Infrared heaters with a thermostat for gardening – how to choose wall, ceiling and floor

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The lack of efficient and economical heating of a country house or cottage can ruin your vacation in the cold season. Wall or ceiling electric infrared heaters with a temperature controller for a summer residence, which contain a temperature sensor and an automatic temperature controller, can help create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Such a system is not only able to quickly heat up and maintain a predetermined room temperature, but is also energy-saving compared to oil or spiral heaters.

What are infrared heaters with a temperature controller for gardening

Infrared heating, in contrast to convection, is aimed at slow heating of interior items. Only 8-10% of thermal infrared energy is spent on heating the air. The materials of walls, floors, furniture and all interior items have a high heat capacity and retain the heat received from the heater for a much longer time than the air in this room. The inclusion of a temperature sensor and a regulator in the heating system of the dacha provides the opportunity to economically use electricity at different times of the day.

How does it work

The difference between infrared heaters and oil or convection batteries is the principle of creation and operation of the heating element. Light and thermal energy is radiated, like a lamp or reflector, an aluminum plate into which a special electric heater is built. The increase in heat transfer to the surface of the aluminum plate occurs due to the anodized coating. The reverse side of the heater contains a reflector of thermal energy, heat-insulating material, electrical insulators.

The principle of operation of the ceiling infrared heater with thermostat


The principle of operation of an infrared heater is based on the fact that any surface heated to more than 60 degrees Celsius begins to intensively give off thermal energy with an electromagnetic wavelength of 0.75-100 microns. The most comfortable range for a person is a wavelength above 9 microns. IR heaters, depending on the length of the emitted waves and temperature groups corresponding to them, are divided into three types:

  • long-wave – from 50 to 200 microns;
  • medium-wave – from 2.5 to 50 microns;
  • with short-wave radiation – from 0.7 to 2.5 microns.

According to the type of heating of the radiating surface, IR heaters are divided into gas and electric. Electric ones use tubular electric heaters (TENs), carbon spirals, mycothermal film panels, and halogen lamps for heating. Carbon heaters use a quartz tube as a radiating bulb, and the heating coil is replaced by carbon fiber (carbon) .

A halogen heating element consists of a lamp, inside of which there is a filament of tungsten or carbon fiber. IR heaters are divided into portable and stationary, with mounting on a wall or ceiling. Gas heaters are used in the absence of electricity. They require a gas bottle and regulator.

Portable floor infrared heater

The best infrared heaters with a thermostat for gardening

The main characteristic of an infrared heater is the heated area of ​​the room, so for a summer residence it is worth choosing them based on the size of each room. Such a heater is well suited for rooms where doors often open, letting in cold air from the street. Heated objects will quickly restore the heat of the room, because the total surface area of ​​all objects heated by the IR heater is much larger than the radiation area of ​​any other heater.

You can buy an infrared heater with a temperature controller in hardware stores and construction supermarkets in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities. For active users of the Internet, you can find out how much an infrared heater costs in various online stores where you can select them by photo, order by promotions, sales, discounts and make a purchase. Delivery of all goods is carried out by courier services or cheaper – by mail.

Ceiling infrared heater

The most convenient and safe is the infrared heater ceiling mount, which is efficient and safe. Such a heating device is offered by the Russian company TM Ballu:

  • model name: Ballu BIH-T-1.5;
  • price: 2 378 rubles;
  • characteristics: heating element – heating elements, mains voltage 220 V, area 15 sq. m, weight 3.1 kg;
  • pluses: modern design;
  • cons: open TEN.

Floor-wall infrared heater Ballu BIH-T-1.5

Ceiling heater has high efficiency with low ceilings. For ceilings over 3 m, it is advisable to use suspensions. The presented version of the Chinese manufacturer is able to heat a room with an area of ​​up to 10 sq.m:

  • model name: TIMBERK TCH AR7 1000;
  • price: 2 239 r.;
  • characteristics: power 1000 W, heating element – heating elements, dimensions – 162×11.2×4.5 cm, area – 10 sq. m, weight – 4.8 kg;
  • pluses: safe TEN;
  • cons: high weight.

Wall-mounted infrared heater TIMBERK TCH AR7 1000


Mounting the IR heater on the wall brings it closer to the heated interior elements, but reduces the heating area due to the shadow of objects. The products offered by TM Ballu (Russia) can quickly warm up any room:

  • model name: Ballu BIH-AP2-1.0;
  • price: 2 489 r .;
  • characteristics: heating element – radiating panel, 1 heating mode, voltage of the network 220 V, weight 3.4 kg;
  • pluses: safe for children;
  • cons: not marked.

