How to remove worms in a cat: drugs and folk remedies for treatment

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Cats that live in private homes, whether it be a village or an elite cottage village, can catch parasites. If an animal freely walks along the street or walks in a summer cottage, this misfortune will not bypass its side. But for pets living in apartments and not on a polluted street, worms can also start. The owners have a question: how to remove worms from a cat? You can do this at home or at a veterinary clinic.

What is helminthiasis in cats

Helminthiasis is the collective name for dangerous parasitic diseases caused by helminths. The pet becomes lethargic, he has vomiting and diarrhea, his appetite and general condition worsen. It is necessary to quickly determine the cause of the disease. Helminthiasis is treated at all stages of development. An experienced veterinarian can help your pet when you first go to the clinic. How to remove worms from a cat, every pet owner should know.

What types of worms do cats have?

Helminths can be divided into two groups: nematodes and cestodes. Round and tapeworms differ in appearance and size. In cats, both species are found, so the drugs have a double effect, they are designed to combat all helminths at once. You can distinguish nematodes from cestodes if you pass tests in a veterinary clinic. When the helminths out of the cat’s body by vomiting, the pet owner will see what shape they were.

  • Nematodes – roundworms. In appearance, they are similar to spaghetti, reaching a length of a couple of millimeters to 20 cm. These parasites enter the body of cats if they like to hunt in nature and eat mice or other small rodents. A common variety of roundworms in domestic animals is hookworm. This is a small parasite, 2 cm long, settles in the stomach of the beast and feeds on its blood. With a long stay of the hookworm in the body of the animal, liver damage and anemia can occur, which in advanced cases can lead to death.
  • Cestodes – tapeworms. These are flat flukes, alveococci, diphyllobothriasis, lentets, which can grow from 2 mm to 10 m in length, are easily woven into a ball. They multiply rapidly and can change several owners in their lifetime. On the body of tapeworms there are suckers with hooks. They lay the larvae inside the body of cats, which enter the external environment along with feces, and infect insects, animals (even large ones like snow leopards) or humans.

Nematode Worms

Symptoms of infection

The pet owner can immediately discover that something has happened to his friend. Behavior changes, appetite, the cat is constantly sleeping or meowing frantically. It is difficult to make a correct diagnosis on your own. It is better to immediately contact a veterinarian – call him at home or take the animal to the clinic. A simple tablet against parasites in advanced cases does not get rid of helminths. You can find out without a diagnosis that a pet needs urgent help by the following symptoms:

  • loss of appetite or continued eating;
  • vomiting
  • indigestion or constipation;
  • itching – the pet begins to comb itself;
  • rash in the perineum;
  • salivation;
  • round, pouting stomach;
  • spasm;
  • in kittens there is a developmental delay, heart failure;
  • pus from the mucous membranes of the eyes.

Treatment for Worms in Cats

Whole worms or parts of them can come out with vomiting. At the pet store you can buy pills or drops against parasites and give them to your pet. The owner of the pet may not know that often these drugs are preventive in nature and cannot cure the severe stage of the disease. To establish an accurate diagnosis, you need to quickly contact a veterinary clinic, where the pet will be given an injection right away and ease the condition. Self-medication can be fatal. How to bring out worms in a cat only a doctor will tell.


Anthelmintic agents are used to treat invasion in cats. To prescribe the right treatment, the animal takes blood and feces for laboratory analysis. The results reveal what kind of parasites the animal is infected with and what toxic effect they have on it. To alleviate the condition, the doctor can give an injection or give drops. Anthelmintic drugs are available in various forms: tablets, drops, nutritional supplements. The duration of the course is 10-14 days. Preparations for worms in cats are divided into the following groups:

  • by type of parasites: anti-nematode, anti-cestode, anti-trematode;
  • according to the mechanism of action: destroy the nervous system of roundworms, their outer shell, internal organs, stop the movement of parasites;
  • by active substance: by chemical composition.

Injections for intramuscular or subcutaneous administration

The veterinarian will tell you how to remove worms in cats with injections and droppers. Injections may include anthelmintic and detoxification drug, vitamin and restorative complex, biogenic stimulant. Injections can be put at home on their own, on an dropper it is better to bring the animal to the vet. The course of getting rid of parasites lasts 5-6 days, during which the cat gets better. During treatment, it is recommended to monitor the condition of the pet so that the drugs do not cause allergies.

