How to remove ink from a pen from clothes

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The problem of pen stains is familiar to everyone: schoolchildren, students, office workers, and even people not related to mental work. For this reason, many are interested in how to remove ink from clothes. You should not experiment – there are many proven ways to restore the product to its purity and former appearance. Check out proven methods.

How to wash ink from clothes

Ink Shirt

Don’t want to ruin a thing completely? Then follow the basic recommendations:

  1. After choosing a suitable product, try using it on a separate piece of cloth, which is always sold with the item. There is no such cut, it can be carefully tested in an inconspicuous place, better on the back of the product.
  2. There are many ways to remove blots, but not all of them are gentle and suitable for all tissues. How to remove ink from a pen from clothes that fade? Do not use solvents – they will change the color of the item. Another thing is vinegar, which helps to fix the shade on a colored fabric. To eliminate blots from synthetics, it is worth choosing liquids with acetone.
  3. If the stains remain after ink removal, try washing them with plain water and soap..
  4. To remove blots from the product, prepare a work surface, place napkins (paper) under the fabric so that the dissolved ink does not creep across the fabric.

How to wash ink

Traces of a writing product formed on your favorite thing? To remove them, you can use chemicals. This can be done with special washing powder, store stain remover (cheaper or more expensive, for example, Vanish, ACE). No less effective means based on natural bile – soap “Antipyatin”. The following items are very popular for ink removal:

  • ammonia;
  • glycerol;
  • ethanol;
  • acetone for nails;
  • soda;
  • lemon juice;
  • spoiled milk;
  • dishware;
  • gasoline and many others.

Wipe the ink stain off the fabric

How to remove ink from a ballpoint pen

Completely remove the blot can be improvised methods that are available in any home. Learn how to do it best. Means and methods of application:

  1. Ammonia. Dilute it with an equal amount of water, then apply to the ink blot, leave for exposure. After 2 minutes, rinse the thing, repeat the procedure again if necessary. Ideal for shirts, blouses made of white fabrics.
  2. Glycerol. This non-aggressive agent must be applied to the dirty area for an hour, then rinse with salt water and soap. As a rule, one such procedure is enough.
  3. If you do not know how to remove ink from clothes made of linen, cotton fabric, use a mixture of alcohol and acetone in the same proportions. Mix 2 ingredients, heat the mixture, soak gauze in it and iron a blot through it.
  4. Spoiled milk. Effective for removing fresh marks. Take the sour milk, soak a thing in the product, then wash with soap, adding a few drops of ammonia to the water.
  5. Lemon juice. Put the product on the ink trace, wash. Suitable for products of all colors except white.
  6. Soda. Perfectly removes stains from delicate fabrics. Make a slurry of water, soda, hold the mixture on things, remove and wash the thing.
  7. Yogurt. Especially effective for removing dirt on colored fabrics. Soak a spoiled thing in yogurt, wash in 10 minutes using laundry soap, rinse.
  8. Shaving gel. Foam the product, apply to the ink blot. When the cream is saturated, rinse the product.
  9. A mixture of alcohol and turpentine. Suitable for removing old stains. It is necessary to mix the ingredients in equal amounts, wet the stain with the mixture, wait an hour and a half. Rinse off.
  10. Toothpaste. Put it on the stained place, after a while remove it. It’s better to use white paste, because the colored paste will have to be rinsed for a long time.

Ink stain on the pocket of a man’s shirt

How to remove ink from a fountain pen

Such writing products often have to be refilled, so stains on things from them are not uncommon. How to remove ink from a pen from clothes? Simple and ubiquitous removal methods:

  1. Talc. Once the stain has appeared, you need to quickly sprinkle it with talcum powder (starch), then cover with a paper towel on top. The stains will disappear because they are absorbed by the absorbent.
  2. Laundry soap. Lather the dirt from the pen, rub the dirty area hard with a brush. Rinse in warm water. The method is suitable for small stains..
  3. Petrol. Ideal for removing dirt from wool. Treat the stain from the handle with the product, then wash the item in warm water with powder.
  4. Mustard Powder. It helps to remove stains of gel writing instruments from silk products. It is necessary to mix the powder with water to the state of slurry, leave it on things. After a day, wipe, rinse clothes in cool water.
  5. Kerosene. Removes stains on woolen fabric. The item should be treated with kerosene, then washed.
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