Wall-mounted heating infrared Ballu BIH-AP2-1.0

Weekend trips to the country in the winter require a heater that can quickly warm the room. Powerful IR systems of TM Mr. Hit (Russia) can be useful for this:

  • model name: Mr. Hit IR-3.0;
  • price: 5 330 r.;
  • characteristics: maximum power – 3 kW, heating element – heating elements, mains voltage 220 V, weight 12.3 kg;
  • pluses: interesting design;
  • cons: high cost.

Infrared heating wall panel Mr. Hit IK-3.0


Infrared heaters are economical heaters that increase the room temperature to a comfortable level in a short period of time. The presented version of TM Ballu is effective at facilities with large heat losses and high ceilings:

  • model name: Ballu BIH-AP 3.0;
  • price: 7 390 r.;
  • characteristics: heating type, heating voltage – 380 V, recommended area – up to 30 sq. m, weight – 10.2 kg;
  • pluses: fast heating;
  • cons: high price.

Ballu BIH-AP 3.0 infrared panel

The light and heat flux emitted by the heater can be increased due to the special profile of the IR plate. The heating device TM Neoclima (Russia) has an anodized radiator with longitudinal corrugation:

  • model name: NeoClima IR-3.0;
  • price: 6 792 r.;
  • characteristics: heating element – heating elements, mains voltage 380 v, recommended area 40 sq. m, weight – 17 kg;
  • pluses: powerful heat and light flux;
  • cons: expensive.

Infrared wall heating panel NeoClima IR-3.0


The use of ceramics as a heat-emitting panel, instead of aluminum, has advantages due to the possibility of using infrared and convection heating. The line of TM Daewoo panels (South Korea) includes a wide range of colors and design solutions:

  • model name: Daewoo DHP 460;
  • price: 7 000 r .;
  • characteristics: rated power consumption – 460 W, rated supply voltage – 220 V, heating area – 15 sq.m;
  • pluses: safe for children and pets – the temperature of the case does not exceed 70 degrees;
  • cons: expensive.

Ceramic infrared heater Daewoo DHP 460

IR heaters are produced by a large number of domestic manufacturers. Introducing the safe infrared panel made of ceramic Nika panels TM:

  • model name: Nikapanels 330/1;
  • price: 5,200 r .;
  • characteristics: power – 330 W, protection class IP33, area – 7-12 square meters, weight – 14 kg, size – 30x120x4 cm;
  • Pros: completely safe;
  • cons: not marked.

Wall-mounted ceramic infrared heater Nikapanels 330/1

Inexpensive infrared heaters

The convection heating device is located below the window and with its work causes the movement of warm air masses up, cold – down. IR heater TM NEOCLIMA (China) uniformly warms up all the items in the room:

  • model name: NEOCLIMA NQH-1.2I 1.2 kW;
  • price: 1 020 p.;
  • characteristics: heating element – quartz, 2 heating modes, mains voltage – 220 V, wall installation, recommended area – 12 sq.m;
  • pluses: a simple beautiful device;
  • cons: not seen.

Floor infrared portable heater NEOCLIMA NQH-1.2I 1.2 kW

A significant difference between UFO heaters is the absence of oxygen burning. When installing the proposed version of TM Ballu, you will not have headaches:

  • model name: Ballu BIH-T-1.0;
  • price: 2 050 p.;
  • characteristics: heating element – heating elements, mains voltage – 220 V, area – 10 sq. m, ceiling installation, weight – 2.1 kg;
  • pluses: light weight;
  • cons: not marked.

Ceiling infrared heater Ballu BIH-T-1.0

IcoLine Infrared Heaters

An interesting option is the built-in heating devices for rooms with false ceilings like Armstrong. The company IkoLine (Russia) offers a square model for such ceiling structures:

  • model name: IKO 04;
  • price: 2 478 r.;
  • characteristics: heated area – up to 8 sq.m, power – 400 W, voltage – 220 V, dimensions – 59.4×59.4×1.7 cm, weight – 3.7 kg;
  • pluses: an interesting idea of ​​placement;
  • cons: not marked.

Infrared panel for suspended ceiling IKO 04

IcoLine company produces heating appliances for offices and residential premises. The presented option is able to heat up to 12 sq.m in the spring-autumn and up to 6 sq.m in the winter:

  • model name: IKO 06;
  • price: 2 790 r.;
  • characteristics: power – 600 W, voltage – 220 V, dimensions – 100x16x4x4 cm, weight – 2.9 kg, 5 year warranty;
  • pluses: ideal for giving;
  • cons: not marked.