Cat prick

How to gobble a cat at home

For the prevention of diseases, medications are given to animals once every six months. Treatment of cats for worms at home is necessary. In pet stores there are special departments with medicines where you can buy anti-worm products for cats. Tablets are given in whole, for this the cat’s mouth must be clamped and thrown inside the capsule, or mixed into food. The main thing is to make sure that the animal ate it. Not all pet owners can independently cope with the problem of how to remove worms in cats.


The suspension is very convenient to sweep the cat at home, it is easier to pour into the mouth than to give a pill. Even if a little substance is spilled, the animal licks it from the mustache and muzzle. The suspension is poured into a spoon, the mouth is clamped to fix it, using a little force, and the drug is poured inside. Or you can draw medicine into a syringe without a needle and squeeze it into the jaws of the animal. This method is safer and more efficient. The following suspension drugs are available:

  • Prazicide for adult cats. A drug designed to deworm dogs and cats, puppies and kittens older than three weeks of age. The drug is administered orally in the morning with food or forcibly with a syringe dispenser on the tongue. Stripper for kittens and cats is given in a proportion of 1 ml per 1 kg of weight. The advantage of the drug is the ease of its administration and the speed of action. Of the shortcomings, it can be noted that the drug can not be taken in the first days of kittens’ life until the age of 3 weeks, an individual reaction to the components.
  • Prazicide – sweet suspension for kittens. Provides a wide range of effects on the gastrointestinal cestodes and nematodes. The drug is used to gobble up a kitten. In the morning, with the help of a dispenser, the medicine is introduced into the mouth. Prazicide is used at the rate of 1 ml per 1 kg of body weight. Thanks to the sweet taste, kittens swallow it with pleasure, this is the main plus of the medicine. Of the minuses, individual intolerance to the components of the drug is distinguished, which the doctor should diagnose.

Sugar cubes

Among the anthelmintic agents, Polyvercan sugar cubes are popular. The composition includes two substances – niclosamide and oxybendazole, which fight immediately with all types of worms. The drug is administered orally, half a cube. The advantage of the drug is its pleasant sweet taste. Pets are happy to eat the cube completely. The disadvantage is that one cube is designed for 10 kg of weight, so for small breeds it is necessary to divide into parts, which causes some inconvenience.

Anthelmintic tablets

The most common remedy against nematodes and cestodes are tablets: Kanikvantel, Febtal, Drontal and others. They have an anthelmintic effect and kill parasites after one course of treatment. Tablets for the purpose of prevention are given once every six months. The course of treatment is 5-7 days if the animal has already become infected. How to remove worms from a cat using anthelmintic tablets? Only trusted and reputable companies should be used:

  • Caniquantel Plus. It consists of two substances: fenbendazole and praziquantel. They are able to painlessly rid the animal of all types of parasites within three days. Withdrawal from the digestion of dead parasites occurs naturally through the anus. One tablet is designed for 10 kg of the animal’s weight, it is given in the morning, having previously been ground into powder and mixed with food. Plus – quick cure, from two to three days. Minus – do not give pregnant females.
  • Envire. Anthelmintic for round and annelid worms. It fights with all types of parasites, causes the complete destruction of the trematode. Available in tablets of 0.5 mg. Cats weighing from 2 to 4 kg – 1 tablet at a time with feeding. Advantages – a powerful tool, kills all parasites at once. Disadvantages – can not be used in kittens under the age of six months, it is not recommended to be used in conjunction with other drugs.
  • Drontal. White tablets for deworming, quickly absorbed by the animal’s body, kill parasites and remove them from the body naturally. The drug is used for any degree of infection. Dosage – 1 tablet per 4 kg of animal weight. Veterinarians recommend giving Drontal to a cat on an empty stomach or with food. Repeat taking the drug once a quarter. Advantages of the drug – it is well tolerated by animals, rarely causes side effects. Cons – kittens should not be used for up to three weeks.
  • Milbemax. Designed to fight roundworms: sharply reduces muscle and destroys the epithelium, parasites die. The medicine is rapidly absorbed and leaves the body after three hours with urine. Pets weighing up to 2 kg should be given a pink tablet, for adults – a red shell is recommended. Pros – with the taste and smell of beef meat, and pets willingly eat them themselves. Cons – because of inexperience, you can get confused in dosages, the medicine is available in two types, and each tablet contains a grammar.
  • Pratel. It affects all types of worms – nematodes and cestodes, destroys their muscle mass and removes it from the intestines with feces in 1-2 days. Adults are given half a tablet, kittens from 6 weeks – a quarter of the capsule one-time. Advantage – animals do not need a hungry diet before using the drug. Disadvantage – mandatory veterinary control during admission during pregnancy.
  • Tronzil. It has a detrimental effect on different types of helminths, blocks the absorption of glucose in the parasite tissue, and causes their death. One tablet is designed for 3-4 kg of animal weight. Subject to dosage, no side effects are observed. If the grams were not calculated correctly, then the animals were observed discharge from the mouth, cough, shortness of breath, slow heartbeat. If you experience the symptoms described, you should immediately contact your veterinarian. Plus – absorbed in the body in 3 hours. Minus – not recommended for kittens until they reach one and a half months.


