How to get rid of an aspen nest in the country – folk ways and means

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Often, wasps settle next to people. They make their nests in the attics of farm buildings or houses. Especially often they are faced by the owners of cottages. At the same time, do not forget that wasps inject poison under the skin. To save your health and living comfort, check out the ways to deal with the hornet’s nest.

Fighting wasps under the roof

At the cottage of the wasp, any wooden surfaces, niches under the slate, the gaps between the removed skin and the wall of the house, as well as places where there are many unused things, are chosen to equip their nests. When inspecting, do not forget about safety precautions! The fight against wasps in the country is possible by the following methods:

  • mechanical destruction of the nest;
  • spraying with chemical insecticides to poison swarm;
  • the use of purchased, home-made traps;
  • etching using folk tricks;
  • seeking help from specialists.


Remedy for wasps

Destruction of hornet’s nests is simpler and faster with chemical insecticides.

The composition of such funds contains poisonous poisons, so it is important to carefully follow the instructions so as not to harm your health. You can get rid of wasps by means of:


Description, effect

Mode of application




Mr. Volt Dichlorvos

Volume – 200 ml, type – spray, country of origin – Russia, composition – tetramethrin, cypermethrin, piperonyl butoxide, solvent, perfume, hydrocarbon propellant. It has a neuroparalytic effect, as a result of which insects quickly die.

Apply by conventional spraying..

Low cost, ease of use.

Very bad smell.

88 r.

Karbofos 50% ke.

Volume – 5 l, toxicity – class III (moderately hazardous substances), active ingredient – malathion 50%, form – emulsion concentrate, shelf life – 4 years. Karbofos paralyzes the absorption of food by pests and disrupts the metabolism in them.

Freshly prepared emulsions are used. Diluted with room temperature water.

Large volume, ease of use.

More expensive than analogs, toxic.

3450 r.

Delta Zone

Volume – 50 ml, country of origin – South Korea, active ingredient – deltamethrin 2.5%, type – microencapsulated suspension, processing area – up to 100 m2, Shelf life – 5 years (with unopened packaging). Getting on the surface of the body or legs of the pest, the active substance is absorbed into the internal tissues and poisons insects.

For use, the concentrate should be diluted 10-30 times. It is applied on any surface..

Microencapsulation gives the insecticide safety, duration of action, virtually no smell, leaves no streaks.

High price.

715 r.

Mosquitol (Mosquitall MQ01-10440)

Volume – 500 ml, active ingredients – Cypermethrin 0.2% + Bioalletrin 0.2%, country of origin – Russia. It has a nerve effect.

Processing is carried out by spraying from a distance of 6 m.

Narrow specialization, ease of use.

Ends fast.

390 r.

Get (Get)

Volume – 100 ml, country of origin – Russia, the active substance is the highly active organophosphorus compound chlorpyrifos. It has a contact-intestinal, neuroparalytic effect on insects.

Spraying. Dilute with water 1:20 or 1:15 before use..

Easy to use, long-lasting (6-18 months), leaves no odors.

It’s expensive.

830 r.

Get Tool


You can quickly get rid of wasps in the country with the help of mechanical methods of destroying their nests..

In winter, a hornet’s house can be easily removed from the mount, as insects do not hibernate in it – after this, the place of dislocation must be treated with an insecticide. If the room is warm, then insects can stay to live there in the winter. Manual destruction – ways:

  • Destruction must be performed at night, when insects in the hive sleep. Throw a thick trash bag on the hornet’s nest, and tape it in with tape. Then carefully tear the house from the mount, and place the bag in barrels and burn.
  • Knock down the nest with a stick in a bucket of boiling water. After that, immediately cover and leave for a while.
  • Muffle the entrance to the hive with glue, dousing it over the entire surface and forming an adhesive plug at the entrance. Wasps accumulate and get stuck in the hole. After a while they will die.
  • If the nest is formed in an inaccessible place, then you can neutralize it using building foam.

You can get rid of the aspen nest using a wide vacuum cleaner with a long hose. Make sure that the grill of your appliance is small, otherwise the wasps will come out. You can get rid of insects like this:

  1. Pour 3-6 cm of soap solution into the vacuum cleaner – this will destroy the insects immediately as they are sucked.
  2. Next, place the hose next to the hole in the hive, turn on the appliance and do not turn it off until everything is absorbed. This may take several hours..
  3. At the end of the procedure, turn off the vacuum cleaner and quickly plug the pipe (suction) with a cloth. Leave the unit for several hours. Once the buzz and buzz inside is over, you can open the vacuum cleaner and throw the contents of the bag into the urn.

