Insulation for heating pipes or water supply – an overview of the best materials with characteristics and cost

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Pipes located in unheated rooms need protection against freezing. Whatever material they are made of, their thermal conductivity is high, so freezing occurs quickly. To avoid unnecessary problems, use a pipe insulation that will create reliable insulation for the pipeline from frost and even insulation from noise due to its sound-absorbing qualities.

Thermal insulation for pipes

There are many companies on the Russian market that produce structural elements to reduce heat transfer. You can choose products made from different materials, choose the right size and characteristics suitable for your communications. Thermal insulation of pipes can be carried out from several types of protection, such as polyethylene or foam.

Thermal insulation for pipes

Heater for pipes made of foamed polyethylene

One of the best price-quality ratios is characterized by insulation for pipes made of polyethylene. It is a material consisting of tiny cells that waterproof the system well. This protects against metal corrosion. The material itself practically does not absorb water and can withstand temperatures from –60 to +90 degrees. Easy to install.

In heating systems, the following material reduces heat loss by up to 80%. It is available in 2-meter liners of different thicknesses:

  • model name: Porileks NPE T 60x9x1000 mm;
  • price: 45 r;
  • Characteristics: gray, gross weight 0.06 kg;
  • pluses: flexible material, moisture resistant, has low thermal conductivity;
  • cons: not found.

Porileks NPE T 60x9x1000 mm

The next product copes well with the insulation of cold and hot communications. Due to the color separation, it allows you to distinguish between pipes with hot and cold water:

  • model name: Thermal insulation super protect 28;
  • price: 21 rubles;
  • Characteristics: delivered in bays, color red, length 10 meters;
  • pluses: the outside is covered with a polymer film, which increases the strength of communications and their service life by 50%;
  • cons: not found.

Thermal insulation for water pipes Super Protect 28

Another versatile material that can be used to protect heating systems, sewers, etc. It is resistant to the effects of materials such as concrete, gypsum, lime:

  • model name: Energoflex Super 2 m;
  • price: 69 p. / line.m;
  • characteristics: hollow, low thermal conductivity, color gray;
  • pluses: low combustible;
  • cons: high cost.

Heater for pipes of heating Energofleks Super 2 m

Foil insulation for pipes

Foil is a heat insulator that is often used in construction. Its functions are in many ways superior to other types of materials, such as polystyrene or mineral wool. When there is a need for a material that can reflect heat waves, foil insulation for pipes is used. It is a basic thermal insulation material coated with foil.

Thermal insulation for pipes of this type is used in various industries. It is suitable for pipes of any size due to the fact that you yourself cut the necessary pieces of material:

  • model name: Penofol – 2000 A;
  • price: 65.00 p. / m2;
  • Characteristics: foamed polyethylene, aluminum foil on one side;
  • pluses: universal material;
  • cons: only available in rolls.

Foil insulation for pipes Penofol - 2000 A

If you need an excellent insulator that provides a double heat-shielding effect, choose the following product. With it, heat loss will be minimized:

  • model name: Mosphol;
  • price: 900 rubles / roll;
  • characteristics: base – foamed polyethylene, foil is located on both sides;
  • pluses: high reflective effect – 97%;
  • cons: only available in rolls.

Heater from foil foamed polyethylene Mosphol

This insulator is suitable for protection against steam, heat output, and noise reduction. It reflects about 55% of energy and tolerates a humid environment:

  • model name: Penoflex L (Lavsan)
  • price: 799 p. / roll;
  • characteristics: polyethylene with one-sided lamination, elastic, flexible;
  • Pros: quick installation anywhere;
  • cons: only available in rolls.

Thermal insulation material for the pipes Penoflex L (Lavsan)

Insulation for expanded polystyrene pipes

Polyfoam is one of the most common materials. Its second name is expanded polystyrene. It combines advantageous features: cheap and easy to use. Expanded polystyrene for pipes received the second name – “shell for pipes” due to the corresponding appearance. It can have 1 or two cuts with grooves at the joints that securely fasten the edges.

The company “Polymerization” produces goods such as foam insulation for heating pipes. They are durable, lightweight and safe:

  • model name: Shell PPU 720/50;
  • price: 1 750 rubles / linear meter;
  • Characteristics: material polyurethane foam (a type of foam), consists of 2 cylinders;
  • pluses: high heat saving;
  • cons: fragility, flammability.