Drops at the withers

The most convenient and easily applicable remedy can be called drops at the withers. Even a child can apply a small amount of medication. You can do this even when the pet is sleeping, he will not wake up from such a remedy and will not run away under the sofa. In veterinary pharmacies, many types of drops are sold under different names. What to choose from, and how to remove worms from a cat? Four popular remedies are distinguished:

  • Profiler. Assign for treatment of nematodoses, cestodoses and opisthorchis. The components of the drug cause paralysis and death of ascorides. The profiler is applied externally, between the shoulder blades at the base of the neck, to a place inaccessible for licking. The skin should be intact and dry. The drug is absorbed in two hours, after which it is no longer necessary to monitor the pet, even if it starts to wash, the medicine with saliva will not enter the stomach. Drops should be given to kittens from eight weeks of age at the rate of 0.14 ml per 1 kg of animal weight. The advantage is a single use of the drug. No cons found.
  • Helmintal-K. Drops on the withers in the form of an oily liquid. The tool is intended to combat the presence of parasites inside the body, including fleas, ticks. The substances that make up the drug cause immobilization and death of helminths. Drops are applied in three places on the base of the neck of the animal. To do this, divide the hair into a parting to gain access to the skin. The dosage is calculated based on the weight of the cat, in accordance with the instructions. Plus – the ease of application, and the minus is that the drops must be applied once every month.
  • Inspector. An anthelmintic drug acts on parasites, paralyzing them, and then killing them. The product is applied to the withers. The animal must not be washed for the next four days. From 1 to 4 kg of weight, 0.4 ml drops are needed. Opened packaging is recommended immediately. Enough of one treatment to destroy the parasites. After infection, for prophylaxis, repeat drops after 6 weeks. The advantage of this tool is ease of application. Disadvantage – Reapplication.
  • Stronghold. Drops on the back of the head for external use. The medicine has a powerful effect on the helminths of both groups, achieving complete cure of the animal. For cats weighing less than 2.5 kg, use a pipette with a purple end, a volume of 0.25 ml. With an animal weighing from 2.5 kg – 0.75 ml drops from a pipette with a blue cap. Pros – does not cause an allergic reaction, ease of use. Cons – the price is higher than that of analogues, the need for repeated use.

Folk remedies

With the advent of veterinary clinics, pet owners have undeservedly forgotten about folk remedies. You can resort to them immediately, having detected symptoms of infection in cats. Conventional products, plant gatherings, seeds that are in every home can be useful for preparing infusions from helminths. How to remove worms from a cat using folk remedies? Some of the most common methods for preparing decoctions and mixtures are known..

Decoction of tansy and wormwood

Known folk remedies are herbal decoctions. Against parasites, a collection prepared from tansy and wormwood helps well. Flowers are taken from plants, dried and sent for storage in a tin can. To prepare the broth, you need to mix two teaspoons of each component and scald with boiling water, 250 ml. In order to treat helminths, give the cat three tablespoons of broth in the morning for three days..

Tansy decoction


Not every cat agrees to eat garlic. There are lovers who eat vegetables and fruits, and for them this folk remedy was invented. One clove of garlic is chopped and added portionwise to the feed. The period of use is seven days. One clove of garlic is enough for a day. This excellent tool is more suitable for the prevention of helminths. Still, it is not worth it to fully replace the treatment with garlic. It is better to contact specialists and determine how to remove worms in cats.

Crushed pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are used to treat diseases not only in humans, but also in animals. They are known for their beneficial properties. For the treatment of helminthiasis, peeled pumpkin seeds will be required. They need to be crushed, and for 300 g of seeds add 50 ml of water (it is not recommended to take unboiled) and 15 g of honey. Feed the resulting infusion to the animal, and after half an hour make an enema. There is another second recipe. For 5 g of crushed seeds add the same amount of sunflower oil or pork fat. Give your pet an empty stomach for 5 days in a row.

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