. Marking. If you buy a kitten remedy – this should be written on the packaging. Do not buy cat collars for dogs.

Cat in flea collar

How to remove fleas from a cat using a special shampoo

The most gentle and safe insect repellent is a special shampoo. It is good because it is completely washed off after treatment and can be used even if the cat has allergic reactions to other drugs. How to remove fleas from a cat using shampoo? Bathe your pet. A furry friend may not like to bathe, but you might be able to persuade the cat.

If the pet resists, you cannot do without an assistant. Distribute a small amount of shampoo evenly over the animal’s wet coat and carefully foam. Be careful with the ears: not a drop of water should get into them. If you wash a small kitten, do not pour shampoo directly onto the coat. It will be safer to dissolve the drug in one hundred milliliters of water and apply this solution to the baby’s fur coat. Wash off the shampoo and wipe the animal with a dry towel. After a few days, the washing will have to be repeated..

Anti-flea droplets

Since it is difficult to completely remove fleas from a cat walking on the street, veterinarians appreciate the drug, which can be both therapeutic and prophylactic. Anti-flea drops are such a medicine. Their price is quite affordable, and the effect will exceed all your expectations. Drops (the most common of them is the drug “Bars”) are sold in ampoules-pipettes. The product is applied along the withers with dots, trying not to drip on the wool, but on the skin of your puffy fur. It is necessary to repeat the treatment every three to four months as soon as the insects reappear.

How to cure a cat of fleas with pills

Pills are the easiest way to get a flea out of a cat. To achieve the desired result, a single dose of medication is enough. Give the cat medicine immediately after eating or with food. The drug smells like beef, pets eat it with pleasure. Do not give tablets to kittens under the age of 3-4 weeks. The cost of solving the problem with tablets is slightly higher than with the drugs described earlier, but the ease of use makes them popular.

Cat itches

Insecticidal spray

It remains to learn how to rid a cat of fleas with a spray against insects. This modern effective tool needs to be used more carefully. Cat spray is applied to the fur and skin of a cat, aged 30-40 minutes, then rinsed with water. It is not necessary to treat the head so that the active substance does not get into the eyes and mouth of the pet. Take the cat for the duration of the treatment so that it does not have the opportunity to lick.

How to get rid of fleas in a kitten

Insects pestering a kitten are a more serious problem than fleas in cats. Feline babies are gentle, they need to get rid of parasites carefully. Treat your kitten with combing fleas. Especially a lot of insects on the stomach and chest, on the head and face of the kitten. If the scallop is small, you can comb out the dark flea eggs. If the baby is less than a month old, any form of drug treatment for insects is contraindicated.

With the help of combing out, getting rid of parasites will not work out completely. After a month of strong healthy kitten you can redeem. Use for this not a universal cat shampoo, but a special one for kittens. Remember: your pet is still too small. Find a quality product from a reliable manufacturer. After two months, the kitten can be treated with Barsik drops.

Treatment of a kitten with flea drops

How to withdraw fleas from a cat with folk remedies

If necessary, drive away fleas from ancient times used infusions of bitter herbs, garlic, pepper. A sign of the effectiveness of such a potion is a persistent odor that repels insects. Infusion is done like this:

  1. Boil two glasses of water.
  2. Pour in boiling water 40-50 grams of fresh or 20-25 grams of dry plants (wormwood, tansy, eucalyptus).
  3. Insist in a closed container for 5-6 hours.
  4. Using this solution, rub all the cat’s hair from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail.
  5. Dry the animal. Rinse tincture is not necessary.

To combat cutaneous parasites, you can use garlic tincture. A head of crushed garlic is poured with cold water (0.5 liters) and insisted for at least six hours. Well repels insects decoction of geranium leaves, lavender tincture. The cost of folk remedies is low, the impact on the health of the pet is minimal. The effectiveness of treatment can be increased if treatments are performed more often..

Lavender tincture in a bottle

How to choose an effective anti-flea remedy

You can buy the right product for treating your pet’s wool at pet stores in your city. Thoughtful and caring owners of the medicine can order and buy in the online store. In this case, you are provided with all the necessary information about the effectiveness of the product, its price, methods of use, contraindications. You can read reviews, ask questions online, get comprehensive answers, view photos of products.

Any form of skin insect repellent can be effective. Choose well-known, well-established brands. Do not save on pet health. A low price may be a sign of futility. Veterinary fakes, unfortunately, are ubiquitous and inexpensive. A falsified product will inevitably harm your pet.

The cost of removing fleas in a cat

The prices in Moscow online stores for drugs that relieve your pet of parasites are different. They depend not only on the form of the medicinal product, but also on the brand, the size of the bottle, and special purposes. Approximately breeding cat fleas may cost you:

  • using a collar – 150-500 rubles;
  • shampoo – 130-250 rubles;
  • drops – 80-500 rubles;
  • using a spray – 220-900 rubles;
  • pills – from 300 rubles.
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