Ceiling infrared heating panel IKO 06

Mr. Heath

The Russian company selling equipment under TM Mr. Heath produces hanging versions of heating appliances. The presented version of such a device can be installed at heights from 1.8 to 3 m:

  • model name: IR-4.0;
  • price: 7,290 r .;
  • characteristics: weight – 18.2 kg, 3-year warranty, 3 panels, power – 4 kW, rated mains voltage – 220 V, dimensions – 1632x426x44 mm, service life – 25 years, case color – white, panel color – light gray ;
  • pluses: powerful heater;
  • cons: expensive.

Ceiling heating panel IK-4.0

Infrared heaters of this manufacturer are suitable for home, cottages, offices and industrial premises. The device options that she offers have an estimated service life of up to 25 years:

  • model name: TERMIK P-0.3 ceiling;
  • price: 1 740 r.;
  • characteristics: weight – 3.7 kg, power – 0.3 kW, voltage – 220 V, dimensions – 595x595x25 mm;
  • pluses: it is easily built in Armstrong ceiling;
  • cons: not marked.

Ceramic infrared heater for ceilings TERMIK P-0.3


Russian manufacturers of ultraviolet heaters produce high-quality equipment. The presented version of the Peony company differs in good technical and operational characteristics:

  • model name: Peony 04;
  • price: 2 750 r .;
  • characteristics: power – 400 W, heating 8 sq. m, voltage – 220 V, current – 1.8 A, dimensions – 80×12.5×5.5 cm, weight – 2.36 kg, 3 year warranty;
  • pluses: the installation kit is included in the package;
  • cons: not marked.

Infrared heater for the house Peony 04

Peony produces heating equipment with ceiling and wall mounts. The presented version of the infrared heater with a temperature controller for summer cottages is equipped with mounting kits for both types of installation:

  • model name: Peony 10;
  • price: 3 800 r.;
  • characteristics: power – 1000 W, voltage – 220 V, current – 4.6 A, dimensions 1535x125x55 mm, weight – 4.62 kg, heating – 20 sq.m, warranty – 3 years;
  • pluses: suspension on chains is possible and rigid fastening to a ceiling or a wall;
  • cons: not marked.

Ceiling and wall heater infrared Peony 10


The degree of heating of the heating device is regulated by electronic thermostats. Orbis produces reliable mechanical room temperature thermostats (thermostats):

  • model name: Clima ML;
  • price: 890 p.;
  • characteristics: temperature measurement range – 0-35 degrees C, temperature control range – 5-30 degrees C, temperature adjustment accuracy –1.5 degrees C, maximum load current – 16 A, voltage – up to 250 V;
  • Pros: precise temperature control;
  • cons: not marked.

Thermostat Clima ML

Thermostats of this company will provide remote control of the temperature in the room. The presented option has an LED indicator of the room temperature:

  • model name: Clima MLI;
  • price: 1 090 r.;
  • characteristics: temperature measurement range – 0-35 degrees C, temperature control range – 5-30 degrees C, temperature adjustment accuracy – 1.5 degrees C, maximum load current – 16 A, voltage – up to 250 V;
  • pluses: modern design;
  • cons: not marked.

Thermostat for infrared heaters Clima MLI


The Russian company Almac has mastered the production of highly efficient infrared heaters. The presented version of its products has high efficiency at an acceptable price for most buyers:

  • model name: Almac IMA-1.0;
  • price: 1 190 p.;
  • characteristics: power – 3500 W, current – 16 A, voltage – 220 V, adjustment range – from -50 to +110 ° C, protection class – IP20, warranty – 1 year;
  • pluses: high power at a low price;
  • cons: not marked.

Electronic temperature regulator for infrared heaters Almac IMA-1.0

The company produces infrared heaters for cottages, homes, offices, industrial premises with ceiling heights up to 3.5 m. The presented model includes an automatic temperature controller Eberle RTR-E 3563:

  • model name: Almak IK-11;
  • price: 4 380 p.;
  • characteristics: power – 1000 W, current – 4.6 A, dimensions – 1330x160x30 mm, weight – 3.3 kg, heating area – 20 sq. m, warranty – 5 years;
  • pluses: universal heater;
  • cons: not seen.

Infrared heater Almak IK-11

How to choose infrared heaters with a thermostat for gardening

The main difference between the choice of infrared heaters from the other types is the correspondence of their type not to the volume of the heated room, but to its area. Choosing infrared heaters for summer cottages is the area of ​​each room. There is the possibility of installing and efficient operation of such a device for small rooms – outdoor bathrooms, sheds with pets, greenhouses. If the family has small children – choose mounting options on the wall or ceiling. Portable models are suitable for heating individual areas of a larger room..

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