If a nest of wasps appears in the country, try to get rid of them with water. This method is optimal if the hive is free-hanging. Detailed instructions:

  1. Put on protective clothing, place a bucket of water under the hornet’s nest.
  2. Gently and quickly put the bag without holes on the hornet’s house. Secure the upper part with a cord.
  3. Take out the wasp nest and dip the bag in a bucket of water. Put a heavy stone on top, otherwise the bag will rise.
  4. Leave the bag of contents overnight. Please note that this method of destroying the hive in the country implies coming into close contact with insects..


To prevent wasps from bothering you in the country, try setting special traps. You can buy them at a specialty store or make them yourself. Known options for traps for wasps:

  • Wasp Trap SWISSINNO. A trap with a bait, which before use must be filled with water to the indicated mark and shaken. Then it must be suspended 2-10 m from the ground. From time to time it needs to be supplemented with water so that the insects are in a drowned state. After the trap is full, the bait needs to be replaced..
  • Argus Garden. Used outdoors. It is placed no closer than 20 m from the nest. Food fillers, for example, sweet syrups, jam, honey, kvass, apple juice, can be used as bait..
  • Remiling WT-220. Before use, put the bait on the bottom of the bottom of the trap and screw it to the transparent cap. Then the trap is suspended in a place where there are no strong winds. Once inside the product, the wasp can no longer get out. The bait needs to be changed at least 1 time in 2 weeks.

Argus Garden Trap

You can make a bait and get rid of the nest yourself. For this:

  1. Cut off the top third of the plastic bottle. Pour the rest of the sweet bait or put spoiled fruit, meat.
  2. In the odorous bait, you can add a drug to combat wasps. Alternative – ordinary boric acid.
  3. At the cut-off third, unscrew the lid, turn it upside down and insert into the trap.
  4. Use awl to make small holes to spread the smell of the bait. You can make a couple more holes to thread a rope into them to hang traps in the attic of a country house.

What wasps don’t like

The list of means for repelling wasps in the open air and indoors is wide. Choose the appropriate remedies:

  • pungent smell of smoke;
  • water;
  • the smell of plants such as mint, lemon balm, basil, wormwood, different types of geranium;
  • ordinary harmala – insecticidal properties are especially noticeable when setting fire to a bunch of grass;
  • pronounced smell of kerosene, diesel fuel, gasoline, solvent;
  • ultrasound.

How to destroy a hornet’s nest in the ground

Some wasps build their houses in the ground. In order not to stumble upon them while working in the garden and not be stung, resort to the following methods:

  • The easiest method is to use boiling water. Pour them a nest, then fill the hornet’s hive in the ground and tamp. Please note that this method may be ineffective, because wasps have many underground passages and water will not be able to flood their entire house. Many insects will survive.
  • Use a special insecticide and spray it with the entire nest or entrances. Contact tools such as K-Flow, Cordon 10 WP, Sulfack WP 10, etc. are suitable..
  • If you do not like to resort to pesticides, prepare a normal solution using a dishwashing detergent. Mix it with hot water until the solution becomes soapy. Pour the composition directly into the hole in the underground house and quickly clear the area. If necessary, you can repeat the procedure several times.

Folk remedies

You can get rid of the aspen cluster in the country and folk remedies. Some of them have good performance. Popular options:

  • Processing the hive in the country with kerosene. You need to do this several times, and you will need to perform this procedure daily. Gradually, the hornet’s house is saturated with kerosene and insects will die. You can use a water gun or a medical bulb.
  • You can make a small fire under the nest or light a fire right on the grill. Smoke will force the inhabitants of the hive to leave it. After that, make sure that the nest is empty – in this case, you can knock down a hornet’s house with a stick. Please note that this method is only suitable for air nests in the country, which are located on tree branches and other open areas. Inside the premises and places close to home, the use of this method is unacceptable.
  • Try using regular or other non-drying glue for a long time. Spread on them the surface of the ceiling and walls near the nest. Insects stain their paws in it and smear with sticky glue the paths of entry inside. After hardening, the nest of insects will turn out to be insulated, as when applying foam.
  • Another folk remedy is the use of a watermelon crust or melon moistened with pesticides. Put it next to the hornet’s nest.


Precautionary measures

Before disposing of the aspen nest, prepare suitable clothing and follow certain precautions. More about them:

  • To get started, check for allergies. If the result is positive, it’s better not to take risks and use the services of specialists.
  • Wear socks, boots, long jeans, gloves, a sweater with a hood on your head. You can wrap a scarf around the lower half of your face and wear ski or other goggles. When using a pesticidal spray, put on old clothing, as the remainder of the product is absorbed into the fabric.
  • It is advisable to carry out the procedure in the dark, when wasps are inactive and all are in the nest. If the swarm still flew out, then the procedure must be interrupted and wait until the next night.
  • Make sure that no children or pets are near you during the procedure..
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