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Manufacturers of equipment for the production of ice cream offer not only professional devices, but also household ones. A device of this type, called a freezer, is useful to many ice cream lovers in their own kitchen. There are dozens of models that can fit into the design of a modern kitchen, and a 1-2-liter bowl is suitable for feeding all family members and guests with a delicious chilled product.

What is an ice cream milling cutter

A freezer is an ice cream machine with which you can make both soft and hard products. Such equipment is widely used in cafes, shopping centers and point of sale on the street. The device is capable of simultaneously saturating a previously prepared liquid consistency with oxygen, mixing it and freezing it to a temperature of -4 ..- 8 ° С. Modern models of devices are made on the basis of a perfect concept, which takes into account economic and quality indicators, and power is hidden behind small dimensions.

If you go into history, the technology for the production of soft ice cream using a special device was patented in 1834 in the United States. The first production models appeared there in the second half of the century before last. In the former USSR, the apparatus for making soft ice cream was not only massively used only in the late 60s of the 20th century. Buying such equipment is a great option to open your own business or expand an existing one..

Principle of operation

In the freezer there is one or two powerful motors that rotate the mixer, which is located inside a special freezing cylinder. The walls of the latter are constantly cooled by a compressor – the principle of cooling is identical to that used in any other refrigeration device. From the hopper, a mixture flows into the cylinder and is mixed. Further, the composition freezes and, depending on the type of freezer, is discharged into a gastronomic container or dosed in glasses.

Ready ice cream

Types of ice cream freezers

Equipment for the production of ice cream differs depending on the product at the outlet, version (table, floor), capacity, volume of the hopper for the mixture, volume of the freezing cylinder. In addition, the models differ in the type of cooling, the presence / absence of an air pump, and the pasteurization function. Well-known brands and brands include Starfood, Nemox, Gastrorag, Kenwood, Smile, Brand, Taylor, Frigomat and some others. Types depending on the manufactured products:

  • The device for soft ice cream. It is in high demand. It is characterized by ease of use, it is available both in the desktop and floor versions. For the manufacture of soft products, milk and a special dry mixture are used. The presence of a pump will positively affect the quality of ice cream, which whips and becomes more dense, airy. For packaging of the finished product, waffle cones or cups are used..

Soft ice cream freezer

  • The device is of the “batch” type. Under this name is a line of devices with which a solid product is produced. Most manufacturers produce such freezers to obtain an impressive amount of ice cream, so they provide for the possibility of storing the resulting products for a long time. Using some models, you can simultaneously produce several varieties of hard ice cream.


  • Devices for the preparation of milkshakes. Especially popular in the summer season. Often installed in outdoor cafes. Previously, mixers were used instead, but the product obtained from the freezer has much better taste..

The device for making milkshakes

  • Combined devices. They are the most expensive due to the increased capabilities. Most units in this category are capable of preparing up to 4 different types of cocktails. Often equipped with a soft cooking function. To get a good quality of the ice cream obtained, the combined units are equipped with pumps, and sometimes pasteurizers. Due to their high productivity, they are focused primarily on the operation of ready-made ice cream in places of mass sale.

For soft ice cream

The Gastrorag SCM1119ARB special soft food aggregate is ideal equipment for use in small retail outlets and catering establishments. The device is equipped with a reliable and intuitive control system, two freezing cylinders with stainless steel stirrers, has a night cooling function. SCM1119ARB shows excellent performance with relatively small dimensions:

  • model name: Gastrorag SCM1119ARB;
  • price: 169515 r .;
  • characteristics: productivity – 20-24 l / h, number of containers – 2, types of ice cream produced – 2 + “pigtail”, total volume – 13 l, network connection – 220 V, power – 1.6 kW, dimensions – 41, 5x64x77 cm, weight – 91 kg;
  • pluses: convenient control, good power, the presence of night cooling;
  • cons: high cost.

Gastrorag SCM1119ARB

Currently, you can order this or that unit to establish your own business in a specialized online store with mail delivery. If you’re interested in a cheaper option, check out the features of Starfood BQ 318 N, an ice cream milling cutter with an attractive design for three flavors:

  • model name: Starfood BQ 318 N;
  • price: 95 160 r .;
  • characteristics: productivity – from 11 to 16 kg / h, there are 2 hoppers, the volume of each of them is 5.8 l, power consumption is 1.7 kW, the number of varieties of prepared products is 3, dimensions are 51.8 x 68.6 x 75.6 cm, weight – 155 kg, country of origin – China;
  • pluses: it is cheap compared to peers, there is a night storage function;
  • cons: very heavy.

