How to get rid of the aspen nest on the balcony: effective methods and tools

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Insects become a problem when they decide to build a dwelling right on the loggia: among trash, in cracks, under the skin of the walls, under the ceiling or outside under the cornice. There are many ways to eliminate a hornet’s nest, the effectiveness of which is time-tested..

Ways to destroy wasps and wasp nests

Fight insects and their dwellings immediately upon detection. Features of the destruction of nests of wasps and hornets:

Fight method

Method of exposure

Professional pest control

Rapid destruction of wasp nests with potent insecticides.


Poisoning substances (gels, powders, aerosols, sprays) that process the home or from which they prepare a poison bait that kills pests.

Folk ways

  • kerosene treatment;
  • the use of mounting foam;
  • the destruction of the aspen dwelling with water;
  • burning.

Sweet lure with boric acid

It will be possible to get rid of wasps on the balcony in this way in 7-14 days. In an attractive for insects sweet bait (beer with honey, lemonade, sour compote, kvass, water with jam, syrup), boric acid is added, mixed thoroughly. The poison is bitter in taste, so the proportions should be observed: on? Art. liquids? tsp poison. Place the bait in a plastic bottle without a neck, a tin can or a bowl next to the nest (preferably at night when the wasps sleep).

Saturated with poisoned food, insects will feed the larvae and the uterus with it: this way the hornet family will be destroyed.

Boric acid

Burning aspen nest

Paper (public) wasps are a very common species. They build their homes from the fibers of wood, turning into paper under the influence of insect saliva. A nest of paper honeycombs is easily flammable, and all its inhabitants die. If it is located not on a wooden, but on a concrete block outside the balcony, the insect dwelling can be sprayed from the spray with kerosene or gasoline, and then set on fire. After a few minutes, fill the steaming wasp house with water. It is dangerous to use this method indoors: the apartment may catch fire.

Wasp control with water

It will turn out to get rid of the nest by means of drowning if it is attached to a flat ceiling, not close to the wall. At night or in the early morning, bring the bucket full of water to the brim to the insect dwelling. Lift and hold the bucket to the ceiling so that the socket is completely immersed in the liquid. From below, the container can be pressed against a ladder. After 1-2 hours, make sure the wasps are dead: tap the bucket with a stick. If no buzzing is heard, the structure can be removed, and the house, safely removed, destroyed. This method is also suitable for exterminating hornets..

Wasp in a bowl of water

How to get rid of wasps with foam

Sometimes the pest dwelling is located in an inaccessible place: under the floor, in cracks, under the wall covering. In this case, the destruction of wasps and wasp nests is carried out using a mounting foam. Cracks foam, insects can not get out. After about a week, the wasps die, the buzz stops. Sometimes they use an assembly foam to process the entrance to a nest located in an accessible place – so that insects can not get out, remove and throw away or burn.

Foam Application

The use of poisons and insecticides

Effective and convenient preparations for wasps on the loggia or balcony are ready-made aerosols or sprays based on chemical concentrates (Kukaracha, Get, Tetrix, Dichlorvos, Delta Zone, Sinuzan, etc.)

Powdered insecticides are suitable for the manufacture of poisonous baits, gels can smear the surface near the dwelling of insects.

Having processed the ceiling, walls, floor, nest with an aerosol preparation, you need to close the loggia for 2-2.5 hours. Popular insecticides:



Operating principle

Mode of application


Get (total), 100 ml

Odorless chlorpyrifos suspension, mask and gloves included.

The active substance is carried on the extremities of the insect. Getting through the respiratory tract, paralyzes the nervous system of the wasp / hornet, resulting in the death of the insect (3-14 days after treatment).

Dilute 1 bottle (100 ml) of 1 liter of water, treat the composition with a spray bottle.

830 r.

Karbofos Green Belt

The drug is based on malathion with a sharp specific odor. When mixed with water forms a homogeneous emulsion. Harmless to humans, pets.

The insect dies instantly in direct contact with the drug. Action time – 3-4 hours.

Processing is carried out with a freshly prepared solution (30 g of Karbofos mixed with 5 l of water) from a spray bottle. The temperature on the balcony should not be lower than 15 ° C.

  • packing 30 g – 25 r .;
  • packaging 60 g – 80 r.

Minap 22

Chlorpyrifos based milk suspension 9.3% concentration.

