How to open a keyless door to a room and apartment

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In case of loss, breakage of a key or locking device, opening the lock may be the only way to enter or leave the premises. What to do if there is no time to call a master or locksmith from the housing and communal services? Arm yourself with improvised devices (clip, awl, clerical knife) and try to open the door yourself.

How to open an interior door without a key

The design of the locking devices in the interior units is basically simple. Unlike entrance doors, it is not difficult to open such doors. What tools and aids are used for this:

  • flat screwdriver and pliers;
  • a plastic card;
  • knitting needle, awl, hairpin or clip;
  • a piece of thick paper;
  • nail file, scissors or knife.

Opening the lock with a hairpin


Most locks in the interior blocks have a key that, when pressed from the inside, locks the mechanism. Often, a device is activated without human intervention. For example, with strong slamming of the door, impact of the door leaf against the wall or structural failure. The security system helps to fix the problem. How to open a locked interior door without a key:

  1. Inspect the handle from the outside. There is a small hole on the side opposite from the latch.
  2. Pick up a tool or fixture that will go into the slot (hairpin, straightened paper clip, nail).
  3. Insert the selected item into the hole, unlock the lock with a light touch.
  4. open the door.

When the mechanism breaks down

To open a locked door in the event of a broken handle, you will need a flat object (plastic card, stationery knife, ruler). How to act if the mechanism is broken, stuck or jammed:

  1. Insert a flat object (for example, a plastic card) into the gap between the door leaf and the groove at the level of the latch.
  2. Tilt so that the far side of the device touches the beveled portion of the tongue.
  3. Press lightly on the handy tool while tilting the handle down.
  4. Move the tab, pull the sash, open the door.

Opening a door with a plastic card

If the key is in the well from the back

You can open a slammed interior door with the key remaining inside the locked room in the following way:

  1. Insert a paper sheet between the floor and the door leaf so that a small “tail” remains on the outside.
  2. Insert a straightened paper clip, hairpin, invisibility, or spoke into the keyhole. Slowly squeeze the key.
  3. When you hear the sound of falling, gently pull the paper from under the door.
  4. Unlock the lock with the key.

If the box of the locked door has a threshold, you cannot pull out the key with paper. To get into the room, you have to open the lock. How to disassemble a simple mortise device with a handle:

  1. Use a flat-end device (nail file, stationery knife) to pry off and remove the pad.
  2. Lock the stopper with a flat-blade screwdriver and unscrew the screws that connect the inside and outside of the structure.
  3. Remove the handle, remove the larva. open the door.

How to open a keyless lock on the front door

On the metal entrance doors for apartments, houses locks are installed with a complex device, several levels of protection.

With master keys, you can try to open only a Chinese-made mechanism. High-quality locks will have to be unlocked with the help of a specialist or cracked, which can lead to damage to the device and deformation of the door leaf. The process will depend on the type of locking mechanism..


Cylinder lock

If the key to the cylinder lock is lost, and it is impossible to make a duplicate, you will have to master the role of a professional cracker and unlock the door using special master keys. They can be bought at a hardware store or made from paper clips, hairpins. How to open a door lock with a cylindrical mechanism:

  1. Take 2 paper clips or hairpins. Bend one at a right angle, it will serve as a tensioner, the second – in the form of a hook.
  2. Insert the tensioner in the upper part of the mechanism, turn towards the opening of the lock, creating tension.
  3. Enter the second paper clip, hook on the first pin, give it a position corresponding to the opening. The fact that the pin has taken the desired position will be notified by clicking and turning the cylinder.
  4. Repeat manipulations with other pins.

Opening the cylinder lock

If the master keys did not help, you will have to break the lock. How to do it:

  1. Insert a flat screwdriver deep into the larva. Try to crank with effort. If successful, remove the tool with the mechanism, open the door.
  2. If it doesn’t work, take a drill and a drill for metal (4–5 mm). Drill through the larva and remove the mechanism.


Level castle

This lock consists of several plates with different recesses and grooves. The complexity and safety class of the device depend on their number. To crack the locking mechanism, it is necessary to achieve the displacement of the plates. How to open an iron door without a key with a lever lock:

  1. Make a convolution by bending the tip of a thin screwdriver.
  2. Make a master key by crocheting and sharpening the needle tip.
  3. Insert both impromptu master keys into the lock mechanism.
  4. Push the collar all the way, turn, creating tension. Move the hook, shifting each plate in turn and simultaneously turning the convolution. When you succeed in shifting all the levers, the door will open.

If the master keys did not help, crack the device, damaging the reference point of the secret:

  1. Drill a hole at the location of the shank mount.
  2. Insert a hook from a paper clip or stiff wire.
  3. Turn the crossbars, open the door.

Rack and pinion

Rack lock

It is only possible to break a rack lock with a crowbar, damaging not only the mechanism, but also the door frame or the door leaf. How to try to open the device without a key:

  1. Pick up 2 thin screwdrivers that can enter the keyhole at the same time.
  2. Insert 1 tool into the hole, “catch” the notch of the crossbar and move it to the side. Insert a second screwdriver, lock the valve position.
  3. Repeat the manipulations, shifting in turn all the crossbars until the door opens.

The second way to hack a castle:

  1. Drive a wooden wedge of soft wood (spruce, pine, cedar) into the keyhole.
  2. Pull out, slightly cut the formed notches.
  3. Unlock the closed door with the wedge key obtained..


The padlock

This type of lock can be opened with a pin, paper clip or stiff wire. Sequencing:

  1. Bend the edge of the attachment with the letter G. Insert into the top of the well, trying to get into the retainer.
  2. Turn the master key until the locking element is released and the bracket is released.

If you can’t open the lock without a key, you can crack it in one of two ways:

  1. Insert 2 open-end wrenches into the bracket so that each of them grips one handle and their side ribs touch. Pull the free edges of the tools together until the bracket breaks..
  2. Screw the self-tapping screw into the larva, and then pull it out together with the mechanism using a nail clipper.


This type of mechanism without a key and the help of a specialist cannot be opened. Independently, the French lock can only be broken, ruining the door leaf. This is done in the old grandfather way:

  1. Insert a crowbar or a strong screwdriver into the gap next to the lock.
  2. Use the tool as a lever: push until the door leaf deforms and the lock latch comes loose.

If the key is broken in the lock

Opening the door lock when the key is broken

Often the reason for opening the front door is a broken key. In this case, you need to remove the chip from the larva.

If the fragment sticks out of the well, try to grab it with pliers or tweezers, and then pull it out, swinging from side to side.

If the key chip does not look out, remove it in one of the following ways:

  1. Pick up the serrated side of the jigsaw file and remove it from the locking device.
  2. Pry with a straightened fishing hook, pin, or rounded thin wire, and then gently pull it out..
  3. Hook the sharp ends of two thin awls, and, swinging, slowly remove from the castle.
  4. Use a strong magnet to remove it (if the material from which the key was made has magnetic properties).

How to open a car without a key

If the car slammed shut and the key remained inside, you can open it in one of the following ways:

  1. Pry off the sealing gum on the glass with a small screwdriver or nail file, pull it out 3-4 cm. Bend a spoke or rigid wire at an angle of 45 degrees so that a hook is obtained, 50 cm long. Insert it between the glass and the door all the way into the lock, grope locking traction device. Pull the hook to unlock the device.
  2. For domestic cars and old-fashioned cars: remove the gasket from the window of the rear door, take out the glass, put your hand in the hole and unlock the lock. Reinstall the structure, contact the car service.
  3. If the lock is loose, try unlocking it with the key to another machine.
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