Heater for pipes from polyurethane foam Shell PPU 720/50

Another type of foam product for quick and easy installation, which will effectively protect any external heat conduit:

  • model name: Shell for insulation 325/50;
  • price: 916 rubles / linear meter;
  • Characteristics: Hollow pipe made of polyurethane foam;
  • pluses: ease of installation;
  • cons: fragility, flammability.

Polyurethane foam insulation shell 325/50

In the case when it is required to insulate plastic communications in sewers or pipelines, you can use these products. It is suitable for reusable use and will provide you with quick access to problem areas if the need arises:

  • model name: Shell PPU for insulation 89/40;
  • price: 306 rub./ linear meters;
  • characteristics: length 1 m, heat carrier parameters up to + 150 ° С;
  • pluses: ease of installation;
  • cons: fragility, flammability.

PPU shell for isolation 89/40

Basalt insulation for pipes

Cylinders made of basalt fiber are available in any diameter and size. They have the highest temperature resistance (from –200 to + 300 ° С), withstand temperatures above 1000 degrees, without melting, they are excellent for reducing heating costs. The level of heat loss where basalt insulation is used is 8%, which leads to savings of up to 20%.

Excellent thermal and sound insulation can be achieved using these products. Manufacturers produce it to order according to individual customer requirements:

  • model name: Isolin RW;
  • price: from 75 p. / line.m;
  • characteristics: mineral wool cylinder;
  • pluses: a special lock that reduces heat loss;
  • cons: not found.

Heater for pipes from basalt Izolin RW

There is another variety of the same material, which has enhanced thermal insulation properties. These products are available with different coatings:

  • model name: Isolin RW ALU;
  • price: from 95 p. / line.m;
  • Features: aluminum foil coating;
  • pluses: a longitudinal strip with a self-adhesive layer;
  • cons: not found.

Foiled basalt insulation for pipes Izolin RW ALU

The following protection is available in various coatings. It performs not only a protective, but also a decorative function in those places where the pipes are located in the room:

  • model name: XotPipe;
  • price: 277 p.
  • characteristics: mineral wool based on basalt rock, length 1 m;
  • pluses: the highest temperature of the scope;
  • cons: high cost.

Corner for warming pipes XotPipe

Liquid insulation for pipes

Thermal insulation of pipelines can be carried out using special paint, which creates an energy-saving barrier with a thickness of 1 mm. Method of application: with a brush, roller or using a spray. After drying, the liquid insulation for pipes forms a matte surface, which serves as a thermal mirror, not letting in the cold and not letting out heat.

Thermal insulation for water pipes from Corund is noteworthy. It protects against freezing and prevents the formation of moisture on the surface:

  • model name: Corundum Classic;
  • price: 330 p. / l .;
  • Characteristics: 1 mm of material = 5-7 layers of cotton wool;
  • pluses: ultrathin;
  • cons: high cost.

Buckets with a liquid heater Corundum Classic

Another type of liquid insulation that can withstand temperatures from –60 to +600 degrees is Teplomett products. The paint will last you about 30 years and help save significantly on heating:

  • model name: Teplomett Standard;
  • price: 310 p. / l;
  • characteristics: consists of vacuum microspheres, 1 mm layer replaces 50 mm of mineral wool;
  • pluses: it is applied on a surface of any form;
  • cons: high cost.

Bucket with a heater Teplomett Standard

Basic composition suitable for a wide range of applications. After application, it densely and reliably envelops the surface:

  • model name: Astratec;
  • price: 410 p. / l;
  • characteristics: resistance to high temperatures;
  • pluses: a seamless surface that retains heat;
  • cons: high cost.

Bucket with heat-insulating coating for pipes Astratek

How to choose a heater for pipes

To choose the right insulation for water pipes and protect yourself from problems, you need to pay attention to three main factors: place (apartment, attic, in the ground, in the sewer, in the open air), ease of installation, price. All types of products are easily installed independently, but universal in all characteristics – polyethylene.

When it is important to reduce heat absorption, choose foil insulation for pipes. Expanded polystyrene is fragile, but suitable for work anywhere. Basalt material is easy to install, has good characteristics, but is expensive. If there is a task to quickly insulate the system, but other methods are not suitable, choose a heat paint that is easy to apply, looks beautiful and protects well.

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