Starfood BQ 318 N

For hard ice cream

If you are interested in buying a machine for the preparation of solid products, then take a look at the model ICM-1518 from Gastrorag. The device is suitable for use at public catering enterprises as well as in domestic conditions: after preparing the product, it will be necessary to “refill” it in the freezer. The case of the device is made of high-quality stainless steel:

  • model name: Gastrorag ICM-1518;
  • price: 16990 r.;
  • characteristics: productivity – 1.5 l / h, power – 0.15 kW, control system – electronic, cooling type – air, there is a removable tank with non-stick coating – 1.5 l, plastic stirrer, electronic timer for 60 minutes. in increments of 10 min., dimensions – 32×38.5×33 cm, weight – 12.2 kg;
  • pluses: convenient, compact, the presence of a timer, good functionality;
  • cons: low power.

Gastrorag ICM-1518

On sale in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of the country you can find equipment sold under the Gemlux brand. For example, the Chinese unit for the preparation of hard ice cream GL-ICM507, which is also suitable for the production of frozen sorbet, yogurt and other cold desserts. The temperature of the finished product is about -10 ° C, so you will need an additional “refilling” in the freezer. The device has a stylish stainless steel case:

  • model name: Gemlux GL-ICM507;
  • price: 18990 r.;
  • characteristics: productivity – 2 l / h, control – electronic, has an LCD display, an aluminum removable tank has a non-stick coating, there is a removable mixer, dimensions – 42.5×28.5×26.2 cm, power – 180 W, country of origin – China , package weight – 7.5 kg;
  • pluses: low noise, economical, effective design;
  • cons: no.

Gemlux GL-ICM507

Combined freezer

Thanks to the combined unit, it is possible to produce soft products and various cocktails. Pumping devices are convenient due to the presence of a pasteurizer having high performance and controlling the whipping process. A pumpless model distributes ice cream in a cylinder under gravity. One of the popular units is the 15-77RMT, designed for soft ice cream and the neck. The device consists of two separate and fully functional freezers, which are located in one refrigerating chamber:

  • model name: 15-77RMT;
  • price: by agreement;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 93x66x171 cm, weight – 469 kg, distribution head from Cycolac, mixer knives made of plastic, there is an indicator of the level of the mixture;
  • pluses: the mixture supply system, which is disassembled for cleaning only 9 parts, durable mixers, the presence of night mode, combination;
  • cons: weighs a lot.


On the market you can find a lot of American, Italian designs that have a floor design. As an option, you will be interested in the model of the brand Gelato Gelato 10K, which is suitable for making a variety of frozen desserts. Thanks to its high speed, the machine will help to prepare several types of products in a short time. The model belongs to a professional line of equipment. All components are made with the expectation of work for a long time:

  • model name: Gelato 10K;
  • price: 507,000;
  • characteristics: power – 1100 V, cooling – air, maximum productivity – 14 l / h, control – electronic with an inverter, there are wheels with a lock, the case – stainless steel AISI304, dimensions – 45x73x105 cm, package weight – 82 kg;
  • pluses: the ability to measure speed, good performance, ease of management;
  • cons: expensive, no timer.

Gelato 10K

Gelato 12K is a professional unit for the production of Italian ice cream and sorbet. The model is improved with the presence of additional functions, but at the same time it remains easy to manage:

  • model name: Gelato 12K;
  • price: 604500;
  • characteristics: power – 1300 V, maximum productivity – 18 l / h, cooling – air, control – electronic with inverter, there are wheels with a lock, there is front discharge, the case is AISI304 stainless steel, dimensions – 45x73x105 cm, weight – 74 kg;
  • pluses: power, performance, thermostat on the compressor and engine;
  • cons: no timer, high cost.

Gelato 12K


The PRO 2000 ice cream machine from the Italian manufacturer Gelato is a small device that is optimal for testing new tastes of products, including sorbet, and for opening a small institution. With this tabletop model you can cook products that are designed for 8-10 servings in just 25-30 minutes. The package includes an independent cooling system with a compressor:

  • model name: Gelato PRO 2000;
  • price: 91,000;
  • characteristics: power – 250 V, cooling – air, stainless steel bowl volume – 0.75 kg, productivity – up to 2.2 l / h, timer – for 60 minutes, dimensions – 34x42x25 cm, weight – 16 kg;
  • pluses: the presence of a set of removable nozzles for blades, measuring cup (25 ml), a collection of recipes;
  • cons: relatively low power.

Gelato ice cream maker PRO 2000

How to choose a freezer for ice cream

To get high-quality products, give preference to a device that is capable of whipping. Choose a specific type of freezer, decide between floor and table execution. Pay attention to the manufacturer: the more famous it is, the more reliable the freezer, but this factor can significantly increase the cost. Other selection criteria:

  • The main parameter is the freezer performance. Decide on this in accordance with the tasks.
  • The presence of a pump is desirable. With its help, the mass enters the cylinder faster, and the taste of the product improves – its overrun will be 80-100%.
  • Cooling. Small freezers use an air system. During its operation, free space should remain around the unit. Water-cooled freezer can be installed near the wall – this cooling is used in powerful units.
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