How to wash adhesive from adhesive tape with plastic: means to remove traces

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Adhesive tape is widely used in everyday life, but few people think before using it about the results that remain on the surface of the furniture. After removing the adhesive tape, sticky spots remain, which if not immediately eliminated, they attract dust to themselves and become dark from dirt. Such marks greatly spoil the appearance of furniture, a refrigerator, dishes, car windows, window frames, doors and other household items. It is more difficult to completely clean the adhesive tape from plastic, the more time has passed since the sticky spots.

How to wipe adhesive tape with plastic

Before eliminating stains from adhesive tape, precautions should be taken so as not to spoil the appearance of products made of polymeric material. It would be wise to first check the reaction of the selected product in a small area of ​​plastic in an inconspicuous place. There is a mass of means by which you can wash the glue from adhesive tape with plastic without damaging the surface. Both potent chemicals and homemade products are suitable. Proven ways to remove old stains from adhesive tape from a plastic surface:

  1. With a strip of new scotch tape, fresh residues from the adhesive tape are well removed. During the procedure for eliminating the sticky layer from tape, they act quickly. The movements during this procedure should be jerky – stick a piece of adhesive tape and tear off the glue with a jerk.
  2. With a cloth dampened in hot water, it is real for 3-4 minutes, without effort and harm to plastic, remove fresh adhesive residue from adhesive tape.
  3. It is easy to get rid of sticky marks with a household steam generator. The action of hot humid air will help quickly remove the remaining tape.
  4. With a construction hair dryer or for drying hair, both fresh and old spots from double-sided tape are removed. To remove such residues, it is recommended to warm the place of contamination for 3 minutes. After that, acting gently with a flat spatula, in order to avoid the risk of scratching the plastic surface, pry off the edge and remove the remaining adhesive tape from the plastic.


How to clean the scotch tape

A poor-quality adhesive strip is poorly attached, and a good adhesive tape is difficult to remove from various surfaces after a while. Most people at least once in their life came across the question of how to wash glue from adhesive tape with plastic, so as not to spoil the appearance of the thing. The choice of cleaning method depends on the availability at hand of an available home, chemical or professional product, as well as on the structure of the polymer material, from the surface of which sticky spots from adhesive tape must be removed.

Tools at hand

Traces of adhesive tape are wiped off with plastic using vegetable oil, not necessarily sunflower oil, olive, linseed, sesame or other are suitable. This product is the safest polymer surface. It is unrealistic to damage, scratch or discolor plastic with vegetable oil. Under the influence of oil, the glue is impregnated and increases in volume, after 15–20 minutes it remains only to remove the pollution with a piece of cloth or a paper towel.

To remove sticky marks from adhesive tape, alcohol-based products are suitable. If alcoholic drinks (vodka) are used, they should not contain sugars and dyes. The higher the strength, the easier it is to erase the glue, so medical alcohol is the most effective. A cotton swab is moistened abundantly with them, the place of contamination is treated, they wait 3-5 minutes and wiped with a rag. Alcohol has a whitening effect for polymer products, for this reason it is strictly forbidden to use it on colored plastic surfaces.

It will quickly and easily help remove traces of tape from plastic with baking soda. To prepare the mixture, a teaspoon or a tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate powder is diluted with water to a porridge-like consistency. Dip the sponge into the prepared solution and rub the place of contamination to it. After it was possible to clean the remains of scotch tape from furniture, windows or other interior items, the site is wiped first with a damp and then dry rag.

The eraser is capable of delicately removing sticky traces of adhesive tape from objects made of polymer material. The rubbing spot is rubbed with a rubber gum until the glue residue disappears completely. At the end of the process, the specks from the cleaned polymer surface are brushed off. It is easy to erase the spots from the adhesive tape with an eraser if their area is small. Volumetric areas of contamination are very long and difficult to wipe with rubber.

Sunflower oil

Chemical methods

White spirit, which is refined gasoline, has the properties of a mild solvent. For a plastic surface, this liquid is practically safe, but it is better to check the reaction of the coating in an inconspicuous area. Do not use white spirit on painted or polished surfaces of interior items made of polymeric material. The spot must be affected by a swab moistened with gasoline abundantly in gasoline until the contamination is completely removed.

Acetone refers to aggressive methods of cleaning plastic surfaces. Colorless liquid can easily cope with sticky marks from scotch tape, but can ruin the coating of furniture or other household items. After acetone treatment, dull spots may remain on the plastic. But this organic substance, like nail polish remover, is safe for windows, it’s easy and convenient for them to clean large areas of glazing that have impurities.

Detergent for windows based on ammonia can easily remove traces of adhesive tape from a plastic surface. To eliminate the residue from the adhesive tape, spray the product onto the place of contamination and wipe it with a sponge. After dissolving sticky traces, the treated area is wiped with paper towels. Car enthusiasts will be able to cope with the remnants of scotch tape on glass, a metal paintwork or car interior with a special tool for car windows.

Vinegar is present in every home, it is often used not only for cooking, but also to cleanse the space. It is effective for removing sticky marks from adhesive tape. To remove dirt from a plastic surface, it is better not to dilute the vinegar with water, in concentrated form it will act faster. A sponge soaked in vinegar rubs sticky dirt until it disappears completely. At the end of the procedure, the treated area is wiped with a damp cloth or cloth.

By heating

The glue sticks tightly into the plastic surface, especially when the stain is old. In the adhesive base, in addition to acrylic, rubber and other foams may be present, as, for example, with double-sided tape. In such circumstances, before trying to wipe traces of adhesive tape from plastic using various means, the spots are pre-softened.

A steam generator, household or building hair dryer will help in this. The main thing is not to overdo it, especially using professional equipment for heating, so as not to deform the surface under the influence of high temperature. The hairdryer or steam generator is kept at a distance of 15 to 20 cm for about 3 minutes, periodically checking how the pollution has softened.

Household steam generator

Special tools

The professional anti-adhesive tape residue remover is able to quickly deal with pollution. For its use, the can is shaken for several seconds and then applied to the problem place. Wait 2-3 minutes, and then pry off the edge of the adhesive tape and, lifting it, additionally spray the aerosol under the adhesive tape. To clean the glue residue from plastic, you can use a rubber or plastic spatula. The advantage of this tool is its safety, even for painted surfaces..

Spray Mellerud to remove traces of glue perfectly removes even the remnants of double-sided tape. A special cleaning agent effectively removes glue stains from all surfaces, including polymeric ones. To wipe off the remnants of the adhesive tape, the rag is abundantly moistened with a product and moisten the place of pollution. Leave the solvent for 5-7 minutes and then clean off the remaining glue. After the procedure is completed, the treated area is wiped with a damp and then dry cloth.

The Cleaner Scotch-Weld Citrus Odor Universal Spray Cleaner is specifically designed to rinse off any type of adhesive. A clear liquid mixture of petroleum distillates is highly effective in removing plastic tape residue. Before use, shake the bottle, moisten a tissue with liquid and wipe the contaminated area. In the case of old stubborn stains from adhesive tape, the procedure is repeated several times.

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