When an insect enters the body, the poison blocks the transmission of nerve impulses, interfering with the normal functioning of the nervous system. First comes paralysis, then wasp death.

The action of the drug begins 3 hours after treatment, within a day, individuals die.

Dilute Minap 22 with water at room temperature (30-35 ml of the substance 1 liter of liquid). Using protective clothing, glasses, gloves, treat the composition with a spray gun.

  • 200 ml – 400-500 r .;
  • 1 l – 1500 – 2200 r.


A liquid insecticide based on fenthion (25%) and cypermethrin. It has a sharp specific smell. Harmless to humans.

The drug kills an insect by contacting its integument and entering the respiratory system..

Shake the product, mix with water (15 ml of the executioner dilute 1 liter of water). Treat the balcony using a spray gun and personal protective equipment: glasses, a respirator, rubber gloves, work clothing. After 8 hours, carefully ventilate the room.

  • 5 ml bottle – 70-100 r .;
  • 1 l – 2100 r.

Sinusan, 1 L

Brownish liquid insecticide based on chlorpyrifos (48%) and alphacipermetrin (5%).

Causes the death of adults, their larvae (1-3 days).

Dissolve 10 ml of the drug in 1 liter of warm water, spray evenly on the surfaces of the balcony (ceiling, walls, floor) from a distance of 20-30 cm. Protective clothing should be used during work.

1750-2100 r.

Karbofos Green Belt

Rules and Safety

If you decide to get rid of the aspen home yourself, try to protect yourself as much as possible.

Observe the following safety rules:

  1. Before uninvited guests settled on the balcony, it is advisable to carry out regular cleaning there: wasps do not tolerate the smell of household chemicals. Bouquets of geranium and peppermint hanging in the corners will help scare away the pests..
  2. If you suspect that there are hornet’s nests on the balcony, try to locate them without disturbing the wasps. It’s not worth starting to move the sheathing, disassemble the trash or sharply move things: insects can attack, protecting their home.
  3. It is desirable to carry out work on the extermination of wasps in tight clothing with cuffs as close to the body as possible. Do not leave parts of the body open: cover your head with a hood or hat, pull rubber gloves on your hands, protect your face with a beekeeper’s mask or mosquito net.
  4. Hornet’s nest should be processed at night or in the early morning when insects are inactive..
  5. Try to work with the balcony door open: if the wasp unexpectedly attacks, return to the room as soon as possible, close the door tightly. After an hour, when the insects calm down, repeat the procedure.
  6. When working with pesticides, use a universal respirator, rubber gloves, goggles. Do not spray the product with a stepladder, as in case of an unexpected attack, there is a risk of falling and injuring yourself.
  7. After the destruction of insects (regardless of the method), you should check for the presence of living individuals in the nest by tapping on it with a solid object: a metal rod, a stick. It’s better to remove the hornet’s outer dwelling by first throwing a plastic garbage bag on it, wrapping the tape with tape or tape in the entrance.
  8. Wasps and hornets will not return to their favorite place if you treat the surface after removing the nest first with manganese (dilute several crystals of potassium permanganate with 2-3 liters of warm water), then with an aerosol insecticide.

Bouquets of geraniums

Professional pest control

The desire to independently get rid of dangerous insects on the balcony often leads to the development of severe allergic reactions due to numerous bites. A special service will deal effectively with wasps and hornets. Advantages of contacting professionals:

  • the ability to quickly, relatively inexpensively get rid of pests with the prevention of their subsequent appearance;
  • qualified employees work quickly, efficiently, use proven tools, certain tactics for the destruction of wasps and hornets;
  • receiving recommendations;
  • no need to purchase chemicals, protective clothing, equipment, and then store them;
  • no risk of getting bites, injuries.

Professional pest control

Where should I go for services in the disinfestation of premises for Muscovites and residents of the Moscow region:



Pest control methods

Cost of services, r.


+7 (963) 625 22 25

  • physical (traps, nets, exposure to high / low temperatures);
  • chemical (use of poisons: gels, aerosols, powders, liquids and professional sprayers).
  • from 1600

Unified Sanitary Service of Moscow (ESS, SES)

+7 (495) 255 38 53

  • physical;
  • chemical (treatment of the site with intexicides).
  • from 1800

Des Eco-Wedge

+7 (800) 775 18 24

+7 (495) 181 04 40

  • physical;
  • chemical (nest treatment with intexicides);
  • insect repellent prevention.
  • from 1800

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