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Every year, kitchen appliances are improved. You will not surprise anyone with such a device as an induction cooker. Among the advantages, users call instant heating of dishes and quick cooking, and the disadvantages include moodiness compared to a conventional stove.

What is an induction cooker

No matter how technically perfect the induction cooker, it also has pros and cons. There are three types of inductive devices:

  1. Desktop small stove, it resembles a simple electric stove. Convenient to take it with you on trips where there is a power outlet.
  2. Induction hob for several burners, which is built into the kitchen. If desired, an oven or drawers are installed under it..
  3. An induction cooker is an assembled household appliance.

In appearance, this kitchen technique may not differ from a simple electric stove, on which there is a ceramic top and touch control. However, the first impression is deceptive, an inverter or induction cooker is a modern high-tech device that works due to the influence of an electromagnetic field. He appeared in Russia recently.

Principle of operation

How does an induction cooker work? An induction coil is located under the panel; it generates a high-frequency electromagnetic field. The action of heating does not occur on the glass-ceramic surface itself, but immediately in the dishes. On the Internet there are photos with products half on the stove and partly in the pan. The part located on the dishes is prepared in a matter of minutes, and on the hob remains raw. This is the principle of operation of the induction cooker – it begins to heat up after a container is placed on it.

Small induction hob

Pros and cons of induction cooker

All the pros and cons of the induction cooker are associated with the features of the work. The device is credited with flaws, not knowing the specifics of operation. Cons that an induction electric stove has:

  1. A high level of electromagnetic radiation affects health, but if you are not closer than 15-20 cm, then there will be no more harm from it than from a hair dryer.
  2. During operation, a loud noise is heard. In modern models, the sound is much quieter, and to further reduce it, you need tight-fitting dishes.
  3. For the stove you need to buy other kitchen utensils. You can do with the existing one, but it must have magnetic properties, like cast iron, steel and iron. If you have to buy dishes, you need to choose a diameter greater than 12-13 cm and an attractive magnet.
  4. High price. The cost is really more than analogues without induction, but the difference is not more than 3-5 thousand rubles.

This technique has many more advantages. The induction panel looks beautiful in the kitchen interior, but there are more practical advantages:

  1. Profitability. Heating begins to act only after dishes from the correct material and diameter hit the surface.
  2. Safety. Having accidentally put a knife or spoon on the stove, you can take the device without fear of getting burned. The hotplate remains cold near a hot pan, unlike a simple one..
  3. Touch control. The program has many modes with which cooking becomes easier.
  4. Short cooking period. Compared with gas and a simple electric stove, the analogue takes less time to cook.
  5. Easy cleaning. The surface does not heat up, it is easier to remove accidentally spilled liquid, it does not burn.

Oursson induction cooker

Among the manufacturers of household kitchen appliances, the Swedish company has earned the trust of customers, therefore, Oursson induction stove in its popularity rating takes one of the first lines:

  1. Oursson IP1220T / OR
  • price – 4050-4590 p.;
  • characteristics – one-burner model without an oven, with electronic control and a touch screen, dimensions 29x40x6.1 cm;
  • pluses – easy, convenient in leaving;
  • cons – few positions between min and max power.

2. Oursson IP2310T / BL

  • price – 11990 r .;
  • characteristics – a two-burner model without an oven, with electronic control and a touch display, maximum power 3300 W, 68.2×39.3×7.6 cm;
  • pluses – fast cooking, modes are easily set;
  • cons – not found.

Oursson IP1220T / OR


The technique is produced by a group of German companies. Hobs for built-in kitchens are supplied to Russia. Bosch induction cooker models:

  1. Bosch PIC 645F17E
  • price – 26 090 p.;
  • characteristics – built-in hob of a combined type, 4 burners, 2 of them induction, with touch switches, dimensions 58.4×51.4 cm;
  • pluses – touch control, quick installation of modes, high efficiency;
  • cons – not detected.

2. Bosch pia 611f18e

  • price – 23 990 r .;
  • characteristics – hob with 4 induction hobs, touch control type, dimensions 59.2×52.2×5.7 cm;
  • pluses – easy switching of modes, the possibility of different dishes on the burners;
  • cons – buzzing loudly during work.

Bosch pia 611f18e


The domestic company produces economical induction cookers Iplate:

  1. Iplate YZ-T24
  • price – 4 890 p.;
  • characteristics – one burner model, no oven, with electronic control and touch display, dimensions 30x38x6.2 cm;
  • pluses – mobile, easy to carry and install in a new place;
  • cons – too noisy.

2. Iplate YZ-C20

  • price – 8 530 p.;
  • characteristics – two-burner model without an oven, with a touch screen, dimensions 60x37x7.5 cm;
  • pluses – easy to clean, does not burn, easy to adjust;
  • cons – fan noise is heard.

Iplate Induction Cooking Pan


The company is located in St. Petersburg, the equipment is in demand. Kitfort induction cooker best selling samples:

  1. Kitfort CT-107
  • price – 2063-2520 p.;
  • characteristics – one-burner model without an oven, electronic control, dimensions 32.5x39x9 cm;
  • pluses – compact size, low price;
  • cons – in the first months after the purchase a strong smell of burned plastic.

2. Kitfort KT-106

  • price – 3390-4560 p.;
  • characteristics – one-burner model without an oven, with electronic control and a touch display, power 2000 W, dimensions 29x37x5 cm;
  • pluses – light weight, quick cooking;
  • cons – there is no power off button, it makes a loud noise.

Kitfort CT-107


A Chinese company has been manufacturing Gastrorag induction cookers for catering. Popular models:

  1. Gastrorag TZ BT-350A
  • price – 10 994 r .;
  • characteristics – one-burner model without an oven in a metal case, the touch display is on the side, power is from 500 to 3500 W, dimensions 33x39x10 cm;
  • pluses – economical;
  • cons – hard to pick up dishes.

2. Gastrorag TZ-JDL-C30A1

  • price – 10 994 r .;
  • characteristics – one-burner model without an oven in a metal case, the touch display is on the side, power is from 500 to 3500 W, dimensions 33x39x10 cm;
  • pluses – all dishes are prepared in a short time;
  • cons – the timer can only be turned on for 180 minutes.

Gastrorag TZ BT-350A


Another company from Sweden exports Endever induction cookers for Russians:

  1. Endever IP-12
  • price – 2033-2540 r .;
  • characteristics – one-burner model without an oven, touch switches, power 2000 W, dimensions 29.6x36x6.2 cm;
  • pluses – it is inexpensive;
  • cons – there is a gap between the case and the panel.

2. Endever IP-26

  • price – 1745-2150 p.;
  • characteristics – model for one burner without oven, with touch screen, power up to 2 kW, dimensions 28x34x6 cm;
  • pluses – many modes;
  • cons – strong smell of plastic during operation.

Endever IP-12

How to choose an induction cooker

To choose the induction stove correctly, first you need to decide on the purpose of its acquisition. For an office, a summer residence, a hostel or a large house, you need models with a different set of functions and the number of rings, built-in or mobile with the possibility of transfer. Otherwise, it is recommended to choose a device according to the following parameters:

  1. The size. Some people have to rearrange in the kitchen because of buying a new stove, because the panel should not come in contact with metal appliances. If the neighborhood cannot be avoided, then a special protective material is laid between them.
  2. The number of switching modes. For some dishes, a certain temperature is required, and the number of intermediate positions will depend on whether it will be possible to establish it. It is recommended to take with 15-17 modes.
  3. The presence of spherical burners. For those buyers who love Asian cuisine, the option will be an advantage. For the preparation of oriental dishes, concave dishes are often taken. Cooking on a simple flat surface will not work.
  4. The ability to use all burners at once with different cooking modes. In some models, you can set only one mode for the entire stove.
  5. Reviews and reviews on the Internet to the selected model. Having decided on the choice, you need to read what those users who already managed to order and test it think about the device.

Housewives who are interested in how to choose an induction hob must follow all the rules listed. It should be remembered that not all electrical appliances can be placed under this equipment. In this case, it is necessary to consult with specialists involved in the installation of household appliances.

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